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K Unit stared at the door, wide eyed and alarmed. Yassen was on alert, emotions that he previously believed gone blaring. The assassin closed his eyes, forcing the memories of Air Force One down as a gun was pointed at each and everyone of them. Yassen knew for a fact that these people were not Scorpia, their stance and body language was wrong to be assassin's. What concerned the ruthless man was the fact that he did not recognize the intruders.

"K Unit?" The voice was rough, but the hopeful tone hidden beneath it was easily caught by Fox, Yassen, and the now very alert Alex.

Wolf stepped forward. "Who wants to know?"

The man laughed, "You have no need to fear anything from us, sir. MI6 Sent us to retrieve their star operative, Agent Rider."

Alex stared at the man, surprise on his face. MI6 had never sent in a rescue crew to find him before. It was unheard of for them to help him when it was in his best interests. Maybe Mrs. Jones had something to do with this? It would make sense, since Alex was aware of her soft spot for children.

"Blunt sent you?" Alex studied the man's face, and found no reason to doubt the man when he nodded. K Unit jumped, not having realized he was awake. Alex blinked as his vision blurred, he was sure that this was another affect of the sedative that Scorpia had given him. Bloody sadist, using poison as a sedative. Damn, his mind was wandering again.

"How'd you find us?" Alex glared, daring them to lie. He knew for a fact that it should have taken longer to secure their location (especially with Scorpia involved), than the day that he had been there if this truly had been a random abduction. "Blunt knew this was coming, didn't he?"

"Yeah," one of the other agents in the room spoke. "He did. There was a tracking device on you the entire time. There was on the former Agent Daniels as well. The higher ups have been waiting for this to happen since Dragon Nine."

Alex cursed under his breath. All this because damn Blunt hadn't told him to be on the look out for anything suspicious.

"Their fine," Alex said, turning to look at the bewildered K Unit and the pissed Yassen. "Blunt had this planned. Let's hurry and get out of here."

They didn't have to be told twice.

Blunt stared blankly at the two people in front of him. While he had known that Gregorovich had survived, he had been unaware of the imprisonment that Scorpia had forced on the assassin. Said assassin was standing almost protectively next to Alex Rider, the fourteen year old spy, who looked exhausted and was covered in bandages. Blunt was, for the first time in a long time, at a loss as what to do.

"Gregorovich," The head of MI6 began. "I have a deal to offer you."

Yassen tilted his head, signalling that he was listening.

"Usually, we would place you under arrest," Alex narrowed his eyes. "However, you have information on Scorpia that could be very valuable to us. In exchange for that information we offer to clear all charges against you and let you go free."

Yassen blinked, not having expected that. He had assumed he would be assigned some rather suicidal mission in exchange for his freedom. Looking at Blunt, and then to Alex, the assassin understood that the only reason he hadn't been given that deal was to remain on the fourteen year old's good side. After a brief moment, the assassin gave a curt nod, before turning and following Mrs. Jones out of the office.

Alex watched as the man left, merely glad he was alive. Blunt, however, was not done. Alex sighed, and refocused his attention.

"Scorpia was caught of guard with our invasion on their hide out, but this did not stop James Rothman from escaping. He holds you responsible for the death of his sister, and will stop at nothing for revenge. Until he is captured, You will be going to Breacon Beacons to train and for safety. You will be rejoining K unit." For once, Alex had no problem with that. He had worked a mission with Wolf and Fox, while Snake and Eagle had showed concern for his safety while in Scorpia's custody. There was only one major problem with this plan.

"School?" Alex knew very well that he had no need to elaborate.

"We will be assigning you a tutor. He will be there every Monday and Friday to help you with your school work. With no knowledge of how long this threat will take, we have decided that this is the best course of action. The Sergeant has been notified to expect you along with K Unit tomorrow. Pack all necessities, and I do believe the Smither's is going to want to see you." Blunt's face and voice never changed.

"Of course." Alex walked to the door, not pausing once. He was just relieved that he was going to be granted a tutor to keep up with the kids at Brookland, amusing that Scorpia ever decided to leave him alone. His major worry had been Yassen, but the assassin would be going free after giving them the information they requested. Alex had no doubt the man could take care of himself, but just in case...

The assassin was standing in the hallway, watching as Alex passed, when he felt cool metal and a paper against the skin of his hand. Blinking, he turned to watch the young spy leave. Looking at the items, he found a key, and a note. In the tidy handwriting that could only belong to Alex was a message.


If you ever need a safe house, you know where to go.

Just don't do anything to set off the security alarms. The result would not be pleasant, for you or the MI6 clean up crew.

Yours truly,


Yassen let a genuine smile cross his face, scaring the agent who had been waiting to start the information gathering. That child was so like Hunter, but so different at the same time. Yassen knew that if John had survived, he would have had grey hair by now, from the stress his son would have caused.

"You are quite unique, Little Alex," Yassen muttered, just loud enough for his ears, but not those of the prying Agents in MI6 headquarters.

Alex grabbed the last of his things, he had been trying to hurry since K Unit was waiting for him outside. Alex was sure that if he had taken any longer Wolf would have exploded. He had made sure to pack everything that might come in handy. His pain medication for the bullet wound (now refilled for his newest one, in his shoulder), left over gadgets that Smither's had given him (with the promise to let him keep anything made for him), the newest gadgets such as his newly improved SAS uniform and a few other things a soldier would be expected to have, along with all his class work and books.

He imagined that Jack was standing at the door, worry etched into her face, though he would have explained to her that this was not a mission, but for his own safety. He would have made sure to inform her if anyone showed up with a note from his, they were to be trusted. She would of nodded, though looked alarmed at the idea of anyone needing to use their house for safety. Alex wondered if she had even knew about all the security measures that Ian had taken out on the house. The glass was all bullet proof and there was an underground bunker for emergencies.

On his bed, Alex left a note in Russian for Yassen, explaining the security measures and how to function them. Alex closed his eyes, his vision of his once sister leaving his mind. Scorpia had managed to hurt him, in the end. Alex grinted his teeth, but that didn't mean it would cripple him. A small smile graced his face at the thought of what Jack would have done if she was alive. And her reaction. And though he would never find out, he would let his mind wonder, because it was just another reminder that she existed, and he would always have her with him. He wasn't alone, anymore either. He had K-Unit, and oddly enough, Yassen, now.

And to think, all this had happened because of a simple capture.

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