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As I told you some months ago, I haven't been happy with "Unforeseen Events", as posted 2 years ago. It was always meant to be a multi-chapter fic. Many readers have asked me not to touch the original, so I have left it posted as is, and you can read it and compare it to this if you like. So, this is "UE Revisited". My style has evolved a lot in 2 years, and this is how I wanted the story to be. I just didn't know how to accomplish it at the time. Lol.

My beta is having 'fun' (insert sarcasm) with RL, but I think you can look forward to "Dove4" soon. I am working on 5 different chapters for different stories. You will get more from me soon, promise.

For those who don't know, my husband Anthony's Dad passed away on July 10, 2011. Thank you to all those who have sent prayers, condolences and well-wishes. Much love goes back to you.

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Prologue: Titch Is Wearing Us Out

Saturday, July 16th, 2005:

420 Woodcroft Avenue, Forks, Washington State:

Edward's pov:

Time used to drag for me. Now, the days seemed to blur. Only twenty-seven days remained until Bella would take my name and belong to me forever. Somehow, she was changing me: I didn't hate myself so much anymore. I was beginning to accept what I was. Dealing with some other individuals was not becoming easier, however. Maybe it was just angst, but I was having an increasingly hard time controlling my irritation.

The wedding planner, my normally fun sister Alice, whom I call Titch, was driving all of us mad. All the big things on her list were checked off, and we were now down to the finer details. The pace she set was still beyond frenetic, and it was wearing on the entire family's nerves. I had taken to calling her 'Boss'. Yes, Boss. Coming Boss. Titch had morphed into a terrifying little monster. I found myself just doing what she ordered, without thinking much about it, just to keep her off my back.

This morning, Titch had attired me in Armani, and forced Bella into a handkerchief-sized black dress that she normally wouldn't be caught dead in. Then she dragged us out to some farmer's field and took professional quality photographs that would probably not endear me to Charlie. She had bullied us into poses that would have earned a shotgun wedding in my day, insistent that romantic engagement photographs were all the rage. I suspected it would come back to haunt us at some future date. Oddly, it did not seem to faze Bella at all, and Titch was adamant that we would be glad to have the pictures to look back on.

Alice and Rosalie spent hours pouring over the images, bickering incessantly over which were best and how to tweak the compositions to perfection. Bella and I had taken advantage of their preoccupation to sneak out for a run and a cuddle, but we'd been back for an hour now, tensely ticking items off Titch's annoying list.

"Flowers?" I sighed.

"Check," my Bella grunted.

"Taper candle wicks?"


"Place cards complete?"


"Final guest count?"

"Yeppers." She yawned, and rested her head on my shoulder. I wondered if we could escape upstairs for a lie down. My dick liked that idea. Bella and I were hardly getting any 'practice' these days.

Practice: mmm, yeah! Twitch, twitch, twitch! Down, Mr Ed! Surely I could make an excuse to spruce off upstairs with my favourite human.

No, Titch would just interrupt us. It would be better to sneak out. What kind of excuse could I make?

My sisters interacted in a muddle of joy and irritability that had Jasper skulking in a corner. Jasper was hardly ever home these days. Between my sisters' arguing, and the smouldering desire that Bella and I were exuding every five minutes, Jazz was almost as anxious as me for the big day to arrive, just so he could get rid of me and Bella for a few weeks.

Emmett came through the front door. "Hey, Bimbo. Hey, Baby Bee. How's it hanging?"

We simply growled, perplexing the big lug. Jazz latched onto Em without a word, and dragged him off hunting. There's only so much an emo-receptive psychic can take.

Just when Bella and I thought we could make a safe getaway, Titch approached with an armload of proofs for our inspection. Apparently, we were not to make our escape before choosing a picture for the engagement announcement. What a rum break!

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Bella was frazzled. And hungry. It was way past feeding time for the human. I opened my mouth to tell Alice to eat her heart out, when Bella's cell phone rang. A mercy, thought I. Bella and I can make our excuses.

Little did I realize that unforeseen events were about to be set in motion, that would lead to a day of panic for us both.