Zack and Cody's Adventures – Chapter Five

DISCLAIMER: The Suite Life of Zack and Codyand all characters are the property of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Channel. The writer has no knowledge of the sexuality of Cole and Dylan Sprouse or Jake T. Austin or Christian Fortune or any of the other actors on the television show. All events are completely fictional and do not reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does not reflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters.

Okay, so a quick recap for people who wanted to skip the first parts and go straight to this one (I have no idea as to why you would want to do that, but whatever). So we left off with Zack spotting a cutie from across the lobby. Zack and Cody met the boy and his name is Jake. The twins went swimming and met Jake there. The three started playing around in the water (if you know what I mean) and then went in a hot tub. They started playing with each other and then went to the locker room sauna. On his way to the locker room Cody bumped into a cute blonde boy whose name is still to be determined. The blonde boy followed Cody into the locker room and that's all you need to know.

Cody walked into the locker room and located the sauna in the far corner. He peered in the small window on the door and saw his brother inside with a towel around his waist. Cody opened the door and walked inside.

"Where's Jake?" Cody asked.

"Oh, he went to go get a drink of water," Zack answered as the door to the sauna opened and in walked Jake with a towel around his waist.

Cody noticed two swim trunks on the floor of the sauna. Cody looked at Zack and smiled. He then walked over to Jake and put his lips to Jake's. Jake reciprocated by sticking his tongue in Cody's mouth, the two having a tongue battle, while Cody's hands felt Jake's muscular back. Cody then pulled his tongue out of Jake's mouth and looked at him lustfully. Jake licked his lips and knelt down in front of Cody's tenting swim trunks. Jake looked up as if asking for permission to continue.

"Go for it," Cody said and Jake pulled the strings keeping Cody's trunks up and they fell to floor of the sauna. Jake grabbed Cody's hairless cock and started pulling on it, making it rock hard. He then licked the tip, sending chills down Cody's spine. Jake sucked on the head of Cody's cock, causing Cody to throw his head back in pleasure.

Not wanting to be left out, Zack walked over to Jake and pulled his towel from around his waist. Jake took his mouth off of Cody and stared at Zack with passion. Jake nodded and Zack took Jake's beautiful cock into his mouth. Jake continued sucking on Cody, eventually getting the entire cock down his throat. After several minutes of this, Jake stuck one of his fingers in his mouth, getting it wet, and found Cody's hole. Jake stuck his finger in Cody and Cody lightly moaned. Jake looked up at Cody and he nodded. Jake stuck his finger in further. Jake then jumped because Zack stuck a wet finger up his ass. Jake looked at Zack and smiled. He then laid down on one of the benches in the sauna and spread his legs. Zack smiled and stuck his face between Jake's butt cheeks and licked his ass. Cody jumped up onto the bench and stuck his ass in Jake's face. Jake then began rimming Cody while his brother was rimming Jake.

After several minutes of rimming each other, Zack got up and lubed his cock up with his spit. He then lined his cock up with Jake's hole and gently pushed his head in. Jake moaned lightly as he continued rimming Cody. Zack got a few inches of his hard cock into Jake, and then pulled out slowly. He then pushed his cock in further, making Jake moan louder. Zack's pubes were then brushing against Jake's ass and Zack pulled out and then rammed his cock into Jake, making him squeal with pleasure. Zack then continued and started to really fuck Jake's ass. Cody, who had moved his ass away from Jake's mouth, was slowly feeding his hard cock into Jake's awaiting mouth.

Just then, there was a thud at the door of the sauna. Zack immediately stopped fucking Jake and looked at the small window on the door of the sauna. Cody took his cock out of Jake's mouth and went to the door. He looked out the window and saw the head of a blonde boy walking away. He was wearing red swim trunks and couldn't have been any older than fifteen.

"Someone was watching us," Cody said as he turned back to Jake and Zack.

"So?" Jake asked. "What's the problem?"

"Well," Zack said. "They could either tell someone that there are three kids having sex in the sauna –"

"Right," Cody said. "Because everyone would believe a kid. I mean, he couldn't have been any older than us. So I guess there's nothing to worry about. I'm gonna go see where he went and try to talk to him. You two can continue if you really want to."

"All right," Zack said and leaned over and kissed Jake. The two then slowly resumed what they had started.

Cody put his swim trunks back on and tied them. He then grabbed his towel and left the sauna. He looked around the locker room area and didn't see anyone. He then went to check the bathroom area and noticed someone was in one of the stalls. Looking under the door, he saw some very sexy feet and red swim trunks, the same color that the blonde boy was wearing.

'Could it be,' Cody thought. He then peeked through the too large crack between the door and the divider and saw a blonde head. He then smiled. 'What can I do?' he thought and then snapped his fingers. 'I got it!'

Cody then walked to the stall next to the blonde boy and sat down on the toilet. There was, as he had anticipated, a small hole drilled into the stall divider. Cody was starting to get really excited. He took a peek and noticed that the blonde boy was slowly stroking his cock.

'Damn,' Cody thought. 'He's huge!' Cody slowly pulled his swim trunks down and began to stroke his cock as he watched blonde boy through the small hole. The blonde boy suddenly stopped stroking and noticed the hole. Cody had his eyes closed and was slowly stroking his cock.

The blonde boy watched Cody stroke his cock for while and then cleared his throat. Cody suddenly let go of his cock and looked toward the hole. He saw the blonde boy's beautiful face and smiled. The blonde boy smiled back and motioned for him to come on in. Cody pulled his trunks up and crawled under the stall. He stood up in the stall and took a good look at the blonde boy. He was gorgeous. He had a perfect six-pack stomach and little puffy nipples. His blonde hair reached his shoulders and he gave a million dollar smile to Cody.

"What's your name?" Cody asked the boy.

"Christian, but some people call me Chris," he replied in a voice that made Cody's heart stop.

"So…um…did you see what was going on in the sauna earlier?" Cody asked, kind of embarrassed.

"Well…" Chris replied, as he sheepishly smiled and looked down. "Yeah."

"No problem, dude," Cody said and Chris started to speak, but Cody held a finger up to his lips and shushed him.

"No more talking," he said in a whisper and leaned in close to Chris. He put his lips on Chris's. The two began slowly, and then Chris opened his mouth and let Cody's tongue explore his mouth. After several minutes of this, Cody broke away and smiled at Chris.

"What?" Chris asked, smiling.

"Nothing," Cody said, smiling. "You're just…too…perfect."

Chris smiled and kissed Cody again, this time letting his hands explore Cody's backside. Cody put his hands around Chris's slim waist and felt his perfect six-pack. The feeling of Cody's hands on his stomach made Chris shiver with delight.

"Hey," Cody whispered as he gently moved his lips away from Chris's. "Do you wanna, maybe, take this upstairs?"

"Yeah," Chris breathed as he held onto Cody and gently kissed him again. Cody then pulled his trunks up over his rock hard member and crawled back under the stall divider back to his own stall. Chris put his trunks back on and opened his stall door. Cody led them out of the locker room and through the pool area to the lobby of the Tipton.

"Cody, how many times do I have to say put a shirt on in the lobby," said an ill-tempered Mr. Moseby as Cody and Chris walked through the lobby to the elevators.

"Sorry, Mr. Moseby," Cody said, totally forgetting that he had a shirt by the pool. But he didn't care, he was getting into Chris's pants, so he smiled at Moseby and Moseby walked away.

Chris and Cody walked into the elevator and rode the short trip up to the twenty-third floor.

"Hey," Chris said. "My room is on the twenty-third floor too. How weird is that?"

"Nice," Cody said, embracing Chris from behind. "We could hang out whenever."

"Yeah, but I'm only here for a week. Just sight seeing with a friend, then I head back home next Sunday."

"That sucks," Cody said while rubbing Chris's flat stomach. "Well, we better enjoy the time we do have together."

"Yeah," Chris said. He turned around and looked at Cody. Cody looked back into his beautiful brown eyes. The two shared a gentle kiss but were interrupted by the elevator dinging, announcing they had reached their floor.

"After you," Cody said and motioned with his arms as the elevator doors opened. Chris just smiled and walked out of the elevator. Cody took Chris's hand and led him to his suite. Cody opened the door and called out for his mom. No one answered so he knew she was probably out, or getting fucked by one of the guests again.

"My room is over here," Cody said and led Chris through the suite to a room in the back. Cody opened the door and pulled Chris into the room. Cody shut the door, locked it, and immediately kissed Chris, pushing his tongue into his mouth. The pair fell back on Cody's neatly made bed and passionately made out for several minutes. Cody then pulled his tongue out of Chris's mouth and worked it down his neck and onto one of his nipples. Cody made circles around one until it was hard and then worked on the other one. He then moved down Chris's flat stomach, individually licking each abdomen and then he stuck his tongue in his belly button. Chris moaned from the pleasure he was receiving. Cody then pulled Chris's trunks off and immediately sucked on the beautiful head of Chris's engorged member.

Chris moaned loudly as Cody went down on his thick cock. He was proud of his cock and the last time he measured it, it came out at about seven and half inches. Chris grabbed Cody's beautiful blonde hair, much like his own but not as curly, and pushed his head further onto his cock. Cody loved how forceful Chris was being with him. Soon Chris was face-fucking Cody and he loved every second of it. Chris then pulled his cock out of Cody's mouth. He then pushed his tongue in Cody's mouth and kissed him for several minutes, tasting remnants of his pre-cum. Then he worked his way down Cody's torso, going over his nipples and his flat, hairless stomach. He then pulled off Cody's trunks and took his hard cock into his mouth. Cody moaned with delight and pulled on Chris's beautiful hair. Chris then started deep-throated Cody's cock, which wasn't that hard because he guesstimated Cody's cock to be about six inches.

Chris then sucked on Cody's balls, putting each one in his mouth and sucking on it. He then moved his tongue to Cody's hairless ass and spread his legs. After several minutes of rimming Cody, he stood up and grabbed his hard cock. He spit on his hand and lined his cockhead up with Cody's hole. He slowly pushed in, causing a loud moan from Cody. Chris got most of his cock inside Cody, and then slowly pulled out. Cody looked up at Chris and nodded. Chris smiled and pushed the entirety of his cock into Cody and Cody let out a large yelp.

After fucking Cody for about ten minutes, Chris was getting ready to blow. He started thrusting his hips faster into Cody and the pair was moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Chris suddenly stopped thrusting and unloaded deep within Cody. Cody moaned loudly as he felt Chris's cum unload within him. Chris came down from his ecstatic high and slowly pulled out of Cody. He bent over him and planted a kiss on Cody's lips.

"That was awesome," Cody breathed to Chris.

"I know," Chris answered. "Do you wanna do me?"

"Yeah," Cody smiled and kissed Chris again.

Chris then grabbed Cody's cock and started sucking on it. He had most of it in his mouth, but Cody pulled out and lifted Chris's legs into the air. He put his tongue in Chris's ass and rimmed Chris for a while, getting his hole ready. Cody then stood up and lubed his cock with his spit and lined up with Chris's awaiting hole. He pushed in, finding his hole surprisingly tight.

"Um, Christian," Cody asked the loving boy underneath him. "Have you ever been fucked before?"

"Well…" Chris started, uncomfortably. "No, you're the first one. I mean, I've fucked my fair share of people, but have never felt comfortable to actually get fucked. I don't know, there's just something about you that's…just…right."

Chris smiled up at Cody as he continued thrusting in and out of Chris's hole. Around twelve minutes later, Cody felt his orgasm building within his balls. He continued pumping in and out of Chris. He abruptly stopped and unloaded deep within Chris. Chris never thought that having someone else up his ass could be so pleasurable. Cody then pulled out and pulled Chris up towards him for a kiss. The two kissed for a minute, but were soon interrupted by the door opening.

"Sorry!" Zack exclaimed as he noticed his brother with someone on the bed.

"Chris?" Jake asked as he stepped into the room.

"Jake?" Chris asked as he looked up.

"You two know each other?" Cody and Zack said at the same time.

Again, thank you for reading. Don't be afraid to leave me comments, concerns, or any ideas you might have with where this story could go, because I have no idea myself (well I have some idea, obviously, but where to go from there). Thank you for reading! =)