There was nothing that he could do. The men had come out of nowhere, ambushing him on the way out of school. Try as he might, he could do nothing as the men gagged and blindfolded him. Great, that was just perfect, like he didn't have enough problems as it is.

"Sleepy time, spy-boy."

Wolf was pissed. One minute K-Unit was being taken to their starting point fora week of wilderness survival practice, then the next minute they were shot down and captured by an enemy they didn't recognize. To say that K-Unit were being professional was an misguided thought. Not being prepared for the capture, they decided that since they were probably going to die, there was no need to act professional.

That was what happened when you pissed off Wolf.

The cell they were in was a dark, cement room, with only a dim light in the middle of the ceiling, a toilet and a sink in the far right corner. There was one other person in the room when thy had been brought it. Wolf recognized him as the assassin, Yassan Gregorvich. Whoever these people were, they had managed to catch the most hard to kill man in the world. This did not give Wolf much hope of escape.

They had been in here only a few hour when yelling was heard. Even the captured assassin looked vaguely interested. Listening to the shouts, Wolf felt a bit of hope for the first time in days.

''Can't you people take care of one boy! How difficult can he be?" The voice of what they assumed was a guard yelled.

"Why don't you hold him then! He's much slippier than he looks!'' A string of curses followed this comment. "What the hell is this kid? He's stronger than Sawyer!"

"Shit!" The first voice yelled. "I thought that you were joking! Who trained this kid, The military? This is the fifth time that he's escaped!"

"I done with this!' The second voice rang out. Gun shots sounded through the hall outside the cell and echoing everywhere else.

K-Unit and Yassan all froze. Did they just kill the kid? (At least from what they said, they assumed that the capturee was a child.)

"How the hell did you manage to miss? The kid was right in front of you!' The first voice yelled.

"Well, at least I managed to hit him! Not like you who didn't even graze him!"

"Will you stop struggling, you little brat! I have no moral issues with shooting you again!"

A new. younger voice joined the two mens, "And I have no problem kicking your ass again! Who trained you, Barney? Even tied up, I took you both down in two minutes!"

"Shut it, you little brat! How'd you manage to get that damned gag off?" Another string of curses followed a yelp of pain. ''Oy! When I get my hands on you, you won't be able to breathe without pain!''

''Nelson! Do you want to get killled? Our first priority is to subdue this kid, although, we now know why they said that underestimating him was a bad idea! I can't believe you let him kick you there!''

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Should we take him to the infirmery? That bullets not going to kil him, but he might bleed out."

"Nah. They've got a medic in there, let them handle it. Who cares when he dies?"

''True enough."

The cell door was opened and a teenage boy was thrown in. The two guards stood there, glaring at the boy in hatred. "Try any funny buisness and you'll find a matching bullet a little higher up than the one you have.'' With that. the door was slammed shut, leaving the teenager to stumble over to the wall.

''Hey kid, you alright?" Snake asked in concern.

The voice made the teenagers head snap up in attention. "Snake?"

K-unit froze. "CUB?"