Shinigami-cat: ha, ha, ha… This is the result of extreme boredom and procrastination. Please enjoy… I OWN NOTHING!


Dude I'm like so freaking board that I'm making a Hetalia truth or dare thing. It speaks for its self.


Violence, cursed words and YAOI XD

One day I Shinigami-cat was sitting in my living room with my best friend's slasher360 and NekoNekoRamenchan. I was freaking board.

Shinigami-cat: W.T.F are we going to do today?

slasher360: We could watch a horror movie.

NekoNekoRamenchan: NO! I hate horror movies! How about a game of truth or dare instead?

Shinigami-cat: But we have to invite other people as well. It's boring if it's just us three.

slasher360: (grinned and pulled out his mobile phone) Let me make a few calls and we'll get under way.

He walked out of the room and made a few calls. Soon there was a knock at the door. NekoNekoRamenchan answered the door and was almost hit in the face.

Alfred: Dude I heard you needed a hero?

Shinigami-cat: (squealed and glomped the American). ALFRED! So good to see you again! Who else is coming slasher360?

Alfred grinned and walked into the lounge room where slasher360 was moving the furniture out of the way.

slasher360: So let's see; Arthur, Kiku, Feliciano, Antonio, Ludwig, Francis, Ivan, Matthew, Gilbert, the Nordics, Lovino and probably a whole bunch more that I forgot about… Oh, America! Help me move the coffee table.

Alfred happily helped slasher360 move the coffee table.

Alfred: So why am I here?

Shinigami-cat & slasher360: Oh, you'll see.

NekoNekoRamenchan walked back into the room followed by two Italians, a German, a Prussian, a Russian and a ghost… just kidding it was Canada.

NekoNekoRamenchan: I assume they are here for the game?

Shinigami-cat: (squeals and glomps Ludwig) I love freaking this guy out!

Ludwig: (blushing)

NekoNekoRamenchan: Should we tell them why they are here?

Shinigami-cat: NO! Wait until everyone is here!

Ten minutes later everyone shows up. Everyone is sitting in a circle in the living room wondering why they have all been gathered. Suddenly Shinigami-cat falls through the roof and lands in the middle of the circle.


Shinigami-cat: Language Lovi… Now you have all been gathered here to play a game of truth or dare. Anything goes! I don't give a damn if the truths or dares are G, PG or R. As long as I'm not bored I don't care.

Arthur: (slightly disturbed that Shinigami-cat isn't hurt after falling from the roof). And if we refuse to do the dare of tell the truth?

Shinigami-cat: (smiles sweetly) Oh, you don't have to participate Arthur… Just be warned that if you don't you will be locked in a closet with me and Mr Blastey. (picks up a sub machine gun and aims it at Arthur's head) I've given you fair warning.

Everyone: O.O…

Slasher360: Well then… here are the rules; 1 anything goes. 2 remember the first rule reviewer's and send in those questions.3 Yaoi is allowed and so is anything else your crazy little minds can come up with. Only you can make a difference.

NekoNekoRamenchan: … Okay then… Please send in those questions and dares or Shinigami-cat might start shooting people… I'm tired of cleaning up blood…

Francis: Wait a second… You mean she will actually kill us?

slasher360: Have you wondered why we are her ONLY friends?

Everyone: O.O… What have we gotten ourselves into?

Shinigami-cat: Oh, shut up… So send in those questions and dares people! Or I'll start killing people starting with Feliciano!

Feliciano: VE?

NekoNekoRamenchan: … This is why we don't do these things very often…