Summary: The beast inside Ganondorf has been hungering for a mate. Unfortunately it decides to set it's eyes on the Hero of Time. Ganondorf/Link. OoT Universe.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to the Legend of Zelda franchise, including characters, setting, or plots.

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Slash, yaoi, violence, character death

Main Pairing: Ganondorf/Link, Ganon/Link (read note)

Note: Mmm I really like this pairing. When I say Ganondorf I'm referring to his human form and when I say Ganon I'm referring to his beast form. Sorry this is so short, I'm still trying to figure out a plot. In the beginning I decided that Ganondorf has a vague idea of Rauru's plans, but he doesn't know everything. If anyone has any ideas for this let me know! (:

'Italics'- Thoughts of characters

"Italics" - Whispering


Ever since he'd seen that young boy seven years ago something had been burning inside of Ganondorf, something besides his desire for power. It'd been easy to take over Hyrule after the Door of Time had been opened, giving him the control he'd long lusted for. But now the beast in him, Ganon, was looking for more, for a 'mate,' so to speak.

For seven long years Ganondorf had been ignoring the urge to find another person, knowing that as soon as he decided to take on a significant other his plans would be in jeopardy. While the man did not believe in things as silly and childish as 'love,' he did know that animal instincts would make him want to protect his mate to the bitter end. He could not afford such a weakness.

Luckily the beast seemed to be extremely picky, and none of the Gerudo women seemed to tickle his fancy. If anything they bored him, though some made attempts to gain his favor and offered to do him sexual favors. It wasn't as though Ganondorf never had sex; he would take on a lover for a short time before either killing them or abandoning them in the desert.

Male or female; it didn't matter. As long as he was able to control and dominate said person he didn't care.

But now Ganon was roaring at him louder than ever, clawing and trying desperately to reveal itself so that it could hunt for its mate. So far he'd managed to control it using some help from the Triforce of Power, but it was evident that sooner or later the beast would break free. The question was, who did it crave? He had dreams of beautiful blue eyes and golden blonde hair, which made him first suspect Princess Zelda.

Such a thought made his stomach turn and anger fill him – he could not want that bitch! At the same time it could benefit him to have the princess as a mate… It would allow him to acquire another piece of the Triforce, the Triforce of Wisdom. However whenever he thought of the blonde female he felt no reaction from Ganon. At least, not the reaction he had thought.

Instead of lust he felt burning hatred, so strong that he could hardly breathe and saw red. So no, she was not the one.

Then who else could it be?

The more time passed the more vivid the dreams became, slowly drawing back to show more besides eyes and bits of blonde hair. Now he could see that this was not a female, rather a boy, probably around ten or so. He still had a bit of a baby face but a sharp nose and the beginning of a strong jaw. The boy was clad in a green tunic and dark brown boots, watching him with eyes filled with defiance, yet some fear.

Now Ganondorf could remember… That night when he'd ridden out on his fierce black stallion chasing after Princess Zelda and her guard, the Sheikah, Impa… He'd lost them and stopped… And that's when he saw the foolish boy who dared try to fight him. How amusing that had been. The beast purred at the thought of the boy, desire filling him to the brim. Then, disgust.

How could Ganon want a little boy? Well then again, it had been seven years. The boy would be what, about seventeen or eighteen now? Once again the beast gave a pleased noise, very excited by the thought of its future mate grown up into a young man. Ganondorf found himself wondering how this boy would look as well… He was supposedly 'The Hero of Time,' was he not?

What a laughable concept.

Ganondorf did not know all of the plans the Sage of Light, Rauru, had, but he did know that the blonde haired boy played an important role in them. The question was, where was the boy now? His arm reached over all of Hyrule and he had seen and killed many of its residents. But he had yet to find a young man clad in green with deep blue eyes and blonde hair. Surely he would remember someone like that.

He decided to dig some more, to find out exactly what Rauru had planned.

He would find this young blonde. And he would have him.