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College begins and gorgeous college professor Naraku is in for a surprise mooneyed admiring sneaky scheming miko. But he's more then her match and things get hot fast. By readers requests there is raunchiness and very kinky lemons in this one. Special thanks and lol to xxoikilluoxx co author and my partner in crime she put a lot into this and the others. Dedicated to The lostPrincessOfTheEast, and Koimiko for giving me inspiration. A/N I am so sorry the chapter called Death And Resurrection was seriously messed up, the right part was missing the wrong one was there instead corrected replaced it and added more humor the part with Naraku is way better I promise. Lol thanks everyone, edited updated 3/17/2012. Complete one shot Naraku/Kag

At The Movies 6

By Raven 2010, and xxoikilluoxx, Feb 19 2012

Teasing and goading the miko, hanyou chasing

College had just begun and Inuyasha had not changed since high school "Mutt face looks to damned happy, what the hell is he up to now?" Kouga stated

"Little brother is a relentless pest" Sesshoumaru added, "I have a suspicion however"

"Well if it involves him getting trounced I'm all for it" laughing Sango added

"Hey Kag? Ayame started to call approaching Kagome but never got to finish

"Oi wench, where have you been, I've been waiting all day?" where's my ramen? When are we going to eat? I'm starving" Inuyasha teasingly bombarded Kagome with questions

"Inuyasha Taisho" Kagome bellowed

"Yeeeeeees wenchy dear" he teased

"One dead fool coming up fast" Kagura joked

"Hey I heard that windy" Inuyasha said "Instigator"

"Oh so you finally cleaned that five pounds of wax out of your ears?" Bankotsu wisecracked

"Don't you yes wenchy me you little dog eared creep" Kagome snapped

"But Kagsy baby Inu's so hungry a big strong hanyou like me needs lots of food. I am a growing boy" Inuyasha teased "And you know I am your dog eared little baby"

"Yes my about to die dog eared little baby, hope you made out your will and funeral arrangements ahead of time"

"Little brother you are a moron" Sesshoumaru teased "Have a nice death"

"Ah bite me fluffy" Inuyasha retorted "And make sure you brush your teeth first"

"I must pleasurably decline your offer for I have no wish to die from rabies" Sesshoumaru replied

"Then get bent" Inuyasha said

"Hey lizard lips? Kagome called

"Yes Kagsy honey? Can I get some ramen now? Inuyasha teased

"That is it you creep" Kagome yelled

"Uh oh" Inuyasha exclaimed and ran

"You get back here rat boy," Kagome said

"Woo hoo she loves me enough to chase me," he teased "Oh my wenchy loves me and I love my wench, but can I get some ramen please?" he sang to rile her more

"Gods damn you and your fucking ramen" Kagome who never swears bellowed

"Ooo if you catch me I will marry you" Inuyasha razzed in mid chase "You'll get the best diamond engagement and wedding rings only the best for my wench"

"Dear gods can he possibly get anymore warped?"

"He did that just so she'd chase and trounce him," Sango stated

"Ah he was not hungry anyway the ravenous dog downed three big bowls of ramen before he got here. I think he not only wants a chase but needs to run off some of his bloating" Jakotsu told them

"I thought he looked a little pregnant" Miroku joked

A new hideout, secret admirers

Inuyasha, Kouga and the other males of their group found a perfect new hideout the foundation crawlspace and wall behind the girls shower room. Inuyasha had brought Dogweed the youkai version of reefer but three times stronger, he shared it with their human buddies, buzzed Miroku was hilarious, Bankotsu was a huge wiseass, Kouga just became a worse one then he already was, Jakotsu was so mellow he did not give a shit who ragged him and how much

"Hey rat boy this is some good shit," Kouga teased

"Ah can the insults or I'll start charging you butt munch" Inuyasha replied

"Know what we ought to give this to the girls during that time of the month" Miroku exclaimed "Oh yeah that'd mellow them out, hehehe"

Like a kid, Bankotsu stuck his tongue out "Bank your stoned" Inuyasha said

"Well duh, what was your first clue, inspector twelve?" Bankutsu replied

"Shit look at Jak his fucking eyes are rolling around in his head like they don't know which way to go" Inuyasha teased, "He needs a traffic cop to direct those things"

"If that is true Yash it is all your fault," Jakotsu replied

"Ah leave him alone skunk face," Kouga said

"Go take your diaper off your carrying a load" Inuyasha needled

'Mutt you are the biggest" Kouga started but was interrupted

"And where pray tell is mine? A deep sexy male voice said

"Sesshoumaru how the fuck did you find us? Inuyasha asked

"Little brother you give off vibrations like a cheap radio"

"Real funny sir trance a lot"

"Okay enough with the brotherly love in just give him some already" Kouga scolded

"Yeah sure fine whatever" Inuyasha said "Here old dog" he teased while handing Sesshoumaru a lit dogweed cigarette

Sesshoumaru took a puff and inhaled deeply "Yes this as they say the good shit" Sesshoumaru exclaimed

"Whoa big bro used a curse word lets have a parade fluffy crawled out of his high and mighty shell and joined us low life's" Inuyasha teased

"You leave Sesshy alone he's happy" Jakotsu playfully defended

"Yes, chill will you ass hat?" Sesshoumaru said shocking all with his wiseass reply and non formal speaking "loosen and untwist your jockstrap it's making you cranky"

"Holy shit fluffys talking like one of us, remind me to get the prick stoned more often" Inuyasha joked he got Sesshoumaru on camera with his cell phone 'Hehehe pops is gonna love this later" he thought

"Hey mutt shut up" Kouga said

"What's' your proble? Inuyasha started but was cut off

"Yes be quiet goat breath I heard it as well" Sesshoumaru commented "Listen for once use your doggy ears for something useful"

"Now I hear it grinning," Inuyasha replied

"Hey we never heard that in here before" what gives? Bankotsu said

Miroku's eyes suddenly widened "What's with you, you look in the mirror for the first time and your ugliness scared you?" Inuyasha teased

"No moron look over there, there are holes in the wall where pipes have been disconnected" Miroku answered

"Holy mother it's got a birds eye view of the girls shower room" Bankotsu exclaimed "Acres of pelts to see"

"Hehehe" Sesshoumaru laughed evilly and moved with lightening speed the others looked to see him peering through the hole at the girls "Oh yes tasty fur burgers"

"Shit somebody get me an ax cause you need it to cut through all those miles of forest to get to where you're going" Bankotsu joked

"I am already equipped with a built in ax and it is ready for cutting," Sesshoumaru added

"Holy shit fluffys a big giant perv" Inuyasha said after gasping he filmed that as well to show his father later on "Fur burgers? Nasty dog"

"Wow now that's a bush" Sesshoumaru exclaimed "There's enough fur in there to make a moko, moko"

"I think I'm going to have a fucking heart attack" Inuyasha said "Fluffy the shit talking peeping tom"

"Sounds familiar hah? A lot like you" Jakotsu teased

"Ooo midnight black thick and shiny mink" Peeping Miroku exclaimed

"Crap now we've got two perverts in the group" Inuyasha joked

"Oh baby flash that pelt" Kouga added "Smile for papa"

"Fuck it I might as well join the fun," Inuyasha said

"Bout time Larry lateness" Kouga needled

Inuyasha looked "Whoa mama she's got enough wool to knit a blanket"

"Yes she is the one I spoke of the miko is really quite well endowed in more ways then one. An ocean of ebony to dive in face first" Sesshoumaru said

"Dive in face first, I do not believe it prim and proper big bro talking about muff diving" Inuyasha said, "Dog eats cat"

"Yes fool and it is better to use your whole face," Sesshoumaru teased, "It is also good tongue exercise and makes kitty purr," he added to freak Inuyasha out more

"A cherry lollipop slurp" Bankotsu joked when looking at Ayame's red haired treasure

"Great another bush diver" Inuyasha wisecracked

"Wow Sessh is right Kagome is packing" Kouga said

"Damn wench has so much forest you'd need a machete to get through that shit just to make it to the cave entrance" Inuyasha teased "I'm camping in the woods tonight"

"Yum and that chocolate delight" Miroku exclaimed while looking at Sango's secret stash

"Whoa all hail mighty Kagura," Bankotsu said when he saw her exceptionally hairy lower half

"Wall to wall fur pieces of every size shape and color boys" Kouga added

"It's a kitty fashion show only their owners don't know we're watching them," Miroku added

"Shit we could have a beaver contest" stoned Sesshoumaru joked "And I will judge it"

"Bullshit ya big greedy perv it takes a panel of judges to judge a contest so that means the rest of us guys get to be on that panel" Inuyasha griped

"Agreed but each has to pay me a fee to join" Sesshoumaru replied

"Up yours peeping tom" Inuyasha shot back "Hey where the hell did Jak go?

"He left" Miroku replied "Guess he doesn't like kitties" he joked

"Figures Jakotsu thinks like a chick anyway" Inuyasha joked "Shit he sides with them"

"Damn some of the bushes are leaving" Miroku practically whined

"Ah can it you big baby though not many there are a few left" Bankotsu told him

"Girls I feel like we're being watched" Ayame whispered

"You know now that you mention it I to have an uneasy feeling that we are not alone" Kagura stated "I hope it's Banky he's really hung" Bankotsu gasped lowly

"Hey Bank they like your sausage man" Inuyasha teased

"Yep, Inuyasha's cute and all but I don't think he has much in that department" Ayame said to be a wiseass

"Ouch" grinning evilly Sesshoumaru exclaimed "Guess you've been given early retirement"

"Not much in that department hah" Inuyasha griped

"Little brother whatever you are thinking of doing don't for if you and your ego ruin this for the rest of us I will not freaking hesitate in killing you" Sesshoumaru warned

"Easy for you to say she did not just call your happy rod small" Inuyasha complained

"Mutt I swear to gods" Kouga exclaimed

"Relax ya frizzy haired wolf" Inuyasha ragged

Next, before the other males could blink Inuyasha's pants were down and his shaft was in one of the pipe holes "Nice work Dudley do wrong" Sesshoumaru said

"I get to kill him" Miroku stated

"Eek, look, what the hell is that?" Kagura said

"It's a scrawny worm trying to pose as a snake" Ayame wisecracked "See told you we were being watched, hey Inuyasha if that's you put it away it isn't impressing anybody"

"Really" he whispered then pushed his rod all the way through, Kagura gasped, Ayame backed up a bit

"Holy shit" Kouga exclaimed

"What, what's going on? Inuyasha asked

"Kagura is looking at your tree stump with sleepy bored eyes" Sesshoumaru teased

Oh really? I'll show the wench" Inuyasha said "Hi my name is Suichi the snake and I love you. Stroke me once and I'll purr for you, twice and I will give you a kiss, three times and I'll give you a special treat"

"Damn mutt that last part is really nasty" Kouga wisecracked

"What? She'll be getting Taisho deluxe hand cream the best on the market" Inuyasha joked

"Oh thank gods I am not trying to eat right now" Bankotsu commented

"Do not move numb nuts" Sesshoumaru said "Oh yes do stay in place" he thought

"Why? Inuyasha asked

"Kagura's licking her lips and coming for it, she must be hot for it"

"Really? Inuyasha replied "Wow she likes him"

"Yes really oh mindless one" Sesshoumaru replied

"Hi pet me I'm lonely. Umph" Inuyasha exclaimed as she clamped onto his rod "Hey, who said you could play yank the snake?"

"Uhhhhhhh" they all shrieked

And when they turned to look there was Kagome with Sango and the other girls behind her holding the fire hose spraying them with ice cold water "Gods damn it son of a bitch you witches are freezing my balls" Sesshoumaru cursed talking like Inuyasha "You had to stick that fucking twig of yours through the frigging hole" didn't you?

"Fuck you I'm the one who's getting his sweet meat yanked like it was taffy, bare assed and freezing" Inuyasha snapped

'Says he who is so dumb he'd put his wooden cock in a pencil sharpener and call it getting lucky" Sesshoumaru insulted "Then afterward say it was the best piece of ass he'd ever had"

"Oh my gods he sounds like Inuyasha" Sango commented

"Dogweed girls Sesshy's been smoking it" Saya a neko demoness said

"Why Sesshy you bad boy you" Kagome teased "Love it when you talk dirty"

"Nice bush miko" lecherously smirking Sesshoumaru replied "Call me if it needs combing" he ran the tip of his tongue over his fangs to stress the point

"Fuck that she's drowning us with cold water and your busy complementing her on her bush" Inuyasha snapped "And for fuck's sake Kagura will you let go?"

"Sorry Yash he's lonely and I promised to keep him company"

"Damn I am out of here" Kouga exclaimed

"Me to" the others stated and looking much like drowned rats started leaving

"So you bastards are just going to leave me like this?" Inuyasha barked

"Your surrounded by beavers so shut up and enjoy" last one leaving Sesshoumaru teased

"Bastaaaaards" Inuyasha screamed after them

"You still have us" Kagome teased

"Nice hose Yash" Kagura razzed

"Lecherous wench" Inuyasha said "Ah Kagura I'd let go now if I were you" his erection now obvious

"Uh oh dog with a bone" Ayame exclaimed

Once the other males were gone Kagura let, go sending pulling away Inuyasha landing on his ass and in the puddle of mud that had formed from the water mixing with the dirt "Hello Peepingyasha" Kagome greeted "Got wood?

"Nice telephone pole" do you make long distance calls with that. Sango teased

"Does it pick up cable channels? Kagura needled

"Better check that wood for termites" Kagome joked

"Yeah wench bend over and spread em and I'll show ya wood" Inuyasha razzed

"I will if you let me take its picture first and put it on the internet" Kagome teased Inuyasha's face went white then turned bright red hearing that

"I want a copy" Sango said

"Me to the other girls added"

With the boys

The girls left, Inuyasha pulled up his pants left then headed for the boys shower room for a hot shower. When he arrived, he was greeted by his cohorts in crime with "The ice man cometh"

"Welcome back mister frosty butt" Miroku razzed

"Hey mutt, did it fall off after you got blue balls?" Kouga teased

"Nah it just died and was pronounced DOA in the hospital emergency room" Bankotsu added

'Gentlemen it has been dead since birth" Sesshoumaru said

"Thanks you bastards you just left me like that" Inuyasha griped

"Well being men of class we wanted to give you lots of privacy, servicing that many females at the same time tends to be very tiring for one male even young ones like you" Miroku needled

"Yes I know I didn't want to watch it that'd be sick" Sesshoumaru said

"Yep friend and family porn is the worst not my style" Bankotsu joked

"You fuckers could have at least helped me out before ya took of and abandoned me" Inuyasha scolded

"Fool no one told you to put your beef jerky in the hole" Sesshoumaru reminded "It was your hair brained idea not ours. Sesshy smoked some nice Dogweed relaxed and was getting his freak on watching the kitty show till you fucked it up"

"Stoned mutt" Inuyasha said

"Yash what are you whining about, Kagura gave it special attention?" Kouga ragged\

"Bet the stroking felt good" Miroku teased "Had a stiffy did we? Poor aching worm"

"Shut your trap pencil pecker" Inuyasha shot back

"Did you get to do bush inspection? Bankotsu teased

"Was it warm and inviting? Sesshoumaru added "Did you comb it with your teeth?

"Stroking, stroking give it the business all night long" they sang

"I hate you fuckers" Inuyasha griped

'We know" they replied "Thank you"

With the girls

"Kags did you see Inuyasha's stick shift? Sango teased

"Ya scary hah?" Kagome replied "My heart nearly stopped"

"Who knew they were made in that size" Sango replied

"Must be a dog demon thing, Inu's six feet so just imagine how big Sessh is after all he is about six four" Kagome said

"Kags dear I do not think they have a condom big enough to fit that monster" Sango joked

"Sango you dirty girl"

"Tell anyone and I'll deny it" an evil smile formed on her lips

"Sango what are you up to? Kagome asked

"Meet me in back of the Takei building tomorrow"

"Uh oh I won't even ask" Kagome replied "Should I tell the others girls?

"You know it"

The announcement, movie night, hidden admirers

"Ladies have you heard our professor Totosai is leaving and we are getting a new professor? Miroku asked

"No" the girls answered

"Who is it do you know? Inuyasha questioned

"Don't know but I hope it is a hot female teacher" pervertedly smiling Miroku replied

"Jeez monk, can you for once keep your brain above the waist?" Sango needled

"I have no idea what you are talking about" Miroku replied feigning innocence

"Did you not get enough when you did your coochy peeping through the hole in the wall?" Sango reminded

"Lovely chocolate brown fur piece by the way" he replied batting his eyes "I'd love to comb it sometime"

"Lecher" Sango scolded

"A very happy mink loving lecher" he teased and laughed "And chocolate is my favorite flavor"

"You freaks going to the movies tonight? Jakotsu teasingly asked "I heard their playing Vampire Samurai tonight"

"I want to drink your blood" Inuyasha teased hissed and used his fangs to make like a vampire "Any donors?

"Little brother your such a simp" Sesshoumaru wiseass remarked

"Hah, says lord huff and puff the dogweed smoking addict, gee ya sound like me when you're stoned on that shit" Inuyasha needled "Pop enjoyed the video of it by the way"

"Maybe so but it was not I who had his joystick in the hole of a wall. Oh and father enjoyed the video of your adventures in wall loving as well"

"We do not know that for all we know it could be a secret fetish of yours that you do when nobody is around" Inuyasha said

"Silence Wally the wall humper" Sesshoumaru retorted "Hope you used a lubricant"

"Damn hope you wore a condom we wouldn't want you knocking the wall up" Kouga razzed

"Really the wall you knocked up called and is asking for child support" Inuyasha shot back

"Okay enough Jak asked if we were going to the movie" so are we? Ayame said

"Yes mom" the boys answered

"I'm in" the girls added

"Oh goody all my wenches will be there" Inuyasha could not resist teasing

"Inuyasha" they responded in a warning tone

Kagome worked part time in the Kyoto theatre as a ticket seller, when the movie started it would be the end of her shift and she could join her friends. All her friends came in purchased their tickets and went to the movie room. Then he came in the last customer to the ticket booth, long black wavy hair tied up in a topknot deep rust brown eyes a gorgeous creature. Kagome was mentally drooling and in hentai mode, he paid her for the ticket and smiled while paying for his ticket

"Maybe I will see you later" he said his sexy deep voice sending a jolt of electricity shooting through her

"Sounds good to me" May I know your name? Kagome asked

"I apologize I forgot Naraku Himura" and yours is?

"Kagome Higurashi"

"I will look forward to it Kagome" his voice nearly made her cream her panties "Thank you" he said as she handed him his ticket he made sure to brush his fingers across her hand

Using a sexy tone, "You are very welcome Naraku"

"Till later then" he replied and left "Hm the minx is aroused by my voice alone" he thought

"Oh my aching kitty wish I was jumping him now" she thought

As Kagome sat in the back row she was soon joined by another Naraku "Fancy meeting you here" he joked

"Yes imagine my surprise" she teased

"Hey smell that? Kouga asked while nudging Inuyasha with his elbow

"Yup wench has caught a big one" the smirking hanyou replied

"Yes somebody's oven is on high to high" Ayame added

"Ah young horny love" Kagura joked

"She only wants to play ride the train choo, choo" Miroku teased

"Yep and he's gonna be going indoor surfing" Kouga said

"He is a spider youkai to" Sesshoumaru stated

"That means eight legs of loving" Bankotsu joked

"Bank you have been hanging out with Miroku to much" Jakotsu said

"Jak we are surrounded by perverted deviant freaks" Sango teased

Following day

"Ok Sango we're here like you asked, now what's up?" Kagura asked

"Welcome, and follow me girls I've got a special treat for you"

"This better be good or I am going to make sushi out of you" Ayame promised

"Oh can it follow me and enjoy it" Sango replied. They followed as Sango led them to a new place "You will love me forever after this"

Each took their spots "Ok Sango what is going on? Curious Kagura asked

"First ladies want some sake? Sango offered "Then took a bottle and sake cups out of the bag that was sitting on the ground "We have a drink while we wait only three minutes to go

"Hey girls know what goes good with sake?" Ayame teased

"No tell us" Kagome replied

"This" she answered and pulled out already rolled up Dogweed cigarettes

"Ah yes aka dog demon reefer" happy smiling Kagome said

"Alright smoke em if ya got em" Sango teased, they lit them, poured and drank the sake and smoked their dogweed

Sango smiled evilly while they waited "Sango what the hell are you up? Kagura started to ask but stopped when they heard

"Little brother if you had a brain you'd be dangerous" Sesshoumaru said

"Wait did I just hear? Sango where the hell are we?" Ayame asked

"Can it fluffy all I said was that there was so much wool in the girls shower room that I could have shaved it off then take it make a king sized afghan out of it and sell it I'd make a bundle" Inuyasha joked "All natural fibers"

"Hah, I would love to see you try it'd be interesting and funny to see how the girls would kill you" Kouga wisecracked

"Yeah maybe Kagome would feel generous and only purify your bat and balls off" Bankotsu joked

Back with the girls

"Yeah Sang spill it" Kagura

"Observe" Sango replied reached over and pulled down a cloth that she had hung over the holes in the wall "See the boys forgot our shower room is being re renovated and so is theirs, hehehe"

"Gods bless the construction workers" Ayame said

"Wow Bankys got a nice sausage extra long" Kagura commented "I'd love to give it some love bites"

"Amen my perverted sister" Ayame said

"What do you say we take bets on who has the biggest one?" grinning Kagome suggested

"I'm in" the others agreed and placed their bets

"Whoa Kouga tame that wild wolf staff" Kagome joked

"Miroku you've been holding out on me, look girls it's a spitting cobra" Sango said

"Shit" Ayame exclaimed

"What is it? The others asked

"Look at Yash he's got enough silver hair around that base ball bat aka his pecker to make a fur hat" Ayame teased

"Shit he has enough to make a matching muff to" Sango added

"Yep and maybe some gloves to go with, and he says I've got a bush" Happy peeping Kagome stated

"Damn I know he is gay but girls Jak has some heavy duty equipment there" Kagura commented

"Jakotsu is packing a double barrel shot gun" Sango teased

"Holy mother if he was straight I'd ride him into the middle of next year" Ayame said

"Oh my gods somebody call fucking 911 cause I think I am having a heart attack" Kagome exclaimed

"Kags what's with you? Ayame questioned "Having a pecker stroke?

"The king of the world over there to the left, dear gods that should be illegal" wide eyed in shock Kagome answered, all eyes looked upon Sesshoumaru

"That is not a dick it's an entire continent" Ayame exclaimed

"Girls we have a winner" Kagura said

"Was there ever any doubt? Kagome teased

"Those who bet on Sessh win" Sango stated

"Shit he must have to have his condoms specially made" Kagome joked "he said I had a nice bush he is not lacking in that department, girls it's a snowy silver winter wonderland around that north pole"

"Hey mutt clean your teeth with that toothpick?" Kouga razzed

"Up yours lord splinter" Inuyasha shot back

"You two morons should just line em up on the pool table like pool cues and who ever sinks the eight ball in the corner pocket wins" Miroku teased

"You'll have to show us how you seem like a pro at it monk mighty mouth" Inuyasha retorted

"Enjoy the view ladies" Sesshoumaru thought he had sensed them long ago "Female admiration how I do appreciate it. These fools are so busy bantering that they have yet to sense anything" he looked at the wall the girls were hiding behind with a knowing smile

"Ah girls you don't think Sessh knows do you?" Ayame said "Because look at the way he's looking over here"

"Well he doesn't look pissed about it and he is smiling" Kagura said

"Yup if he was he'd just rip the wall out" Kagome stated

"Hell we might as well enjoy it then" Sango replied

"In the future this might come in handy" Kagome thought she had her own secret plans

"Damn Sessh has a nice ass" Kagura commented

"Nice and round like an apple" Kagome added

"Bite and mark that sucker" Ayame joked

New day, dog demon surprise

"Have you idiots bought graves and made funeral plans yet? Inuyasha razzed

"No moron but I'd be glad to do it for you if you want" Kouga wisecracked

"What are you going on about, fool?" Sesshoumaru asked

"Somebody needs Prozac" Kouga wisecracked "Why the hell are you asking such a dumb ass question for? Dumb ass"

"New teacher today dinguses" Inuyasha replied "We might get some nasty hag"

"If we do mutt I'm going to pound you" Kouga teased "Meet the hammer"

"What if it's a hot guy? Ayame asked

"I'll ride that pony" Kagome said to drive Inuyasha nuts

"Damn you wenches are more perverted then Miroku never thought I'd see the day. Led by your kitties" hah? Inuyasha wisecracked "Your hairy little companions are the boss, and I do mean hairy"

The classroom door opened a man stepped in and Kagome almost dropped dead "Good morning class I am your new teacher Naraku Himura"

"Oh my fucking word it's him" Kagome mumbled, "He's a teacher here?"

"Hey wench haul that fishing net in that beaver of yours is getting away" Inuyasha ragged in a whisper

"Shut it dog boy or I will net you and drop you in the ocean pronto" Kagome replied

"Sniff, cruel wench that is dog abuse" fake crying Inuyasha teased

"So that is your stud? Sango said with a grin "And now he is your teacher to"

"Jack pot rope that sucker and haul him in" Kagura added

"Yes Kagsy bag and tag that spider" Jakotsu teased

"Damn he could turn a girl into a creamer" Ayame jested

"Ayame" the girls said

"Oh please you horn toads know it's true" Ayame replied "Bet you broads are all thinking how good it would be to ride him, and him ride you" hah?

Naraku scanned the classroom with his eyes that soon fell upon Kagome he grinned and Kagome mentally gulped "Target acquired" he thought

"Aw is someone's fur piece damp? Inuyasha tauntingly whispered

"Want me to si you? Kagome said Naraku smirked

"You wouldn't not here?"

"Inuyasha si" Kagome teased

"Gulp, no," he said clamping his hands over his ears thinking not hearing her it would not happen. However, she was only playing with him again

"Sucker" Bankotsu razzed

"Awww poor baby" Sango, Kagome, Ayame, and Kagura teased

"Oh really, I've had it with you wenches" he said "Hey prof the kitty squad loves you, meow"

Naraku's eyes shot to the smirking hanyou "Kitty squad?

"Inuyashaaaaa" the girls bit

"Yes the girls little kitties are purring because they're are warm for your form," Inuyasha answered pointing to the girls "That is the kitty squad"

"I see" Naraku calmly replied "Kitty squad I have just met the class clown and the school holy terror" he thought

"Yes professor sorry to say that pest also known as my brother is mentally deficient" Sesshoumara said

"Taishooooo" Sango bellowed at Inuyasha

"Sic him girls" Jakotsu coaxed

"Later losers" the cocky gloating hanyou exclaimed got up and started to run

"Inuyasha Taisho sit" crash

"Oh fuck wench that's cheating"

In that instant the girls pounced "Oh boy girls pile on the dog yay" Jakotsu teased

"Lucky bastard" Miroku teased

"Me next" Bankotsu added

"Okay wenches one at a time and so you know I always use a rubber" the smartass hanyou tried rattling their cages which only made it worse "And I do not do it in public so let's take this someplace private"

"Come on mutt I doubt you could keep up with one woman never mind four" Kouga ragged

"I can do way more then that in a single day, especially Kagome" Inuyasha bragged, "You know how dogs are all night and every day"

"T M I" Kagome exclaimed

"I know baby too much Inuyasha for you, not to worry babe I'll go easy on ya," Inuyasha cockily stated

"No T M I as in to much information" Kagome answered

"Relax sweetheart I know I'm to much for you but I can take care of you four and more besides" the hanyou bragged

"Good to know thanks Yash," Kagura said

"You know I always wanted to try doing it in front of a crowd" Playing along Sango added "Just thinking about it makes me so horny"

"Gentlemen I do believe little brother has just bitten off more then he can chew" Sesshoumaru said to his friends

"Ah hah" the men agreed

"You know now that you mention it I'd like a piece of that action just hearing it turns me on" Ayame said

"Hell screw the rules lets go for it girls but I get the first ride" Kagome teased

"Please continue I shall film it" Sesshoumaru announced "Be sure to perform well"

"Yes ladies do continue I find this quite interesting and very stimulating" Enjoying it and playing along Naraku said, "I shall lock the door so there will be no interruptions"

"Eeeeeeew, your all sick let me go you damn deranged wenches" struggling Inuyasha yelled

"But Yash honey I already have my panties off and my kitty is ready for some lovin lots of long slow lovin" Kagome teased the other girls let him up enough so he could see "See" she waved what he didn't know was a borrowed pair of red panties at him

"Gulp no, no fucking way," Inuyasha, protested

"Lay on your back and I will do all the work I'll ride you" Kagome teased

"I will do the same if you like Yashy baby," Kagura teased

"Oh, oh Inu yasha yes, shit I I'm oh Inuyasha" Sango called her realistic fake orgasm

"Ooo just put the head in" Kagome teased

"Come on baby a big strong young hot hanyou like you can surely handle four weak little females," Sango added

"Oh shit it's a fucking gang bang, I can't believe this shit you sick ass wenches want to pull the train on me" Inuyasha whined "And in front of other people to"

To further add to the fun Sesshoumaru got up and locked the classroom door "Show us how it's done little brother" held up a camera pretending he was filming it

"Oh my gods Sessh you sick fuck my own brother your going to watch and film it to" Inuyasha scolded

"Well we are dogs so who cares mortal dogs do not" why should we?

"Fuck the door's locked and Buttmaru is standing in front of it" Inuyasha thought "Oh hell no" desperate for escape he quickly got the girls off of him dove out of the window and ran "Wait till I tell dad he will freak"

"He actually believed we were going to gang bang him," laughing Kagome said

"I, I almost feel sorry for the poor mutt" Kouga gasped

"Me to, not" Miroku added

"Look at that sucker go" looking out the window watching Inuyasha run Bankotsu commented

About ten minutes later ring, ring "Hello? Sesshoumaru answered his cell phone

"Sesshoumaru what have you done to your brother he called me something about girls, classroom, gang bang you watching and filming it?" Sugimi asked

"Yes father let me tell you it really is quite hilarious, and he did create the situation himself," he told Sugimi the whole story

"I see so wiseass pup thinking to torment and shock the girls offers to service all four of them then they use his own trick on him, hehehe fabulous" the laughing inu said, Sesshoumaru put him on speaker phone, and the camera "Good work girls"

"Thanks papa" Sango, Kagome, Ayame, and Kagura replied

Sugimi looked "Naraku Himura"

"Taisho sama" Naraku teased

"Bad spider drop the honorifics"

"Long time no see," Naraku said

"Indeed it has been"

"Whoa Prof and papa are buddies, hehehe wonder does Inuyasha know" Kagome exclaimed

"No my dear he does not, Naraku I have an idea for a while don't let dear pup know that we know one another" Sugimi suggested

"Sugimi you dirty dog I love it" Naraku replied

"You always were an excellent partner in crime" Sugimi stated

"The poor thing" Naraku said

Flirting, Spider miko games

The next day

Naraku came back and as he always sat at his desk to have lunch as he set his food upon his desk his eyes caught sight of something,. As his eyes traveled over it he saw it was rolled and tied like a scroll from the feudal era, Naraku picked it up untied the tie on it then unrolled it. His eyes widened as he looked upon the pages he saw very detailed pictures drawn upon it men and women enjoying orally pleasuring one another among many other forms of carnal pleasures, she had drawn it all

"Oh this is dirty pool" Naraku thought "The minx did this I know it"

"I got him good" Kagome mentally gloated

The following morning

When everyone entered the classroom, Kagome looked at her desk and noticed something there a beautiful sky blue envelope. She sat down picked it up opened it and inside was a booklet obviously home made, when she took it out opened it and looked she nearly choked intricately drawn on it was a largely endowed male taking a female doggy style. Kagome mentally gulped as she continued to gaze upon the numerous sexual positions and acts, a heat shot through her body she made a run for the bathroom

"Hehehe tit for tat little one" the mentally laughing spider thought yes Naraku was an art major while he was in in college 'Hm, now she knows that I can draw such things as well"

"Shit the damn war is on" Inuyasha whispered to his friends

"Kagsy needs an ice pack, Kagsy needs an ice pack" Kouga teasingly sang just above a whisper

"Fire in the hole" Ayame added

"More like boiling lava in the volcano" Bankotsu teased

"Looks as though somebody's going to have to uncork the dam" Kagura added

"Yup and let out that raging flood" Sango said

While in the bathroom "Oh I will get him for this if it is the last thing I do" Kagome mentally vowed

The next afternoon

As Kagome passed him in the hallway on the way to class she conveniently brushed against him when Naraku looked she winked, and released a low but needy groan. For the past three days when not in school they only talked on the phone after sharing their first kiss and exchanging phone numbers in the theatre that night. They did sneak kisses touches and embraces in school when no one was around it was forbidden and more fun. Naraku's loins were tight and on fire she had no idea how she affected him

"Naraku sama" she teased

"Teasing miko" Naraku replied

Slowing down deliberately they allowed others to pass by eventually leaving no one behind them. He felt a warm hand on his butt "You are headed for trouble girl"

"Oh really? She gave rubbed it "Nice"

She gently squeezed his rear end "Taunting female"

Lemon starts

The only thing Kagome knew is that she was moving so fast everything was a blur, then she was on her back feeling something her virgin body had never experienced before her mind was lost. When she was once again able to focus, she looked around and saw she was on the examination table in the nurse's room while Naraku ravished her with his hot tongue. She could no longer hold back because the new and intense pleasure his relentless tongue was giving her was swiftly pulling her into insanity

"Naraku uhhh" she called out her climax the first he'd given her he did not stop until four more immediately followed "Ooo yes"

"Thanks for the snack" He teased while looking at her now radiant glowing face

"Damn sneaky spider" she panted

"I did tell you, you were headed for trouble" he replied "And trouble you got"

Kagome got up stood in front of her smiling spider and took his lips with hers he parted his lips and her tongue dove in, the kisses became hard, hungry, and forceful. In a surprise turn of events, unsuspecting Naraku was backed against the examination table pants down being orally worshipped by his conquering miko his hand went into her raven locks while the other gripped the table as if for dear life. In his mindless passion his claws formed, the dam was ready to burst, as the pressure built his claws dug deep into the examination table

"Ah fuck Kagome" he heatedly exclaimed while exploding, but she did not stop and when he began his third release "G, god's damn woman" he panted

"Like you said sensei thanks for lunch" the smirking miko said

"Hm, we shall see who finishes who off"

"Oh shit" she exclaimed, in the spiders show of dominance she was pinned against the wall hands held above her head moving his hips while his length that was between her folds mercilessly massaged her pearl bringing her more releases "Dear kamis Naraku your to much, yes ah" he did not stop until her body went limp in his hold

"Spider wins" the evilly smiling sexy god like man exclaimed

"I do not care who wins I don't think I'll ever walk again you letch" the panting miko replied

"You started it" he teased

Naraku picked her up and sat her on the end of the table and started passionately kissing her, her hands moved up and untied his top knot freeing his wavy black hair she ran her fingers through it. He was a man with a plan while she was distracted and occupied with his actions he took the opportunity to sheath his shaft inside relieving her of her virgin barrier he felt her flinch. To make her forget any pain she may have felt he used his tongue to distract her she became so excited and though he was not moving she climaxed greatly pleasing him he pulled back and kissed her neck

Lemon ends

"Are you alright?

"Yes it only hurt a little but passed quickly" she answered "What about you"

"It is a bit sore from the tightness but it matters not"

"He is a big fella" she teasingly stated and it was true

"I wanted to break your barrier then when I do take you, you will not have all that pain to deal with" he assured her "I am well pleased that not long after you peaked again"

"Naraku we can fuck if you wan" she started then they heard ring, ring

"Shit we must return to class"

"Damn that ends our spider miko games" she jokingly griped

"Fear not little one you are not off the hook so easily" the two straightened up and returned to class Kagome first, then he would a short while later

In class

"Here goes little brother" Sesshoumaru commented

As Kagome entered Inuyasha who scented her coming stood next to the door waiting for his victim she entered "How's the surf?

"What the hell are you talking about? Like I knew it would it has finally happened your brain has crashed and burned" Kagome wisecracked

"Really? Inuyasha teased

"Yes really, now if you don't mind I want to take my seat"

"Okay grouchy but first let me tell you a secret" Inuyasha teased

"Okay fine but make it quick"

"You went surfing and oops I've fallen and my cherry got broke" he happily whispered in her ear

"Oh no" the poor wide eyed miko exclaimed

"Oh yes, dog demon remember, dog sense of smell?" Inuyasha teased "Ah don't worry wench I do not snitch"

"Damn forgot about that, yep that's you but the others, crap I am doomed"

As she walked in her friends faces were brightly lit with smiles and were practically glowing, she knew she was doomed "I went to the candy shop and got me some cherry pop" Sango teased

"Have you heard gang there is a new ride at the amusement park called the spider they say it is a long" ride Kagura razzed

"They say it wraps its legs around you while it takes that first taste" Ayame said

"And ouch feels so good a long hard ride" Kagura teased "Oh daddy"

"I said it before and I'll say it again eight legs of loving" Bankotsu added

"Yee ha Kagome done roped herself a big one" Jakotsu teased

"No it was a bucking bronco she broke him but he broke something to" Sango exclaimed

"Yes our miko Kagome opened her temple for the first time and received a blessing from monk Naraku" smirking Miroku said

"Oh give me a break you bunch of twisted freaks" Kagome playfully scolded

Sesshoumaru winked "Congrats miko"

"Thanks Sessh"

"Hope you didn't kill the poor guy" is he still alive and breathing? Kouga teased

"Keep it up and I swear I am going to make wolf burgers out of you" Kagome replied and sat down

"Spider climbed the tree, spider climbed the tree plucked and ate a big juicy cherry" Kouga sang

"Sick wolf" Inuyasha joked

"Dead wolf" Kagome added

"Yup but this wolf does not fink on friends," grinning Kouga replied "Congratulations"

"Thanks Kouga" Kagome answered

"And why are my little deviants so quiet? What is going on? Entering the classroom Naraku questioned

"Nothing sensei" they replied in unison

"Ah hah" Naraku exclaimed

"Alright we might as well let him in on it. If you must know Prof we're plotting a bank heist" Bankotsu joked

"Lovely I will be sure to wait to see you on the evening news, then I can happily share knowledge of the great success of one or more of my students" smirking Naraku said

"Awww" they moaned in defeat for failing to get a rise out of him

Valentines Day plans, soup surprise, peeping miko, shower time surprise

"Hey Kagome's talking about having a Valentines Day party "Sango announced

"Oh lovely kissy lovey mushy girls day" Inuyasha teased

"Shut up" the girls exclaimed

'That's because he ain't got one romantic bone in his body" Kouga razzed

"I do not need all that mushy stuff to romance a girl" Inuyasha protested "You sappy wolf"

"Hah, this sappy wolf gets the ladies" Kouga shot back

"Amen to that brother honey catches the bees" Miroku added

"King Pervert speaks of romance please his idea of romance is feeling her ass before saying hello and asking her name" Inuyasha wisecracked

"Excuse you I always say hello first. Maybe if you felt a few you would not be such a prude"

"Nope because unlike you I don't get my jollies from having pissed off girls smack me for being a butt grabbing freak" Inuyasha shot back

"Hey Yash? Sango called

"Yes, what can I do you for" Inuyasha answered

"Oh he just walked into something I know it" Miroku whispered to Bankotsu

"This is going to be as the Americans say a Kodak moment" Sesshoumaru stated

"Bet it'd make a nice Hallmark card to" Bankotsu said the other males nodded in agreement

"You can take me in the closet and do me" Sango answered

"Cough, what?" came from Inuyasha

"We can have a quickie I usually only need about an hour" Sango teased

"I can't"

"Really, and why not?" grinning Sango asked

"While on my way to school this morning I lost my dick, he fell off and I do not know where to find him" Inuyasha replied

"Cough Bullshit cough" Jakotsu exclaimed

"Shut up Jakotsu" Inuyasha bit

"You can always go to the city morgue pick one out and have it sewn on" Sesshoumaru razzed

"That where you got yours from? Woodless one" Inuyasha replied "Oh your ass is mine now" he thought

That afternoon

Lunchtime Sesshoumaru began opening his container happily looking forward to eating his Miso soup, he pulled the lid back once it was off most of the way Sesshoumaru was startled and his body jerked when something jumped leapt out landing on his chest causing him to drop the container and the lid went flying as well. When Sesshoumaru looked down two beady little eyes stared into his both evenly matched the staring contest would be won by neither of them

Upon further inspection Sesshoumaru found that not only had the little visitor been put into his container but his beloved miso soup was also gone and had been replaced with water. Everyone looked on in awe expecting Sesshoumaru to go into must kill mode but he remained eerily calm and to everybody's surprise showed no signs of fury. Inuyasha was mentally gloating waiting for the bomb that was Sesshoumaru to explode and for the chase he so loved even though it was accompanied by a trouncing

"Good soup big bro thanks" the wiseass hanyou exclaimed

"Little brother so I have you to thank for this unique gift" Sesshoumaru replied

"Yep fluff that you do"

"How sweet" Sesshoumaru angelically responded

"What the? Inuyasha thought

Sesshoumaru walked over to Inuyasha and put the big fat frog that Inuyasha had put in his soup container on his shoulder, then with one hand on the hanyou's head ruffed his hair. Inuyasha mentally gulped. Sesshoumaru smiled and that is when the rest expected death for that is what usually what happened when he smiled nope instead he surprised them all with what he did next

"Thank you dear brother and take good care of Hoshi" Sesshoumaru said acting as though nothing had happened

"Sessh" Inuyasha exclaimed

"Be nice to Hoshi"

"You named him? Inuyasha replied

"Yes I did"

"But aren't you going to? Inuyasha started

"It is a wonderful day" Sesshoumaru exclaimed as he walked away smiling

"Oh damn" Inuyasha whined

"What Sesshy's being nice?' Kagome exclaimed

"No, this isn't good nice is bad"

"Come on Inuyasha maybe Sessh is in a good mood" Kagome said "So he's being nice"

"No, no way, bullshit I put a frog in his soup container Kagome get real" will you?

"Oh lighten up worry wart he's just being nice"

"Why not just enjoy his kindness? Miroku said

"If Sessh was going to pound or kill you he'd have done it already" Kagome reasoned "We all know he does not hesitate or hold back"

"I like it better when he's mean and his usual cold hard ass self that's natural, him being nice creeps me out" Inuyasha replied

"You're worrying for nothing" Kagome replied

"I don't care mean Sessh is better I hate it when he's being nice it's scary"

"Inuyasha stop being such a big scary cat" Kagome said

"Damn it wench I am not a damned cat" he griped "I'm scared I need a place to hide" he whispered the last part in her ear

"Come on Hoshi I'll take you to the pond out back, and mister chicken here can find a nice place to hide" Kagome said to the frog as she picked him up off of Inuyasha's shoulder he croaked "Yes big boy you'll like the pond there's some nice girl frogs there to" he croaked again

"At least he doesn't have to worry" Inuyasha said as Kagome walked away heading for the pond

"And he isn't the moron who replaced his brothers soup with a frog and water" Kouga needled

"Go plant yourself" Inuyasha shot back

"You know maybe Sessh is happy because he got some special p" Kouga teased

"Special p, what the hell are you talking about? Dummy" Inuyasha replied

"Yeah mutt top shelf stuff" Kouga teased "High grade gold star stalk"

"What in the hell is special p? Bankotsu asked

"Now that I can answer special p means special pussy" Miroku explained

"Hehehe, this just keeps getting better" laughing Bankotsu said

"Special pussy Kouga you asshole" Inuyasha exclaimed and took off for parts unknown

"Sessh being nice after that caper it is the calm before the storm" grinning Kagura said

Two days after

"Morning brother" Sesshoumaru greeted at breakfast

"Eeek" the startled unnerved hanyou lightly shrieked

"So jumpy to much caffeine perhaps?" Sesshoumaru sweetly asked

"Why, why are you being so nice? Inuyasha nearly stammered

"I'm always nice"

"After the frog thing? Inuyasha said

"Oh please that was nothing it's already forgotten"

"Forgotten? Nervous Inuyasha replied

"Yes brother you heard me"

The nervous hanyou decided it would be safer to sit in another chair he slowly and nervously moved toward a chair looking and sniffing as he went but saw nothing and there were no new scents. Feeling safe for the time being he walked over to the chair then sat down and was promptly hauled up to the ceiling. Yes, Sesshoumaru calculating everything ahead of time knew which seat his brother would choose and set everything up ahead of time, Inuyasha looked down from the net that held him up near the ceiling

"You said it was nothing and forgotten" Inuyasha said

"Yes that I did, but what I did not say is that it was forgiven" Sesshoumaru cheerily replied

"Oh boy Sesshy went fishing and caught himself a big one" Ayame teased

"Yay fish for breakfast" Jakotsu said

"Awesome sushi for breakfast" Sango added

"Hello breakfast" Kagura greeted the netted hanyou

"Sesshoumaruuuuu" Inuyasha yelled

"Yeeeees" he teasingly replied

"I will kill you for this" Inuyasha snapped

"Frog, remember brother dear frog?"

"Growl" was Inuyasha's final response Sesshoumaru was well pleased for he loved yanking his brother's chain

"Hm, fishing my dears?" Joking Naraku said as he entered the room

"Yep it's free to" Ayame said

"Today's breakfast special is sushi" Kagome teased

"But I prefer only one sushi" Naraku huskily whispered in Kagome's ear

"Sushi addict" she teased


After the sports events the boys headed straight to the shower room, when they were done they wrapped themselves in their towels and left. Kagome disappeared from her group of friends for she was on a mission hidden behind the wall Kagome watched as Naraku entered the shower room in all his naked glory her first look at him fully unclothed. The mikos heart raced with excitement, he turned on the water when it as hot he stepped under it and slowly soaped his body up and rinsed off he took his shaft in hand thoroughly and slowly washing it and its two round companions, she mentally gulped

As Kagome watched, sparks shot through her over heated little body then "Enjoy what you see?

"What? The spooked woman exclaimed.

She did not know how but Naraku had come through the wall without breaking it and was now standing in front of her "Neko got your tongue?

"How? What?

"Care to join me? He purred

"Join yo? She started

In the next instant she was in the shower with Naraku looking at him wide eyed and speechless "How you are wondering I am able to pass through walls much like a spirit does only I am solid mass" he explained

"Like a ghost?

"Yes you could say that. I am able to enter rooms without the aid of a key to open a door lock, and without using the door as well" Naraku explained "I can pass through walls and solid matter with ease. I can take others with me to"

Kinky lemon starts

He herded her towards the wall and soon was behind her with her soft body between himself and the wall his hands worked their way down from her shoulders to her ample round bosom and continued their journey downward. The beautiful male leaned in allowing his lips to kiss hers then explore her neck, when she released a lusty moan one hand slipped between her thighs and found her hidden valley. He gently pushed her toward the wall allowing her to brace herself with her palms against it standing behind her his fingers went to work

"Naraku" she called out her release

"That's my girl"

Suddenly she took hold of his rod with one hand and gave it a few strokes, then pushed her butt back a bit and rubbed up and down then felt his stiffness slip between the cheeks of her rear "Holy fuck" he said

From behind his hands held her hips in place while he pumped his long rod back and forth as long as it easily stayed between the cheeks of her ass and folds the head brushing over her nub with each thrust. Kagome closed her thighs enough to hold him in place, one of Naraku's hands went across her stomach holding her in place the other went under her shirt and played with her breasts while he continued thrusting. Her lust was so intense Kagome was nearly breathless as she gasped for air. Naraku felt her opening pulsate against his length and moved faster

"Naraku oh fucking hell"

"You like that it is almost like fucking" he said "Do you like it my cock sliding between you ass and split the head of it licking your come trigger spot at the same time"

"Talking dirty and that voice of yours makes me want" she went silent when he moved a certain way then "Ugh"

He slightly shifted and moved a bit harder "It feels so good my hard on stroking your sweet spot" he spoke near her ear his hot breath caressing her skin he kissed her neck and nipped her ear "Close your eyes and see it it's so hard moving against you you've never been so hot before and you come all over it"

"Oh, oh damn Narakuuuuu" she nearly screamed when a massive climax hit

"I do not stop it's stroking your wetness moving like my tongue exploring your hot spot making it slide across my hardness and you come, you come so hard your knees go weak" she called out his name in the ecstasy of sweet surrender

He continued "Yes Naraku, visualize it wrapped around your hardness holding it as you move skin on skin. You're so hard your rod is ready to explode"

"You fucking turn me on so much, shit" he panted "More then any other ever had"

"You come so hard and it flows like an erupting volcano" then her breath caught in her throat silencing her

"Ah shit" he was barley able to speak "It was never like this be before" he panted hard

"Naraku yes right there"

"Uhhhhh" they called out, Kagome hit her third time and felt his sliding down her leg it was long and intense beyond believe

For a few minutes both rested panting and limp against the wall "I had no idea you talked dirty I find I rather like it a lot" Naraku praised

"And I never expected sweet classy proper never swears Naraku to speak in X rated ways that was frickin hot I never thought I'd like something like that"

"Really? He replied in a teasing tone "Like this? He asked as he moved slightly against

"Son of a bitch" she said "Naraku are you trying to kill me?"

"Come we need to bathe we are both soiled" he stated "It is well after three everyone is gone so we can take our time"

Naraku used his demonic speed to remove her clothes he was enjoying his first view of her naked and nearly lost his breath as his eyes raked over her body, he turned the shower on making sure it was comfortably warm, both stood under the water allowing it to soak them. He took the soap and began lathering his hands and washing her body last was her lower region which he took his time doing his touches stimulating her all over again

After a few minutes of sensual torture, Kagome turned the tables Taking the soap she started from his neck slowly washing her way down to his feet, last she took his balls in her hands and slowly massaged them with soap after a couple minutes of torture she took his hardening shaft in hand and began working on it. Naraku was barely holding on by a slim thread as she continued his eyes drifted shut for a few seconds then opened and Kagome was held up against the wall beneath the running water he stared at her with glowing red eyes

He quickly slipped in up to the hilt and it pulsed inside her "I need to fuck you" he said as he began moving inside her.

With her arms around his shoulders and legs wrapped around his waist, Kagome stared unafraid into his red eyes. He kissed her and as their tongues teased each other he shifted positions a few times to driver her closer to the edge enjoying the feel of her passage clenching and releasing around his rod almost with a suction like feel to it drove him mad. He pulled his head back and locked eyes with her never moving them as he thrust harder and faster loving it when she groaned

"I want to watch you come" hearing him say that brought her close to, the edge fast and she moved against him hard "You enjoy it when I fill you" don't you? Take this" then sped up to inhuman speed watching her face flush and redden with increased lust

"Yes Naraku yes" she exploded so many times he lost count, and he continued

"My pussy mine," he exclaimed while climaxing hard and she with him saying his name

Knowing dirty talk unhinged him "Take it Naraku fuck me more"

He laid her on the floor staying inside her the whole time and resumed moving inside her "Like this? Does the feel of it deep inside touching every inch make you hot? She loved it when he talked like this "So tightly wrapped my rod sucking every inch of it"

"Give me that dick ride me screw me into the ground and back out again" she slightly shifted


"Fuuuuuck" both cried out while hard long releases conquered them. He sat still hard and Kagome rode him, this went on until 5:pm

Lemon ends

The uninvited, caged fury, raising hell

Before the classroom door opened he scenting something coming and faster then anyone could blink Inuyasha, had Kagome seated on his lap with his arms around her, Kagome gasped in shock and surprise. Standing there was the person Inuyasha had hoped he would never see again in this life or the next one, all eyes were wide and sat upon the hanyou and miko and their very intimate position Inuyasha smirked as he held Kagome against him

"Inuyasha what is this? The stranger said

"What's it look like? I'm holding my baby, duh"

"You traitorous dog"

"Kikybo I mean Kinkho" Inuyasha wise ass answered

"You prick" Kikyo spat

"Yup I've got one and like I told you in high school your never going to get it" Inuyasha replied

"Just what I should have expected from a filthy mongrel"

"Better a mongrel then the town pump" Inuyasha shot back

"I'm not a tramp"

"Bet those fifteen plus guys we know about and the gods know how many more we don't know about you've been with would say differently" Inuyasha needled

"Liar" Kikyo yelled

"You would do well to leave my class now" Naraku snapped "Or I will have you forcibly removed"

"Hey Nagasaki sucks seeing you again" Kagura verbally badgered

"Shove it wind bitc" Kikyo started but stopped when she heard

"I see that you are a breeder of conflict and trouble, You should be well pleased with yourself you brought trouble into my class" Naraku stated

"That's not tru" she began to reply when she saw what was happening

Inuyasha for extra dramatic effect kissed Kagome on the cheek Kagome played along instead of protesting being like a brother to her Kagome was happy to help Inuyasha out. Naraku suddenly and urgently needed to leave his class fast the students watched as he headed straight for the door knocking Kikyo flat on her ass as he exited. The classroom filled with laughter and applause rang throughout the room

"Uh oh" Kagome whispered

"Be back in a minute thanks for helping me out" Inuyasha whispered in her ear

Inuyasha lifted Kagome off of his lap gently set her down and got up then bolted to the door and knocked Kikyo who was back on her feet standing in the doorway again down. Kikyo screeched in rage as she watched the streak hurriedly pass her without so much as an excuse me

"Hey Nagacrotchy laying down on the job as usual" Kagura insulted

"Wind bitch" Kikyo spat

"The bitch is you trying to steal Saito from me in senior high"

"You wish" Kikyo shot back

"Really? Smirking Kagura replied and pulled a picture out of her bag

"You lie"

Kagura smiled brightly as she held up a photo which the others eagerly went to see, there was Kikyo after Saito trying to hug him while with scowl with his arms in front of him in a defensive position pushing her away. Kikyo glared with rage-filled eyes while the other students with wide eyes looked on with shock written on their faces

"As they say one picture is worth a thousand words" Kagura smugly replied

Intent on destroying the evidence Kikyo lunged for the picture then went crashing down as Ayame's foot met her legs "Oops clumsy"

"Like that'd do you any good I have the negative" Kagura informed her

"Wow that hot looking guy looks disgusted and pissed guess he's not into you" hah? Jakotsu rubbed it in,

"Shut up Tinkerbelle" Kikyo bit

"Not to worry dear I would never tinker your bell" Jakotsu grinningly replied "It is wenches like you that turn a man gay" he insulted to bust her chops, without a word Kikyo got up and left

With Inuyasha, and Naraku

Inuyasha entered the men's room in time to see red eyed enraged fangs bared Naraku driving his fist into the plaster wall leaving a big indentation in it, hearing someone enter he looked in that direction. Seeing him in that state and looking like the way he did Inuyasha knew

"Prof relax no need to be pissed off and jealous man Kags was only helping me out it was to bust Kikyo's chops and get her off my back. Me and Kags are like brother and sister" Inuyasha explained "I'm sorry"

"Kagome with another male I just cannot Stan" Naraku started then stopped his jaws clenched

"Your in love with her, aren't you?"

"My miko" was Naraku's reply

"Then tell her man" Inuyasha advised

"Thank you"

"No problem wench is hot for you to if you only heard what she says about you" Inuyasha told him "But you didn't hear that from me"

"My lips are sealed" Naraku replied

Over the days that came, Kikyo began flirting though on the sly annoying the hell out of Naraku. One day Inuyasha caught it "Damn now she's after you? You need a bodyguard dude"

"Looks that way" Naraku replied

"How long has this been going on?

"A few days" Naraku answered

"Tell you what I'll keep an eye on you when I'm not around one of the guys will. With that bitch anything can happen"

"Thanks" Naraku said "I owe you"

"Think nothing of it hat's what friends are for"

"Kagome" Naraku exclaimed

"Take it easy I am not telling Kagome or the other girls they'd go after her. Kagome would probably kick her ass, and Kagura hates her she'd probably pound the witch"

"Sweet natured Kagura, why?" Naraku asked

"In senior high Kikyo went after Kagura's boyfriend"

"So what happened? Naraku asked

"A fat split and a black eye cured that quick fast and in a hurry" the smirking hanyou answered

"Whoa Kagura the conqueror"

"Yup, and dude she hits like a man none of that slapping and pulling hair only girly shit" Inuyasha told him

"And my miko?

"We've nick named her the terminator" Inuyasha replied "Oh and Prof you might want to guard your male jewels extra close because Kayo once tried to grab my brothers"

"Gasp, what did he do?"

"First he grabbed her wrist pulled her hand away and being the sneaky dog he is put one claw on her hand and let some of his acid hit her skin. She screamed ran and never bothered him again" Inuyasha explained


"Yup that's Sessh calm cool collected classy and deadly. Shit I'm surprised he didn't take her hand off must have been in a good mood that day" smiling Inuyasha exclaimed

Inuyasha went to the locker room where his friends were and told them what Kikyo was doing to Naraku "Shit better not tell Kags" Kouga said

"No way man wench would go all terminator on her ass. She's got it bad for Naraku, and him for her" Inuyasha stated

"We'll help keep an eye out for him" Bankotsu offered

"That is just what I was going to as you guys for" Inuyasha replied

"I am going to need some anti nausea pills before I look at her" Jakotsu joked

Inuyasha formed the most devious smirk "Inuyasha Taisho what is going on in that sick mind of yours? Bankotsu inquired

"Going to visit dean Wantanabe" He answered "Gather round boys" he told them what he was going to do

After Inuyasha's visit to Abi Kikyo was in form of lockdown unable to get near Naraku, when seen she looked somewhat like a demon with the constant hatred that was seen on her face. A couple of times when no one was around she glared at Kagome her on Inuyasha's lap still griped Kikyo to no end and she considered Kagome the enemy having Inuyasha when she was denied and Kikyo was a vengeful devil would not stand for being denied without retribution and Kagome wasn't alone on her hit list

Kagura passed by Kikyo in the hall and completely caught off guard in a split second was tripped landing on her face "Kagura" Sango called rushing to her friend

Cocky smirking Kikyo took off "Got her" she thought

"Want me to kick her ass? Pissed off Sango said while helping Kagura up

"Nah Sang I've got something for her ass"

At lunch as still smiling gloating Kikyo sat at the table she suddenly landed face first in her food and the cranberry juice tipped drenching her head staining her nice new white silk clothes while it ran down, and as she looked up as she headed down toward the floor, Kagura had pulled the chair out from under her. All the students had heard how she tripped Kagura and stifled laughs, the boys were enjoying the show

"Fuck" Kikyo exclaimed

"Hey Nagasaki nice vocabulary is that what you learned in high school?" Sango needled

Kikyo got up off the floor and forgetting she was already in trouble charged for Kagura "Your dead bitch" Kikyo screamed. In addition, dean Abi who Sesshoumaru had so nicely called on his cell phone entered the cafeteria as she did

"Wench fight" Inuyasha joked to his friends

"Meow" Miroku teased

"No cats allowed" Sesshoumaru said

"Miss Nagasaki you will cease now or I will call security and the police then you will be immediately expelled" Kikyo froze in place one hand a mere two inches from Kagura's throat

"She started it" Kikyo protested

"Liar" the rest said

"You will come with me now" Abi snapped, she left with Kikyo following behind

"Kagura nice" Ayame complimented

"Maybe now she'll think before tripping somebody" Kagura exclaimed

After two weeks of suspension Kikyo returned the next day Kagome opened her locker door and was hit with dark green slime coating her upper body staining it as it dribbled down "Oh shit" Inuyasha exclaimed

"Kagome? Ayame said

"It's alright Yame"

"Miko" Sesshoumaru exclaimed

"Not to worry it's nothing" Kagome replied while calmly wiping herself off

"Not to worry my ass" Inuyasha whispered

"Man Kags is to damned calm" Kouga commented

"Well fellas all we can do now is wait for the fun to begin" Miroku said

"And you know our Kagome it'll more then likely be epic" Bankotsu stated

"It's war now" Kagura added

While the next few days went by Kagome carried on as if nothing had happened. The girls had all taken their showers after gym class Kikyo was the last one out having no modesty because she thought her body was better then all other women's bodies, naked she reached into her locker and began putting on her sex pot clothes as the boys had named them due to their tightness. She was fully dressed and cockily smirking then started scratching a few seconds went by and it was ten times worse she ran back to the showers while clawing at her skin

"Kagome? Ayame called the grinning miko in a sweet melodious voice

"Yes my dear wolf sister?'

"What did Kagsy do? Kagura asked

"Fleas and itching powder" Kagome sweetly answered

"Whoa mama" The males exclaimed

"That's not all" Kagome said

"Uh oh, what else?" Jakotsu asked

"An extra ingredient in the itching powder she'll be smelling like pee and stinking socks for a couple of days" Smiling Kagome told them

"Sweet" the women exclaimed, then everyone bust out laughing

Death and resurrection, a new beginning, Valentines day celebration

"Oh Kagsy honey you going to eat with us?" Inuyasha teased

"Nah I'm going to eat in here today" Kagome answered

"Aw she doesn't love me no more sniff, sniff me cry now" Inuyasha feigned tears

"Oh can it dog boy and go eat before you faint"

"Hey wench fainting is for girls and I am all man" Inuyasha replied, "Okay see you later Gome. Mangy wolf"

"Dumb mutt" Kouga shot back with a wolfish smirk, Inuyasha left

While the others went out to eat lunch only Kouga, and Kagome remained "Hey Kagome bet I can eat mine faster then you can eat yours" Kouga teased

"No fair you're a demon no way can a human can out do you"

"I'll give you a five minute head start" he replied wiggling his eyebrows teasingly

"Sorry wolfy I'm not looking for an early grave"

"My Kagome you wound me I feel so rejected" Kouga joked

"Oh shut up an eat before we both get to old to eat"

"Yes dear mother" he answered

After joking around as they always did Kagome, and Kouga settled down to eat. Kouga his favorite a rare roast beef sub, and Kagome a meatball sub with tomato sauce and cheese on it and her favorite thing favorite cherry soda. Being hungry Kagome ate kind of fast took couple of small sips of soda as she went, after she ate the last bite of her sub sandwich she downed almost half of the soda and within seconds her head felt weird and she felt drunk as though she'd been drinking

As euphoria took over and the room began spinning Kagome quickly lost her ability to control her own body the way she should, then her eyes quickly became droopy as sleep called her into it's sweet loving embrace. She did not even hear Kouga call her it all happened at once her eyes closed head went down and her limp body began to fall forward as she fell into total blackness.

Kouga immediately leaped up ran to her and was at her a second after she landed on the floor, and as he lifted her up and held her limp form in his arms he caught the scent poison and Kikyo on Kagome's cherry soda glass. He allowed the tears to flow freely from his eyes as his heart was torn apart by grief and pain the wolf prince knew that there was only one way and what must be done

"Kagome can you hear me? Open your eyes" the panicked wolf said while gently smacking her cheek with his hand but nothing she was seconds from death "Sorry Kags but this is the only way"

Naraku with his students behind him opened the classroom door just as Kagome died and Kouga pierced his finger with one sharp fang then opened her mouth and let his blood drip into her mouth when his blood entered her quickly flowing down her throat. Her heart began beating and she started breathing like a hungry pup Kagome kept drinking his blood. Kouga breathed a sigh of relief and smiled when he felt two small hands clutch his arm holding it in place and lips latch on as she continue sucking his blood

Kouga and the others witnessed her waist length hair grow down to her thighs and other changes take place though her eyes were still closed they changed color, and her body became very curvaceous among other things. Naraku who had been silently dying inside seeing his future mate die held back his own tears remained amazingly calm which unnerved some there, Kagome's eyes snapped open and that is when Kouga saw her eyes were pale violet

Kagome removed her lips from his finger "Hey I did not remember being invited to dinner and nobody told me wolf was on the menu" Kagome joked

"Welcome back little miss Vampira" he joked "Addicted to wolf blood I see, and your part wolf now babe "

"Part wolf,? What the hell happened, anyway?" last thing I remember was I ate my sub sandwich then drank my soda" Kagome replied

"I smell Kikyo and some poison from your cherry soda cup"

"That kind hearted bitch" Kagome wisecracked

"Um Kagome why are you not fuming mad, and smirking instead? Kouga questioned

"I drank your blood my hair grew way longer I feel amazing and unusually strong" what else I wonder?

"Well you don't have brown eyes anymore" he answered

"Really? The smiling woman asked "What are they now?

"Pale violet like Hakudoshi, Beautiful" Naraku who was taking in her new features said

"Awesome" she exclaimed and that is when something else was seen

"Fangs" Naraku said, as she sat with her head tilted back looking into his eyes "Part wolf you are indeed"

"Kagome you amaze me a sleaze bag just tried to kill you and your not even on the warpath" Kouga exclaimed "Especially where your part ookami we are savage"

"Changes, Kougy tell me what other changes there'll be?" Kouga told her "Sweet"

"I'll teach you all you need to know"

Before she could utter a single word, Naraku was on his knees next to her encasing her in his strong arms he leaned bent his head down and began kissing her like he had not seen her in weeks. As her arms slid around his neck and she kissed him back she felt something warm and wet slide down between them. After some time had passed Naraku slowly pulled his lips away and despite the fact that his banks hung over his eyes she saw his face in a way she had never seen it before

Hotheaded Inuyasha spoke "I am going to find and kill that fucking bitch" near the door, he turned to run and begin his search and revenge mission

Without even lifting his head "Inuyasha Taisho move" Naraku said in the coldest most commanding tone immediately halting Inuyasha on the spot

"Sensei" was all the hanyou got out just before a streak past by him "Shit"

"Kags the front of your shirt it's soaked" squatting next to and looking at her friend Sango exclaimed

Kagome touched her shirt and looked at wet her fingers "Crying, he was crying" a look of sadness crossed her face "Naraku"

"He loves you more then you knew" Kagura stated

"Fuck this is bad" Kouga said

"Blood rage" Sesshoumaru stated then disappeared in a streak

"Speed freak show off" Inuyasha joked

Inuyasha, Bankotsu and the others quickly followed with Inuyasha leading the scent trail led them to the art room the door was closed which surprised Inuyasha but when he opened it, he learned the reason why. Standing inside next to, the door was observing Sesshoumaru while Naraku surrounded by a raging red aura as his demonic energy swirled around him had just had cornered Kikyo. In the blink of an eye his arm was around his shoulders, she tried purifying him but failed

"You can't dark miko when you killed Kagome your light died and turned black you sold your soul to the dark side" Naraku informed her in an inhumanly scary and deep almost unrecognizable voice

"Let go" Kikyo said

"To late I care not"

Next his other arm rose and he forcefully pressed something to Kikyo's lips, all eyes went wide in his hand was the same glass of cherry soda she had poisoned Kagome with gasps echoed throughout the room. Though she clawed and struggled against him she was no match for his strength, he forced her own poison down her throat there was over half a glass left three times more then Kagome had ingested. Kikyo's eyes rolled back in her head and she was gone she fell to the floor dead Naraku destroyed her body it vanished

"Hehehehe" he laughed in a sadistic demonic tone

"Naraku? Kagome called

Naraku turned and looked his beautiful face still marred with residual hate filled rage and glowing blood red eyes "Mate"

Kagome approached him and wrapped herself around him "Naraku" then her lips locked onto his he immediately calmed and returned to normal

They disappeared "Blood rage, revenge, now he's horny" grinning Ayame said

"Man and they call us dogs" Inuyasha teased

"We are dogs remember fool?" Sesshoumaru ragged

"Ah go stuff yourself you know what I mean they call us horny dogs"

"We are" Kouga joked

"Mutts" smirking Inuyasha replied

Valentines day party

Kagome was holding the Valentines day party at her house each group brought goodies "Oh my god now we have enough for five parties" Kagome said

"I'm a big boy who needs lots of food" Inuyasha who was bringing in a bunch of steaks teased

"Dogs and beef" Sugimi joked

Kagome latched onto a steak and started eating it raw "Thanks my cute little doggy" she teased rubbing the top of his head with one hand "Good" she mumbled

"Come on wench your messing up my hair" aren't you going to wait until the meat's cooked? He teased

"Growl, hell no" was her playful reply and she continued eating

"Ravenous wolfette" he teased

Naraku could not resist "Sugimi good to see you again"

"Wait a minute, you two know each other?" Inuyasha exclaimed

"Oops did I forget to tell you? Sugimi casually replied "Papas" sorry

"Forgot my ass sneaky old goat, it's a frigging conspiracy" Inuyasha said

"I knew" Sesshoumaru rubbed it in

"That figures lord fluffy knows Inuyasha gets left in the freaking dark" Inuyasha complained

"Fluffy one day I shall kill him for that damned lowly nick name? Sesshoumaru thought better yet maybe I can turn the tables on him "Is that the name you go by now?

"I'm not the fluffy one you are you giant troll doll" Inuyasha snapped

"Really, a false claim?"

"What the fuc? Inuyasha started 'Yeeeow" he shrieked as Sesshoumaru put an index finger on each side of his head using his powers to create a mild electrical shock making Inuyasha's hair stand out like a bush "St, stop" he stammered

"You see you are fluffy"

"Fluffy" his friends teased

"Oh he's absolutely adorable" Ayame gushed

"I just want to hug him and squeeze him" Sango teased

"I want to pet him" Kagura added

"Shut up traitors" Inuyasha snapped

"Get a gun there's a giant troll in the house" Kouga needled

"There is no gun but I'll get the ax" Miroku added

"Eek don't eat me" Bankotsu teased

"How about I just kill ya? Inuyasha shot back

Kagome shared the last piece of her meat with Naraku, the music began and everyone paired off and danced, Naraku kept staring into Kagome's eyes "I'm inside you hitting all of your sweet spots" he whispered in her ear

"You pervert" she whispered in his ear while he kissed her neck

"You squirming beneath me with your legs wrapped around my waist while I drive it into you like a piston again and again"

She slid a hand down to his ass and rested it there "Teasing spider"

"I told you before your headed for trouble" remember what happened last time? He whispered

"Your laying on your back while I sit on you with my back to you as your hard shaft slides in and out soft silky skin each caresses the other and I ride you into paradise"

"Damn wench talks shit, I can't believe little miss innocent never swears talking dirty. Wow Naraku really brought the freak out in he, I love it" Inuyasha said

"I heard that two" Kouga, and Sesshoumaru added

"And I never thought Naraku did either he's so classy never even swears" Kagura said

"Guess they forgot we have demonic hearing" Ayame stated

Inuyasha told the human members of the group "Kagome, sweet little Kagome? And Professor Himura" Shocked wide eyed Sango exclaimed

"At a girl Kags" Miroku said

"Here's to the new Kagome, and Naraku's who's secret side is now known" Sugimi chimed in with a smile holding up his drink

"Cheers" Jakotsu, and Bankotsu said and clanked glasses with him

"Long live my fellow hentais" Miroku joked

"The hentai church of monk Miroku is open for business" Inuyasha teased

Naraku, and Kagome

Lemon starts

She was off of her feet moving at warp speed headed for where she did not know, next thing she knew they came to a stop in her room. Before she could blink, her clothes were gone, using her new ookami youkai speed, he was naked. Gently Naraku pushed her onto the bed got on top of her entered her and moved hard and fast it was wild savage and hot, he kissed her hard then pulled back buried his nose in her neck

"Yes Naraku give it to me, harder fuck me like you mean it"

"Gods woman" hearing that he was over stimulated and moved hard like a battering ram

"Yeeeeeees" she cried out and arched her back so hard he thought for a second she had broken it

"By all the seven hells" both exploded long and hard at the same time

Kagome kissed him lustfully then hard flipped them until she was on top then sitting with her back facing him took his shaft inside and started riding him "As on you lay on your back me on top sliding you in and out silky skin caressing teasing silky skin"

"Fuck me like you mean it" smirking Naraku used her own words to drive her nuts

"You like my hot sheath gliding over every inch of your hardness closing around it clinging like a vice and milking you as you empty inside it?

"Fuck yes" he responded with a growl at the same time swiftly losing his sanity "Kagome hard I do not care if it hurts"

She obliged "Na, Naraku your so hard"

"Yes Kagome yes" and spilled into her with the force of a fire hose

"Ah a, almost to much" she exclaimed

A few minutes passed before the two-reached completion "I love you" Naraku said sat up put his arms around her and he kissed her neck while fondling her breasts, she felt his tongue brush up and down her neck then move over to her left shoulder "Kagome be my mate?

"Yes" she clenched her passage muscles tightly around his shaft it was immediately hard as a rock and pulsing "I love, yes baby give me that hard rod"

"Taunting she devil" he started thrusting up into her slow for a few seconds "You drive me out of my mind"

"Ooo Naraku make me feel it every inch,"

He slammed upward with force "Mine my pussy"

"Yes oh yes don't stop, your hot cock drive it home" that made him snap

She started meeting his hard thrusts with hers both pounding into one another then "Ka, Kagome Shiiiiit" he exclaimed as it began the plunged his fangs into her left shoulder

"Narakuuuuu" her head turned and he cried out in ecstasy as she bit him

Lemon continues

In the living room, the lights flickered and went on and off, then the lights went out from the merging of their powers, and the rooms filled with an eerie glow. All the youkai knowingly grinned "Guess he bagged it and tagged" Inuyasha said

"In your own vulgar way well put little brother" Sesshoumaru teased

"Your next bachelor dog"

"Here comes the bride" Sugimi said

"Two in one party" Sango announced

"Two in one party? Ayme asked

"Yes Valentines and mating anniversary day celebration" Sugimi stated

"We can party it up for that if those two don't fuck each other to death" the hanyou teased

Naraku, and Kagome returned as a mated pair "Welcome back" Sugimi greeted

"It's been three hours we thought you died" Miroku joked "Thanks for making the lights go out it made it so romantic"

Inuyasha got down on one knee "All welcome and hail lord and lady Himura" Inuyasha teased

"Inuyasha" Kagome exclaimed "Get up"

"Yes milady"

"Oh cut the formal crap" will you? Kagome replied

Over the weeks came to pass Kagome learned that she could shape shift into a wolf as well as a spider and other things. Kouga, and Naraku trained her in using ookami and spider youkai powers. Wanting to have some fun Kagome made spider legs come from her body and wrapped them around Naraku in a loving embrace

"Ooo Bank was right eight legs of loving" Kagomr teased

"Bankotsu you are one weird dude" Kouga commented

"She has eight legs and she is loving, take a look there's you translation it proves me right" Bankotsu said

"You can let go now my hentai mate" Naraku teased, she did and retracted the spider legs

In a split second she found herself encased in Naraku's spider legs "Hey you that's cheating" Kagome protested

"What is it that you females always say? Oh yes all's fare in love and war"

"Hahaha, he got you wench with one of you girls favorite things" Inuyasha ragged

"Can it dog breath" Kagome replied

"Aw poor trapped little wenchy" is the eight legs of loving to much for you my little wolf spider? he taunted

"If I was you Yash I would sleep with one eye open" Miroku warned

"And why is that oh wise know nothing monk?"

"Because once Kagome is loose you have no idea what she will do" Miroku told him

"Hehehe" Kagome laughed

"Gee thanks monk" how the hell am I going to sleep at night ? Now I'll be awake all night with images of death by spider" Inuyasha complained

"Your welcome my most cherished friend" Miroku replied

"Yeah monk and after she kills me I'm coming back and haunting you. Every time you go to grab an ass I'll be there holding your arm, you'll never get to touch a boob butt or any other part of a girl as long as you live count on it" Inuyasha promised

"Rotten dog, even in death you'll make like the anti nooky police and ruin my fun"

"You know it" Inuyasha replied smiling evilly