Unpredictable. That's what Yamamoto Takeshi was. One minute he'd be laughing his ass off for no apparent reason, and then he'd be kissing you in the hallways. In front of everybody.

Flushed and embarrassed, I pushed through the crowd of people gaping at Yamamoto and fled to the bathroom. Once there, I wet my hand and scrubbed furiously at my mouth. My first kiss had been stolen from me and for no fathomable reason. And by a boy, too!

After a while (or what felt like a while), the door opened. I looked up at the mirror to see Yamamoto's reflection.

"Gokudera? What are you doing?" I stopped scrubbing my mouth and turned to glare at him.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing?" I spat, re-wetting my hand and scrubbing at my mouth again.

"You don't have to scrub so hard you know. It was just a kiss-"

"Just a kiss!" I nearly screamed, whirling to face him again. "You think it was 'just a kiss'? What the hell's wrong with you? Y-you're not even sorry are you?"

"Why would I be?" He asked, leaning back casually as if we were discussing the weather.

"Why would you be-? Ugh, you stupid idiot! You kiss people because you love them! You don't just-!"

"Well I love you," Yamamoto interrupted. All the curses and swearwords I'd been about to yell at him vanished from my mouth as those four words flew out of his.

"You… you what?"

And suddenly he was kissing me and I was kissing him. Somehow we ended up on the floor, our legs a tangled mass of limbs and I could taste the sweetness of his tongue in my mouth. You couldn't even shove air between us, our bodies were that close.

It was only when I happened to look up and see a bunch of girls gawking that I realized we were in the girl's bathroom.

Flushed and embarrassed we exited the bathroom, the same way that I'd been when I'd came in. Once outside, I pushed Yamamoto against a wall and continued what we'd started in the bathroom.

Guess I was unpredictable, too.