Hello, my name is Jason Nightengale. I grew up in the sub-district of New York City nowadays called Manhattan. I had a troubled childhood, to say the least. I traveled a lot between schools, never completing a full year at one school. I was supposed to be in grade 12, but after the... Accident, I was taken out of school for my own safety. But that is a story for later on. I grew up in an apartment on 31st street in Manhattan, New York. I was the oldest of my family, at 17, turning 18 on Halloween. I am the only son, with a little sister, Ashley. She is going to be 13 this August.

This all started at my 7th school in 6 years. I had trouble co-operating with other children, to say the least. I have ADHD, so I have trouble sitting still, and I have a tendency to blurt out the answers, when I know them. That often gets me in trouble with the teachers at most of my schools. Also, my temper isn't envied, and I have a tendency to start fights when people insult my family or my friends, which I don't have many of , so I have a tendency to be over-protective of the ones I do have.

I guess I am sort of a handsome kid. I am tall, currently at 6'5, with raven black hair, piercing hazel eyes, and a stern set jaw bone. I am tall and muscular, with 165 pounds behind me. I participate in many sports, since I have trouble with sitting still during intellectual processes, even though I have an IQ of 152.

But anyways, back to what happened. I was in the middle of a school field trip, I know, weird, to be having a grade 12 field trip. But anyways, I was at the Manhattan Museum of History. I was having an okay time, since it was during our history class, my favourite subject, besides maybe Physics. My teacher absolutely killed the fun of History though. His name was Mr. Poplar. No, not popular, Poplar, like the tree. He always acted like all the stuff he taught us was real, and he was there. He was a stern set man with broad shoulders, with greying hair, that also translated to his poorly grown moustache. He was a relatively ugly man, and had to walk with a cane, but not as bad as my Math teacher, Mr. Banner, who was our other chaperone. But, to say the absolute least, Mr. Banner was BUTT-UGLY. I'm serious. It looks like he fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch, and then it fell on top of him with a loud thump.

Anyways, I was just listening to Mr. Poplar, who was currently talking about Greek Mythology, my favourite area, and he asked me, "Can you tell me what this painting is of, Mr. Nightengale?"

I studied the painting closely, and tried to discern it, then all of a sudden, light bulb.

"Isn't that Hercules wrestling the giant, Antae us. was it?" I asked.

"Very good, Jason." Mr. Poplar said.

"Yes," Mr. Banner said, "Very good, Mr. Nightengale. Very good."

"That was weird" I said.

"What?" my best friend, Tyler, said.

"What Mr. Banner said. Like, what he sounded like. It was almost... Inhuman."

Unfortunately, I had no idea how right I was.

"That's crazy dude, you freaking headcase." Tyler said.

How would I describe Tyler, hmm? I don't know. He's tall, around 6'2, with golden blond hair, stormy blue eyes, and broad shoulders. Not to mention his build. He wasn't as muscular as I was, but he was on the school's swimming team, so he had a lean build, muscular, but not buff. He's been my best friend ever since I started at Yancy Academy. Tyler was also excellent at archery. He was also on the city's archery team, and he always hit a bullseye, no matter what. He has over 10 gold medals in archery, which is quite impressive. He's the best junior archer in the country.

All of a sudden, I felt a stub on my left foot, I tripped, and fell on my face.

"Ow..." I managed, cause it did hurt. A lot.

"You okay man?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, I think so..." I looked back to see what I had tripped on, and turns out, I tripped over a vase of Hades, without breaking it. Awesome, I thought.

"You must be more careful, Mr. Nightengale, those are very old and even more priceless." Mr. Poplar said.

"Thanks for the heads up, sir." I said.

"Keep moving. On to Egypt."

As I started to walk, someone grabbed my arm. I turned around to see who it was, and of course, it was Mr. Butt-Ugly himself, Mr. Banner.

Can I speak with you for a moment, Mr. Nightengale?" Mr. Banner asked.

"Um, sure, Mr. Banner." I said, as we walked into the deeper part of the exhibit.

" Now, Jason, tell me this..." Mr Banner said as we were out of earshot of the group.

"Um... Okay." I had a bad feeling about this.

"In what manner would you like to die?" And then he lunged.