"Is it because you love me?" Her words ran through my head like wild fire in a forset. How could she call my love for her into question like that?. Sure everyone in Gotham knows I love Harley, but for her to state it out loud and use it to hurt me. I just can't believe it, my mind is in a blur with how to react to her doing this to me.

I want her to hurt. I want to kill her. I was always there for her. When ever that psychopath nut job of a "Clown" would kick her out or harm her in any of the may, may ways he did i was always there for her.

I now understand that no matter what i do, she will never love me back. I must do what's best for me and, right now at this time i believe the best thing for me is to kill both Harley and Catwoman.

Deep down I always knew that Harley would never choose me in the end. Even when i needed her to so badly. I always fixed her when she was broken, why couldn't she fix me. When it was so clear that i needed her to.

I had given her my heart, I even let her nasty Hyenas near my beautiful plants. I wasn't enough for her. Is it because I didn't want to hurt her? Do i have to try to kill her to get her to love me? I have no clue but I know that I am going to kill her even if she does love me.

She hurt me once, I can't let it happen again, which it will if she is aloud near the Joker again. When that time comes she will kill me I know it was well as i know I love her. So I have to kill her to save myself from the pain.

I must get out of here.

The guards at Arkham are so easy to get around, I blew a kiss at one and they let me out. I have to be quick, I ask the guard where Harley's cell is, of course he tells me "A block 258" I make a right down the hallway i was placed on. They never place Harley and I to far apart. My cell was A block 163.

I get to her cell and the door is made of metal not safety glass like mine was. I throw down one of the few seeds I have and it brust through the door. Harley's face is full of fear, she knows I'm here to kill her. "Is it because you love me?" her words still rushing through my head.

My plant grab hold of her and starts to push the her very breath from her body. "Is it because you love me?" She's screaming, my plant still has her. I know she's going to die soon but, i don't know if this is what i want anymore. She hurt me, but i love her. " She is the Strangler Fig" "And I am the tree choking underneath" She will use my love for her against me again "but without her i would fall if i grew too tall"

"Let go" I order to my baby

"Red I'm.." I irrterpert her with a kiss. She kisses back. I guess Harley is kind of like my own Joker. No matter how bad she hurts me or how much i want to kill her. I'm always going to come running back. I take her hand and she knows what were about to do. She says nothing and follows me out of Arkham.

Were going to kill Catwoman.