A/N: I thought Henry's reaction to Suzy's boob job was kind of funny (both when he first saw them and when they 'returned') so I decided to write this little tag to episode two just looking into his reaction. I also wanted to do a little something about how he'd feel about why she'd done it. Hope you enjoy! :)

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The Knockers

When they had first gotten back he'd been unable to even say the word to describe the ridiculous things, although it hadn't escaped his notice that they were the first thing to spring to mind when he thought about their 'experience.'

Once they'd had some time to process it all he'd even admitted to himself that they had held a sort of morbid fascination (he was still a man after all) but mostly they had served as another reminder that she wasn't his Suzy.

He'd been irrationally incensed when she'd told him why she'd even had them in that timeline.

What kind of an idiot was Steve that he made this beautiful, smart, sexy woman feel like she had to get a boob job to get his attention?

It was when she started to try and justify her decision that he realised she had mistaken the reason for his anger, so he'd reassured her the only way he knew how:

"Nothing ever stopped me from looking, Suz."

He grinned as she took in his meaning and looked like she couldn't decide whether to be touched by the sentiment or appalled by his innuendo.

Apparently she'd decided to accept both facets of his comment when she informed him that he was the only one she'd want to look before sauntering off to the bedroom, leaving him speechless.

"Who are you and what have you done with my dentist?" he'd called after her, once he'd found his voice again.

Her only response had been to giggle.

His grin returned as he followed her: she didn't need to change a thing.

He loved her just the way she was.