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"Please wait, my lady!"

A small girl's black-slippered feet pounded the dirty cement floor of a narrow alleyway. Her eyes strained for a hideout in the dim light of the setting sun. Shadows crept from every aspect of her vision, and a stench, which she was unused to as she had lived in luxury, assailed her nostrils.

"Hikage-sama must return to the villa at once!" cried her thin-haired servant from far behind. "Milord will be most displeased!" The butler worried his good luck charm, a handkerchief, in his rough hands. He looked reluctant to enter the filthy residential area.

The little girl shook the dark brown hair out of her startlingly blue eyes, then firmly grasped the window ledge of an apartment and heaved her weight up, ignoring the cries warning her of her father's wrath that she was sure to endure once she returned home. "Quiet, Ham-Ham!" Hikage hissed, using the nickname for her servant, Hamada, whenever she was ticked. "This is my big chance, like you once mentioned, isn't it?"

Hamada flinched, then dabbed his sweating face and walrus moustache with his handkerchief. "B-but, my lady," he choked, while beadily eyeing her advance up the alley apartment, "to be a healer… 'tis absurd!" Hamada shook his head dramatically, then sighed. "Hikage-sama is a girl, and a female healer is quite inappropriate and unheard of in this country, believe me…" Hamada quickly gathered a small amount of courage and reluctantly grabbed Hikage's foot, which dangled high above from a balcony. "Come now," he said nervously, "we must hurry to the villa, or we'll both await punishment from milord-"

"No!" she barked. Hikage held onto the rusted iron bars with all her might. Hamada plucked off her right ballet flat with a puff of exertion. For good measure, Hikage kicked him squarely in the nose. "Sorry!" Hikage said with a leer, then scrambled across the surface of the building like Spider Man.

"Hikage-sama!" Hamada's cries became faint as she swung into a nearby open window.

Once inside the room, she dusted off her clothes and made note of a bluish-white light illuminating the room across the hall.

"Please, a child has climbed up there! Won't you help me, mister?"

At this, Hikage clicked her tongue in annoyance and quietly slid the window shut. She watched through the dirty glass as a passing man, a noble, she presumed, kicked out at Hamada. Hikage felt a brief glimmer of pity for her ex-butler, but continued with more important matters- to exit this residence without a single sound of alarm and head on her way.

She yanked off the one slipper she had left and stuffed it into the leather satchel at her side, then crawled on hands and knees through the dark doorway with the softest shuffle. Hikage breathed shallowly through her nose, and once she saw that it was all clear, she slowly began to get up.

THUD. A blood-stained steel instrument dug itself deep into the carpet where her foot had been placed a nanosecond before. Immediately Hikage could see that it was a pole arm, and a beautiful one at that, with a jeweled blue rose set behind its deadly center dagger. The wielder of the magnificent weapon was a woman in a long, red dress fit for an elven queen, with its ruffling primrose sleeves and red-laced bodice.

"My, my," the woman rasped. Hikage couldn't see her expression, for a hood hid the upper half of her face, and only her mouth was visible; it was clear that she had flowing raven locks.

The pole arm's sharp point made a trail up the front of Hikage's blouse. "And I just got rid of a pest too," the woman said in exasperation while keeping a firm hold on her weapon.

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