My little Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama story! I'm somewhat new. Sorry if my story is bad but I've been thinking of this story so please enjoy, with all your hearts content (or please try). Thank you for reading if you took the time to! There might be some ooc

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN KWHS!(or Usui [which is sad]).

Also in advanced, sorry to tell spoilers whoever did not read the story, so if you haven't read KWHS I recommend that you read it cause it's awesome. Thank You.

Hi! My name is Ayuzawa Misaki (Nice to meet you). I am the Student Council President of Seika High School. I am known as the "Demon President". I also have a secret. After school, I work at Maid Latte, as a maid. The reason is that my father left my mother with me and my younger sister and huge debts. One Day, as I was working and the most popular guy,
Usui Takumi had saw me. After that, Problem after problem. The President of a rich school, and a lot more. Also, my friend Youkun is back. Well, Thats my life...

I walk around the school, it's after school. I walk towards the music room, and open the room. I look around and see the piano. Lately, it seems that I have forgotten something, something important. I stand by the piano, then I sit down. Looking at the piano keys make me curious. I want to play the piano. That's whats in my mind. Footsteps are coming towards the music room so I stand up and walk out. Then I bumped into Usui.

"Kaichou, what are you doing here so late?"

"Patroling the school, to see if everyone left, and I have to check our budget, look over our reports and stuff.
All due on friday which is in 2 days." I told him quicky.

"Ah, I see, busy as always Kaichou."

"Well, i'm done here so I have to go to work."


As usual Usui followed me. He helped our manager (as usual). I was also spacing out a lot. The idiot trio was here,
as well as Youkun.

"Misa-chan, I wanted to tell you that tomorrow I won't go to school, for an urgent matter." said Usui.

"Just make sure you have an excuse written for the school to approve." I told him absently, since it was my break and I was studying. After three hours later of chaos, I finally got to go home.

I went by the convenience store and got some milk. Then I went by the fruit stand and got some apples. I went walking down the hill when, someone bumped into me, making me drop the milk and apples. The man didn't apologize.
The apples went rolling down the hill. I picked up the milk and the apples that stopped rolling. I ran to pick up the apples that were rolling down. Looking up, I see an apple rolling towards a shoe, stopping when hitting the shoe.

"I am so sorry!" I said as I ran to get the apples. I look up to see crystal blue eyes. The person was a boy that looked one year older. He had silvery blonde hair, and was tall. He had soft-looking porcelain skin. Right then,
the apples I collected had fallen out of the bag, again. He was kind to help me and walk me home.

"Thank you for your help, and sorry for taking your time." I told him.

He smiled,"No problem, nice to help people when they need it." I was dazed by his smile and he walked away.

'What a nice looking guy, a foreigner?' I thought as I layed in bed. 'So kind, unlike other guys' I thought falling asleep with him in my mind.

Its short (I think) and the chapter was...okay (i guess). Hope you enjoyed. Sorry for the spelling errors! if there is!