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"Undercover of the Night"

"Oh my god," Rogue gasped, flat on her back. She breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath as the sweat cooled on her bare skin. Turning her head sideways to look at Logan, she savored the sight of him all stretched out on her bed, broad chest rising and falling with each breath.

Sure, he'd said they'd go slow the first time, but he'd taken one look at her in the dark green lingerie she'd bought especially for him, and there was no controlling him. With a growl and a curl of the lip, he'd practically ripped her clothes off, laying hot, open-mouthed kisses on her lips as they fell back onto the bed.

From there, Logan had proceeded to take her hard and fast; Rogue had just wrapped her legs around his waist and held on for the ride. It had been so good; she'd felt like screaming. Although, now that she thought about it, she was pretty sure she had screamed his name once or twice.

Humming in satisfaction, Rogue rolled onto her side, kissing Logan on the shoulder. He looked at her with half-lidded hazel eyes.

"Sorry, darlin'…we can go slow next time," he said in a low growl, smirking at her.

Rogue just shook her head, laughing softly. Sliding a leg across his hips, she straddled his body, running her fingers through his messy hair and kissing him softly. "You can have me however you like, Logan. You don't see me complainin', do you?"

He gave her a growl, rolling over on top of her and planting kisses all down her throat. Rogue threw her arms around her neck. God, her man was perfect.

Suddenly, he pulled back slightly.

"You do know I'm not really the marrying type, right?"

Rogue cocked an eyebrow at him. "It's not exactly news to me."

He seemed to struggle to find the right words for a moment. "I mean, I don't want to stay here forever…when I want to leave again, will you—?"

She cut him off with a kiss, then rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "You let me know when your feet are getting to itchy, and I'll come with you, wherever you decide you want to go."

He seemed reassured, smiling at her. Rogue knew he wasn't the type to settle down, even for her. She would never ask him too; that would be too much like trying to tame what was inside of him. Even though she had never really thought of him as an animal, she did know that he needed to roam. Wanderlust was part of who he was.

For now, they were in one place, and they were happy.

Logan gazed across the table at Marie, watching as she sipped her coffee, scanning the newspaper in front of her.

Glancing up at him, she smiled softly, giving him a little wink. He really didn't know it was even possible to love someone as much as he loved Marie. At the same time, he was getting a little tired of the same old song-and-dance routine of their life at the mansion. He felt that familiar pull to be back out on the road.

"Darlin'?" he said quietly.

"Hmm?" she looked up, setting her mug down on the wooden surface.

Logan didn't know how to ask. He knew she loved teaching, and loved being around all the children, but she had said she would come with him if he wanted to leave.

She reached out with her hand, and he took it, rubbing his thumb across her knuckles. "What is it, Logan?" she raised an eyebrow in such a way that he knew he wasn't gonna be able to get out of telling her what was on her mind.

"I packed a bag last night," he said simply.

Her eyes closed for a minute, but then they were understanding when she opened them again. "I wondered when it was going to happen."

Logan just shrugged, feeling slightly sheepish.

Marie stood, folding up the newspaper; she held out a hand to him. "Come on. You can help me pack."

Later, when the two of them had said their goodbyes and Logan had stowed their gear in his bike, he kick started it. The rumble of the motor underneath his body was like meeting a long lost friend again for the first time. He grinned, gunning the throttle a little, just enough to make his baby purr.

"Hop on, darlin'," he called to Marie. She slid onto the leather seat, wrapping her arms around his middle. She gave Storm one last wave as he accelerated down the gravel driveway.

Well, wasn't that too goddamned ironic. As they turned onto the highway, they were met with the sight of the sun touching the horizon.

The Wolverine and his girl, riding off together into the sunset; he would have called it a proper ending, only he knew that with Marie by his side, they were gonna get a whole bunch of new beginnings.

~the end~

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