Welcome to Zephyros-Phoenix's OC guide!

This guide is intended to help people with creating their OCs. It is a mixture of common ideas as well as my own opinions. Throughout these chapters, I will go through basic pieces of information that you should be able to fill out in regards to your character as well as ways to help create a great and non-cliché character. Some of the details are not required, but they are useful in getting a better and in depth understanding of your character, which is really what we want to accomplish here.

Before we begin, just keep these things in mind. Since just about everything and every type of character has already been done, it will be very hard to create a totally unique character.

Also, the features and skills of your OC should at least fit in the world you're putting them into. Example: If your OC has superpowers, that would make sense and be normal in the world of DC Comics and Marvel, but not in world of Bakugan. Therefore there are some exceptions to the rules, which I will cover when we get there.

As almost all OCs created are female, I'll be going through this under the assumption that your OC is also female. In addition, since most OCs I've come in contact with are for superhero cartoons or anime, I'll also be writing under the assumption that your OCs are the same/similar. Therefore, since Bakugan and Young Justice are two of my better fanfiction series, I will be writing this under as if your OC is for either those two shows or similar ones.

Please do not take this as bashing any OCs you have created. This is purely designed to help create an OC. In no way whatsoever am I trying to pass myself of as some sort of OC expert, because I am not. I'm only trying to help in the best way that I can. If there are any areas you'd like me to cover, please feel free to suggest something.

Table of Contents:

1. Naming Your OC
a. Basic Information

2. Physical Description

3. Personalities
a. The 'Types'

4. Interests and Beliefs

5. Relationships

6. Abilities

7. Background

8. The Animal Partner

9. The Mary-Sue Test

The chapters will come in order and I felt it best to separate similar topics in order to better discuss them in detail. If there is anything I haven't covered that you'd like me too, just ask.

Really hope this helps! ~ZP