Liz (Gallagherspygirl)

So guess what? I'm a senior! I know what you're thinking, so what if you're a senior? Well, try going to my school and tell me that after 3 years of drama mamas, tears, betrayal, and well you get the point.

Trust me once you step into my school, you want to turn around and walk right back out.

Just like my friend Macey Mchenry did.

She walked into school, spun, and walked back into her car and drove away.

I admire Macey. Wanna know a secret? She just so happens to be my role model. Ya I know the brains wants to be the beauty how cliché. Well if had been in love with a guy for 5 years and still hadn't to manage to talk to him well you could see why I would love to be the fearless Macey.

She can easily have any boy wrapped around her manicured finger.

Like last week, she had John Lee be her personal servant. Two days ago, she had Mike Hernandez getting her lunch. Yesterday she had Fred Buckerson carry her books into all her classes… and she didn't have any classes with him.

See what I mean? Sigh. Well it could be worse, I could be like my friend Zach.

He's been stalking my best friend Cammie since elementary. He's been trying to out her out since middle school. He entered this school trying to get with Cammie. Oh well. Cammie has been a bit slow on that side. Just like Jonas.

Oh Jonas. The way he moves his glasses. That smile he gets when he solves a calculus problem when no one else can. He's just so dreamy!

… Oops did I say this out loud?

Go for it Zach!