Part 1: "Intrigue"
By Splash

Bwahahahaaa, I claim the first TaKouji fic! ...j/k. Well, at least it's an early one. ^_^; I'm taking a more casual approach to this one, so maybe I can write it more quickly. What a laugh. XD Anyhow, these first few parts may sound very summary-like, but it's only to get the plot moving, so it leaves room for more of my own plot development later on. ^_^

The pairing in this fic is Takuya and Kouji, who are both MALES. If you do not want to appreciate that, please do not read this. I don't intend to attract Yaoi/shounen-ai haters into this because I don't interfere with their lifestyle and they should do the same.

For anybody who would like a pic I did of our lovely couple: http://gottaito.dreamwater.org/pics/yaoi/Takouji01.htm

And for reference: This fic was started on 4/15/02, episode 2 of Frontier has been aired in Japan. So at this time, this fic will contain HUGE spoilers for Digimon Frontier, the 4th season. Yes, that's the one following Digimon Tamers. I pray that those people who haven't finished the 2nd season and such will get to see the others in due time. ^_^

Style notes: Please know that this fic is PARTIALLY Alternate Universe. I use many of the events that have occured in the actual series, but it is only a form of expressing what I would have liked to happen. Personalities are also only "based" off the ones the characters have in the show. Nevertheless, I always try to avoid _total_ OOC-ness. The story is written in past tense although it is read as if events are happening at that moment--except for this first part. For this part, Takuya speaks in both present and past, then melds into total past. I don't know what I was really thinking when I wrote it, but I'm too lazy to rewrite it. ^^; No random Japanese splurges like I have with Bishounen Boys ^^; This fic skips from Takuya to third person occasionally.

5/8/02: The official age for the kids in Frontier (except Tomoki) is 11 (Izumi makes it a big deal that she's 3 months older than Takuya, that...female... -_-; ). However, in this fic I would consider them in their teens. ^_^

Disclaimer: Digimon Frontier and its characters belong to Toei, not me. This is fanmade material, and by freedom of speech and all sorts of other random laws wonderful America has, I have the right to make this kind of stuff, so don't try it. XD



...Who is he?

I barely know why any of this happened. The events were all a blur, one flashed by to the next. I just knew that HE was here. He had to be. All of it was intuition, I suppose... just like how I knew I had to be on that train. Or rather, "Worm" the Trailmon. If only I had known where Worm would be taking us beforehand... But there's no point in looking back at what has already happened now. It's too late for that.

It started during the celebration of my little brother's Shinya's birthday... not that it was really a celebration. Papa was so late... I stole a taste of Shinya's cake, and our cellular phone rang. Mama was already occupied on the home line, so I inspected the phone message further.

" Choose your future," it said. It also knew my name, somehow... Basically, it was an invitation to some sort of game, but left no more information than where it was taking place. I had to take a train to Shibuya, and I had about 15 minutes to get there by feet. Egad. With my great luck (heheh), I managed to dodge getting hit by a carrier truck and get a free ticket in the same time interval. Now that I think about it, I wonder how I got so lucky.

Anyhow, I barely made it onto the train for Shibuya. That was the first time I saw him, but I didn't think anything of it at the moment. I was in way too much of a hurry. I had even less time to catch up with the subway to the next destination. It was impulse making me do all this, I swear. I freaked more at the realization of how much time I had more than when I realized that I would probably get lost FINDING the subway at Shibuya. I just kind of stood around in front of the train door pondering. And then he passed me. If I didn't know better I think it was rather deliberate, too...

His appearance enticed me to follow him to an elevator, where I must have made a show making a jump fit for an action movie. Heh.

After recovering, I noticed that he was holding a cell phone with a message glowing on it.

It was a simple question, really.

" You've got one of these too?"

And he didn't answer very friendly. In fact, he was pretty stuck up about it. Frankly, I wasn't used to it. I mean, some people can be really mean for no particular reason, but... wow. This guy had some air going on about him. But then the elevator started speeding up (or down, since that was the direction it was going... or whatever... ack) and we went beyond the listed bottom floor. I glanced at the boy who was previously acting rather snotty, and instead he had a surprised look on his face. At least the guy wasn't one of those "I FEAR NOTHING! BWAHAHAH!" type of people. It did kind of counteract the snotty attitude, though...

He had a captivating color scheme going on, a yellow shirt with a blue overcoat on. Then there was the bandana that covered the top of his head... perhaps it was a symbol of his personal rebellion? That was my first impression, at least.

But when we finally "landed," a message on my phone spoke. "This is the final decision: Will you ride? Or will you return?" It sounded like one of those point of no return kind of things. Well, it's too late to know that it WAS.

Without hesitating, he took a sharp right towards one of the surrounding trains. There were several facing different directions, but I knew I would only be able to catch up to the one closest to me. That kind of disappointed me. There was something about the dark haired boy that made me want to know more.

I latched onto the back of the departing train, catching my breath when I was on. When I was able to look up, there he was again...on the other train, staring at me, an intense look on his face. I tried giving back that look, but perhaps it wasn't convincing as his expression made no change.

The trains entered a tunnel, and I suddenly lost his view. Another pang of disappointment hit me. I hoped I would meet him again. He had some kind of natural magnet on me or something... I shook my head. I needed to get inside the train...

I met several very different people in the train that day. On Worm, there was Shibayama Junpei, a somewhat bulky guy who enjoyed chocolate. On the seat across from him, a blonde haired girl named Orimoto Izumi introduced herself. She was in this situation because it interested her... how classic of a girl. Then, there was little Himi Tomoki. The poor kid was pushed in right as the doors to the train closed. We all immediately felt sorry for him. None of us really knew what was going to happen, and especially... why.

Worm the Trailmon dropped us all off next to some strange Digimon called Pagumon. Worm told us that we had to seek the spirits in order to return home, and left us with that vague piece of information.

I also became a Digimon on that day. Yes, I became it. It, as in Agnimon of Fire. We found a spirit on our first day, hoorah for us. Bokomon told me it was called evolution when I turned into Agnimon.

Bokomon is also a Digimon, who is accompanied by another named Neemon. To be honest, they kind of look like baby animals in diapers or something. Bokomon carries some kind of book with him all the time that has a chockload of information about the Digital World. He's also quite a bookworm himself.

As Agnimon I beat up some ruthless Digimon called Cerberumon who was after the spirits. He was also wreaking havoc on the Digital World, literally taking chunks out of the planet. After defeating him, out of instinct I downloaded his "Digicode." using my Digivice, which my cell phone had apparently turned into. Exhausted, I reverted back to my normal self...

As Bokomon was telling us about evolution and some other stuff, I fiddled around with my Digivice, and released the Digicode I had just received. It returned all of the land that Cerberumon had destroyed. All of the Digimon in the area celebrated since their town was restored, and they urged us to stay with them for a while. We definitely needed it.

I finally got some time by myself that night. Being surrounded by so many... creatures can be quite dizzying. And everything that happened that day was confusing me. And the other boy...

He was cold, unyielding, but he definitely had a reason for being so. I knew I would meet him again, so I could find out more about him. And perhaps, something between us would bloom...


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