A/N: I just realized that I left this hanging. Since reading OotP, I have decided to stop writing "When Things Start to Change." Various reasons attributed to this decision, not the least of which was that it is now completely non-canonical.

However, I have started a sixth year fic by the name of "Living in the New World." It is posted under my new SN, crispyone. All of my post-OotP work will be posted there under crispyone.

I am sorry for not announcing this sooner, but I guess I just imagined that everyone would read my notice at the Yahoo! group. I've realized now that this story has fans who do not belong to that group, and to those people, I am sorry for keeping you waiting.

The Yahoo! group is now a home for all of my new stories and will be getting a new name in the future. To access it now, please visit: groups.yahoo.com/group/when_things_change/

Please check out my new works and once again, thank you to everyone who has been so faithful to this story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and I am very pleased that so many people enjoyed it. (


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