"Yeah! You get a lot of signatures from people in your class so you'll have something to remember them by! Haven't you heard of that kind of thing, Gokudera-kun?"

"Huh. No, I was homeschooled so I never did anything like that." I started to wonder about this so-called "yearbook". Maybe I could get Yamamoto's signature… But, damn! I couldn't ask him something like that!

"How can you get this so-called 'yearbook'?" I asked the Tenth.

"You fill out a form and they'll mail it to you," he responded.

Hmm… An idea popped into my head. I would get Yamamoto's signature!

When my yearbook came in the mail, I opened it curiously.

There were a few blank pages and then pictures of all the kids in the school. Hey! Wait, how and when did they get that picture of me? I was so careful to never get my picture taken!

I found the Tenth's picture, looking awesome as always, and then I found Yamamoto's picture.

He was so adorable. He had his signature smile on that made all the girls (and me) swoon. I picked up a red pen and drew a heart around him

Aw, damn! It looks crappy and demented. Well, more to seem like it's not my yearbook

My plan to get Yamamoto's signature would start tomorrow!

"Hey baseball idiot."

"Hm?" He turned to me and gave me that bright smile.

"Some girl gave me this yearbook for you to sign," I said. Did that sound too obvious?
"Alright! Whose is it?" Yamamoto took the yearbook and started flipping through it. Oh how glad I was that I hadn't written my name anywhere.

"I don't know. I don't pay attention to the girls in our school," I stated, trying to sound like I didn't care. Yamamoto flipped to the page with my picture on it.

"What did she look like?"

"She had silver, I mean, black hair," I stammered. Shoot.

"Gokudera, the only person who has silver hair is you!" Yamamoto laughed, flipping to the page with the Tenth's picture.

"I meant black!"

"Alright, alright! Hey!" He flipped to the page with his picture on it and laughed. "Look at this demented heart! It's so crappy! I guess she really likes me!"

I nodded. I agreed, but that didn't mean he had the right to laugh at it in front of me!

"Would you hurry up? I'm not going to be messenger boy all day!" I snapped. "Just sign it already!"

"Okay, okay! Just wanted to know who I was writing to!" Yamamoto took out a pen and started writing.

I longed to know what it said, but I forced myself to look in the opposite direction. Faking disinterest, as always.

"There! Done! Give it back to the girl for me, okay?" He capped his pen and gave the yearbook back to me.

"Aaand…" Yamamoto dug around his bag. "Sign mine!"

"D-do I have to?" I sputtered.

"Yes!" He laughed and shoved the yearbook into my hands.

"F-fine!" I spat, stealing his pen and opening the book. I sat at my desk so I could write:

Can't believe you forced me to write in your book! Che! Anyway, don't let your dad or anyone else read this! This note is specifically for you! I love you, you baseball idiot. Always have, and hopefully always will. You were the only person who looked past my flaws and tried to understand me. And I love you for it. Just thought I'd let you know.

-Dera (can't believe you made me sign that stupid nickname!)

"There." I closed the book and handed it back to Yamamoto, blushing slightly.

"Thanks, Dera!" He smiled and walked off. Probably to get more signatures.

I waited until I got home to read Yamamoto's note, the only signature I had gotten. I sat at my desk and slowly opened to the page. When I read it, my mouth fell open:

Love ya, Dera~ 3 You need to learn how to lie better~ ;)

-Your baseball idiot 3

"Asshole!" I yelled, clenching my fists.

But I smiled, despite myself.