Blaine's standing in the doorway of Kurt's room. The rest of the house is empty except for Finn who can be heard shouting at the television every now and then. There's snow falling outside, and the tiny frosted flakes are glistening as the fall past the window pane. It's late afternoon, and the slowly dying let is ebbing it's way along Kurt's carpet but that's not what's holding Blaine's attention so tightly.

There in the middle of it all is Kurt. Sweet, beautiful Kurt who all too often has all of his defenses up - especially when they're in public. Easily visable in the tension in the way he holds himself, or the extra snark he injects into his words. There's always aromor. Something to hide behind.

Not that Blaine thinks Kurt is weak, but Kurt definitely feels like he needs protection which isn't surprising after what he's been through. He's not hiding now though, not at all. It's amazing really. All the barricades that are normally in place are no longer, they've melted away and left behind something that leaves Blaine awestruck.

Kurt's got his hands pressed against the window, with his fingers just slightly bent, and song flows from his lips in perfect pitch.

"God will you help us understand the meaning of it all?

Will you send your angels down to us at our every call?

Sometimes it seems the world is passing us

Faster than my eyes can adjust"

Blaine knows that Kurt doesn't believe in God. They'd spent hours lying in each others arms talking about their views on everything, and when Kurt had told him that it was impossible for him to believe after everything he had endured, Blaine wasn't shocked. He just nodded and hugged Kurt tighter, because really, who was he to judge?

At this moment, while watching the boy he loves, Blaine realises that just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you don't sometimes turn to him anyway. Kurt's lost his mother, and he's been battered, beaten and broken. He's often felt that he doesn't fit anywhere. So sometimes he leans upon spirits, and let's himself hope that someone is listening and that he's not alone.

Blaine understands that. He's been in similar situations. He's forever going to be proud of Kurt for being strong enough to pick up and keep going through everything, instead of running. Running would have been easier, but he has limitless respect for Kurt for not being the kind of guy that takes the easy way out. Blaine almost wishes he could say the same about himself, but then he's never have met Kurt.

Kurt's quiet now. His hands have drop into his lap, and his eyes have the look of a person who is far away. Blaine hasn't revealed himself yet. Finn let him in and gestured downstairs after some talk about college football teams.

Blaine doesn't know what Kurt's thinking. He has no idea what thought is putting that pained look on his face, and decides that he doesn't care. It's his job to banish demons now, so he heads over to where Kurt's perched on the window seat.

Kurt gives him a watery look, like tears held just a little too tightly in check, and takes his hand. Blaine lays his chin to the top of Kurt's head, and they stare into the flurry of brilliantly white snow together.

In a movie this would be where there would be a swell of music and some cheesy line, and instead Blaine decides this is a perfect time for contemplative silence. He tries to commit everything about the moment to his memory. The softness of Kurt's hair against his skin, and the way that Kurt tightens his grip on his hand every couple of minutes almost as if he doesn't want Blaine to slip away.

Blaine wraps his other arm around Kurt trying to keep him from shaking, and smiles as Kurt melts into him.

"What are you thinking about?" He asks, as he brushes his lips against Kurt's temple.

Kurt turns into the kiss, so that it lands somewhere on his forehead. "It was a day like this that my mother died." Kurt sighs softly. "She was killed on the roads. What if one day you just never showed up?" Kurt's dropped his head so that now he's staring at his hands and picking at his fingernails.

"It wouldn't happen." Blaine says, tracing little patterns on the skin of Kurt's arms. He knows his words are ridiculous, he can't promise that he wont die, but he doesn't know what else to say.

"You can't promise that. It's just something I think about sometimes. How would I live without you?"

"If I had to live without you, what kind of life would that be?" Blaine sang in reply. He hadn't really thought about it before, having generally tried to avoid thinking about any situation that resulted him being without Kurt.

Kurt shook his head sadly. "Don't ever leave." Blaine wonders how often it's happened, how many stories that he doesn't know about, that have left Kurt feeling abandoned.

Blaine looked into Kurt's eyes, "I'll promise if you do." He's only just found this wondrous creature that's everything he's been looking for. A friend, a singing partner, a person who understands prejudice, a romantic.

Kurt holds out his pinky. An act that's so innocent that it makes Blaine laugh as he grabs onto it with his own like a lifeline. He contemplates their linked fingers before looking back up at Kurt again.

"Kurt, you're everything to me. I never plan to let you go. You're my sun, and my stars, and you'd take every piece of happiness with you if you ever left." Kurt's not shaking anymore, but the bothersome thoughts are still, quite clearly, dancing through his mind.

Kurt smiles and quickly brushes at his eyes, before tears start falling. "You gave me acceptance Blaine, and that's something I thought I wouldn't see from anyone but family in Lima."

"You never have to be alone again." Blaine means it. In fact, he feels as though he's never meant anything more. Truly, he'd be happy to spend the rest of his life with Kurt. Perhaps not in the 'let's run away together and get married' kind of way, but at the very least the 'I don't ever want you to leave my life' kind of way.

Kurt began to untangle himself from Blaine, with the slow drag of heavy limbs and the general aura that hangs around after depression. Every breath sounded like a sigh.

"Where are you going? Kurt?" Blaine knew he sounded desperate, but this was Kurt and the spark had left his eyes. It was rare, and frightening. Kurt always seemed so innocent, but when his eyes went dull it was as though he'd seen too much. Too much pain, in too little time.

"I'm going to get a pile of Audrey Hepburn dvds, starting with Breakfast At Tiffany's, and we're going to sing Moon River." Kurt smiled sadly. The classics were always Kurt's go to, and Blaine knew that soon enough they'd be watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

"We'll crawl into your bed and cuddle until you can't stop smiling?" Blaine put on his dapper face, and Kurt smiled before giving him a soft kiss. "I love you Blaine."

"You know I love you too." Blaine replied. Kurt smiled over his shoulder as he left the room.