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July 31,1999 The Burrow

Stretching happily as she sat up in her bed, Ginny mentally reviewed the task list she had set for herself that day until the sunlight reflecting off the ring on her hand roused her from her thoughts. She took a deep breath and with a wide grin, set off to start the day.

Harry was due to come over in a little less than three hours so she knew that immediately after breakfast she should start working on his birthday cake. Her mum had wanted to make it for Harry, but Ginny had insisted that it was her right as his fiancée to attend to all the details of his birthday celebration. The younger redhead had an ulterior motive for wanting to be able to make the cake, or rather cakes, but didn't want to let her mum in on what was going to happen just yet.

A short while later, two cakes were cooling on the counter, one in the shape of a Snitch and the other an Auror shield, representing Harry's past and future. Ginny, however, wasn't to be found inside as she was dashing around the yard, wand waving, streamers floating through the air before attaching themselves to the trees and bushes. A banner with the words Happy Birthday, Harry etched on it in red and gold was hanging from the doorway to the marquee that Ginny had erected earlier that morning. She thought that everything was coming along swimmingly.

Returning to the kitchen, Ginny began frosting the cakes. Two strong arms wrapped around her from behind. At first, the redhead startled enough to have to wave her wand to correct the placement of the frosting. However, when the heady scent of simply Harry overtook the sweet smell of the frosting, she relaxed into his arms, tilting her head to the left side, allowing Harry to drop a kiss on her neck.

"Hello, gorgeous," he whispered in her right ear before dropping a kiss on her earlobe.

"Happy birthday, love," Ginny responded. Placing her wand down, she turned in his arms to give him his traditional birthday kiss.

However, as usual, a few seconds later, her next older brother was heard to say, "Oi! That's my sister."

They broke apart with Harry keeping his arms loosely around Ginny's waist. He turned his head to the right to look at his best mate.

"And she's my fiancée. What's your point?" Harry asked point-blank. He gave Ginny a quick wink with his left eye.

"Um," Ron stammered. Looking around him, Ron latched onto the food in the vicinity. "Well, I just came down to have a bite to eat."

"I don't believe that I would have ever guessed otherwise, Ron," Harry replied. The dark-haired wizard kissed Ginny on the cheek and said, "I'm going to go wash up."

Ron found the breakfast that his mother had laid out for her family on the counter. After grabbing a plate and filling it, Ron's eyes registered the sight of the two cakes. "Oi, how does Harry merit having two cakes for his birthday? I've never gotten two cakes for my birthday," he muttered the last sentence half under his breath.

"Well, you never killed a dark lord, have you?" Ginny retorted. Giving him a dark look, she added, "Besides, we have to make up for all those years that Harry never had a cake, much less a birthday party."

With that, Ron stuffed his mouth with food to avoid adding another foot and Ginny returned to completing the cake. When Ron greeted Harry upon his return to the room, Ginny gave her wand a quick twist and cast a silent spell on the cake shaped like the Snitch.

A few hours later, the small group of friends had gathered in the orchard after finishing their lunch. Ginny was pleased to note that Angelina had joined George at the party as his date. He seemed to be much more comfortable with public displays of affection as the two were often seen holding hands. Ginny's machinations had worked.

At first, the group just chatted, catching up on everything that had happened since they had last seen one another. But before long, the brooms were brought out. Ron, being Ron, threw down the gauntlet in front of Ginny, whom of course responded in kind. Teams were quickly formed, with some non-Quidditch aficionados being pulled in to provide enough bodies to completely fill a team.

Ginny was thrilled that everything was going right according to plan. They'd even managed to get all of her brothers on one team. Charlie would be playing Seeker against Harry while Hermione, Bill and Fleur would be flying against Angelina, Dean and herself. Ginny inwardly grinned when she thought of Luna playing Beater on her team with Hannah, whom Neville had brought to the party. For some reason, Ginny could just see her blonde friend playing Beater. George was playing Beater for the opposite team with Percy. Ginny hoped that playing that position wouldn't bring up too many memories for her older brother. Ron, of course was playing Keeper. His counterpart for Harry and Ginny's team was Neville.

Harry, Angelina and Ginny huddled together to discuss strategy for their team. However, their talk was cut short when they overheard Ron.

"What were we thinking?" Ron said, slapping his head in annoyance at himself. "The last three Gryffindor captains are playing on the other team."

"Scared, are we?" Ginny asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Of course not," Charlie scoffed. "After all, I was Gryffindor Quidditch Captain too."

"Well, let's quit talking and let our flying speak," Angelina suggested.

The game went almost exactly how Ginny had planned. It had helped their team that she and Dean had played together at Hogwarts and that she had studied Angelina's moves for four years almost to the point where Ginny could predict where Angelina was going to fly next.

The one pixie in the potion occurred when Percy managed to hit a Bludger aimed right at his little sister. Ginny had to shoot straight up in the air to outmanoeuvre the flying ball, which caused her to drop the Quaffle that she had in her arm, ready to score. Bill had capitalized on his sister's blunder and promptly raced down the field to pull his team ahead of the other. Luckily for Ginny, that was the moment that Harry spotted the Snitch.

Harry decided not to fly full speed at the Snitch, but instead, lazily drifted over toward it while watching Gin avoiding the Bludger. As soon as he saw she was safe, he reached out with his right hand and snatched the golden ball out of the air. Clutching it in his hand before landing softly, he calmly called out that the game was over and it was time for cake.

"What do you mean?" his best mate questioned, not having seen Harry grab the Snitch.

"Well, I have the Snitch in my hand, which generally means..." Harry stopped for a moment and scratched his temple. "Yes, I'm right. Our team won." He shrugged his shoulders. "Let's have some cake." His smile was wide as he wrapped his arm around his fiancée, who had joined him.

The rest of both team members joined the duo, along with the spectators, by the table laden with both cakes. Harry reached down to pick up the blue-haired boy that had toddled his way over to him. Instantly the boy's hair became black and messy.

"I see you, Teddy. You want to look like Harry, so you can blow out the candles for him, don't you?" Ginny cooed to the little boy, who changed his hair to Weasley red once his eyes caught hers.

"I think that negates your theory, Ginny," Hermione exclaimed, raising her eyebrows.

"Well, I think he just wants to look like the newest Holyhead Harpy recruit. I mean, he saw how well she was flying and wanted to emulate her," Harry replied.

Several voices sounded as one. "Holyhead Harpies?"

"Yes, I start with the Holyhead Harpies the day after my birthday," Ginny announced to the group. After many well wishes from the family and friends that were gathered, she continued, "Ron asked me this morning why Harry got two cakes for his birthday. You see, several, and I do mean several, years ago, I announced to my brothers that I would one day be a Holyhead Harpy. All of them, including Bill, laughed and told me to 'dream on.' So today as I reveal my status as the newest Harpy, I will have my cake and they will eat it, too." Ginny just gave a wide smile. "The Auror shield cake is for Harry and his new endeavour while the Snitch cake is for my brothers to eat. So please, everyone, bon appétit."

All of the Weasley boys looked slightly ill, knowing that their sister had done something to the cake, but they weren't sure what exactly. They knew that they could never get away with not eating it due to the presence of the Weasley women. George decided to go ahead and get it over with and collected his piece first. After watching him take a bite and nothing happening, the rest of the brothers garnered their slices and began eating. Everyone around them was still discussing Ginny's news.

Suddenly, George jumped up, conjured a stool and pulled his sister to sit on it. Pointing at her, he burst into song.

You can pass, you can fly

Having the time of your life

At this point, all the brothers joined him in creating a ring around their sister. The boys started to move in a circle around her, singing.

See that girl, watch that scene

She is the Quidditch Queen.

Bill and Charlie stepped out of the circle and headed to Ginny's right. Complete with hand movements, they sang:

Saturday and the winds are low.

Flying to the rings to throw

Percy and George shuffled their way to Ginny's left. They brought their left hand across the front of their body from the right before bringing their right across from their left. They lifted both hands in the air while they sang:

When the Quaffle goes in, when the stands all roar

You know that you can soar.

Ron danced his way in front of his sister, shaking his hips back and forth. He sang:

Anybody could be the one

Bill and Charlie fanned their hands from the right in toward Ginny. Together they sang.

Day is over and the game is won

Percy and George fanned theirs from the left inward. They joined their voices to sing:

With some goals scored, everything is fine

Ron twisted his way around to stand behind Ginny, shaking his hands over her head. His clear baritone sang out:

You're in the mood for a fly

All five men crooned together before forming a circle once again around their sister.

And when you get up high...

You are the Quidditch Queen,

Young and sweet,

Only seventeen

Quidditch Queen,

Flying free up into the scene

You can pass, you can fly,

Having the time of your life

See that girl, watch that scene

She is the Quidditch Queen.

Ron ran around with his arms outstretched, singing:

You're a Chaser, you fly around

George brought his hands together at chest level, before singing:

Moving through air without a sound

Percy raised his hand to shade his eyes, looking around while crooning:

Looking out for another, anyone will do

Charlie lifted both arms to about waist level and using his fingers, motioned toward him, singing out:

You're in the mood for more

Bill just stood in his place and belted out:

And when you get the score...

The brothers once again formed a circle around Ginny, who at this point was bent over in laughter, along with almost everyone else in the area.

You are the Quidditch Queen,

Young and sweet,

Only seventeen

Quidditch Queen,

Flying free up into the scene

You can pass, you can fly,

Having the time of your life

See that girl, watch that scene

She is the Quidditch Queen.

They ended with Bill and Charlie on their knees in front of her, Percy on her right clasping her right hand with George mirroring him on the left and Ron throwing his arms around her from behind.

Everyone burst into applause at the unexpected song and dance. Angelina started to say something, but Harry interrupted as he slid his arms around Ginny from behind.

"And that ladies and gentlemen..." Harry started.

"Is how you get revenge on your meddling older brothers," Ginny smirked.