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"Hey, mom? Could you tell me another Soulya story?"

Amaya Ess smiled up at her mother. Suki Ess was a master storyteller, and Amaya, at age fourteen, was proud to admit that she still enjoyed some of her mother's stories as much as she had when she was a little girl.

Suki grinned, tossing her black hair away from her face. Amaya sighed inwardly at her mother's pale complexion. They tried to hide the fact with makeup and jovial companionship, but the fact of the matter was that Suki Ess was sick, and she wasn't getting any better.

Suki didn't look too sick, yet. Her pale face was striking and stunningly beautiful. Amaya was secretly jealous of her mother's good looks; she didn't think she'd inherited any of them. Her mother's hair was a sleek, glossy black, whereas her own was silver, with black highlights scattered throughout. Suki's eyes were a warm, welcoming brown, and Amaya's grey ones were steely and uninviting. Suki seemed to be all curves, and Amaya was all angles. If it weren't for the black streaks in her hair, she wouldn't believe that she was her mother's daughter at all. That and the fact that although Suki Ess was a weapon, a set of bolas, Amaya hadn't inherited the weapon gene from her mother. Apparently, her father had been a meister.

Amaya sighed and combed the hair out of her face with her fingers. She'd probably gotten her looks from her father, a man she'd never met. Suki had never discussed the matter of who he was, exactly, with Amaya, and Amaya had stopped asking after a while. She wasn't very interested in him, anyway. He'd never sent her a letter, or any money for the family. He was the prime example of a sucky parent.

"Aren't you a bit old for stories, Amaya?" Suki teased; her customary smile lighting up her face. Amaya had always been amazed by her mother's smile. Somehow it managed to make anyone feel welcome and comfortable, even in the strangest of situations. She'd tried to make her own smile look like that and had scared most of the kids in her grade. Evidently she looked too much like a psycho when she did it, or something along those lines.

"I'm never too old for Soulya," Amaya replied. "Besides, don't you think it's time you told me the ending to the story? You said I could hear it when I got older."

Suki sighed and patted the side of the bed she was lying in. "Alright," she said. "But when the story's over, I have some news for you, okay?"

"Sure," Amaya said, getting up on the bed. "The final Soulya story. I must admit; I'm excited."

Suki sighed again. "There's a reason I didn't tell it to you, you know," she said. "It's not a happy ending."

Amaya blinked. She'd never imagined that the ending of Soulya's story could be anything but happy. Soulya was, after all, the most powerful weapon ever. She was the Ultimate Weapon, the matter-switcher. Her ability allowed her to take the form of anything in the world. And, as one of the Eight Powerful Warriors, Soulya was close enough to Death that he would go out of his way to defend her, if necessary. Who could defeat her?

"After the Battle of the Seven Golems, Soulya and Metras, her meister, as I'm sure you remember, retired back to their home to heal their wounds and rejuvenate. However, at this time the meister Asura turned against Lord Death and became the Kishin of Madness. This Madness affected Metras, who was already unstable to begin with, a fact Soulya did her best to ignore. Metras began to thirst for blood, and killed more and more frequently without inhibition. Soulya had faith in her partner and his ability to best the Madness, but Metras was pushed over the edge by the witch Arachne, who wanted nothing more than to see the end of the great Soulya. Arachne placed a spell on Metras, a spell that would strengthen the Madness whenever he was near Soulya. It wasn't long before Metras began to loathe Soulya, and to wish for her an agonizing end."

Amaya stared openmouthed at her mother, a pang in her stomach. The Kishin Asura that her mother had spoken of had returned five years ago… She was unfortunately familiar with the Madness. She herself had been quite affected by it. The Madness… She'd only been nine at the time. The Madness had brought her into a sick twisted hallucinatory world where nothing and everything was real. According to her mother, Amaya had become quite interested in taking things apart during this time. According to Suki, she'd walked in on Amaya threatening a playmate with a knife once. Then the Kishin was defeated, and the Madness had faded away into the background, although Amaya found that she still had a passion for taking things apart and discovering what made them tick. Mostly she ripped open inanimate objects, but in her darker moments she considered living material. It was Suki that kept her on the right track.

"After a particularly nasty run-in with a few hundred members of Arachnophobia, Arachne's organization of evil," Suki continued, "Metras and Soulya retreated into a small cave to heal their wounds and wait for reinforcements from the Reaper. Arachne knew that her organization would suffer an ignominious defeat if Soulya were allowed to live, and boosted the power of Metras' Madness as far as it would go. Metras turned on Soulya in a blind rage and rendered her unconscious with his soul wavelength, one of his strongest techniques. When Soulya awoke, she found herself chained to a wall of the cave, and Metras proceeded to torture her, as the Madness inside him would only be satiated by the most terrible pain for Soulya imaginable. He used his soul wavelength to keep her from changing her shape, and for hours he tormented her. She refused to scream at even the most horrible tortures, and this only spurred Metras on to greater heights. At last, Metras sensed the Reaper approaching, and in desperation he stabbed Soulya just below the heart and escaped into the wild. The Reaper entered the cave as Soulya took her final breaths, and held her as she died. Then the Reaper began to hunt Metras. It took him less than an hour to locate the traitor, and the Reaper tore him to shreds for what he'd done." Suki stopped talking.

"That's it? That's the ending of the Soulya story?" Amaya exclaimed, horrified. "That's the worst thing I've ever heard! Where did you get this story?"

Suki shrugged. "I read it in a history book," she said. "It really happened, you know. Soulya, Metras and all the others really existed."

Amaya moaned and flopped onto the floor. "That made it a lot worse. Thanks, Mom."

Suki smiled. "It happened over 8oo years ago, if that makes you feel better."

"Not really, but thanks."

"You're welcome," Suki replied. "Anyway, now is not the time to be thinking on the brave but unfortunate Soulya. I have news for you."

"News?" Amaya asked, suspicious.

Suki sighed. "Where do I begin?" She asked. "Well… You enjoy my stories, right?"

Amaya nodded eagerly. "Alright," Suki continued. "I'm going to tell you a bit of a story here. It's about me, when I was younger, and I promise you that it has a point. As you know, I used to go to the Academy. When I arrived at the Academy, I chose to partner with a girl named Kami Elm. Kami and I were very good friends, but our soul wavelengths weren't perfectly matched, and eventually that fact drove us to separate. Kami found another weapon, a scythe named Spirit Albarn that she'd fallen in love with, and I, having no other option, partnered with Spirit's old partner, a man named Franken Stein. Franken and I had wavelengths better matched than mine and Kami's, but they still weren't perfect. However, after living with Franken for a year, I found myself… falling in love with him." She sighed. "What can I say? When I discovered that I was pregnant, I left the Academy and came here, to raise you. Franken never knew why I left him, and he never knew that he had a daughter." She reached into a pocket of her nightgown and pulled out a neatly folded letter. "He works at the Academy now. I want you to go there and enroll."

Amaya blinked. "You want me… to go to the Academy? But that's miles away! I couldn't see you anymore!"

Suki smiled sadly. "I know," she said softly. "But the thing is… I can't take care of you anymore, honey. I'm not getting any better; we both know that. In a few weeks, I'm going to go live in the local hospital, and by then, I hope that you'll be safely on your way to the Academy, to live with your father."

Amaya took a few deep breaths. I will not get angry, she told herself firmly. That could make Mother worse. "What's he like, Franken Stein? Is he a nice guy?"

Suki closed her eyes. "He's insane," she said.

Amaya blinked. "You're joking?" She asked, hopefully and fell over when her mother shook her head. "Insane…" She said weakly. "Insane! Is this why I tried to kill my best friend when I was a kid? Am I crazy too?"

"Possibly," Suki said.

"Ever the realist," Amaya muttered. "You're sending me to live with an insane person? Is that really wise?"

"Oh, he wouldn't hurt his own daughter," Suki said confidently. "He'll love you!"

"He'll murder me," Amaya muttered, just too softly for her mother's hearing. She got to her feet and stared at her mother, the anger inside her dying down to a soft murmur. "If I go to the Academy, do you promise to get better?" Amaya's gray eyes locked onto Suki's brown ones. "Do you promise?"

Suki looked away. "I… I promise," she whispered.

"Good," Amaya said, heading for the door. "I'll get packing, then." She paused at the door and smiled faintly at her mother. "Who knows," she said. "Maybe you'll be better by the time I get to the Academy!" Smiling cheerfully, she exited the room.

Suki stared at the closed door. "I won't be," she whispered softly to herself, and settled back amongst the pillows.

"Celeste, you idiot. Duck. DUCK!"

"I'm ducking," Celeste Attenborough said sourly, throwing herself to the ground. A wave of heat rolled over her body, and the fireball smashed into a nearby building. Chunks of burnt brick rained down on Celeste, but she got to her feet amidst the chaos and thrust her spear out in front of her. The spear in question gave an exasperated sigh.

"Why did I choose to partner with you?" Aia Paus moaned. "You have zero regard for your own safety, or anyone else's, for that matter, and then you go and drag me into a fight with Genghis Khan! Why didn't I choose to partner with some nerd who'd never bring me out of the Academy?"

"You know why," Celeste said, staring at the monstrosity in front of her. It was huge and made of metal, hunched over like some kind of ape with a dragon-like, toothy snout. That snout released balls of flame every so often that were a bit tricky to dodge. Other than that, Genghis Khan would be easy to destroy. "You love me."

"True that," Aia said. "You annoy the hell out of me, though." The spear quivered in Celeste's hands. "Let's end this bastard."

"Fine by me," Celeste said. She started forward, sneakers squeaking on the pavement. Khan snapped at her with its metal teeth, but she jumped above its maw and landed hard on its small head. "Got you," she said, driving Aia through the metal. Aia's spear point was sharper than anything Celeste had tested her on, and Aia went through Khan's head as though it were made of butter.

"Nice work," Aia said, but the creature beneath them bucked and rolled, throwing Celeste and Aia off its back.

"It'll take more than that to kill me," it hissed.

Celeste and Aia stared. "Time for plan B," Aia said calmly. Celeste didn't move. "Uh, Celeste? Plan B?"

"About that…" Celeste said nervously.




"OWWW!" Celeste wailed, clutching her head. "Hitting people with your shaft on the head is not a good way to make friends!"

"Whatever," Aia said. "Incoming!" Celeste rolled out of the way as one of Khan's giant metal hands smashed into the place where she'd previously been standing. She stared at the crater where it had hit the pavement and smirked.

"You'll have to be faster than that, Khan," she said, blowing one brown strand out of hair out of her face. Her pixie cut was good for fighting; it made it easy to see, and as a bonus it was easy to maintain. Her sea-green eyes glowed with determination. "I'm Celeste Attenborough and this is Aia Paus! You never had any hope of defeating us!"

"Really," Khan whispered, opening its mouth. Celeste squeaked and fell to the ground as a fireball blew past her, scorching the back of her black jacket.

"Get up, Celeste," Aia warned, but Celeste was already getting to her feet. She narrowed her eyes at Khan and readjusted her grip on Aia's shaft.

"Oh, you're going down, ugly," she snapped, staring at Khan. "Come on, Aia. Let's go soul resonance!"

Celeste felt a tingling in her heart, and suddenly her consciousness flooded with the awareness of Aia. The spear in her hands began to grow, the tip growing starry and much, much larger. "Storm Stab!" Celeste yelled, throwing herself at Khan. She aimed Aia at one of the divides in the creature's armor and jammed the spear into Khan's body. There was a crackle, and Khan wailed as electricity arched across its body. As soon as the electricity dissipated, there was a loud boom, and Khan's body exploded with a metal clang. Celeste ducked her head as chunks of metal blew past her, one catching her on the cheek and slicing her. She didn't flinch as blood began to ooze from the cut, instead watching as what remained of Khan crashed to the floor. One piece of metal, a round ball that was probably the heart, was still quivering. Celeste calmly walked to it and stabbed Aia through the center. With a crack, the metal sphere melted into nothing, revealing the Kishin egg inside.

"Enjoy," Celeste said, poking Aia's spear tip into the center of the egg. Slowly, Aia sucked it up through her shaft, and sighed with pleasure.

"Mmm," she said contentedly. "That was our fifty-second egg. We're well on our way to turning me into a Death Scythe, no?"

"We are indeed," Celeste said, watching as her partner transformed back into her human form. Aia's long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her huge blue eyes surveyed the scene.

"That went well," Aia said, hugging herself tightly. "Do you want to call Lord Death and tell him how we did?"

"Sure," Celeste said. She motioned for Aia to follow her and set off at a trot to the nearest store window that Khan hadn't broken. She stopped in front of one and breathed on it, writing carefully in the steamy reflection. "42-42-564… Hello, Lord Death!"

"Hello, hello, hello, Celeste!" The Reaper said, waving one giant hand amiably. "How was your mission? Did you defeat Genghis Khan?"

"It's nothing more than scrap metal," Celeste said. She snatched Aia by the hood and dragged her into Death's view. "Aia and I made it through without a scratch. I might even turn Aia into a Death Scythe soon!"

"Aia would make a great Death Scythe!" Death said appreciatively, bringing a tiny smile to Aia's face. "And you, Celeste, are turning out to be an excellent meister. Congratulations, both of you!"

"Thank you, Lord Death," Aia said, bowing her head. Aia was positively reverent when it came to the Grim Reaper, whereas Celeste looked to him as a significantly powerful teacher.

"Should we come back to the Academy then?" Celeste asked.

The Death Lord nodded. "I have a surprise for you, for when you get back," he said, winking at them. "I can promise you this much, it's gonna be good!" Celeste and Aia looked at each other, shocked.

"For us?" Aia said finally. "Just us, Lord Death? Or all the meister and weapon pairs?"

The Reaper laughed delightedly. "Just you two and one other pair. Do you know Garo Pikis or Fey Chaius?" They shook their heads. "You will!" The Reaper said, waving his hand. "I'll see you soon!" The window blanked out and Lord Death vanished.

Aia and Celeste locked eyes. "This is so cool," Aia said happily.

"Not really. For all we know, the Reaper's surprise is to kick us out of the Academy!"

Aia laughed. "Us? C'mon, Celeste. We may not be the head of our class, but we're definitely the best pair. Nobody in our class has more souls than we do!"

"I suppose," Celeste said, looking at the floor, to where pieces of Khan still lay. "Let's go, Aia." She put her arm around her weapon partner, and together they headed back to the Academy, buoyed by the thought of a surprise, but anxious as hell as to what, exactly, the surprise was.

"Garo! If you don't get up in two seconds I am going to crush your skull!"

"I suppose you meant to scare me with that one," Garo Pikis said lazily, laying on his back and staring up at his weapon partner, amused. "You wouldn't kill me, Fey. You're in love with me."

Fey Chaius snorted and rolled her eyes. "Don't flatter yourself," she said. "We both know I only partnered with you because you're such a good meister. You think everybody's in love with you."

"That's because everybody is," Garo said, his eyes morphing into cute hearts and Cupid wings sprouting from his back. "I am the epitome of love! Just as the Reaper symbolizes death, I symbolize the union of souls! Every girl who sees me instantly falls in love with me! It's impossible not to! I am, in fact, a- Jeez, Fey, you didn't have to hit me so hard."

"You earned it," Fey said. "Anyone who thinks they are the 'epitome of love,' deserves to get smacked once in a while. Now, for the love of God, could you please hurry? Lord Death requested our presence in the Death Room, and if we're late we're going to get Reaper Chopped!"

"Please. Your chops are almost as bad as the Reaper's. I could probably handle it."

"Probably you could," Fey said, offering Garo a hand and pulling him to his feet, "but if your brains got scrambled I'd lose the best meister ever, and that would make me angry. Trust me, you don't wanna see that."

"I do see it. Every day."

"Shut up and get going!"

Fey dragged Garo through the halls, her long pink hair waving in his face and generally annoying him. Fey's appearance was entirely too misleading; with her feminine figure, cute features, and pink hair, she looked like an adorable little kid. That is, until she turned into a katana to beat the living crap out of you. Her temper was already renowned throughout the Academy to be the worst ever, and anyone who made the mistake of treating her like a girly-girl regretted it.

Garo was the complete opposite. He was tall and masculine, with dark brown hair that flopped over his eyes. Of course, his strange tendency to assume that every girl in the world was in love with him kind of ruined the image. The only thing that saved his reputation was his incredible skill with the katana. He was the top of his class in every field, no question.

"Walk faster!" Fey screeched, pulling Garo into a jog. He complied, pausing only to wink jauntily at a couple of girls passing by. They giggled and blushed and he cocked his head. I know the truth, he thought. I am irresistible. What woman wouldn't want me?


Oh yeah. Fey wouldn't want me. The rare exception in an otherwise perfect work.

Garo looked ahead at the exact moment Fey collided with two girls ahead of them. All four of them fell down in an ungainly pile. Garo regained his feet quickly and offered a hand to the blonde girl, pulling her up. "Are you alright?" He asked smoothly.

The girl smiled. "I'm fine," she said, brushing herself off. "Hey, Celeste! Are you going to get up?"

"In a minute," the girl on the floor, evidently named Celeste, said. "I think my brain's been rattled out of my skull."

"Hey, sorry," Fey said, offering Celeste a hand. Together they got up. "Didn't see you there. Sorry, but we've got to go. Lord Death wants to see us."

The blonde girl's eyes widened. "Us too! You must be Garo and Fey!"

"Yup," Garo said, treating the girl to a smoldering gaze with his brown eyes. "And what might your name be?"

She blushed. "Aia," she said. "And this is Celeste."

"Hey," Celeste said. "Are you guys ready to go? We shouldn't keep the Reaper waiting."

"Exactly what I was saying!" Fey said, grinning at Celeste. Celeste grinned back.

Together, the four of them hurried to the Death Room. Aia chattered excitedly to Garo about what the surprise might be, and he nodded and smiled the whole time enthusiastically, thinking about how hot she was and wondering if she thought the same about him. Of course she thinks I'm hot! He thought. There isn't a woman in the world who doesn't think so!

"Uh… Garo? Are you listening to me?"

"Wha- huh?"

"I'll take that as a no," Aia grouched, going over to walk with Celeste and Fey.

"NOOOOO!" Garo wailed, falling to his knees. "COME BACK, MY SWEET! I DIDN'T MEAN TO OFFEND YOU!"

"Creepy much?" Aia asked, slinking away from the laughter of her fellow students.

"My life is over," Garo sobbed.

"What about 'get your ass moving' do you not understand!" Fey asked, grabbing Garo's hood and dragging him behind her.

By the time they made it to the Death Room, Garo had pretty much gotten over Aia's rejection. The Reaper waved happily at their arrival. "Welcome to the Death Room, kiddies!"

"I used to call my Maka that." Everyone stared at the Death Scythe Garo knew as Spirit, who was sitting in a corner of the Death Room sighing happily to himself. "Oh, Maka. How she's grown!"

"Ignore him," Lord Death said confidentially, herding the students away from the lovesick Death Scythe. "He just got a letter from his daughter and now every word that comes out of his mouth is about her."

"So…" Celeste asked. "What's our surprise?"

"As you know, the four of you are at the top of your respective classes in the field of soul collection," the Death Lord said. "Because of this, I've elected the four of you for an extra assignment, something to challenge you a little bit."

"A challenge?" Aia asked suspiciously. "Are you sure that we're all up to a challenge, Lord Death?"

He nodded confidently. "I don't have any doubts," he said. "Do you want to hear your assignment?" The four of them nodded eagerly. "There have been reports of suspicious activity in a village not too far from Death City. Apparently, the inhabitants of the village are disappearing, one by one. I want you to go to that village and find out what's been happening."

"That's all?" Fey said, bringing up her hand and curling it into a fist. "Hah! When whatever it is that's been kidnapping people meets up with me they'll regret it!"

"That doesn't mean that you shouldn't proceed with caution," Death said. "But I want you to know that if you pass this lesson… the four of you are going to get a very special reward!"

"And if we fail?" Aia asked.

Lord Death shrugged. "No reward. But I'm positive you'll do well on this. From what your teachers have observed, the four of you will make an excellent team!"

Garo nodded confidently. "Don't worry, Lord Death. We'll find the thing that's kidnapping people and make it pay." His eyes widened. "But what if it's a pretty girl? I don't think… I mean, maybe I could render her powerless with my good looks, but I couldn't attack her…"

"SHUT UP, GARO!" Everyone yelled.

"Fine," he sighed, mildly surprised that his idea hadn't had a better reception. "I expect that you'll be back within a few days," Lord Death said. "If you're not, I'll assume that you got killed!" He tossed a large map at Aia, who caught it with a huff of surprise. "This should get you to the village!"

"Okay…" Celeste muttered. "Is that all?"

"Yep!" The Reaper said, saluting them. "Good luck, young meisters and weapons! Off you go now!" He shooed them off with one giant hand.

Garo, Fey, Celeste and Aia stopped at the door to the Death Room and looked at each other. "Ready?" Celeste asked.

"Hell yes!" Fey said, tossing her hair proudly. "We're going to pound whatever it is that we're up against to dust!"

Garo smiled at Celeste and Aia. "I look forward to getting to know you better," he said, giving them his sexiest look.

They deadpanned, and then slunk over to Fey. "What is with him? He's really creepy…"

Garo fell over, his customary rejection nosebleed already starting. Why, oh why, am I stuck with the three girls in the Academy that don't like me at all? He thought. Since when have girls gotten so hard to get?

"Since you started voicing your creepy thoughts out loud," Fey said dryly. "Now come on, Mr. Lovesick. We don't have forever, y'know." Garo sighed, took Fey's offered hand, and followed her to a team of three girls that didn't fall for his charms at all.


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