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Chapter 8

When they got home from Diagon, they immediately took spots in the comfortable, family living room. Remus excused himself to call Narcissa and Sirius home because they should really all be there for this explanation. Draco and Harry both dragged Severus and Lucius to the loveseat under the window where, after the adults were sitting, the boys climbed onto their laps. Harry was sitting more on Severus's left leg with Draco on Lucius's right so they were up against each other in the middle, hands linked. Whatever the information they received, they knew they would need each other more than ever based on their parents' reactions.

Harry leaned his head on Draco's shoulder as they waited, nervous about what they were going to be told.

Sirius showed up first, but Narcissa and Remus walked in together not 2 minutes after.

"What's going on?" Draco asked finally just after Harry nudged him with his shoulder, indicating he should be the one to speak.

"I'm going to start with a story," Remus said somewhat awkwardly. "Once the story is over, if you have any questions, you will be able to ask them."

"Okay," they boys said together as they wiggled a little on the laps to get more comfortable.

"Near the beginning of our 7th year at Hogwarts," he indicated all of the adults around the room, "there was a flash of light one morning during breakfast and two boys appeared out of it. The smaller of the two was severely injured and was being assisted by the taller. These boys were from the future. Once in the Headmaster's office, they told us a bit of the future and it was a very scary place. In this future, the world was divided among the Dark and the Light so extensively that schoolchildren had had to fight in a war between the two. Now, what was so special about these boys, among many other things, was that they were soul mates. They were sanctioned by magic to be the perfect companion for the other for all of their lives. It was even more unusual at this time because one was from a very, very Dark family and the other from an equally Light family, something that caused a lot of grief for the boys among those who wished to do them harm. These boys were also exceedingly intelligent and, though only teenagers themselves became our Defense against the Dark Arts teachers. They were so different and yet, everything they did complimented the other. Do you know who I am talking about?"

"It's us, isn't it," Draco said softly as Harry tightened his grip around the blond's hand.

"Yes," Narcissa answered. "But this future is very, very different from the one that you both had lived previously."

"That is where our dreams that don't make sense come from, isn't it?" Harry asked. "It's our future...past future selves memories because, technically, we have lived all of this before."

"Yes, we believe so," Lucius answered this time. "However, your childhoods this time around have been so much better for both of you than they were in that timeline. Everything is different this time around and you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do."

"But we are still soul mates. That's why we've always wanted to do everything together and, even when our other friends are here, it's not nearly as important as each other," Harry said.


"And that's why our wands did what they did, right?" Draco tried to clarify.

"We are assuming so. Soul mates are very rare and most people do not let others touch their wands. Even if they did, a person's bond to their wand is usually something considered very private and, thus, is most likely not written down anywhere," Severus answered their question that time.

"If our childhoods were different this time, what happened last time?" Harry wondered after a couple minutes of silence.

Sirius took this question. "I was in Azkaban for 12 years, falsely imprisoned. Moony was practically on the run because of his furry little problem. Severus and Lucius were both Death Eater spies. Draco, you were raised to be the perfect, cold pureblood heir. Harry, you were raised by the Dursleys', your mother's sister's family and were abused. You both practically hated each other, not wanting to give in to the bond, until you were 16 or 17."

"Oh," he muttered, not sure he wanted to know what had happened before now. "Can, um...can we be excused for a bit?"

"Take all the time you need. We will be available whenever you want to talk," Narcissa said.

With a quick nod, both boys climbed off the laps and took off upstairs toward Draco's room. Unlike usual, they did not sit together on the small couch to talk. Draco began to pace in front of his bookshelves as Harry curled up at the headboard of the bed. Neither knew how to begin and, thus, didn't say anything.

Harry spoke first. "I don't think I could ever hate you, even if they said that we did. It just...I don't know how it could be true." He bit his lip. "Could you hate me?"

"No," Draco said immediately. "No, not a chance," he crossed the room and climbed onto the bed before pulling Harry into a hug. "No chance ever." He rested his chin on the top of Harry's head as the shorter boy nuzzled his bent head against Draco's chest. "I was probably just jealous or something and it made it seem like we hated each other," he finally mused.

Harry just hummed, not agreeing or disagreeing. "Pansy's going to be mad," he muttered finally.

Confused Draco pulled back. "What?"

"She's had a crush on you forever. Everyone knows it."

"So why is she going to be mad?"

"Because you're mine," Harry said easily, reiterating the same line that Draco had used time after time in regards to him. "Our parent's even said so. So she can just...suck it."

Draco laughed. "Don't let Mum hear you say that, she'll wash your mouth out." Harry just grinned at him. "Besides, why would I want her. You're way cuter than she is." He smirked at the red blush that quickly made it's way across Harry's pale features. "Well, you are. She looks a lot like that ugly dog in the picture of Aunt Walburga."

Harry snorted with laughter and buried his face against Draco so as to try and hide the inappropriate laughter. "That's so mean!"

"But it's true," the blond said unapologetically. After a moment, he joined Harry in the giggles that still racked through the slightly smaller boy and they laid on the bed just giggling at the hilarity of the situation.

Sure they'd always laid claim to each other when they were younger, both verbally and by action, but they had never really considered that they really did, in a way, own each other. Half the time, it seemed that people just treated them like brothers (not quite twins as Harry was nearly always treated younger by people, especially strangers because he had always been smaller than Draco, even though there wasn't 2 full months between them in age). In a way, it was sort of surreal that even Magic was agreeing that they were supposed to be together. Homosexuality in the wizarding world wasn't extremely common, but it wasn't really rare either. The biggest problem was the Muggleborns that came into the Wizarding World with the, very Muggle, impression that homosexuality was a sin. While some did not agree with the practice, it was legal and it was not morally wrong, especially when there were still ways for the wizards and witches who were homosexual could procreate. Harry and Draco had both been raised to believe that there were no wrong opinions (it was difficult to have all the same thoughts as everyone else growing up in a family of 2 Gryffindor men, 2 Slytherin men, and 1 Slytherin woman), only differing opinions on all topics and thus were extremely annoyed when others tried to force their opinions on them.

When their giggles finally died down, Draco spoke again. "So, now that we know and are growing up, do you think they will still let us share a bed?"

Harry looked at Draco incredulously before they both burst into laughter again. They were too young to really think about each other in a sexual way and, even if they did think of each other like that, their parents weren't about to stop them from sharing a sleeping space. Their magic fed off of and stabilized each other and required a certain amount of close proximity each day.

He still remembered hearing stories (and they came up quite often in arguments) about when they were about 3 years old and Draco had come down with Dragon Pox and Harry had the Chicken Pox (he caught them while out in Muggle London with Remus) and they couldn't be in the same room because both were contagious, but they couldn't be separate because they needed each other to heal best so they had ended up sick for nearly 3 weeks as they healed from their first illness only to get the illness that the other had had. The worst part was that it was in the middle of the school year and there had been a huge case that Sirius was working on at the Ministry so Narcissa and Remus (as he could close the tutoring center for a few days) had taken the brunt of caring for the two fussy, sick toddlers.

Harry rolled over, laying his head on Draco's stomach like the blond had done to him so many times when they were little. "Do you think we'll be able to make friends at Hogwarts?"

"Of course! We're brilliant!" the blond said automatically, though he silently wondered the same thing. They had hung out off and on with various kids their age, Susan Bones, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Ron Weasley, and a few others, but most of the time the others didn't get why Harry always agreed with Draco and vice versa on what they wanted to do or why they always wanted to be on the same team. It was hard for them to relate much to the others their age as they had grown up with just each other around most of the time or with the older students and adults at Hogwarts. "Besides," he amended, "there will still be the older students that we are already friends with there, too. And Uncle Sev, Uncle Padfoot, and Uncle Moony. And all the other professors." He paused. "Besides, we can't be the only kids our age that like the things that we do," he sounded a little less sure of himself, but wasn't extremely worried as they did know that they would always have each other, no matter what happened, with or without the soul bond.

Harry sighed, but otherwise didn't comment as Draco began to play with his hair. It was another unconscious gesture they had picked up over the years. Both of them loved the feeling of people playing with their hair and, almost without realizing it, they had picked up on their parents' habit of playing with their hair whenever they were in a position to do so. Every now and then they would jokingly speculate as to where the habit came into being. It was nearly a unanimous decision that the habit had come from trying futilely to tame Harry's hair as a toddler, much to the raven's amusement.

"Hey, Draco?" Harry asked as he felt the hand in his hair begin to slow and the chest under his head fall and rise at a slower, more even pace.

"Hmm?" the blond hummed in acknowledgement.

"Promise me that, no matter what else is going on, we will always have time for just us."

"I promise."

"I promise, too," Harry muttered back watching their magic glow comfortingly around their linked hands (the one of Draco's not in his hair) before closing his eyes and allowing sleep to overtake him as his emotions mellowed from the craziness of the day.