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Percy's POV

"Ha, ha, Percy you'll fit right in!" "This will be different." "No way am I putting up with some prissy rich kids." "Great, just great." "I bet their library will be amazing!" Chiron just called Nico, Chris, Clarisse, Thalia, Annabeth, and I into the big house to discuss what we will be doing next. The final battle against Kronos just happened and all was peaceful, or at least as peaceful as it ever gets. Chiron just told us that Nico, Chris, and I would be going to Blackthorne, a juvenile detention center. While Annabeth, Thalia, and Clarisse would be going to Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Women, a plush school for rich girls who's parents didn't have time for them, I could totally relate. The only good part about it so far was that we would all end up together for the year at Gallagher.

"You guys will go. Besides this is a chance for you to be normal kids for a year. If you put this charm on your necklaces then the mist will stop completely, and no monsters will be able to catch your scent. It will only work in the school grounds though. Any other time and you will be normal, mist and monsters, so try not to give away your secret. Percy, yours will also stop your Achilles' curse." Chiron said, "I want you to be able to act human and get to take a break. It will be educational."

I don't think saying it would be educational was helping his case. I also have a feeling that he was hiding something, but I didn't say anything. He passed out the charms. Mine was a small green trident, Nico's was a small brilliant red ruby, Chris got a blue Caduceus, Clarisse got a blood red spear, Thalia got a golden lightning bolt, and Annabeth got an snowy white owl. Going to a juvenile detention center wasn't on my top ten list of things I wanted to do, but not being chased by monsters would be really cool.

Cammie's POV

Bex, Liz, Macey, and I had just met in the Grand Hall and were heading to our room to unpack when we were called to my mom's office. The year officially will start tomorrow, but they came a day early. I've been here for the past week. My mom was waiting in her office with M&M's in her hand. After being offered we all took some. She immediately started saying "We are getting new freshman this year, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, and Clarisse La Rue." This confused me because usually we don't get involved with the freshmen. "You are probably wondering why I called you in here for freshmen. These particular freshmen areā€¦ interesting. If you hack into their files, which I am sure you will, you'll no doubt find that they don't have much. That is what has us worried, they definitely have a secret that we want you to find out. So keep an eye out, that's all." "Got it," we replied back.

Back at our dorm room, Liz immediately went to her computer, and Bex, Macey, and I followed. After ten minuted, we got almost nothing. For Annabeth we found absolutely nothing from when she was 7 to when she was 12. Before 7 all we found were some school records, and after 12 there were school records and some awards having to do with architecture. Thalia was the same, but disappeared when she was fourteen and she never reappeared. Clarisse was the same as Thalia. This should get interesting.

AN: Sorry it is so short, I'll try to make longer chapters in the future.