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"Friend, if you were any more broody, women would swoon at your feet as you passed, and they'd have broody babies in your honor!"

Varric's been spinning tales about the romance between the Champion and her broody elf guard, and it's earned Fenris quite the reputation with the ladies. He merely assumes all the girls giggling, whispering, pointing, squealing, and having trouble properly forming a sentence while talking to him is because they're judging him.
Hawke sets things straight and shows him exactly why he's so popular.
Anon would also love if they're both rather deviously protective of each other against their respective admirers, but won't outwardly admit it

Warning: Some smut towards the end.

Fenris followed behind Hawke as they made their way through the Hightown Market. He hated coming here during this time of day. Too many people. Far too many stares.

Just as they stopped at the weapon's stand a group of girls standing across the courtyard began pointing and staring in his direction. A tall blonde, that was clearly the leader of their little group, gaped at him and leaned into her friends whispering. They erupted in giggles and eyed him. Fenris growled and leaned over to Hawke.

"I do not belong here," he whispered. "There are too many people. People are starting to stare."

Hawke turned towards him and gave him a compassionate gaze. "Just let me finish up with the stall owner." Squeezing his arm she leaned into his ear. "You want to wait at the stairs." Fenris nodded just before Hawke place a chaste kiss to his cheek. "I'll meet you in a bit."

Grateful for her out, Fenris bee lined towards the away glancing back at the group of girls one last time, self-conscious about their obvious mockery of him. Curse these markings. He wasn't even able to venture out in public without someone reminding him that he was some strange freak. Damn, Danarius. Even dead he still affected his life. Glaring at the stone beneath his feet he waited patiently for Hawke to finish with her haggling.

Hawke watched Fenris as the stall owner went to retrieve her new dagger. What could have gotten him so flustered? He had been doing much better since Danarius's death, not as guarded. She gazed around the courtyard to see if she could find the source of his discomfort and then her eyes fell on the group of young women in the corner.

It took her a moment to realize that the source of their continuous giggles and blushing was directed at Fenris. She watched dumbfounded as they raked their eyes up and down his long frame. A wave of fierce jealousy tore through her as she studied the women. All were beautiful, tall, slender. The main culprit was wearing a low cut top that fully showed off her large chest. The long shirt hugged her hips seductively and Hawke could see the confidence in her building. She was about to approach him. Never tearing her eyes off Fenris, the young blond began moving towards him with a fierce determination.

Hawke swallowed loudly and turned back to the stall owner fidgeting nervously for him to return. Just as the girl got about half-way towards Fenris, he came towards her with the new dagger. In haste, she threw some money on the counter and jetted towards him, not even caring that it was more coin than the weapon was worth.

Completely oblivious to the woman approaching him, Fenris continued to stare at the ground only looking up when Hawke suddenly grabbed him and laced her arm through his. "Done," she exclaimed sounding slightly out of breath. "Wanna go practice with it?"

Fenris smiled lightly and nodded as she began leading them towards her mansion, grateful to be away from the prying eyes.

When certain that Fenris wouldn't notice, Hawke glanced over her shoulder at the young woman and narrowed her eyes; telling her exactly who this man belonged to. The snotty girl only smirked and jutted her hip out as she eyed Fenris's backside. It took every ounce of her self-control not to charge at the bimbo and rip that pretty smile straight off her face.

Sucking in her pride she turned forward and brushed her hand against his forearm. She hated this feeling. Every time they went out in public she had to guard him like a…well a hawk. As cheesy as that sounded. Women flocked to him, and she could never tell if Fenris noticed the attention or if he truly was completely oblivious to the adoration as he seemed.

Determined to wash the feeling away she turned towards him with a smile as they entered her home and led him to the back gardens so they could practice with her new dagger. Let the women stare. Only she ever got to see him shirtless. And Maker did he look positively scrumptious underneath the spiky armor. A part of her wanted to forego the practice all together and let him ravish her for the remainder of the day.

She sighed as they entered the small courtyard. No, there was too much to be done today. The ravishing would have to wait.

Fenris walked back to his manor just before dusk eager to get a bath and change clothes before meeting Hawke and the rest of their companions at The Hanged Man. She certainly made him break a sweat this afternoon.

He smiled to himself, she seemed to do that a lot. Practicing or by othermeans. With his head down lost in his visions of Hawke he continued on his walk.

So distracted, he rounded the corner to Hightown Estates and was brought to a halt as he crashed into a woman walking down the steps.

On reaction he brought his hands out to steady her. "Excuse me," he muttered. The woman looked back at him with large eyes as she took in his form. Her eyes scanned his body and he saw her mouth trying to make words as she studied him. Growing frustrated yet again with the unwanted judgment he side stepped her and began walking back up the stairs.

"Th-thank you," she stuttered out as he passed, causing him to pause.

When he turned back to her the look of terror in her eyes was clear. He felt bad for a moment. He had no intention to harm her, but merely by his looks the woman was scared of him. With a sigh he waved his hand at her and continued to his mansion.

As the strange looking elf made his way up the stairs the woman stared at him in awe. What a magnificent specimen of man. She had heard rumors of the Champion's elven lover who lived in Hightown, but Maker if this was him, the stories could never do him justice. Those beautiful green eyes and tan skin, offset perfectly by his white hair and mystical tattoos. It was no wonder she was seeing him. Surely, there wasn't a more beautiful man in the whole of Kirkwall. She took a moment to gather her bearings before she made her way back towards her own home.

After his bath was finished, Fenris dressed and looked out his window. The sun had set a few hours ago and Hawke was already no doubt at the bar with her friends. Propping his arm up against the wall, he contemplated whether or not he should go. This day had been draining.

It was beginning to be tiresome. No matter how hard he tried to keep to himself, people couldn't seem to leave him be. Now that he was with Hawke it had become worse. Especially, with Varric spinning wild tales about two of them. People were beginning to get even more curious about her strange companion than they were before.

He had always been a man who valued his privacy. Going into the relationship with Hawke he knew that he would have to let some of that go. But that didn't mean it wasn't difficult. People thought bad enough of him when he was alone. Now he was certain that every time his back was turned there were whispers about how he wasn't good enough for their Champion or shock that she would allow herself to be lowered to him.

Fenris sighed in frustration. If he didn't show, it would surely disappoint Hawke. Perhaps he could wait for her to return to her mansion and explain when she returned.

No. He wasn't that weak. He shouldn't let the stares and talk get to him. If she didn't care than neither should he. There was much more for her to lose by being with him than the other way around.

Picking up his sword, he strapped it to his back and made his way to the bar to meet them. Perhaps a drink would make him feel better.

As Fenris entered the Hanged Man he tried extra hard not to breathe in the awful stench of the place. If Varric and Hawke didn't love this place so much, he would never step foot in this wretched hole again. Taking a moment to calm and prepare for the unwanted attention that was to come, he felt his muscles flex then scanned the crowd for Hawke taking extra care not to make eye contact with any of the other patrons.

As soon as he saw her profile at the far end of the bar Fenris smirked and began moving towards her. When he neared he noticed an unfamiliar man speaking with her. Curiosity getting the better of him and he paused to studied the two of them for a moment.

The dark haired man looked incredibly strong and even Fenris knew that he would be considered attractive. Something about the way the man was staring at her put him off. His eyes lingered a little too long on her mouth as he listened to her speak. He leaned just a little too close when he responded.

An intense heat began building in his stomach. Who in the void did this man think he was? And even though Hawke wasn't egging him on, why was she being so nice to him?

He fought extra hard to keep the jealousy down. She was the Champion. People from all walks of life admired and wanted to speak with her. Deciding to let it go, Fenris started to join their friends at their table.

But just as he moved to walk away the stranger reached over and placed his hand against her forearm as he spoke. His insides jerked and without even thinking his body darted to her side. To let her know that he was standing behind her, Fenris ran his fingers across the small of her back and leaned in to place a kiss right below her ear.

Hawke jerked in surprise then smiled widely when she realized it was him. "Fenris," the excitement was clear on her voice. "I wasn't sure you were going to come."

"I wouldn't miss it," he grinned and lightly kissed her on the lips, shifting his eyes towards the unknown man briefly as he did so.

Obviously pleased by his presence Hawke wrapped her arms around his waist and beamed as she looked up at him. The man next to them cleared his throat. "Oh, I'm sorry. Fenris this is James. He was one of the mercenaries I worked with when I first arrived in Kirkwall."

"Yes, we go way back," he smiled and reached out to shake his hand.

Fighting back a growl in his throat at the look on James'sface, he tightened his arms around Hawke's waist and leaned against her forehead. "Nice to meet you," he forced out purposefully not reaching out for his hand.

He felt Hawke's hands rub against his back as she leaned back and smiled at him before turning to her friend. "It was good to see you, James. Take care."

Before he had a chance to respond, Fenris gripped her to him and led them over to their friends, eager to be away from the man.

"Elf!" Varric gestured wildly with his hands as they approached. "Decided to make an appearance after all."

"Wouldn't want to disappoint you," he responded dryly and let Hawke take the last seat on the bench. Scooting closer to Merrill, she made a small spot for him and patted it with her hand. Favoring the small space over standing, Fenris took the seat and let her drape one of her legs over his own to make more room.

While the group talked and conversed throughout the night, Fenris wrapped one of his arms around Hawke and rested his other hand on her knee when he wasn't taking swigs on his ale. Despite, the alcohol his uncomfortableness wasn't wavering.

Periodically he would catch an unknown person eyeing him, only to lean in and whisper something to one of their companions as he caught them. It never failed. No matter where he went people seemed to gossip about him.

Trying to focus on Hawke's laugh and the presence of her hand over his own he forced himself to turn back to the group. But in the back of his mind he was still keenly aware of the eyes on him.

He felt her fingers tighten around his own and looked towards her. "Is everything alright, Fenris?"

"Yes," he answered knowing that she would be able to see that it wasn't. "I just…just need another ale." He squeezed her fingers and left to go to the bar.

Although he didn't really need another drink, he wasn't about to go back on his comment and admit his ill feelings. So he waited for Corff to see bring him another drink, hoping that he would go unnoticed.

But that hope proved to be futile. Not a moment after Corff walked away a young woman slid up next to him.

Fenris ground his teeth but didn't look at her.

"So you are here with the Champion," she cooed in an airy voice. "Are you the one everyone speaks of?"

"Perhaps," was his short answer but he still would not look in her direction.

"So what exactly do you do with markings? I've heard some strange things." Fenris cut his eyes to her and noticed the sinister smile playing on her lips. No doubt she was mocking him. He didn't respond and looked back forward. "You don't talk much do you?" When he still didn't answer she continued. "You know a man like you…"

Fenris knew where this was going 'shouldn't be with Hawke.' He cut her off with a sharp wave of his hand the left the bar abandoning his drink order.

He stomped back over to Hawke who rose from her seat the moment she saw him approaching. "I'm ready to go home," she announced to the group. "Walk me," she turned to him and offered and small smile.

Grateful that she saw his frustration he nodded and didn't wait for her as he exited the bar. It didn't take long for her to meet him outside and she motioned for him to come with her. Trying to get his emotions in check he laced their fingers together as they walked, and focused on her sweet scent and breathing. When they were alone everything seemed so easy. But as soon as other people became involved his insecurities clouded everything.

He wasn't even aware they hadn't spoken a word until she stopped him at her door. "Will you come in?" She gazed at him hopefully. Truthfully he wanted nothing more, but something was holding him back. She noticed his indecision and stepped closer to him, bringing her hand to his cheek. "I want you to."

Sighing he kissed her palm and followed her into her estate and up the stairs to her bedroom. Once inside Hawke immediately began changing out of her armor. "Why did you want to leave The Hanged Man tonight?" He wanted to know if she truly knew how incredibly self-deprecating he felt at the moment.

"Because I was tired," she answered from her wardrobe as she pulled down her pants and stood only in her small clothes. "AndI know you wanted to leave." He sighed in defeat and leaned on the mantle of her fireplace, she had noticed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her approaching him with her light robe on. "What's troubling you, Fenris?"

He should tell her. Just be honest. Perhaps it would feel good to talk about his concerns. "It is just difficult," he began slowly. "I thought with Danarius dead things would become easier. That I would be free from the chains of slavery. But I feel like everyone stills sees me as one. These markings…they all stare at me like I'm some kind of beast."

Hawke was taken back. Not in years had anyone truly looked at Fenris as such. He had made quite a name for himself across Kirkwall. Not only was he respected, but admired. And she knew for a fact most of the women in the city would love nothing more than a night with him. "Who looks at you like that?" She furrowed her brow, feeling a wave of protection rush across her.

"Everyone," he answered with a little more aggression than he intended. "All those people at the bar, those girls in the market, that woman on the stairs."

He heard Hawke chuckle from behind him as she raked her arms around his chest and propped her head against his shoulder. "You truly don't know how amazing you are do you?"

Fenris sighed and grasped one of her hands against his chest, bringing it to his lips. It was a good thing that she saw him in the light, but he doubted anyone else did. "You do not see how they stare at me, Hawke. I assure you 'amazing' is not the word they are using to describe me."

Bringing her hand to his cheek she slowly turned his face towards her. "I see how they stare and trust me they are." Not believing her he started to pull away, only to have her tighten her hold on him and turn him to face her. "Do you know why they stare, Fenris." When he didn't respond and looked away from her she leaned up and kissed him slowly, bringing his attention back to her.

Just when he thought his knees might give at the intensity of the kiss she broke away and looked into his eyes. "You are by far the sexiest man in Kirkwall," she smiled. "It's a wonder you can leave your house without women barricading you in the doorway."

Placing a hand to her waist he grinned he and used his free hand to encircle her wrist that rested against his shoulder. Knowing that she thought of him that way did make him feel better. "I think your opinion may be a little one-sided, Hawke," he smiled.

"Perhaps," she grinned and began removing his armor while she distracted him with her words. "But I also know that I am constantly having to intimidate women from approaching you. You have no idea how many evil stares I get just because you are at my side." Once his chest was bare she began leading him towards the bed. Fenris smiled in appreciation and fell back against the mattress as she climbed up across him. "You have the most beautiful hair," she breathed and ran her fingers through his strands, massaging his scalp. He moaned his approval and brought his hands to her hips. "Every woman would love nothing more than to have you under them. Or on top of them. Orbehind them," she winked and nibbled his ear lobe, eliciting another moan from him.

"Believe me," she whispered against his ear. Her hot breath making him shiver. "If anyone thinks of you as a beast, I know exactly what they are referring to." She ran her hand down his bare chest and gripped his length over his pants. Fenris hissed at the contact and arched his back. "You are gorgeous." She began trailing kisses down his jaw and continued down to his chest, stopping when she reached his nipple. "Incredibly hot," she sighed as she stared at his bare torso then began moving lower again. Every kiss she placed to his abdomen caused a warm tingle to rush to his groin. Her destination was clear and Fenris found his muscles tensing in anticipation. When she reached his pelvis she ran her tongue along the length of his waistband, stopping to place kisses periodically. "I am the luckiest woman in Thedas," she smiled and began working on freeing him from his pants. By the look on her face, Fenris could tell she honestly believed those words.

When she finally had him in her hands the look of pure lust on her face caused him to shudder. She placed an open mouthed kiss against his tip and moaned in pleasure before taking it fully into her mouth. Fenris groaned and brought one arm behind his head so he could prop himself up to watch her. Flattening her tongue she ran it up the length of him before taking as much as she could muster into her mouth. The warm heat and moisture caused him to let out a gasp of pleasure, but he never took his eyes off her. She rolled her eyes back in her head as she began pumping her hand up and down his shaft, bobbing her head in time to her strokes. Fenris was in awe. The look of pure pleasure on her face made him want to spill himself right there. It was like the taste of him was the best thing she had ever had. Her tongue danced and twirled on the sensitive spot just at the base of his head, Fenris jerked and breathed her name, begging her to stop. He wasn't sure he would last at her pace. Hawke teased him with a hard suck then released him from her mouth. "I will never grow tired of doing this Fenris," she smiled and gave him a playful lick.

"Hmmm…I hope you never do," he grinned and reached for her come to him. Leaning over his body she brought her lips to his and kissed him with a heated passion as he tucked his hands under the waistband of her smallclothes and began shimming then down her hips. Once past her behind Hawke worked her legs to bring them all the way off, while Fenris raised his hips to pull his pants down. As their bodies touched Hawke sat up and shifted her hips so he was at her opening. Bringing her hand down to him, she gave him a few pumps before dragging his tip against her. Fenris gripped her hips and gave a gentle thrust. Hawke smiled seductively as she slid herself all the way down him, gasping as he was fully sheathed within her. Feeling her slick tight walls encompass him made Fenris let out a feral groan. The bliss of being inside her would never grow tiresome. Having her body take him in was the greatest joy he knew in the world.

He watched her as she abandoned her robe and reached behind her to unlatch her breastbinding. Upon seeing her chest, Fenris growled and ran his hand up her abdomen to feel her in his hands. Gripping her forcefully Hawke threw her head back as she began using her strong legs to propel herself up and down on him.

Fenris watched the joining of their bodies. With every pump from her he raised his hips to meet, giving a hard thrust against her each time he was fully engulfed inside. "Oh, Fenris," she moaned. "I love this." Wanting to kiss her, Fenris sat up pulling her close to him as he rolled his pelvis into her sensitive spot. Hawke gasped as he buried his hands in her hair and assaulted her neck with kisses and nips. Feeling her breast brush against his chest made him weak. Letting her take control for a moment, she rocked her body against him as kissed his way down to her breast, taking her nipple into his mouth. She cradled his head to her as she propped one hand on his leg and rolled into him. When she whimpered and breathed his name, Fenris knew she was near. Tightening her legs around him, she brought her hands to his shoulders and began pumping herself feverously against him.

Giving her the extra friction she needed, he gripped her behind and pushed with her thrust, letting her use him to reach the height of her pleasure. He felt her muscles twitch just before she buried her head onto his shoulder, using it to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

When he felt her grip on him loosen, he flipped her over in one swoop, never leaving her body. Not letting her have a reprieve from her orgasm, he gripped her hip and shoulder and began thrusting relentlessly into her. Her walls tighter from the effects of her climax, he felt the tension building in him. Each moan and gasp from her mouth was sending him further and further towards the edge. When she wailed her approval, he felt the rush to his groin.

As if sensing that what was about to happen, Hawke arched her back and pumped against him, meeting his pace. When he came, it rushed out of him in a fierce wave of tingles and hot deep pressure. The intensity was too much and he growled pressing his forehead against her shoulder. After giving a few last thrust to ensure he was completely spent he collapsed against her too weak to move.

The pounding of her pulse and labored breathing rang in his ears. As he struggled to decrease his own, he felt her hands run up and down the length of his back before she cradled him to her and nuzzled against his neck. "You are amazing, Fenris. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise."

She was incredible. Without her, he would still surely be lost. She took the time to know him for what he truly was, not what the world perceived him as. In her eyes he was the greatest man in Thedas, and he would spend every day for the rest of their lives proving to her that he was worthy of her praise.

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