"Annja, he's looking at you. Again." my best friend Amy sliced through my thoughts.

"what?" I asked startled, I had been working on this equation for over 10 minutes, usually math was my best subject but this one problem seemed to shatter that.

"Derek.. you know Derek Hale, the sexy brooding guy in our senior class? Ring any bells." she said with a roll of her eyes.

I looked down at her. "you know, to be a head shorter than me, your a very snappy girl. " I said laughing.

She stuck her tongue out at me. "not my fault your a giant. And for your information I like my height." she said lying through her teeth.

"Right, now, what were you going on about?" I asked her.

She smiled smugly. "i said, Derek is staring at you...again. Seems like Mr. bad-boy wants a piece of nerd tail." she laughed as my cheeks grew hot.

I swallowed hard at the naughty images of Derek kissing me, shirtless and sweaty. I risked a glance in Derek's direction, sure enough he was staring me down with a tiny smirk on his face.

I quickly snapped my eyes downward my face growing hotter. Derek was, intimidating to say the least. He was tall, much taller than my 5'10 height, and had a strong build, ripped... most people would say. His face held high cheekbones, full lips and a set of stormy green/gray eyes. He was the real life tall,dark and handsome.

I sighed. What did he want with a nerdy girl like me. I looked back up and he was frowning with his head tilted. He wouldn't want anything to do with me, girls like me didn't get guys like him. I smiled sadly.

"I'm going to class early, I've lost my appetite." I told the fiery red headed girl. She looked up at me and frowned herself.

I seemed to be causing a lot of confusion lately it seemed. "okay." she said handing me my mirror she had snagged while I wasn't paying attention.

I grabbed my things in a hurry glancing back at Derek's table. It was empty. As I walked to the trash, I shook my head trying to clear the thoughts. This thing,- whatever it was- with Derek had been happening for the past two weeks. Suddenly I ran into a rock hard body. Looking up I almost fainted to see that the person was Derek Hale!

"I'm,... I'm sorry, wasn't really watching where I was going." I said with a shaky grin. He said nothing, just helped me with my books.

"Its okay, I wasn't really either." he shrugged, a light smile playing on his features. He handed my books to me and a awkward silence enveloped us. "So." we both started. I laughed, "you first."

he rubbed his head, "did you get that trig work done?" he asked. I frowned. Of course, he wanted my homework. "um, yeah, but I don't let people cheat off me." I said firmly.

He rose an eyebrow, "And what makes you think I wanted to copy off you? Maybe I wanted a reason to hang out with you...ever, I don't know, think about that?" he said crossing his arms. I couldn't help but stare as his muscles contracted under the tight fitting t-shirt.

"Oh, sorry. I just...wait, you want to hang out... with me?" I asked my mouth flopping open in shock. "um, yeah...is that bad?" he asked scratching the back of his neck. I struggled to not look at his muscles, again.. I was tempted to reach out and run my fingers over them, I didn't thou.

"no, of-course not, I'm just, confused I guess." telling the truth. "well, I thought you knew I wanted to hang out with you, I mean... did you not see me staring at you for the past week?"

"two weeks actually." I said under my breath. "what?" he said looking slightly amused. I shook my head. "so then, tonight? Pizza and salad..7:00?" he asked me.

"yeah okay...need my address?" he nodded.

That night I was going crazy trying to find a outfit. Amy freaked when I told her. She kept telling me to bring "protection." , I told her... she was an idiot.

Finally after picking out something that made me look like an actual girl, I headed downstairs and waited it out. At 7:00 nothing, 7:30, still nothing. Then came a knock on the door at eight. I opened it excitedly and found, a note? I pulled it up into my grasp and stared at it. It read:


did you seriously think I liked you, come on your a smart girl, get real. No one and I repeat no one would want you... then again maybe you aren't smart, after all you did think I liked you... have a nice lonely life loser.


I backed into the house crumpling up the note, I turned and reached for the phone, "hello? Amy, I... I need you." I cried into the phone. That night I spent, eating away at ice-cream and cookies with my best friend. I never spoke to Derek after that, we graduated a month later and I went to college.

But that was years ago...

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