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Annabeth's POV

Great, now we have to figure out an excuse for Zach getting his hand sprained or broken, whatever it was. That just sucks. I think we can use the excuse of Percy has rock hard abs and Zach punches hard. I'll try that first and see if it works. It should, I mean what other excuse is there?

"Well, Zach should be good in a couple weeks. Percy, you can pair with Grant for now," the teacher said.

The rest of the day past without incident, until lunch came. What else do you expect from students from a spy school. They are going to question anything unusual. The good thing is though that in the cafeteria we were to speak Greek, so technically we are allowed to speck ancient Greek.

Almost the second everyone was gathered to eat Liz said, "How did Zach hurt his hand?"

"What do you mean?" I replied, "He punched Percy in P&E, and fractured his hand, remember?"

"Yes, of course, I remember, I have a photographic memory," she said dismissively, "but how did he break his hand. It's not like Percy has that hard abs, nor did Zach punch that hard."

"First, I can personally attest to the fact that Percy has rock hard abs, um, he's always going swimming. And Zach did punch hard, it seems like he doesn't like Percy very much." Technically that is all true, I do know that he has rock hard abs, just not because of the swimming. He is always swimming, he just goes in he regular clothes, and doesn't come up for air, so you can't see his chest.

"Besides, how else could Zach have hurt his hand? What other explanation is there?" "I guess." She seemed reluctant to accept my version, but she was forced to accept it. We will have to be more careful from now on and watch our step.

We all went to hang out in the secret passage and do our homework. We needed to double check our necklaces and make sure they were really tight. "So," I said after we were done with our homework, "I think that we should spy on them to. I want to be able to know what information they have and how we can use it against them. This way we will know in advanced if they are planing anything. We'll have to be really careful about placement though cause they will definitely be swiping their place for bugs."

"Yeah, that would be a good idea, when should we do it?" replied Percy.

"Let's do it after we take a little bit of CoveOps. That way we'll know about good places and stuff like that. Let's go to sleep now we have class in the morning."

The next morning, Mr. Solomon, the CoveOps teacher came to our table to give us our new schedules. Almost as soon as I was done reading it, Liz ripped it out of my hand. "Wow, NO WAY, they got put into CoveOps! But they're only freshman! Why would they be put in their? There is now way they can keep up!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, love" Chris replied in an adequate fake British accent. Liz giggled, and needless to say Jonas was not looking very happy.

"They can and will keep up. And to prove it we will be taking a little field trip," replied Mr. Solomon. "All Juniors, even if you aren't in CoveOps class, get dressed in some, appropriate for school, beach attire. That means bathing suits with clothes on top. Boys you can not come down shirtless."

A lot of the Blackthorne boys groaned at that comment. They would all pale in comparison to Percy though. You can't fight monsters for five years and not get some very nice six packs.

"Yes, I have been so missing the beach!" screamed Percy. He is so predictable. He was singing a different tune when he saw how we were getting there.

In front of us stood a humungous jet black helicopter. "OMG, I wish so much for Blackjack right now."

"Come on Percy, we are so under the radar right now even the gods don't know where we are. Plus I doubt Zeus would blast Thalia out of the sky." I assured.

"Yeah he would, if he did she can probably just fly I doubt it will kill her."

"He still can't find us. Plus do you really think that Athena would let him kill me. Or your dad or all of our parents."

"I guess. why do I ever bother arguing with you?"

"We'll never know that phenomenon. Now let's go to the beach."

"What were you guys saying?" asked Liz.

Di immortals, I forgot all about them when I was talking to Percy. At least they can't possibly understand what we were saying.

"I couldn't understand you when you speak in that language. It sounds Greek."

"Oh, it is," I replied.

"Yeah but we speak fluent Greek. We still couldn't understand you," replied Macey.

"Well, um, it's an obscure dialect, not many people know it. They teach it at our summer camp," That was a close one.

"Oh, that's cool," said Bex. They still look suspicious though.

"Come on girls. Time to go!" shouted Mr. Solomon.

The whole time we were flying Percy was holding on for dear life. Never mind the fact that once we were off the campus, his necklace lost affect so even if the plane failed or something, he would still survive because of his Achilles' curse.

Finally we landed, we are going to have to be very carful now. Anything could pick up our sent and we would be goners. They gave us a lot of surveillance devices so that they could see what we see. All the guys took off their shirt right away and as I predicted Percy had the best abs by far. My story with Zach's broken hand seems much more plausible now doesn't it?

"Wow Percy," Cammie said "you do have some very nice abs." Oh, my gods, IS SHE FLIRTING WITH MY BOYFRIEND? I am very glad to see Percy looks very uncomfortable. She is so obvious and stupid. They probably are trying to make the other boys jealous because we are flirting with them.

"So you guys are just doing some simple tailing. I wanted an easy thing since we have some new people. I'll assign each person tail, and just watch them the whole time." Everyone got their assignment and left, but just as we were going to leave Mr. Solomon pulled us back. "You guys have a special assignment."