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Whether you're making a completely original character or basing your character off an original Looney Tunes, try to throw in some diversity in terms of species choice. As with Sonic fan characters, I've grown rather tired seeing the fan characters of species that have already been used.

Once again, you've got a big animal kindgom out there. Use it!

Color Designation

Since the six canon Loonatics already have a main color as their color, it doesn't leave much left to work with, does it? Some easy colors that haven't been used: blue, black, brown, white. Also consider working with a darker or lighter shade of a color that has been used. As long as it's a different enough shade, it should be fine.


You're character doesn't need to have super powers to be part of the Loonatics. My character, for example, possesses no super powers caused by the meteor and instead has cybenetic limbs. Despite not having super powers, she's still an important part of the team, just as any character can be, powers or none.

In terms of the powers, avoid duplicating any of the canon Loonatics' powers in your own character (laser vision, teleportation, super speed, etc.) It's repetetive and each character has those powers for a specific reason. Only they have that ability and there may come a mission where only a specific power can save the day. Besides, who wants to watch a show where all the characters have the same super power?

Diversity is what keeps things interesting.


Other planets have been established as canon, so much like the DC and Marvel universe, you have relatively free reign when it comes to origin stories, especially if they hail from another planet. So once again, keep it believeable, based on what is considered normal where your character comes from.

Villain Character

Don't feel limited by the cast of villains Loonatics Unleashed gives you. If you're not satisfied or you need a specific villain, make your own! After all, you've got a huge cast of amazing villains from DC and Marvel for inspiration!

As of now, my character creation guide queue includes: Soul Eater, Beyblade, Shaman King, Bleach, and Dragon Ball. If there are any more chapters any of you would like to see, let me know and if you have any ideas of what to talk about for specific series, let me know! I'm running out of things to talk about. My one brain can only come up with so much.