This is a dance-based story I've written for FanFiction, inspired by the TV series on Channel V called Dil Dosti Dance. Like the title says, wrong people are falling for wrong people; friends who were once so right are now turning all wrong; the wrong people are trying to battle up the wrong people with their dance. How all this wrong finally turns to right… see in this story.

Starring: Reyaansh, Kria, Vicky, Neha, Sharon and Swayum… From the next story, I'm going to have recaps and next-chapter segments to keep the readers in suspense. Please review. Thanks a lot

Description of characters:

Reyaansh: The most wanted guy, meet Reyaansh. Handsome, hunky, bratty and a great dancer, he's the guy most girls would kill to be seen with. Though he's born with a silver spoon, Reyaansh (aka Rey) is averse to making friends from the wrong side of the track. He falls hard and fast for Kria, but struggles with heartache and pain as he tries to win her. He also goes through a lot of friendship breakups, breakups due to his passion for dance, which sometimes gets in the way of his passion for Kria.

Kria: The only child of a single parent (her mother), Kria is completely overprotected. She is always coming face-to-face with her true destiny of dance and finally succeeds in forming a team against the Dazzlers in her college. She later develops feelings for Rey and goes through the same heartache as him. Bratty but brave, daring but friendly, Kria isn't aware of how beautiful she is and how well she dances.

Sharon: The veritable, spoilt-rich-kid, Sharon is actually Sharanjeet Rai Prakash. Like most things in her life, her name is also designed to get attention. She is an accomplished dancer and on the dance floor, she transforms from a spoilt, overly pampered, baby-doll to a graceful swan. However, once the music is turned down, Sharon turns again into herself.

Swayum: Swayum is the typical college nerd, except that he's handsomer than he knows. He falls incredibly hard for Sharon, like every other guy who meets her does. He is a Weakling, and the vice-captain of Kria's team of Weaklings.

Vicky: Vicky is Reyaansh's best friend who has tagged along with him and supported him since childhood. No one knows Rey better than Vicky, and he's proud of it. Vicky is also the only child of two very rich, influential parents and tends to get a little self-centred sometimes. However, he is not a bad person – he only has trouble seeing the world being his own nose. But Neha helps untangle him from his own little world and shows him there's more to life – love.

Neha: Neha is also a Weakling, yet on the dance floor, she is also a force to reckon with. She speaks in adorably broken English and is unaware of Vicky's feelings for her at first, but slowly falls for him too. She is cute and bubbly and cheerful, and doesn't take life too seriously. Upon getting to know about Rey's feelings for her best friend, Kria, she is determined to help him.

These are our talented six, and this is how their life goes.

(Reyaansh's P.O.V)

I rolled over on the bed again and sighed. I really couldn't sleep tonight, after all that had happened in just these three days. And with every passing moment, I found myself falling more and more in love with Kriya.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to shake off her thought and get in flow with the human world again, to think clearly and breathe properly. But I wandered off again. Ever since I'd met that girl, she was all I could think about day and night, every moment of my life.

For one thing, Kria was the most amazing female dancer I'd ever witnessed in my life. When I saw her dance, I felt I was watching a star being born and it had hit me like a ton of bricks that she danced every bit as well as… well, me. And for Reyaansh Rannvijay Singhania to be struck by a girl like this is no small deal.

Once again, behind my closed lids, I saw her enormous, shapely, mesmerizingly-hued eyes – their beautiful, natural shade of emerald-green, mingled with delicate accords of a clear, sea blue – fringed by a thick jungle of long, impossibly well-groomed, thick, golden-brown lashes. I saw her jewel-like orbs flash against her smooth, tanned skin and her straight, perfectly-chiselled nose, high clear forehead, full, perfect lips and high, model-like cheekbones on her smooth, oval face. She was tall and slim, with a graceful figure and she walked like a breeze and talked in a deep yet feminine, beautifully-modulated voice that was music to ears.

I had tried my best not to fall for her, but it was impossible. Her looks, her voice, her smell alone pulled me in and I had fallen for her. Whenever I had touched her, I had felt a surging electrical current inside me – an icy yet scorching sensation pumping insistently through my veins. Looking into her big, sweet emerald orbs always made me feel extraordinary as though my bones were turning spongy. I also felt a little light-headed and dizzy and lost my train of thought, but that could have been because I had forgotten to breathe. Again. There was no way out, either – she was always the one to snap her gaze away.

She had thick, lustrous curls hanging down to her slim, graceful shoulders, a rich shade of dark brown – silky, soft and smooth – suspending and curling around her regal head and shapely shoulders in perfectly-curled waves. It was tongue-tying, breathtaking, mind-blasting and electrifying how her large, dark-green eyes burned into mine with overwhelming force that made me feel like I was flying up into space through the stars and disconnected me from everything around me. Whenever she pulled away from my touch, it brought on a distinctly, agonizing empty feeling to my body – as though all of its volume had suddenly been drained out.

When Kria came into view, everything around me disappeared. The rooms seemed to shimmer brightly, unreal, too bright, too beautiful. Just like her. Her dance, her beauty, her voice, her smell… everything had me mesmerized. Vicky had, at last, succeeded in convincing me it was nothing but deep, passionate, maddening love I felt for her and I had believed.

I had met Kria before she had joined college. I had already felt smitten by her when we had met at the 31st Night Party in Dehradun and when I came back to Mumbai, I thought I could leave behind what I'd felt for her and move on. To distract myself, I had tried to pretend to be interested in my best friend and our college's dancing diva, Sharon Rai Prakash – but Kria always remained at the back of my mind as someone safe and warm and rocklike and comforting, and the warmth of our meeting still glowed in my heart. I had never completely forgotten her, though almost four months without her had helped my confused, agitated, romantic feelings for her fade, but never completely disappear.

When she came back and started out in our college in Mumbai, a jolt harder than ever had struck me. This time, I had really fallen for her – hard and fast – and my love was stronger than ever. However, the divide in our college remained – Kria was a Weakling, the leader of the Weaklings' dance team now – and I was a Dazzler, the leader of the Dazzlers' dance team.

Who knew the college's richest guy, hottest hunk, Mr Attitude, girl-magnet, greatest dancer and apple of everyone's eye was going to fall for someone like Kria?

It wasn't that she was unpopular. Everyone at the college knew and respected (and probably secretly admired) Kria, because she had dared to answer back to the Dazzlers and even Sharon. She was, I knew, sweet and friendly inside – but Sharon really infuriated her. Kria was, in simple words, the Controversy Queen of our college and I was the Handsome Hunk. I never knew I could fall for her like this.

(Kriya's P.O.V)

What is his problem?

There was only one question in my mind tonight. I wrapped the covers around me tighter and thought again to what had happened today. Not only had I registered my dance team but we had also had our first dance rehearsal, and another encounter with Reyaansh.

I really didn't know what Reyaansh wanted with us. He always seemed to be staring at me, like today in class. I could feel his intense, hazel-eyed gaze boring into my back from where he sat… It was really annoying. He was really annoying.

I flashed back to when one of the Dazzlers had placed a basketball in front of my feet when I had my eyes closed. I remembered tripping over it. Why had he caught me? Couldn't he just let me fall and enjoy having me embarrassed? For some reason, it was more embarrassing being caught by him than it was falling flat on my face.

I closed my eyes and pictured Rey. He was the college's hunk, after all – and all the girls would probably kill to be caught in his arms. But he knew I wasn't one of those girls. Maybe that was one of the reasons he had prevented me from falling, because he knew I wouldn't shriek about it to the entire college.

Rey was tall and incredibly well-built and, no doubt, the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. He had stylishly-cut, auburn hair that fell over the collars of his shirts sometimes and mesmerizingly beautiful, greenish-golden – as in hazel – eyes with long, dark lashes. He had a strong, perfectly-formed, manly mouth, a straight nose, a high, proud forehead and his tall, muscularly perfect figure was gorgeously-proportioned with broad, well-muscled shoulders and a perfectly-built, wide chest and his powerful arms were smoothly and gloriously muscled. But there was a luminous, fierce glitter to his melting-caramel mixed with leafy-green eyes and a feline, tiger-like grace to his manly, rippling muscular movements that suggested that he could be as cruel and heartless as he was handsome. Sure, he was strikingly handsome and amazingly rich and influential, and a stunningly talented dancer. But, there was nothing more to him. He was a fake.

Gifted with manly beauty and a ton of talent, but a fake.

A complete fake…