Summary: The beast inside Ganondorf has been hungering for a mate. Unfortunately it decides to set its eyes on the Hero of Time. Ganondorf/Link. OoT Universe.

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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Slash, yaoi, violence, character death

Main Pairing: Ganondorf/Link, Ganon/Link

Note: … HI AGAIN I'M BACK. I was in a LoZ smut mood so I came back to this.

'Italics'- Thoughts of characters

"Italics" – Whispering/ Link 'talking'

Chapter Four – Dark Link

Link could barely stay on his feet as Dark Link pretty much dragged him out of the throne room into the hallway, still too dazed to process what had just happened. He was still coming down from his temporary high, that blissful feeling of climaxing taking over him completely. Dark seemed to take advantage of this temporary lapse of judgment, groping Link's bottom pointedly while they moved together.

"So you're the reason why I was made, huh? And you're also the reason why I don't get any from Ganondorf anymore. Pssh, horny old bastard thought he could make it through the rest of the temples using me as a replacement but I guess Ganon's not going for that. Not that I really blame him… You're fucking delicious…" Dark Link's ruby eyes seemed to glow as he studied Link's flushed face and hazy eyes.

"Ganondorf… Why is he doing this? And who… who is Ganon?" Link finally managed to scoop enough brain matter together to speak, swatting at Dark's hand which was now trying to slip under his tunic while they walked together. The shadow being rolled his eyes at the blonde's lack of knowledge, but he had no problem explaining it to him. Goddesses knew he rarely got to talk anyways…

"I thought it was obvious. Ganondorf wants to fuck you senseless. Man, I hope I get to watch…" Dark licked his lips at the thought of seeing his Master plowing into the tight ass he'd just been grabbing at. "And as for Ganon well… let's just say you're going to appreciate Ganondorf a lot more after you see him."

Link tried to pull out of Dark Link's hold on him but the shadow being refused to release him. It seemed like the other male wanted him as close as possible; most likely his darkness was craving Link's light.

"Fuck me? What… is that? And earlier he called me something… A 'concubine'?" The blonde looked entirely confused, his eyes wide with child-like innocence that had Dark Link's cock throbbing hard in his tights. He was tempted to stop then and there to take the Hylian, right on the winding stair case that lead up to Ganondorf's chambers, but he managed to reign his libido in.

"You seriously don't know what 'fucking' is? Damn, that's such a turn on… Goddesses, I wish I could be the one to take your virginity… Maybe I can give you a small taste of it though… Mmm…" Dark Link began to plot, "Also, you're pretty much his whore, bitch, slut, whatever you want to call it. You're going to be doing a lot of what you did today, plus some other things as well."

Link blushed at the thought of doing something like that again with his arch nemesis, but he couldn't help but feel some excitement at the thought of feeling that intense pleasure again. Still, he didn't want to be any of those things that Dark mentioned, so he had to figure out a way to get out of here. And a way to free Princess Zelda.

"He can't make me do any of those things… I won't let him! After what he did to Navi…" Link's eyes dropped to the red carpeted stairs beneath his feet, lips curling downwards into a frown. He felt so lost without his guide… She was the only real friend he had besides Saria and now she was gone, maybe even dead.

"Sorry Hero but you don't really have choice. See, Ganondorf here has the upper hand. I mean he has all three Triforce pieces within his grasp, Princess Zelda, and he's destroyed the one thing that actually let's you know what the fuck is going on. Basically you're screwed." Dark Link shrugged, feeling no pity for Link. He hoped if he behaved well enough eventually Ganondorf would let him join in the fun so he had no intention of helping him out.

"How will he get the Triforces pieces from us? Do you think it's… painful?" Link wasn't scared of pain but he was terrified for Princess Zelda having to go through something like that. He knew the process must not kill them otherwise Ganondorf wouldn't go through with it, but chances were it would hurt. After all the Triforce pieces were a part of them…

"I'm sure it's quite painful. But I wouldn't worry just yet… I don't think he'll take the pieces from you until he's had his full of your body, if you know what I mean." Which of course Link really didn't, but Dark winked at him nevertheless.

"Finally, I fucking hate all these stairs." They came to small landing which lead to a massive wooden door that looked quite foreboding, causing Link to shrink back from it. He could only imagine what was inside Ganondorf's room… Probably some sort of torture chamber! Dark Link released the blonde long enough to pull a key ring off of his belt, fumbling for the right key. He unlocked the door and kicked it open, pushing Link inside before shutting the door behind them and locking it.

Dark Link knew he was going to get in trouble for this but… fuck it, he needed to touch the Hylian and he needed to do it now.

Meanwhile Link was studying Ganondorf's room with surprise. Like the hallway the carpet was thick and a blood red. On the walls were some gold framed portraits of the Gerudo as well as a few paintings of what Link assumed was his homeland, the desert. In the center of the farthest wall sat a massive king sized bed with a black comforter, gold designs covering it. A large wardrobe was set up to the left, a dresser with a massive mirror to the right. Link couldn't stand the thought of being able to see himself while he was trying to sleep.

It would just be way too awkward.

He was just about to turn around when hands slid down his chest from behind, going for his groin. He balked and whipped around to face his assailant who simply smirked back at him, matching each step backwards that Link took.

"C'mon pretty… Let's play a bit while the Master's away." He winked impishly at the blonde who eventually collided with Ganondorf's bed, knees buckling and causing him to fall back onto it. Dark Link instantly pounced on top of him, practically tearing at his tights to get them off. Link let out a protesting yell, trying to kick the other male off of him but Dark pinned his legs down with his knees, keeping him from doing just that.

"Get off of me! Stop it!" He shouted in his head, causing Dark Link to wince a bit at the loudness of it. But he was not deterred and simply yanked down his tights, revealing the Hylian's limp dick. Dark was disappointed that Link wasn't getting turned on from this but he'd deal. After all, there was time to get the other male aroused.

The blonde struggled to get his hands free from his binds but was unable to do so, looking up at the shadow being with wide eyes pleading for him to stop. Dark Link instead pressed his lips to Link's, forcing his mouth open and assaulting it with his tongue. It took the Hylian a few seconds to realize what exactly was going on and he bit down hard on the invading muscle, causing Dark to growl in pain.

But it worked and his tongue was removed, now heading for Link's neck. He snorted as he saw the large mark that Ganondorf had left behind, moving his head to the other side of the boy's neck to nip at the skin. Though he wanted to leave a mark as well he knew he couldn't; Ganondorf would know what had happened and he'd be punished for sure.

So instead he licked and nibbled at the pale flesh beneath his mouth, loving the way Link squirmed and bucked beneath him.

He pushed up Link's tunic and undershirt, lapping at his light colored happy trail and following it downwards to where his cock sat, still limp.

"Thank god Ganondorf decided to modify me down here… I think I'd be embarrassed to have such a small dick." Dark Link remarked, causing Link to flush and look away from him. What was this fascination with his private area! "Don't worry pretty boy, I'll give it proper attention."

With that he took the boy's entire length into his mouth, pleased to feel it respond almost instantly. Link let out a choked noise, arching up into Dark's hot, moist mouth, his blue eyes snapping shut. Goddesses this was wonderful! No wonder why Ganondorf had made him do this… He writhed under the shadow being as he was licked and sucked ferociously, unable to handle such stimulation.

After a minute of this Dark Link removed his mouth from Link's cock, licking the very tip of it to remove some pre-cum that had beaded at the top. The boy beneath him whimpered and bucked his hips upwards, looking for more friction but unable to find some.

"Ah, ah, ah… I want something as well." Dark glanced back at the door behind him, wondering if maybe… maybe he could get away with fucking the Hero of Time. He fumbled with his own belt, pulling it off and tossing it to the ground before flipping Link onto his stomach. He readjusted Link's bottom so it would be easily accessible to his cock which he pulled out of his tights. It actually was a bit longer than Link's, and Dark was thankful for that.

"No… No stop… This isn't right…" Link whined, hands clenching into fists behind his back, feeling the blunt tip of Dark Link's cock pressing against his virgin hole.

It was at that moment the door flew open.

Note: I just… love making fun of Link and his small package. I'm so mean… YEAH CLIFFHANGER. I am so lost on this. I have no idea where to go from here. I'll see if I can squeeze out another chapter with more filler but after that I just don't know what I'll do. If anyone has any ideas throw them out there! But anyways there's some Dark Link/Link for you fans out there.