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Naraku's the hot college professor, Kags first day there, she sees wants him and does hot sexy things to taunt tempt him and get his attention. The boys and girls have bets on it. By request written for xxoikilluoxx, my first Naraku/Kag fic, he's a bad but boy I like him he's hot. Updated extended Mar 19 2012 fic is very lemony, you've been warned, complete one shot, Naraku/Kag

At The Movies

By Raven 2010, July 26 2011

Before college, dead dog running, pie

"You wenches ready for College? Inuyasha teased "And get some knowledge"

"No I'm going back to grade school, what do you think?" wiseass Kagura replied

"What about you rover? Ayame joked "Going to chase cats or learn?

"And are you going to behave? Kagura teased "Or do we need a leash and a muzzle for you?

"Well duh, what do you think?" Inuyasha replied "Leash muzzle damn Kagura did not know you were into S and M"

"Aw he's my good little doggy" Ayame teased and rubbed his ears

"Damn what is it with you females and my ears?" Inuyasha said "Oh man"

"Their like aphrodisiac cause their so cute" Ayame replied "Doggy aphrodisiac"

"Ohhh, why me" he playfully whined "Damn these cute ears" he thought

"Ah can it Yash you know you love all the female attention," Kagura said

"Aw he's getting a massage how cute approaching," Sango teased "Did he purr yet?

"Damn I'm going to have to lock you chicks up" Inuyasha joked "Hey dogs do not purr"

"Good luck with that because you're seriously out numbered" Sango informed him


"Ahhh" Inuyasha shrieked as his body jerked from being startled then he looked "Oh gods damn it Sesshoumaru will ya stop doing shit to me?"

"No I would not dream of depriving you, you'd miss me so much you would cry"

"Keep dreaming Florence of Arabia" Inuyasha shot back

"Hey Sessh, what did he do? Sango asked

"One week ago dearest little brother put whipped cream in the crotch of all my underwear" Sesshoumaru told them "He also drew red ladies lips on all of my condom packets"

"What are you bitching about? Now all the girls will think your finger and boner licking good besides mister frosty you needed a little help. And when they see the red lips they will say aw he's so sweet I think I'll give him some"

"And he" Sesshoumaru started

"No, No Sessh you cannot tell them" panicking Inuyasha said

"He put a replica of a certain female part in my underwear drawer with a note that said with all my love Kagome" Sesshoumaru said loud enough for all to hear"

"Ohhhhh" Inuyasha whined burying his face in his hands

"A fake snatch Yash you are beyond being helped" Kagura needled "Is she your mate?

"Is she your girlfriend? What is her name? Sango taunted

"When can we meet her? I hear wedding bells" Ayame enjoyed tormenting her friend

"No I am severely allergic to marriage," Inuyasha replied "Doctor said if I even so much as attempt it I will die"

"Hah" the group mockingly exclaimed

"That's what a girl should tell you when you ask for some" Sango needled "I'm sorry Yash I am allergic to sex my doctor told me I could die if I try to do it" she teased with a nasally sad sounding voice

"Yup and I'm one of them" Ayame added

"Damn you wenches are" Inuyasha started but froze

"Inuyashaaaaaaa" a voice bellowed he immediately tensed up

"Oh man she looks really pissed" Kagura commented "Yashy was a bad boy, was he?"

"Sniff, sniff I will miss you" fake crying Ayame teased

"Ka, Kagome oh cr, crap" Inuyasha stammered

Sesshoumaru smirked "What have you done to our miko? You can tell your big brother do not be afraid" he said with unlike Sesshoumaru sweetness

"Gulp" was Inuyasha's only reply

"I see" playing dumb Sesshoumaru said

"Ah gotta go" Sesshoumaru latched onto the back of the waistband of his pants preventing him from running "Fuck fluffy let go I don't want to die"

"Little brother stay a while we would miss you terribly if you should leave us now" Sesshoumaru teased

"Come on you heartless bastard let go. You've been getting even with me for a week now" isn't that enough for you? "Inuyasha whined

"Nope" Sesshoumaru replied just when Kagome neared them Sesshoumaru let go

"Bastard" Inuyasha bit

"You little dog eared weasel get back here and fight like a man" Kagome said

"No way keep dreaming wench," Inuyasha answered

"I heard that you creep you left what in Sesshoumaru's drawer with my name on it?"

"Nothing honey"

"Say that when I carve my name into your hide with my powers" Kagome barked

"Personalized signature" Ayame exclaimed "Sweet"

Grinning Bankotsu approached followed by Kouga, Miroku, and Jakotsu "Bank what the hell did our little weasel do to Kagsy she's in kill mode?" Sango asked

"It's really funny as hell but never tell her I said that. Inuyasha put raw egg whites in her gym shoes, emptied her perfumed body spray bottle and filled it with very strong musky men's cologne, and mixed fake roaches in her cup of vanilla pudding resealed it then put it back in her locker" Bankotsu explained

"Eeeeew" the girls exclaimed

"Dead dog running, we all know how Kagsy loves her vanilla pudding and always has a stash," Ayame said

"Yup her mom makes it from scratch" Sango stated "And god it's just like eating ice cream"

"His cuteness is not going to get him out of it this time" Kagura exclaimed

"You know I swear mutt loves not only the chase but the pain" smirking Kouga commented

"Maybe the girl who gets him is going to have to be rough you know like those leather clothes chains and whips kind of people" Miroku joked

"Ordinarily I'd disagree with you perv but this time I think you may have a valid point" Sango stated

"In any case the boy is suicidal and sick," Sesshoumaru said

"Shit I wonder what Kagome's going to do to him for revenge? Ayame asked

"Lets go and find out" Kagura replied "I am dying to know"

After tracking the miko and her victim down they found Inuyasha doing what almost looked like a dance as he scratched at his crotch and butt "Yo Kagome what did you do to dog breath?" Kouga asked

"A few ants and beetles to brighten his day"

"Little brother I had no idea you were such a talented dancer," Sesshoumaru teased

"He he's got ants in his pants and he knows how to dance," Bankotsu ragged

At lunch

As the students sat enjoying their lunch Inuyasha wolfed down his food then eagerly went to his desert his favorite thing blueberry pie his mouth watering and a dreamy look on his face he opened the container took out the piece of pie. He held it up and sank his fangs in the second he did his face went completely sour then red and he looked like he was going to start gagging. He coughed then looked and with horror filled eyes dropped the pie with a look on his face like his best friend had just died, then leapt up and took off at top speed

As the others broke out laughing, "Kagome I know you did something now cough up the info," Sango said

"Just a little fresh lemon skin, pinch of nutmeg, pepper, and oregano in the filling, and one extra treat look at the pie and you'll see" she replied then pushed the container to the middle of the table

They looked "Oh my gods" they exclaimed

"Kags darling you are a truly vicious sneaky and seriously disturbed individual" Jakotsu said "Jaky loves you"

"Miko that is a masterpiece" Sesshoumaru complimented "A Nobel prize winner"

"Damn woman and I thought I was the sickest one with this shit after Inuyasha of course" Kouga commented "This is a first class chart topper"

"I bow to the queen" Ayame teased

What they saw was fake maggots, ants, and the fake roaches Inuyasha had used in Kagome's pudding mixed with the blueberry filling "Aw Kagsy was just looking out for Yashys health by adding a little protein to his diet" Miroku joked

"I think it's safe to say that Inuyasha will not want to see his favorite pie again to soon," Ayame added

"Hey more then likely he's in the men's room what's say we go get a look and see what he's doing?" Miroku suggested

"Shit I'm taking pics with my cell phone," Kouga said, then he, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, and Miroku took off

When they got to the boys bathroom and went inside was a sight they'd nearly die laughing from what they were seeing. Kouga, and Bankotsu took pictures with their cell phones of Inuyasha bent over the sink with a toothbrush scrubbing his tongue with soap and water. He flushed it with water then scrubbed it with more soap, then did his mouth and went back to his tongue again

"Oh Yashy darling? What are you doing? Jakotsu jokingly called

"Hey mutt what happened did you dive a dirty bush now your having a hard time getting the stank out?" Kouga ragged "You know you need dental floss to get the hairs out of your teeth, right?"

"Kouga is right" but Inuyasha my friend don't you think that is oral hygiene overkill? Miroku teased "You might lose a fang or to"

"Fuck you,. Wench pie, roaches, ant's, maggots in pie, sick" is all Inuyasha got out before he went back to scrubbing

Kouga used his demonic speed and headed back to the girls when he got there he showed them the pictures on his cell phone, plus the film he recorded with it "Awww how cute he's keeping his canines extra clean" Ayame joked while watching Inuyasha scrub

"Guess little brother really loved his pie" smiling evilly Sesshoumaru joked

Inuyasha came back "Scrub a dub, dub one hanyou in a tub" Ayame razzed

"Scrub, tub what? Inuyasha exclaimed "Who the fuck told?

The hot professor, lecherous females, the bet

Naraku Himura was the hottest teacher at the Nakamura College, he'd been there about a year, he had long, and wavy, thick jet black wavy hair that he kept tied up in a top knot most of the time. His chocolate brown rust colored eyes were beautiful, women stared at and fantasized what they'd like to do to and with him, but so far none succeeded

"Wow that's professor Himura" Ayame said "Yum I can just picture licking whipped cream off every inch of his body" she said and licked his lips "And a banana split guess where the banana is"

"Yame your such a hentai" Kagura commented "But he is a sexy bastard, candles cherries and chocolate sauce come to mind, and a very busy tongue"

"Kagura you kinky little wench" Ayame teased "We have got to keep an eye on you"

"Freakin A you know it, special pork"

"You know I am surprised he doesn't pick one of the woman here, Hell even at least half the female teachers here would like to jump him. Guess he just hasn't seen anything he likes yet" Sango said

"Hey do you think stealing the hot teacher and locking him up alone with me would be considered kidnapping? Ayame said with a lecherous smirk "I'll be gentle"

"I want in on that" Kagura joked, and winked "Only you won't be seeing him again to soon hell you won't be seeing me either"

"Yup he's a cherry topper," Sango said with a hentai smile "Slurp good to the last pop"

"Cherry topper, what the hell is a cherry topper?" Ayame, and Kagura said in unison

"You poor virgins, how sad you've been denied and don't know what it is" Sango ragged

"Hey I resent that insinuation, especially when it's untrue" Kagura protested "My cherry was picked long ago thank you so much"

"Same here" Ayame added "Now will you tell us what the hell a freaking cherry topper is? Before I scalp ya," she joked

"Yes brats, damn you broads are rough I'm gonna have to rent some new friends," Sango said "He lays on his back, you hold his hardness, put a cherry on the head then you have a cherry topper aka cherry all day sucker" all but choking to keep from laughing "You can even put whipped cream around the cherry extra tasty"

"A cherry banana split and lollipop slurp good to the last drop" Ayame joked

"Sango you cherry sucker you" Kagura ragged

"What? I like cherries so sue me" Sango replied with a wicked grin "Cherry Bing"

"Alright who are you pervy hentai broads gossiping about? Kagome's voice rang in "And does someone need to call 911, and cage for three?"

"Hey Kagsy get your little ass over here, and give us a hug" Sango said "Move it"

"Hey my ass is not little damn it" Kagome replied with mock fury

"Oh shut up and get over here brat before a lasso you and drag you in" Kagura teased, Kagome did

"Okay now that the love fest is over, who's the poor victim this time?" Kagome asked

"Look over there to the left, black hair, rusty brown eyes, and body of a god" Ayame told her "Lust potion on legs"

"Yeah one look can make you cream your panties," lecherously smirking Sango said "Better start bringing plenty of extra panties to school Kagsy cause you'll be doing lots of creaming"

"Better start wearing panty liners dear" Kagura teased with a perverted smile

"Raunchy much? Kagome wisecracked "Jeez Sango you should write porn you could make a bundle"

"I will if you star in it" Sango wisecracked

Kagome looked "Shit I don't have a dick but I think I'm getting my first woody girls" she teased "Yum whipped cream chocolate sauce and so much more and his body as the plate. Damn he's so fucking hot it ought to be illegal"

"Damn and the pervy little wench calls us hentai's" Sango said "We need a perv o meter around here to measure all the pervyness"

"But Sang me him and chocolate sauce" Kagome commented yummy "I'm an addict and he's my fix" you wouldn't make a girl go cold turkey would you? I might die?"

"Forget it professor dreamy hasn't let any female on campus get near him" Kagura informed her "Damn wonder if he's a virgin? She joked, "Pop that cherry"

"Well if so I damn sure won't mind popping his cherry. Maybe I should go make like a nun bless him then resign and make him my permanent love toy" Kagome joked batting her eyes lecherously"

"Why Kagome you want to take advantage of and corrupt that poor pure innocent angel?" Sango teased

"Yep I want to corrupt his brains out repeatedly"

"That is it from now on your name is Wolfgome" Sango teased

"What's his name anyway? Kagome asked

"Naraku Himura" Ayame answered

"Jeez their at it again, damn horny ass wenches" Inuyasha wisecracked to Miroku as they approached the girls "Shit a guy needs a bodyguard around here, lock em up boys"

"Yeah and I know you wish you did" hah Yash? Kagome ragged

"Now, now Inuyasha be nice they are my hentai brethren" Miroku teased

"Figures one perv defends the others, oh king of hentais, lechers, and pervs" Inuyasha teased "Bet your the owner president and founder of the club and union" hah?

"Strong union" hah? Kagome ragged "So stop whining and join" or are you one of those closet pervs?

"Yeah bet you'd just love to have me popping out of your closet late at night" wouldn't you? Inuyasha joked "Stroke that booty and a whole lot more, and I'm an all niter babe"

"And they call us wolves" Kouga who was walking toward them said

"Yep, how about that?" Inuyasha responded "One of them is worse then three perverted guys. They've got a new male victim poor guy"

"They can't help it their just a bunch of horny she wolves. Poor babies" Bankotsu joked

"Maybe I should go warn the poor guy" Inuyasha said

"Inuyasha Taisho do it and so help me god" Kagome started

"Oh calm down wench I wont tell mister studly till after lunch" Inuyasha ragged

"Dog I am going to kill you" Kagome promised, then smirked "Better yet I'll just tell your dad what you put in Sesshoumaru's underwear drawer with my name on it"

"You wouldn't?"

"She would" the group said Kagome smiled evilly Inuyasha cringed

"Hey Kags your first day as a college woman" how are you liking it? Kouga inquired

"Well professor hottie over there just made my first day very, very pleasant" Kagome replied, "I enjoy being a girl la, la, la," she sang

"Oh jeez" Inuyasha, Bankotsu, and Kouga said, Miroku smirked

"Kagome ride the sausage or in his case anaconda" Ayame teased

"Come on Kagsy I'll show you around campus" Sango said then led Kagome away

"You two go on ahead we'll catch up to you in a minute," Kagura said, then the two left

"That poor bastard" Inuyasha said "I feel for the bro, hope he's got good health insurance"

"She going to nail him balls and all" Bankotsu said "Ouch, he'll need a cast"

"Yup" Miroku agreed "We should buy him lots of vitamins and a get well card ahead of time"

"I feel for the guy" Kouga commented "Hope he made out his will and bought a funeral plot"

"What do you mean? Kagura, and Ayame said in the same breath

"Professor Himura doesn't know what he's in for" Inuyasha answered "Kagome the terminator Hirurashi is on his case"

"He's right, you heard her, when our Kagsy wants a guy she's not going to wait for him to ask, she'll pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to tempt him," Kagura said

"They don't call her the terminator for nothing" Miroku told them "Pray for mercy boys"

"Yep" the others agreed

"I'll bet she's gonna start doing shit to him in class soon" Inuyasha stated "Wait and see"

"Willing to put money on it mutt face? Kouga asked

"I am if you are scrawny wolf" Inuyasha replied, "I bet A hundred bucks she has him in a month"

"And I'll bet one hundred she has him before that" Kagura added

"Okay guys bet a month, girls bet less then that," Inuyasha said

"Deal" Ayame answered

Kouga, Inuyasha, and Miroku left "Hehehe, suckers" Kagura said

Bankotsu stayed behind "Girls I'm with you but don't tell the other guys"

"Same here" Jakotsu who had remained quiet the whole time added

"Welcome, and don't worry boys your secret's safe with us," Kagura promised

"But just out of curiosity how come with us and not them? Ayame inquired

"I vote with the winning team" Bankotsu replied "Besides Kag is relentless if he like's her she'll turn him on, I already have a feeling they're going to hook up soon"

"Yes I always vote with the women," Jakotsu said

"The others don't know Kagsy to well" do they? Suckers" Ayame said

"Nope, shit she'll have him in less then a month easy" Kagura replied

"Ladies this'll be the easiest money we've ever made" said Bankotsu

"You know school's about to become a whole lot more interesting" Ayame commented "And who would have thought we could actually make easy money here to"

"Kag's will start out slow then the torture will begin" Kagura told Ayame

"Yep lets keep a close eye on her especially in class poor professor hottie" Ayame joked, then she and Ayame left and quickly caught up to Sango, and Kagome

Show and tell, enter Sesshoumaru, poetic war

"Ok class I need a student to start the class with a reading a piece of poetry from their assignment" Keade the poetry teacher said, "Kouga would you like to do the honors?

"Yeah mangy wolf get up there and do it" Inuyasha ragged "If you can read that is"

"Sure be glad to" Kouga replied smiling evilly "Brainless suicidal flea bag, remember you asked for it"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Inuyasha questioned

"Oh shit," Miroku muttered "Let the games begin"

"Shut up letch" Inuyasha bit "So what the hell do you mean I asked for it ya stupid wolf?"

"Wait for it mutt, wait for it" Kouga answered

Kouga was ready to start when a knock was heard on the classroom door, Keade walked over to the door and opened it. Standing there was none other then. Sesshoumaru Taisho in all of his god like glory wearing a black leather jacket, matching pants, and a body hugging red shirt Sesshoumaru stepped in

"Lord fluffy, what the hell are you doing here?" Inuyasha wisecracked, "Shouldn't you be at the dog show competing with the rest of the thoroughbred fleabags?

"Obviously I am here for the same reason as the other students to learn fool" Sesshoumaru replied, "What is your excuse? Your brain did fall out last week"

"So that was what that shriveled up raisin looking thing was rolling down the street last week" Bankotau needled

"Oh crap Inuyasha is seriously screwed now," Kagura said

"Yeah, why is that?" Ayame asked

"Sesshoumaru is a master of insults with poetry" Kagome answered "And he's the undefeated champ"

"Girls we aren't going to have to wait long because Inuyasha already started the ball rolling" Kagome added, "He opened the door and invited pain in"

"Oh this is going to be the best school day ever," Sango said excited like a kid that just got a bunch of candy "Damn if we only had soda and snacks"

"Sesshoumaru welcome" And please take a seat? Keade greeted "Happy funeral Inuyasha" she thought

"Thank you sensei" he replied

As he walked to his seat he snapped the edge of one of Inuyasha's ears with his claw while passing him "Ow asshole" Inuyasha snapped "What the hell?

"There was a fly there" Sesshoumaru said

"Ya sure fluffy" he snapped, "All I see is a giant roach that needs to die"

"Wait for it little brother, wait for it" Sesshoumaru taunted

"What is that supposed to mean? Inuyasha bit "Damn dill hole"

"Be patient puppy" Sesshoumaru said knowing he hated being called that

"Kouga would you please begin? Keade asked, and smirked knowing what was coming

"Yes sensei" he replied

"Keh, stupid wolf don't know poetry from his ass" Inuyasha needled

"Gassy dog your butt stinks worse then a stagnant rotting log

Inuyasha has no class that's why I'll never let him kiss my royal ass

Inutrasha, Inutrasha where for art thou Inutrasha? For far beyond thy gas does break" how many lives with it will you take?

And when he lets one rip for miles around hundreds of bodies can be found.

Late one night we heard a thunderous fart it nearly tore Japan apart

With his little defective doggie ears the truth he never hears"

"That was Gassy dog by Kouga Tanaka," Kouga announced

"Somebody needs some anti fart pills" Ayame teased

"Just stick an odor eater on his butt and call it a day that'll do" Kouga wisecracked

"Woof, woof" Miroku couldn't resist adding

"Fuck you, shut it or your gonna wind up black and blue, stupid monk stop acting like brainless punk" Inuyasha insulted poetically

"I bless and forgive you sinner" Miroku teased

"Hm, intelligent and eloquent as always little brother" Sesshoumaru teased

"Oh really? Fluffy dickless dog who can only dive the muffy

Sesshoumaru has yet to learn a trick to cure his shriveled limp dick.

Girls his tongue is sprung he can't even blow you sad but true

Sorry it isn't fun but it looks like the decrepit old dog is done"

"That was fluffy by Inuyasha Taisho," Inuyasha said

"Inuyasha that's nasty" Kagome commented, "Never pick on a guys poor defenseless minding his own business dick"

"Ya what she said you disgrace to the male gender" Bankotsu said

"Jealous of your big bro, dog breath?" Kouga needled "They have growth pills now for that little problem you know"

"Definitely penis envy folks" Miroku needled

"Well he can always buy one, it isn't the same but he can use batteries in it" Ayame ragged "Buzz, buzz"

"Inuyasha is such a slob he cant even pay a girl to polish his tiny tarnished knob

That is why he has no female backing because he is drastically lacking

Little brother has just proven himself to be an ass in front of the whole class

He and his foul mouth are such a disgrace I am proud to be the one to wipe that stupid smile off his face"

"That was Nasty by Sesshoumaru Taisho," Sesshoumaru stated

"Yay Sessh that was awesome" Sango praised

"Hey mutt you can always use a vacuum to polish your knob" Kouga razzed

"Ha, ha, ha Nastyyasha Sessh got you good" Kagome said

"Nasty, hah wench, try this on for size?" Inuyasha said to Kagome

"To flee or not to flee that is the question

I have a boner so from this hot pussy sitting in front me I must run because an unrelieved hard on is no fun

Oh how my rod does ache how much more pain can he take?

"That was to flee or not to flee by Inuyasha Taisho," he said

"Inuyashaaaaa" Kagome said then turned around

"Owww" he whined, when Kagome smacked him upside the head "Damn wench, are you trying to kill me?"

"Be careful Kagsy you do not want to catch foot in ass disease," Jakotsu teased

"Ah shut up Mary freaking Poppins," Inuyasha said, "Wench wanna be"

"Not to worry potty mouth because Mary Poppins won't be popping your log" Jakotsu retorted

"Inuyasha pretends to be packing when indeed he is severely lacking

I know your feeling sad and blue hurts like hell because Sesshoumaru has way more then you

Little doggy have no fear it might grow a fraction after a year"

"That was Lacking by Kagome Higurashi," Kagome announced

"Ooooo" the other males in the class exclaimed

"Aww poor wounded little doggy" Miroku needled

The classroom erupted in laughter, Naraku who had heard the last part slowly, and easily opened the classroom door, looked in, then put his index finger over his lips signaling Keade not to speak. She nodded in agreement. Keade, and Naraku stood there waiting for the next round to start, Naraku had the biggest grin on his handsome face

"Stings hah mutt?" Kouga needled

"Kagome thinks she is such a catch even though she has a rusty snatch

Lousy with virginity parted from her cherry she desperately wishes to be

Damn must be a bitch when you want to but can't scratch that nagging itch"

"That was An Itch To Scratch by Inuyasha Taisho," Inuyasha said

"Ohhhhh shit" the students exclaimed

"Happy funeral mutt" Kouga exclaimed

"Spoken like a low life dirty dog who wishes he had a log

Now he's flipping his wig because all he has is a cracked, thin, brittle twig

If I do or don't have a cherry you'll never know because with your tiny axe you will never get near me"

"That was Dirty dog by Kagome Higurashi" Kagome replied

"Ouch, burn" Bankotsu ragged "Call 911"

"Shit better keep it in a cast" Jakotsu teased "Don't worry darling if it breaks off and you become a girl I'll still love you anyway"

"Hey dog breath don't you talk to my Kagome like that" Kouga said

"Oh yeah I forgot about you, you mangy wolf, I owe ya" Inuyasha answered

"What some of your fleas?" Kouga shot back

"Only mangy wolves have fleas" Inuyasha retorted

"What is that? Little brother you need a bath because the wolf is correct I see one of your fleas sneaking across the floor now" Sesshoumaru teased

"Told ya" Kouga added

"Kouga the mangy mutt all the time he smells like stinking dirty butt

His hairy ass is so rank the stench killed all the grass

The stench carried far and wide and from it thousands of people died

Have mercy on those around thee take a bath and set us free"

"That was Smelly wolf by Inuyasha Taisho," Inuyasha announced

"Oh my gods they are sick, but fun," thought Naraku

"Is this fun or what? Keade asked

"Yes, and it will be a miracle if I do not pee my pants laughing" Naraku replied

"Daaaaam" the other students exclaimed

"Now that is foul," Jakotsu commented

"Wolf abuse, wolf abuse" Ayame ragged "Somebody call a lawyer"

"Sic him Kouga" Kagome coaxed

"Alas poor Inutrasha I know him well and his dirty little secret I'll never tell

When at home alone he prances naked except for the girl's lace panties he's wearing and to stripper music he sexily dances

While looking in the mirror checking his stiletto heels in approval like a girl he squeals

Glad no one is around so he won't be found writhing to the music like a horny oversexed wench on the ground

Oops that just slipped out so be a good dog and don't pout"

"That was Dirty little Secret by Kouga Tanaka" Kouga said

"Dance for us, dance for us" the other students chanted

"Shake that booty," the girls teased "Come on move that money maker"

"And while you do slip those pants down and show some ass" Ayame teased "And I wouldn't mind if by accident you showed more"

"Yes I've got a twenty with your name on it if you do" Kagome ragged waving a twenty dollar bill

"I wanna see lots of leg," Jakotsu added

"Kouganna, Kouganna, like my brother the fluff your one big giant fuzzy furry muff"

Why don't you tell everyone your little beauty trick? How you wear red lipstick on the head of your scrawny dick

Oh for you it is such sweet agony and pisses you off because you can't out do me"

"That Was Kouganna Can't by Inuyasha Taisho" Inuyasha retorted

"Shit that's foul" Kagura commented

"Yashy what color do you wear? Jakotsu razzed

"Lacks class as always little brother" Smirking Sesshoumaru needled

"I get lots of pussy that is why you wish you could be like me rotting away you will die from virginity

Girls he cannot stick it so he'll just have to lick it

But make sure first he brushes his teeth that way you can avoid his rancid breath aka smelly bringer of death

You will find him with a map of female anatomy like a tracker searching to get in but because of his brainlessness lost is he"

"That is Lost by Kouga Tanaka"

"That was Smelly Mutt" by Kouga Tanaka he needled

"Oh Yashy call me later" Ayame teased

"I'll train you," Kagura added

"I'll show you the right spots to hit" Sango teased "Trick is not to sprain your tongue"

"Yup slow gentle strokes" Kagome razzed "And loving rings around the rim"

"There mutt the girls are even willing to teach you" Kouga needled "At least your mouth will be put to good use for the first time in your life"

"Make sure he brushes his teeth first would not want kitty to wilt" Bankotsu needled "Or even worse die"

"Inuyasha is full of shit he never knows when to quit

If he had half a brain he would not be such a mindless pain,

Even though his hormones are surgin he's still a frustrated virgin.

And oh fuck if his backed up pipes break we'll all be drowning in muck"

"That was frustrated virgin by Sesshoumaru Taisho" Sesshoumaru ragged

"Forget third degree burn that's a damn seven degree burn," Miroku said

"Nah dude that was more like a ten degree burn, ouch" Bankotsu joked

"Ooooo" Inuyasha growled in frustration "You leave my gods damned pipes alone they aren't bothering you oh fruitless one"

"They aren't bothering the girls either" are they? Sesshoumaru needled

"Good one Sessh" Bankotsu said "Aw poor little Yasha he fell down on his special place and got an ouchy that's why he's so grouchy" he wisecracked

"But I am not the one walking around with two dried up raisins attached to a shriveled up piece of dried meat jerky" Sesshoumaru razzed

"Beef jerky pecker, I mean pork jerky pecker" Kouga needled

"Hey Inuyasha beneath your mini skirt does your pee, pee hurt? Kagura teased "Need a band aid?

"I heard if you soak it in water it will come back" Miroku razzed

"Man hope you didn't rupture your nuts when you fell" Ayame ragged

"Well girls he can always pee sitting down" Sango added "I will even get him a fur covered toilet seat so he'll feel more at home"

"Or if he doesn't want to do that he can wear a diaper" Kagura teased "They make scented ones now"

"Well folks he can also install a hose drainage system there" Ayame said

"Shut up you stupid wenches who's big mouths could dig trenches

Guys you better run like hell on the double cause girls are nothing but trouble

And when their on the rag with your life they play tag

It is then you'll see their psychotic side so I suggest you run fast and hide"

"That was girls are trouble by Inuyasha Taisho" Inuyasha replied

"We don't give a shit what you say cause you ain't getting any bootay," Kagura wisecracked

"Keade may I read this special piece of poetry I wrote for the class assignment? Sesshoumaru sweetly asked she said yes

"Hey fluffy what the fuck are you up to" Inuyasha barked

"Silence little brother correction mighty mouth it does not concern you" Sesshoumaru answered with a smirk

'Yeah so shut up the rest of us want to hear it and if you interrupt I will personally knock you unconscious," Miroku promised

Tis the season to be smelly scratch your as and rub your belly

Santayasha lost his grip and let one rip it was such a noxious fart for miles around it's fumes nearly stopped everyone's heart.

Tis the season to be merry Santayasha should never drink sherry he fell down and broke his cherry tree oh the agony

As he lay in the hospital bed with his log in a cast he wondered "Why me, how long will this pain last?

Tis the season to be happy a week later Santayasha was released "Free at last, hallelujah I am finally out of this freaking cast

Tis the season to celebrate Santayasha doesn't have a mate so he'll just have to masturbate. It's Christmas now and time to begin Santayasha had a shot of gin

He got on his sleigh with his Christmas gifts to deliver then as he flew away "Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas Santayasha's feeling tight screw you one and all and have a rocking good night" he said as he rode out of sight

"That is Santa's Cherry Tree by Sesshoumaru Taisho" he announced

The classroom filled with roars of laughter "Oh agony I fell down and my pecker broke in three" Bankotsu teased

"Santayasha baby Yame wants a new car" Ayame ragged "A Cadillac"

"I want a diamond ring with a matching bracelet, and earrings Santayasha" Kagura joked

"Kagsy wants a house," Kagome added

"I'd like some money lots of money" Sango said

"Me I'll be happy with a kiss," Jakotsu teased almost choking trying not to laugh

"Where's our presents? Miroku, Kouga, Jakotsu, Bankotsu, and the other males in the class all teased

"Sesshoumaruuuuuuu, you son of a bitch, start making funeral plans genius. I've got an itch to scratch," Inuyasha said flexing his claws at the same time "Roses are red violets are blue and I'm about to shred you"

"Okay I need not read any of your work everybody gets an A+," Keade announced

"Yay" they all cheered

"Little brother I mean mother do try and keep up you sow lame legged pup" Sesshoumaru taunted then took off

Naraku was leaning up against the wall to maintain his balance laughing so hard tears were streaming from his eyes, never in his whole career had he seen such a hilarious display "Children I think it is my death ye seek because I think this may kill me" Keade gasped

"That cheap bas, bastard left and didn't even leave us any g, gifts" laughing Bankotsu choked out, and that only made the others laugh harder

In Naraku's class

Naraku introduced himself to the class, and took attendance, when he called Kagome's name she answered then gave him a sexy wink, he looked surprised then grinned a bit. smiles passed between Bankotsu and the rest of Kagome's group of friends, who were mentally laughing there asses off

"Shit wench is starting already," Inuyasha whispered to Miroku "The terminator"

"Dude the exterminator is on duty" Kouga joked

"The little minx, hehehe" Miroku replied "This is gonna be good"

As the class proceeded, Kagome leaned forward making sure Naraku got a good long look at the cleavage of her full bosom, he had to hold back a gulp, and she inwardly laughed enjoying his reaction. He had all he could do to maintain his composure this girl was to much her first day there and she was tormenting him he'd never met such an aggressive female in all his life

"Shit wench one professor zero," Inuyasha whispered to his friends

"Bet he's sporting a tent pole" Bankotsu joked "Time to go camping"

"Damn having to sit there in that condition ouch. Brother he is one strong dude I'd go nuts" Miroku said

"Poor bastards going to have ruptured pipes before the day ends" Inuyasha joked "Maybe we should slip him some dogweed let him have a couple of hits"

Sweet temptation, the taunting begins

Day 1

Kagome made sure she sat in the back of the class she sat at her desk, while the other students were busy with their class work, she dropped her pencil on her desk to get Naraku's attention, then picked it up. When he looked, she slipped the top of her pencil in her mouth, and slid it in and out in a suggestive manner, his breath caught in his throat, and he nearly choked, he had all he could do to concentrate, and continue the class

"Does she realize what that does to a man? Naraku mentally said to himself

"Poor bastard" Bankotsu thought and in his mind laughed his ass off "Go Kagsy sic him"

"The miko gives a whole new meaning to hot for teacher" Sesshoumaru thought "If it were me her little ass would be in the closet getting nailed" he said

"You got that right big bro tap that ass" Inuyasha teased

"Little brother you are raunchy"

"Damn right I'm a pussy hound and proud of it" Inuyasha joked "Woof"

"I'm with ya brother" Miroku, and Bankotsu agreed

After class "Holy fucking shit wench" are you trying to kill the poor bastard? Inuyasha asked "Damn woman show some mercy"

"What have you been watching me? Kagome asked faking being indignant "Peeping freaking tom" she teased

"Hello dog demon here I can sense and smell things ya know, horny wench," Inuyasha answered with a smirk "Yeah I snuck a couple of quick glances from the corner of my eye. Her dream her love sent from heaven above to her he is a wonderful sight she dreams of humping all through the night" he ragged, she smacked his arm

"A hah, peeping tom" she teased "The eyes and face of an angel and the brain of a hentai"

"Want me to help you out and tell him for ya? Inuyasha teased "I'll point to and you say hey Kagome Higurashi's hot for teacher you lucky dog. She wants to jump you, pant, pant, pant"

"Do and die" Kagome said and gave her hanyou friend the death glare

"Eeeee" Inuyasha shrieked and cringed when Kagome blew in his ear "Fuck don't do that shit wench it feels weird and itches"

"Your first blow job mutt?" Kouga ragged

"Kagsy oh pal of mine you are so evil even I cannot believe it, hehehe" Sango teased

"Yep ride the baloney pony, giddy up" Miroku said "That's alright Kagsy others will never understand our justifiable lechery"

"Boys, and girls our Kagome is in a hurry to play pole in the hole" Jakotsu teased

"Burning his wick in Kagome's candle stick," Bankotsu joked

"Roll in the hay all night and day" Ayame added

"Ah bite me" Kagome responded

"Ooo, ooo me first" Miroku said with his hand up and waving it like a kid in school

"No way I get first dibs," Inuyasha wisecracked

"Cannibals" Ayame said

Just to get a rise Sesshoumaru said "I believe I am first in the aforementioned activity"

"Hah? I don't fucking believe it fluffy's a pervert" who would'a thought it? Inuyasha commented "Mister classy wants her chassie" Going to check under the hood to?

"I am through, and f it is perverted to appreciate a nice ass then of this crime I am pleasurably guilty" Sesshoumaru responded then laughed "See you later ladies and gentlemen, and you as well puppy" Sesshoumaru said to Inuyasha knowing he hated being called puppy

"Stop calling me that I ain't a damn puppy asshole" Inuyasha shot back

"We know you are the hole of the ass" would you mind not repeatedly reminding us of the fact? Sesshoumaru replied then disappeared at the speed of light

"What? Sesshy was just being honest," Sango said

"He can check under my hood" Kagura joked

"Ooooo, I hate that fluffy bastard" Inuyasha griped then Kagura got on one side, and Ayame on the other each latched onto one of his ears, and started massaging them between their fingers "Noooo, stop come on you wenches let go" he protested

"We wuv our dreamy wittle puppy sooooo much" Ayame, and Kagura ragged

"Get bent" Inuyasha replied "Damn females why always the ears?

"Aw we only want to give him love and lots of hugs and kisses," Ayame teased

"No you wenches only want to torture me" Inuyasha replied "I need ear tweakers repellent"

Day 2

The next day deciding to up the heat a little, when the other students were busy he looked curious to see what she was up to. With one hand Kagome reached inside her shirt gently squeezed one of her breasts, ran her thumb over the nipple, and at the same time licked her lips sexily. It was nearly impossible for him to keep his eyes from widening, mouth from gaping, and gasping all at the same time he could see the hardened nipples poking through her shirt

"Damn she's fucking worse then Miroku" Inuyasha whispered to Kouga "Assassin, man she's working for the devil"

"Yup I think the monk has some serious competition in the lechery department" Kouga replied "It'll be a miracle if the poor guy doesn't explode before the days done. If That happens then he'll lose Kagsy's favorite part, hehehe"

"Shit she's even giving me a damn boner and I'm gay" Jakotsu commented

"Switching sides now are you? Kagura ragged her friend "Jakykins"

"Nah, but you gotta admit the girl is one sexy teasing bitch," Jakotsu answered

'Damn man she could give a guy an aching pole that would last for a week" Bankotsu said "And give him blue balls to, ouch,"

"Worried about losing the bet boys? Kagura teased

"No" all the guys except Bankotsu, and Jakotsu replied

"Fuck I bet he's got the biggest hard in the world right now" Inuyasha wisecracked "Can you say jackhammer able to drill cement?

"Hey Yash a boning we will go, a boning we will go the professors going drilling don't you know," Ayame joked

"Kagsy's the priestess and she just want's to bless his holy staff," Miroku teased

"Yeah then professor Himura can go fishing, hehehe" Kagura joked "Bet he'll catch a big one"

"And that's a special fish with a fur coat in the middle," said Kouga

Day 3

"Miss Higurashi would you please come here? Naraku asked

"Yes Sensei" she went over to his desk "Please Sensei just call me Kagome?

"Okay, Kagome would you please pass these out to the other students? Naraku said, then without using his voice mouthed the word "Minx" with her back still to the class the others could not see she smirked, and winked at him

"Sexy spider" she said without using her voice he read her lips

As requested Kagome passed out the papers she was bending slightly so her ass stuck out, she could feel his eyes boring holes into her back, she mentally smirked "Hey mutt face? Fuck I bet he could use that thing like a bat play baseball with it and hit a home run," Kouga jokingly whispered to Inuyasha

"Not only that dude he could saw wood with it to," Inuyasha said with a smirk

"He sure is tense, I can feel it" Kagura said, "He can chop wood with that ax"

"Why do I get the feeling today's gonna be the chart topper?" Ayame added

When she was finished passing out the papers Kagome nonchalantly strolled back to her seat "Hey here it comes, I'm not looking but I know whatever she's about to do is raunchy," Sango whispered to the others

In the back of the class Kagome took her seat, the other students began their studies, Kagome cleared her throat gaining Naraku's attention, he looked and what he saw next nearly stopped his heart. There was sweet little Kagome who was wearing a short skirt with her legs spread half way and not wearing any panties giving Naraku more then a birds eye full of her forbidden place

"Somebody needs an ice pack" Inuyasha whispered

"More like a walk in freezer" Jakotsu said "Ice pack alone isn't gonna do it"

Naraku made like he had to get something and he stood up making sure he was holding a file in front of his crotch to hide the tent in his pants he was aching almost beyond tolerance and was damn near ready to come in his pants. He finally had to leave the classroom under the guise of going to the bathroom, he bolted to the men's room, once he entered he quickly went into one of the stalls, locked the door, and proceeded to relieve himself, but he knew the relief wouldn't last long, he came so hard he was dizzy

"Dear gods she is killing me, never in my life has a woman tormented me like she does" he thought "Oh I will get her for this one way or another"

Seeing that Naraku was gone Sango went to Kagome's desk "Alright Kag's what fuck did you do to him? Spill" Kagome told her friend "Oh my gods" Sango said with her hands on Kagome's desk leaned forward and almost pissed herself laughing "You devil"

Kagura with her demonic hearing heard the whole thing, as did Ayame "Well that goes to prove pussy rules" Kagura the wise ass said

Inuyasha, and Kouga had also heard it as well, Kouga told Bankotsu, and Inuyasha told Jakotsu "All hail the mighty power of pussy we shall erect a temple in it's honor" Jakotsu joked

"Jak you are one sick fucked up dude," Inuyasha ragged

"I know, I enjoy being a boy la, la, la," he sang

"Oh my fucking gods Kagome you are above and beyond raunchy," Sango said to her best friend "Bad Kagsy, bad Kagsy" Sango joked as if scolding a bad dog

"Happy Kagsy, happy Kagsy" Kagome joked "Kagsy wants to play more, hehehe"

"He sure took a good long look to so he likes what he saw which means I have a chance with him, gee he left in a hurry" I wonder why? Kagome said in a playful I'm innocent tone with a fake pout

"Yeah as if, you know damn good and well why, the poor thing had to relieve that down low ache. You better watch it he might lose control and his mind throw you on top of his desk and bone the shit out of you in front of the whole damned class," Sango teased

"Oh no, no fucking way I don't do porn and I don't not like or want an audience" Kagome replied

Inuyasha went to Kagome's desk, bent over, and whispered in her ear "You better put a leash on that thing it ain't licensed" he teased, "Yeah I heard what you told Sango, damn wench I did not know you were that raunchy ya little freak. Shit you surpassed miroku, and I thought nobody could ever do that"

Kouga told Miroku the goings on he almost choked laughing "Crap she is worse then me" Miroku said with a proud and lecherous grin "She gets free membership to my lechers union for life"

"You've got serious competition" Bankotsu commented, "She may dethrone the king"

"Brother I think she already has only Kagome could do it" Miroku replied

"Miko I give you praise, with your cunning you should be a demoness," Sesshoumaru added

"I am honored thanks Sessh" Kagome replied

After he rested Naraku returned to his classroom, he became aroused again but at least it wasn't near as bad as it was when Kagome had started her sexy taunting. He sat at his desk a million thoughts running through his mind, he patiently waited for the lunch bell to ring and he did not have long to wait. Kagome went to the ladies room and slipped on her red lace panties, then quickly came back, the lunchtime bell rang and everyone eagerly and quickly began filing out of the class

"Kagome I wish to speak with you," Naraku stated

"Yes sensei"

"Now little minx" he thought"

Lemon starts

Once the other students were, gone Naraku locked the door, in a flash Kagome found herself bent over a desk with Naraku's hands moving cupping groping and feeling her breasts. Then moved down his left hand held her hip while his right found it's way between her legs, he ground his renewed hardness against her ass and with his right hand rubbed her nether region up and down

"So little minx you like to play temptress" he purred "Now I shall make you feel what you do to me" he continued his minisstrations and kissed her neck

"Oh, oh my gods Naraku" she called out just above a whisper while she came

"Yes call my name, you will be doing so a lot and quite often that I promise you" he said sexily sending a jolt of electricity throughout her body "I shall torment you as you do me you will burn with need for relief"

"Naraku it feels good better then all my fantasies of you"

"And there is so much more you have to experience, and I shall see to it that you do" he said then nipped her ear "I am going to fuck you until you cannot move"

Once she came down from her high, he turned her to face him and they shared their first kiss with his tongue he nudged her lips apart and she quickly granted him entrance, then he eagerly dove in. Kagome's tongue lovingly stroked his at the same time he took hold of one of her thighs and put her leg over his hip, while still holding her thigh he rubbed against her

He sat her facing him atop one of the desks, making sure to stand between her legs, at the same time he slipped her off the shoulders style shirt and red bra straps down over her shoulders exposing her full breasts to his hungry eyes. He was good with his hands he cupped both breasts in his hands then took one in his mouth and kept his free hand on its twin, Naraku repeated his actions the other breast he suckled and licked her hardened nipples causing her to moan

Kagome had her hand on his length stroking it through his pants and felt it twitch in her hand, she called his name that got his attention, she then pulled him into another kiss. While the kisses continued to grow hotter then Kagome unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and at the same time pulled his pants and underwear down past his hips, he groaned sounding almost desperate

As she held and stroked his length up and down "I want to make you release" she purred

"Kagome I need you now"

"Yes Naraku"

He stood her up, and removed her panties, she got her first look at his large thick shaft and mentally gulped "See something you like? He teased "What will you do with it?

"Wow your packing, and it's a shot gun" she said a bit wide eyed "Hope it's licensed"

He picked her up her legs automatically went around his waist and arms around his neck, she had the first time feel of her bare womanhood against his bare manhood it made her even hotter. She rubbed against it causing him to groan, Naraku then sat on his chair, and Kagome straddled his lap while with one hand he held it in place she slowly lowered herself down taking his shaft all the way inside her

"Ah shit," he hissed from the intense first time feel of her hot sheath encasing his rod, and bare skin on skin contact "I want you to ride me"

"Ugh" she responded for the same reason both nearly came "Naraku you feel good, I've wanted this from the first day I saw you"

"Yes fuck me," he groaned as he felt her passage pulse "Ride my dick I need to feel you come" she was about to start then the cursed bell rang

"Ahhhh fuck" both groaned in frustration, neither realized how much time they'd spent on foreplay and tormenting each other

He gave a thrust "Damn your so hot tight and so wet for me" he said "I could stay inside you all night"

Lemon ends

They quickly got up fixed their clothes, he unlocked the door "You will meet me tonight, we are going to the movies I want time alone with you uninterrupted I will not take no for an answer" he informed her

"As if I'd say no" where? She asked

"Asano Street, my car is in the shop so we'll take the train, The Kawasaki theatre is outside of the area so there'll be no risk of other students or staff here seeing us and telling"

"Good idea" she replied

"Woman what I am going to do to you when we are somewhere where we will not be interrupted" he promised

Naraku gave her a quick kiss, then went to his desk and to make it look good quickly laid paper work across his desk. Kagome sat at her desk deeply engrossed in her class work, they had done this just in time, the students started filing back into the classroom. Suspecting something happened Sango mentally smiled

"Class work my ass" Kagura thought "The kids taste tested the candy"

"I can tell she sampled his drill she reeks of him, but they didn't get to finish, they must have fucked around to long. I wouldn't have hell I would'a tapped that right away and kept going till we both popped our corks. And there are plenty of closets around here," Inuyasha told Kagura in a barely above a whisper "You know how us dogs are,"

"Fuckin A" Kagura joked, "Ride that sucker till the volcano erupts"

"Hey Kagsy sampled the goods" Sango joked to Kouga "She played doctor and took his temperature"

"Sure did hell I can smell it" Inuyasha said "Kagsy steamed that sausage"

"The miko took her new porcha for a test drive," Sesshoumaru said with a sneaky, knowing grin "Vroom, vroom"

"Yup the new Himura 2000 sweet ride" Ayame joked

3::pm the clock said the students quickly packed their belongings and left. Kagome was the last one still in the class, Naraku was standing there, the little she devil reached over his desk and grabbed his crotch "Mine" she said

"Yes, taunting little letch and when I take you I am going to fuck your brains out all night long, I love sex and have a high sex drive so when we begin do not plan on going anywhere to soon"

"Sounds good to me I knew you were an all niter" she answered, and to which he smirked "Ride that anaconda" she teased

"Plow that field" he said with a sexy smirk

Date night, on the train, sampling, at the movies

As was pre arranged when he arrived at Asano Street his heart filled with joy when he saw the woman he called his minx waiting for him. She was wearing his favorite color red it was a sexy little dress that was just above her knees, she had on black shoes with two inch heels. Her face lit with a smile when she saw him, he wore black pants, and jacket, and ironically a red shirt that though unplanned matched her dress rose red

Lemon starts

He put his arms around her and his lips took hers in a hot kiss, then they walked to and got on the train sat down and held hands, he put one arm around her shoulders, and Kagome laid her head on his shoulder. They made out for a while, the train emptied out, Kagome waited for the doors to close, and quickly unzipped his pants then took his hard shaft out

"Woman what the hell are you doing?"

"I want a taste," she answered

Kagome took him in her mouth "Kagome oh shit" he said, while gripping the edge of the seat with both hands "Woman what you do to me" he let her go on for a while "Ah gods to good" he panted hard and stopped her

"Why? You don't have to hold back, I want you to"

"My turn" was all he said

He sat her on the back of the seat in front of them he sat in front of her pulled her black lace panties down slipped them off, put her legs over his broad shoulders, then plunged his tongue deep inside her. A surge of fire shot through Kagome's entire body heating her to the core, and she could tell he loved what he was doing, when he began plunging in and out her eyes rolled back in her head she was so near

She tried to stop him but he held onto her hips and continued increasing the intensity of his sensual assault, feeling she was close he wasn't about to stop now. And she exploded seeing stars he held her in place until she came down from her high, her breathing evened out and her heartbeat returned to normal, he looked into her eyes with a big devious grin

Lemon ends

"Professor the assassin Himura" she teased

"You are a tasty little treat" he teased "In the future I shall greatly enjoy pleasuring you in every way until you beg me to stop"

"Murderer" she joked "Oh and by the way Raku tastes good"

He raised a brow "You've named him?


"Woman you are to much"

"So are you, I mean like wow that has never been this good ever"

"You respond beautifully to me, better then I had expected," he said

They fixed their clothing, then the train stopped they exited the train then walked to the theater which was only a short distance away. Naraku, and Kagome entered the theatre, he bought the tickets, then sodas and snacks. They went to the where the film was being played, Kagome suggested that they take the seats in the back she had always preferred the back, she hated the front and sitting close to the screen

The two took their seats, the arms of the chairs folded up and down making it easy to set their drinks in, she pulled the arm to her left down and set her drink on it, and Naraku pulled the one to his right down, Kagome pulled the center arm up leaving an armless space between them. she reached over and held his hand, needing contact he pulled her against him and held her in a possessive hold, as they waited for the film to begin they noticed there were no other people coming in

"Seems we are going to have the movie, as well as the room all to ourselves" Naraku commented

"I'm not complaining, hm I can cop a feel and there'll be no witnesses" she teased

"You little letch you" he joked, "What have I gotten myself into?

"Only for you babe, only for you. Milk the snake" she razzed

"Good to hear because I am greedy and do not like to share" he teased "And you may milk your snake all you want"

As they waited after a while, the lights went down as it always was even with the light from the movie the back row was so dark you could not see a hand in front of you, the movie began, the lovebirds ate their snacks, and drank their sodas. A half hour into the movie except for them the theatre room remained empty, Kagome called his name when he turned to face him she quickly put one hand on the back of his head and pulled him into a hard kiss

He responded passionately tongues brushed teasingly against one another, she then started kissing his neck, and he hers "Do you have any idea what you do to me? He asked between heavy breaths "I cannot endure much more"

"Good neither can I" returned to kissing his neck and rubbed one hand over his stiffness at the same time

Lemon starts

She kissed him again the second their lips made contact he groaned a needy groan, before he knew it she had his pants open, and his hardened, aching shaft in her hot little hand, what happened next surprised him for he had never experienced such before. She took him into her mouth after a few seconds she reached down for something, he flinched from the surprising sensation of her going around the edges of the head of his rod, then around its hole, next she gently ran it up and down the length of it a couple times, with a small ice cube from her soda cup

When she took his now extra sensitive rod back into her hot mouth his sanity nearly snapped from the almost unbearable, highly pleasurably combination of intense new sensations coursing through his shaft, and quickly into his body, his brain was nearly on overload. With his long arms outstretched, his hands gripped onto the top of the backs of their seats, after a minute one hand went into her hair his fingers tangling with her raven locks

Lost in the pleasure of the new sensations, when Kagome stopped, he slightly groaned at the loss of contact with her hot mouth. But he did not have to wait long, because in a flash she was on him and straddling him, it was then he realized before they left the train she had not put her panties back on

"Here? He asked "But I think if you breath on it right now I'll come"

"Naraku if you don't let me fuck you I am going to go insane, I cant wait anymore" she replied "Then I might commit a homicide" she joked

In a split second he was fully sheathed inside her, both moaned in ecstasy from the pleasurable feel of one another "Then fuck me I am to far gone to care or stop now"

"Oh shit this is it"

"Yes ride me," he moaned

"I want to feel you come"

"Holy shit" he exclaimed when she deliberately tightened her passage around him "Fuck yes give it to me I need it"

While she slowly began moving up and down he pulled the straps, and top of her dress down, Naraku pulled her into another hot kiss, next she felt his lips wandering all over her neck, and traveling down to her cleavage where she felt his tongue tasting her heated flesh. Then it lapped at her nipples, and sucked on them making them ache with need, while his hands rubbed, cupped, held onto, and gently squeezed her ass, he found out that feeling her ass, and kissing her neck made her even hotter

"Shit Naraku, it, it's" she gasped, hearing that he began thrusting up into her hard

"Naraku oh fuck yes" she came four times drenching his shaft, then he did it harder "G, gods I love fucking you, ah" she gasped

"That's it Kagome fuck me give it to me"

"Narakuuu" she called out, with the start of her final release, but this one was unusually intense, and pleasurable

"Give it to me Kagome" he said, as his climax began the same time as hers "Oh gods yes fuck me" he coaxed "Kagomeee"

While both erupted like volcano's she suddenly felt a pair of fangs sink into her left shoulder, she did not know why but followed her new urge pulled the collar of his shirt on the left side back to the side and did the same to him, it took the longest time for them to reach completion. Removing their fangs from each other their climaxes finally complete, they stopped and rested for a few seconds, she kissed him then plunged her tongue into his mouth, and contracted her vaginal muscles around his rod at the same time rubbing back and forth making him harden all over again

"Dear gods woman your insatiable I am truly blessed a woman who can match me" he praised, "My little she devil,"

Knowing her legs were tired Naraku stood holding her up then sat her atop the back of the seat in front of him, and plunged in and out of her heated depths, after a few brief minutes she asked him to go harder he happily obliged his mate. Naraku began moving with inhuman speed, relentlessly pounding into her, both came a few times when the last one hit he kissed her hard with a savage passion and they pulled apart

"S, so good Kagomeee"

"Yes Naraku yes ughhh" both called out their climaxes, careful not to do so loudly

Lemon ends

After Naraky, and Kagome cleaned themselves with the handy wipes Kagome always carried in her purse, they fixed their clothes and sat back down, the memory of what he had done hit him "Kagome I am sorry I did not mean to do it" he said "I hope you are not mad"

"Sorry, mad, for what? She questioned "Oh no" are you regretting what we just did? Because it was out of this world, you are the best fuck of my life" she replied

"Thank you, and no I do not regret us doing that you are also the best I have ever had"

"Then what is it?

"I have marked you, and I am sorry I had really intended to court you first before doing it. I did it without asking first that is what I regret," he answered

"So no big, Naraku I have never in my whole life been drawn to a man like I am to you. I felt an instant connection the second I laid eyes on you, and knew you were the one, I think our bodies reacted to each other and acted on our true desires"

"Well mate you are stuck with me forever now" he teased

"Aw my little spider don't worry and spiders always were one of my favorite creatures. Besides I lucked out and got the hottest guy on the planet," she praised

"With you in it my life it with you will never be boring," tell me Kagome did you feel that weird tingling sensation just when we marked each other? I have been with other women and have never experienced that before"

"Yup sure did and I never felt that with other guys before"

"I hope you know that, that was our powers merging" he explained

"It's part of the mating" right? She asked

"Yes it means that we are very compatible and meant to be together soul mates"

"Shit I wanted to jump you the first day I saw you, and if you'd have asked to I would have let,. Hell there's plenty of closets in the school" she said with a perverted smile, and winked

'You are without a doubt the horniest woman I have ever met in all my life"

"Sniff, sniff you started it" she teased feigning tears "And I could not resist now I am addicted you drug you"

"Oh sure blame the male when it is indeed the female who instigated the whole thing" he replied "And she violated me repeatedly"

They had made love for an hour and a half throughout the two hour movie and it was nearly over so they took the opportunity to sit and rest for a while, he held his new mate close to him "Hey know what we came here to see a movie, and wound up getting married mated" she teased

"Married? He said

"Yeah mating in youkai law is the same as human marriage, only difference is with youkai it's forever" she commented

"Yes it is" would you like to marry by human law as well? He asked and thrilled when he heard her gasp

"Mated, and proposed to in one night" what more could a girl ask for?

"Well then what is your answer? Naraku inquired

"Yes, yes, yes" she excitedly answered

"Good then we shall set a date" how about Friday? I have no wish to wait much longer then that," he told her

"Okay Raku" she teased

"I cannot believe it she's given me a nick name" he responded

"I won't call you that in public it'll be our secret," she promised

"Deal" he agreed, just as the movie credits ended he lights came back on, and the mated pair readied themselves to leave and take the long train ride home "Kagome you will be coming home with me I will not be without you this night"

"Yes mate, I knew you'd see things my way" she teased "Ride the spider all night long"

"Vixen" he replied with a grin "You may be the death of me" he teased

"Naraku would you come with me to meet my family?

"Yes misses Himura" he couldn't resist using his last name for her, he was possessive but in a loving way "Wife mate" he teased

"Wiseass, husband mate" she ragged "Damn you are a handsome thing"

The ride home, Naraku's house, a big surprises awaits her

They left the theatre, and headed to the train, when they got to the train stop the two sat on the bench waiting for the train holding hands. Other people passed by and smiled at the beautiful couple. One older woman about age sixty gave Naraku a wink then grinned, Kagome got the biggest kick out of it and grinned, he smiled in surprise and felt a swell of pride inside

"See sexy even the older ladies like you" she teased

"Woman tease me all you will I will have my revenge" he said smiling evilly "And have you pleading for mercy"

"Spoiled sport"

"Wait till I get you home I will show you spoiled sport" he promised

"But I didn't sniff, sniff do anything" she teased with a fake pout, and faking tears

Lemon starts

The train finally came, and they boarded it, and quickly took their seats, during the ride home, the newly mated couple watched as the train emptied out there was one last person who left, then there was an electrical surge and the lights went out. After Naraku promising revenge, revenge wanting Kagome decided to beat him to it with her back facing him she sat on his lap and ground her heat up and down his shaft with her first brush against him he immediately hardened

"Who says we have to wait till we get home? And who's getting revenge first? She asked him in an innocent angelic tone "Milk the spider" she teased

"Ohhh, I should have kept my big mouth shut and waited until we were at home to exact my vengeance" he replied "But damn it feels so good"

"Damn you make me so hot and the feel of you sliding in and out" she responded

"Little miko you are killing me your going to make my male parts explode before you are finished with me"

"Like you I love to fuck, always have. But don't forget we bit each other and ingested some of each others blood your youkai blood increased my already high sex drive"

"Shit, Kagome please, I cannot take anymore?" he pled "I surrender take your revenge just give me that bush I need to be inside of you with you riding me"

She stood up and in under a second her panties were off, and she had his pants and briefs pulled down, still with her back facing him she held onto the back of the seat in front of them. Naraku rubbed the tip against her entrance opening making sure to glide it over her pearl a few times she nearly climaxed, when she felt the head starting to enter she sat back taking it in all the way and could feel his balls beneath her heat she rubbed back and forth a bit to further drive him nuts

"Damn I can't get enough of you all I can think about is feeling your cock in me and riding it, And when you talk dirty it's even hotter"

"It is the same for me when you speak that way, woman I love the way you ride me" he praised

To torture him as he did her with the head of his rod she moved back and forth, sheathed inside her it twitched in it's desperate need for relief, and as if pleading for release from it's aching need. Naraku reached around in front of her and played with her bosoms then came down to her ass, she lifted herself up and began moving up and down, he put his hands on and held onto her hips and nipped her ass

"Naraku" she moaned "Tell me what you want"

"All of it give me all of it," he said "Yes give me my pussy,"

"Do you like it when I make you hard? Then slide up and down your rod till you explode like a bomb?

"Dear gods yes d, don't stop" he panted "Please, please make me release?"

"Naraku I" gasping should not finish speaking then "Narakuuu" she exploded soaking his shaft and that made him even hotter"

Kagome was nothing if not a thorough torturer she raised herself up to the head of his length, but instead of going all the way back down again she slowly and torturously moved up and down to just below the head leaving most of it outside of her. When she felt his hands tighten on her hips trying to pull her down she then knew he could not take much more without losing complete control

"Gods damn it Kagome fuck me" he said, with a smirk she lowered herself all the way down, and resumed her prior movements "Ah yes woman like that"

"Na, Naraku oh shit" she gasped

After some time had passed his movements became more erratic "Harder, give it to me, fuck me harder" he said then he started thrusting harder, Kagome herself started slamming down onto him harder and faster "By all the god's yes like that, pound into me" Naraku said

"Yes, oh my dear gods yes" she called out while both climaxed

"Pant, pant holy shit Kagome I have never had one like you in all my life"

"Can I have more, can we go again, please?

"All you want my little mate, I have a high endurance," he said "Give me more of my hairy friend"

"Even if you killed me doing this I'd die happy," she told him, she moved in a circular motion making him groan

Staying inside her he slid sideways across the seat, then keeping her in a bent position he maneuvered them so she was bent over hanging on to the side of the seat. Remaining inside her from behind he moved in and out. Naraku could feel the heat of her core rising and heating his shaft, when she began bucking back into him he moved like a piston inside her, with one hand balancing herself with the other she reached back and fondled his balls

"Oh damn" he grunted, "You like it, want me to fuck you hah?

"Yes give me that dick"

He leaned over her when she turned her head he kissed her when their lips and tongues made contact both became hotter three fold he pulled his head back, feeling his shaft pulsate she removed her hand from his balls. Naraku started pounding into his mate hard and fast, Kagome had back to back climaxes he loved how much he could make her climax so much, then finally the dam burst the walls came crashing down and both came long and hard

"Ughhh yes" both cried out, after completion both just remained still catching their breaths then once again cleaned up, by the time they were near their stop the train lights were back on

Lemon ends

"This is where we off we can walk the rest of the way from here" Naraku said

The doors opened and they got off the train, he held her hand as they walked leading her along the way "You are about to see your new home" Naraku announced a couple of minutes later "We are here"

Kagome's eyes widened there stood a huge house it was made like the old traditional Japanese homes "Oh my god" this is yours" but how do you afford it on a teachers salary? I was only expecting an apartment"

He smirked "I am descendant from lords in fact many years ago I myself was a feudal era lord, but back then with never aging one could not stay in one place forever. We also would disappear and return as our own son telling others that we had been away and came back to take over as lord when our father died"

"Wow, so I can torment you in every room," she teased, once inside Kagome was in for the shock of her life

"Yes, and like myself you will never grow old, be ill, or die" he told her

Naraku stopped just outside of, and unlocked the front door, then reached in and turned on the lights, Naraku stepped aside and let Kagome enter first, then he stepped in after her. She looked and gasped, the inside was beautiful the walls and ceilings were all white, the floors were solid wood, the furniture was all traditional Japanese style he led her on a tour he had a big surprise waiting for her

"Wow this is amazing" Kagome exclaimed

"Come" he said, his sexy voice sending shivers down her spine

"I thought we already came a lot on the train," she teased

"Twisted woman"

Naraku led her to what she believed to be his room it was huge, the king size futon bed he had, had specially made it's legs were longer and it and stood higher off the floor like western beds. There was a nightstand on each side, across from the bed there was a huge walk in closet, opposite the closet on the right side was a 30 inch LCD flat screen TV, and a stereo system, on the left side, opposite the closet was a wood bureau

"Does it meet your approval? He asked in a playful tone loving her shocked expression

"More then, and wow"

On the right side of the TV was a room and he lead her into what turned out to be a luxurious bathroom it was the size of a bedroom, the walls, and ceilings were solid light tan with light, and medium streaks of brown throughout it. There was also a walk in shower big enough to easily fit four people, opposite this was a large tub, the sink, tub, and toilet were a tan that matched the tan in the marble, around the sink was a marble countertop made from the same marble as the walls, with oak wood drawers, and cabinets beneath it

"Naraku my god it is all so beautiful, you have excellent taste"

"Thank you"

"You and I like the same things, those are exactly the same colors I'd have chosen"

She said

"Which shows me even more that we were made for one another, destined to be mates"

'We're so much alike in some ways it's almost creepy but in a good way," she teased

"Come" he said, then led her to the closet and opened the doors "Ah this is the best part" he thought

Kagome looked to the left but when she looked to the right her heart almost stopped she saw brand new beautiful woman's clothes, dresses, skirts, pants, kimonos, shoes, and other assorted things, in all her favorite colors, and styles. With his index finger he beckoned her to follow him she did, he stopped at the bureau, opened the top drawer, then stepped aside, on the left side was men's underwear, and sox, to the right was all sorts of panties with matching bra's, Kagome gasped and that thrilled him to no end


"Yeeeees? He said in a playful teasing tone

"You, you did all this bought all these things for me before we mated?

"Yes I did," he answered

"But how did you know? We've only known each other maybe three days and you know everything I like" shocked Kagome stated

"I knew you were the one the first day you taunted me and I started from there" he answered "Of course I had planned on asking you to let me court you first, but you little minx swiftly pushed me into insanity and broke my control"

"Hehehe, I love my work, it's your fault for being so hot, and please I would not have lasted through one week of courtship without trying to jump you hell I'd have been lucky to last a day" she replied with a lecherous grin

Naraku cracked up hearing that "I am glad that I can make you lose control so easily"

He opened the second drawer, on the left side were his various colored pajamas and they were sexy, Kagome was already imagining stripping them off of him, on the right side she found sexy nightie's and other sexy woman's sleepwear. In the third drawer to the left were his T shirts, and casual shirts and pants, to the right were casual shirts and pants for her, that did it excited

Kagome leapt up her legs went around his waist and arms around his neck, and she kissed him all over his face. And between kisses gave him thank you's, she finally calmed down and took his lips with hers, and he was not putting her down anytime soon.

After a long make out session the poor man was all worked up again, he set her down

"Please wait there? He went to the closet and came out with a long sexy rose red dress, and a matching shade of red panties and bra and held it up "I wish for you to wear this on the day I marry you"

"Oh my god" how did you know red is my favorite color?

He smiled "It is mine as well" he replied

"See what I mean by we're so much alike it's creepy"

"Wait right there" he said, then headed into the bathroom, he and ran a nice hot bath, then she smelled sandalwood

"That is my favorite scent" she commented

"Mine as well" he answered

"How do you like the scent of lilacs, and roses?

"Very much, in fact sandalwood, lilacs, and roses are my favorites, I love to combine them it is my favorite combination" he replied

"Oh my god me to" Kagome told him "Spooky" hah? She teased

"Come mate? I think we need to bathe after all our prior activities. And no sexually harassing me"

"Ok, if you promise not to molest me" she teased

"And I will not if you promise not to start anything" he replied

She stripped as she entered into the bathroom she got her first look at him completely naked under the light her eyes locked onto him he was indeed beautiful and a wonderful sight to behold. Seeing that he smirked "Come now mate one would think you had never seen a naked male before" he teased

"Never a godly looking one like you" she replied

He took her hand and helped her into the tub then climbed in after her they sat facing each other. Kagome reached over took hold of a lock of his long black silky hair and played with it he grinned. She then stroked it along the side of her cheek, enjoying the silky feel of it, Naraku silently enjoyed the attention she was snapped back to reality when she heard

"You like my hair I see" he teased

"Hah? Yes I love it, never cut it promise me you wont. If you do I will hunt you down and kill you" she joked

"I promise, but you must promise me the same"

"I promise" she replied, then reached up and undid his top knot freeing his thick curly locks, then ran her fingers through it "I've been itching to do that all night"

"Really? He responded "And what else have you been itching to do?

She leaned forward "Oh you'd be surprised"

Lemon starts

She slowly moved toward him and disappeared under the water then he felt her mouth engulf his shaft moving up and down "Shit" he exclaimed he never expected that under the water "She, she is just t, to damn good at this" he panted

Kagome came back up "I went fishing and caught a big worm"

"In all my years I have never had a woman do that to me under water" she put her hands on his shoulders then straddled his hips and started kissing him "Gods you are a sex fiend" he teased "Be gentle and don't kill me" he joked

"I cant help wanting you like I do, you drive me insane with want"

"You can have me all you want, I will never deny you, anytime, anywhere, as long as it is where others cannot see," he told her with eyes full of love

"You, you love me,? she said surprised while looking in his beautiful eyes "I can see it"

"Yes it hit me after we met," he answered

"Me to" she said "It's fast, but I feel it is right," she told him

"Mine" he replied "All mine"

He nipped her jaw line, neck, and shoulders, and soon she was riding him into mindless ecstasy, after their shared orgasms ended he flipped the lever allowing the tub to drain "We need to rinse off" he said

Naraku turned the shower on, when the water was good and hot the way the pair liked it they stepped in and rinsed off, next Kagome found herself lifted off her feet and her back against the wall. Naraku entered her he started off slow, but when he felt her legs pull him to her hard he knew she wanted fast and hard so he gave it to her and had her screaming his name it was what he wanted to hear both came, she shut the water off still holding her up she kept her legs around his waist

"Damn your so hot" she complimented

Still inside her and hard again, without waiting to dry off first, using his demon speed he sped to his bed. Kagome was on her back in the middle of the bed, with him already moving in and out "I promised I was going to fuck you all night and I always keep my promises" Does it feel good?

"Yes, my dear sweet kamis yes" she answered "Oh yes Naraku" she called out when a massive climax hit

"Kagome" he said while having his own, they continued for hours

Lemon ends

Spiders web, meeting the family, plans

The next day was Thursday Naraku had taken the day off, Kagome called in saying she had a family medical emergency the dean told her not to come till Monday which gave her time to take Naraku to meet her family. He had his car back so he drove them there.

While driving Naraku felt Kagome's hand on his thigh hentai thoughts ran through his mind then he spoke

"Mate don't get any ideas or try anything because I will stop the car and have my way with you, and if we are to publicly exposed I shall carry you into the woods and complete my mission" he informed her with a smirk

"You would to" wouldn't you? No humping while driving" she teased

"You should know better then to ask that" he teased "And if I truly wanted to I could fuck while driving simply by letting my powers control the car" he said with a smirk

"Hah, what, and you call me perverted?" she said

"I am a spider and predatory by nature we are excellent expert hunters. I'll spin a web stick you to it and plow you into oblivion"

"Hah you little freak I dare you" she replied "I've got him now he'll never do it" she thought

Kinky lemon starts

Naraku said nothing and the rest was a blur as she next found herself in the woods on the middle of a huge spider web that was between and attached to two trees "Hm, you were saying?"

"Damn it" she replied "I can't believe your actually doing it"

Naraku was on top of her kissing , nipping, and licking her neck he groped her body then his hands settled on her breasts while rubbing against the middle of her womanhood she quickly became wet. He mentally gloated when he felt her hands on his ass lustfully gently squeezing, he kissed her with his tongue moving against hers the pulled his lips from hers and looked into her eyes

"Naraku please?

"Please what, what is it that you want?

"You know damn well"

"No you have to tell me" he teased

"Damn you to hell quit playing and fuck me" he entered then plowed into her with reckless abandon

"You taunting she devil nonstop I am going to screw you long and hard and make you beg me to stop"

"Naraku please? Yes harder"

His demon side emerged and took over "Is it enough wench? Do you like me fucking you like an animal? His voice was demonic and inhumanly deep and eyes red

"Yes so, so good it it's almost to much" she panted hard her eyes reddened as her demonic side came to the surface

"Take that wench" he said while slightly shifting position

"Naraku uh gods damn it yes" she exploded so hard it ran out of her like water and bit his mating mark

He continued making her release several times then "Growl" savage growls were released from both as they massively climaxed he had never pounded into her so hard before he bit her mating mark, they continued until after both climaxed multiple times

After "Have you learned your lesson mate? Never taunt the spider" the smirking male asked

"Show off" she teased

Lemon ends

When they arrived at her families home Naraku parked the car they got out shut the door sand walked over to the front door. Kagome rang the bell instead of using the key that she still had after all these years she wanted the thrill of surprising her mother and seeing the look on her face, Hitomi answered the door smiled and admired the beautiful man standing next to her daughter her

"Please come in? Kagome's mother asked

"Mom this is Naraku Himura, Naraku this is my mother Hitomi Higurashi"

"Nice to meet you Misses Higurashi" Naraku said, by his speech Hitomi could tell he was a man of class and breeding, as well as very intelligent

"Please call me Hitomi there's no need for formalities"

"I will if you call me Naraku"

"Agreed" Naraku was about to tell Hitomi about he and Kagome when

"So tell me Naraku how long have you and Kagome been involved? Hitomi asked with a knowing smile

"Gulp" was heard from Kagome "Oh crap"

Naraku put his arms around Kagome and pulled her close to him "Kagome she is your mother and has years of wisdom it stands to reason that she would know"

"Thank you Naraku" Hitomi said "So dear daughter start talking" she teased

"Okay mom here's the summary version. My first day of school I saw him I wanted him, and I did everything I could to get him, he liked me so we went for it" Kagome explained then paused

"What else? Your holding back" Hitomi coaxed with a sneaky grin "Cough up the info girl"

"Ah he's also my teacher" Kagome answered then cringed nervously waiting for her mother to explode but it never came

"So you aimed high and gained a lot he is breathtakingly beautiful. My grandchildren will be gorgeous coming from you two" Hitomi replied with a devious grin, Naraku got a kick out of it and grinned

"Grand children? Kagome responded questioningly "So soon"

"Yes you heard me correctly, come on Kagome you're an adult and I know you two have done more then hold hands. Look at him a man like this, it's a wonder he doesn't need a bodyguard to walk the streets I know that women want him" Hitomi stated

"Yeah and if they put their paws on what is mine I'll rip their fucking faces off" Kagome snapped

"My, my you're a jealous one. You were never like this before" Hitomi teased

At first Hitomi, and Naraku quickly glanced at each other in shock at Kagome's out burst. Naraku looked at her "Jealous mate? He said

"Mate? Hitomi said

"Uh oh" Kagome exclaimed "Oh I am so dead"

"How long now? Asked Hitomi

"Since yesterday" he answered

"Nice" was Hitomi's response

"You, you mean your not mad? Surprised Kagome said

"No, I can tell he's a good man. And although your time together has been brief I can also tell he loves you, and it was love at first sight between you" grinning Hitomi said

"I did not know she was a jealous one" Naraku stated "Youkai possessiveness"

"This surprises me as well" Hitomi added "And is something new" I presume you have marked her already and that that this is youkai marriage? if you do not mind me asking, what type of youkai are you?

"Yes Hitomi I have, but I also wish to marry her by human law as well and wanted to ask for your blessing. And I am a spider youkai" Naraku said

"You have it, but when do you two wish to marry?" Hitomi inquired

"Friday" was his simple reply

"A man who doesn't waste time. I like my new son in law already" Hitomi replied

"I will make the arrangements and have it at my house tomorrow. I was thinking a simple ceremony nothing big close friends and family only" Naraku stated

"Yes I very much agree" Hitomi said "Will you two stay visit for a while and have dinner?

"Yes" they answered

"Do you promise to be a good girl? Naraku joked

"Naraku you rat real cute wiseass" Kagome answered

"Aw, my poor baby" he teased

"Play nice you two" Hitomi playfully warned "Or I will be forced to lock you in a cage"

"Good then his sexy ass can't escape, hehehe" Kagome joked

"And if that happens you should worry for you will be the one in peril not I" Naraku teased

The visit was pleasurable as was the meal and conversation, Hitomi very much enjoyed Naraku's company. Kagome even showed her mother her mating mark the small spider on her shoulder Hitomi grinned Naraku sat there a proud look plastered across his face

"Yeah mom he has the same mark on his left shoulder" Kagome stated "Poor things been branded for life" she joked

"Yes it is a youkai version of human wedding rings only it is forever" Naraku told Hitomi

"And you little mate have been branded as well" he teased

Naraku then explained how he had taken the day off, then would go to work Friday morning come home, and have the wedding. Kagome told her how she called in a family emergency and the dean told her not to come in till Monday. Kagome stayed at Naraku's house, Hitomi came over the next morning and helped her daughter set up for the wedding, the two cooked a feast with the food Naraku had bought for them

"Hey mom Inuyasha's gonna shit a brick when he finds out" Kagome joked

"Kagome you are sadistically cruel" Hitomi joked "You should call them and tell them, your friends should be here for the event to"

"I left messages with their families after they left for school they'll get them when they come home from school, if I did it before then they'd come here and I don't want them to do any of the work they're guests" Kagome replied

"Kagome you are deviously and sneaky"

"Inuyasha's gonna shit what wench? She heard her hanyou friend's voice say. There standing behind him was Kagura, Bankotsu, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Jakotsu, Sango, Kouga, and Ayame

"But how the hell did you guys find out so early? Kagome asked

"Simple wench professor hot pants took early leave, so we got to go home early to. When we got home we got the messages, ha, ha my sneaky wench has been out foxed" Inuyasha ragged

"Damn Naraku didn't tell me anything he could have at least called and told me. Ah men" Kagome complained

"Gee can't a guy surprise a woman? Bankotsu teased

"Kags I don't know what the hell he is up to but he was in a big hurry. He ran to his car like his ass was on fire that part was hilarious I'd say your in for a surprise" Inuyasha told her

"Damn a man as sneaky as a woman it ain't fair" she said "Crap now I've got competition" she joked

"Ah get use to i" Inuyasha started to say then caught a scent and sniffed "You your, your" he started

"Kagura bolted over to Kagome quickly pulled the left shoulder of her shirt down there was the spider mating mark for all to see "Hehehe, way to go Kagsy"

"Mated little brother, I do believe the word you are searching for is mated" Sesshoumaru needled

"Ohhhhh" Inuyasha exclaimed. Then fell flat on his ass in a shocked stupor "Damn wenches never tell you anything"

"Aw now Yashy don't take on so" Ayame teased

Kouga could not resist or pass up this golden opportunity the sweet loving wolf walked over to the refrigerator grabbed the pitcher of ice water and poured it over his head. And devil Sesshoumaru at the same time put ice cubes down his back. Inuyasha quickly snapped out of his stupor and all at once leapt up onto his feet then let out one long, high pitched, ear piercing shriek that echoed throughout Naraku's house, so high pitched that dogs in the surrounding houses howled, cats hissed, and birds abandoned the trees and flew off

"You ass sucking, sons of bitches I'm gonna gut you fuckers while I'm killing you" the enraged hanyou screamed

"Woo hoo" it's alive and walks among us once again" Sesshoumaru wisecracked "Lets play some music dance and celebrate"

"Oh no it's alive, it's alive the roach lives quick somebody give me an industrial size can of raid" Kouga taunted

"Bastaaaaards" Inuyasha shouted

"See ya roach face" Sesshoumaru, and Kouga said in the same breath turned and ran

"You pussies get the fuck back here" Inuyasha yelled "Do you bastards have any idea how much I hate you?

"Bite me" Kouga, and Sasshoumaru said in unison

"I ain't gonna bite you two fucktards, I'm just gonna shred ya. You two sons of bitches will make good fertilizer for the trees and plants"

"By Inutrasha" Kouga taunted "Hey Sessh should we? Kouga asked

"Lets" Sesshoumaru agreed they tripled their speed and ran faster

"What the hell? Miroku said

"Speedway" Kagura replied

"What's that "Bankotsu asked

"That's when we let our pursuer chase us just when the chase is getting good and the pursuer nears us a bit we triple our speed making the one chasing us have to work harder to try and catch us, the pursuer usually fails" Ayame explained

"Man Inuyasha's ass is going to be dragging when he gets back" Sango said

"Poor baby, but then while he's running his clothes will dry" Hitomi added

"Damn Icould have have washed out some of my panties hung them on Yash before he ran then when he ran they would dry a whole lot faster" Jakotsu joked in a girls voice

"Jak you are a sick twisted dude" Miroku teased

"I know hehehe"

"Ok mom what do you need done? Sango asked Hitomi

"Yeah mom just name it and we'll do it" Ayame added

They all called Hitomi mom she was like their second mother, she told them what needed doing and they dit it "And Kagome get your ass in the room, bathe, relax, and get ready for your wedding" Kagura ordered

"Bossy much? Kagome wise cracked

"Yes now get going, don't make me have to turn you over my knee" Kagura teased

"Yes mother" Kagome said, then went and did as told "Damn having more then one mom is a pain"

Inuyasha, Kouga, and sesshoumaru finally came back, by then the work was done, they went and put on the clothes that they had brought with them to wear for the ceremony. Miroku's monk friend Mushin was called to perform the ceremony, Naraku returned to find the group of people in his house

"What's this I come home and find almost half of my class here? Wide eyed Naraku asked

"Relax professor I won't tell anyone" Inuyasha told him "Hell I'm happy for you two. Glad the wench finally found somebody who could tame her" he joked

"Thanks" Naraku replied

"Inuyasha I heard that" Kagome yelled "Keep it up and I am going to de claw you"

"Fuck I forgot now she's got youkai hearing" Inuyasha exclaimed "I think somebody needs some quick lovin before the ceremony to mellow her out" he joked

"Damn perverted dog your worse then Miroku" Kagome teased

"We wont tell anyone either" the others said

"Besides we're Kagome's closest friends and we're all like family, the rest of the school doesn't and isn't going to know a damn thing about it until your ready for them to" Inuyasha promised "I promise we didn't crash your ceremony Kags gave us the invites"

"You know what I am glad she did" Naraku replied, his face lit up when he saw how beautifully done his house was set up, and all the food "My gods it's beautiful" did you guys ever think about starting your own catering business?

Naraku quickly went and put on his wedding clothes a black suit with a red shirt that matched Kagome's dress. All took their places, Mushin and the others stood waiting for the bride to make her appearance. Kagome came out wearing the red dress Naraku had given her she had a matching red rose in her hair and shoes, surprised looks were seen, on the faces of the others Kagome grinned, compliments were given. Naraku held back his surprise till the moment was right, she walked toward Naraku with Sesshoumaru as her escort

"Little red riding hood is getting hitched" Inuyasha teased

Once they neared Naraku, Sesshoumaru stepped aside, Naraku took the opportunity to spring his surprise, he pulled out a black velvet box, opened it Kagome's eyes went wide. Next he slipped a diamond engagement ring on her finger she loved it, it was what she liked a moderately sized diamond not to big not to small, the ceremony was performed, Kagome, and Naraku slipped the wedding rings on each other's fingers when the ceremony was completed

"You may now kiss your wife" Mushin said with a grin

Naraku wasted no time he kissed her neither wanted to come up for air. Inuyasha grinned wickedly, Sesshoumaru gave him a warning glare Inuyasha went over to his brother "Ah stow it fluffy I'm not going to do anything bad, come on man even I'm not that rotten. Go smoke some dogweed and mellow out"

"The Miko would kill you anyway" Sesshoumaru replied smilling evilly

"Gulp, death by miko ouch" Inuyasha replied the looked at Sesshoumaru "You sadistic bastard"

"Yes, yes I am and proudly so" Sesshoumaru proudly replied "If I did smoke dogweed it would be far worse for you dear brother"

While the happy couple were busy making out Sango called Miroku, Inuyasha, Kouga, and the others in on it "Okay boys we won the bet time to pay up, each handed the $100 to Sango "Hey Bank, Jakotsu what about you? Inuyasha asked

"Nope Inu Baby Bankotsu, and Jakotsu bet with us" Kagura rubbed it in

"You what? Kouga, Miroku, Inuyasha, said in the same breath

"What I bet with the winning side" Bankotsu said

"Always bet with the girls" Jakotsu replied

"Rat fink traitors" Inuyasha insulted "And you Jak would bet with them cause you want to be one so bad" he ragged

"Squeak, squeak, I'm a rat with $100 bucks" Bankotsu ragged then turned to Sango "Hey Sango how about we give it to Kagome as a wedding gift from us?

"Yes me to" Jakotsu added

"Love it" She said,

"Sango I also wish to add to the gift" Sesshoumaru said then handed her three hundred dollars

Naraku, and Kagome finally came up for air "Damn did you two find any gold during that deep sea dive?" Inuyasha teased "Must be the grand haul, hah?"

Sango quickly told Kagome all about the bet, and how they'd won, and Sesshoumaru added to it "You bet on it? I can't believe you guys that is freaking hilarious" Kagome replied

"You mean your not pissed? Sango asked

"Hell no, the girls kicked their butts, plus Bankotsu, And Jakotsu sided with you. Oh my gods that just makes it all the funnier" Kagome answered and cracked up "Ha, ha" she said and stuck her tongue out at them

"Got something for ya Kags" Sango said then handed her the money "This is our wedding gift to you we don't care so much about having the bet winnings the main thing was beating the boys, hehehe"

"That's our Sango" Kagome playfully replied

A year had passed Kagome graduated and became a writer, January of the following year she discovered she was pregnant, Hitomi had been granted her fondest wish. Kagome had twins, a boy, and girl, the boy was named Kenshin and looked like Naraku's twin, the girl was named Tamari and looked like Kagome with Naraku's eyes. Hitomi, Inuyasha Sango, and the others spoiled them rotten, when they got older the two adopted the time honored traditing of tormenting Inuyasha

"Oh remind me never to have pups" Inuyasha whined one day after one of the twin's torture sessions with him

"Really Yash because I'm pregnant and you did it" remember that night at the party we were drunk and did it in the closet?" Kagura said

"What, closet? Party? Inuyasha rambled

"Yes Yashy an it was so good the best I ever had"

"No it, it can't be crap" he exclaimed and ran like hell "Not more pups to torture me crap they'll join up with Naraku's and help them. Oh my life is over"

"He fell for it sucker" Kagura said

"Kagura that has got to be the rottenest trick you have ever played" Kouga commented "I love you man"

"Yes dare I say little brother is scared shitless?" Sesshoumaru said "Plus he's forgotten you can fly and catch him easily in no time"

"Ah he'll come around" Ayame stated

A week later when Inuyasha came out of hiding he offered to take care of Kagura and the baby, then sniffed "Gods damn it Kagura you lied that's a dirty trick" he griped

"Let me make it up to you" she replied

"Yeah, how? Nothing could make up for this?"

"That is what you think" Kagura replied then all at the same time put her arms around his waist, kissed him, and grabbed his ass, they disappeared

"Good boy baby bro" Sesshoumaru teased "Hehehe later on down the line I will have nieces and nephews whom I can train to torture him"

"Aw how cute my baby boy is taking a mate" Hitomi joked