Hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned!

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Takes place six years after the death of Danzo. Sakura is scorned, and cold hearted. Naruto is Naruto and probly gonna be that retard you see I movies, and ask yourself over and over 'are ppls really that stupid?' well I hope not! Kakashi is Hokage, perverted, and 30, instead of 42. Sasuke was secretly on a mission to infiltrate Sound, then Akatsuki in order to kill both leaders, meaning we wasn't actually a missing nin. And he killed Kabuto as a bonus, he was recently retrieved by Neji's ANBU squad on the very brink of death after killing Madara. However, breaking Sakura's heart was never part of the official mission. So she acts like she hates him. Hinata is preggers, and married to the village idiot. Ino is dating Sai, whom is going to be emotional in this one. Tenten and Neji Aren't dating. Because she is too free spirited for his dominating type. Temari is an ambassador to Suna, and practically lives in Konoha, more specifically, Shikamaru's place. ~wink wink~

Raited M for language! just like the rest of them.

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PPs: Sasuke's attempt at capturing Killer Bee, was all staged in advance when he sent an encoded message via summons to Konoha, who in turn sent an encoded message to Killer Bee himself, as well as the Raikage. Carry on.


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Chapter one...

Waking up in the hospital.

Sasuke's P.O.V

I awoke in the hospital. I guessed from the machinery I had been here more than a few days. Maybe even a few weeks. I got up and decided to stretch my legs a bit. I had walked to the end of my bed, intent on sitting by the window, until my medical chart caught my eye. I snatched it, and read to find out that I had indeed been unconscious in Konoha hospital for two weeks now. But what surprised me slightly was that my surgeon and current acting Doctor, was Haruno Sakura. 'Sakura? Team 7s Sakura? The weak pink haired, fan-girl, crybaby Sakura?' I contemplated, well she HAD become a medic, and as far as I know surpassed the late fifth Hokage. So logically it could be possible. 'Nahh!' I thought smirking, couldn't be the same person, she's impossible.

Just then the door opened, and in stepped none other than the Fifth's apprentice, and walking behind her, a timid looking medic I vaguely recognized. Sakura nodded to the girl, who in turn motioned that I should sit on the bed for my routine checkup. Sakura checked all of my vitals, and scribbled down random medical notes on her clip board. "All vitals are checking out, but the patients' chakra is still out of order, you should make sure he stays in the hospital, and check his condition regularly until it calms down. Now then Karin-chan, if you will please sign here, he is your patient now. Under your order." Sakura spoke in an emotionless tone, one I had only ever heard come from myself, or my brother. As she handed the clip board over to… 'KARIN?' I quickly looked her over, her hair had grown out, no longer did she wear it half short, half long, but neatly cut and it hung in a low pony tail to around her mid thigh. And she had ditched her glasses for tinted contacts that made her eyes appear to be purple. I then turned my attention back to Sakura. Pink hair same, although it could rival Ino's in length now. Cream colored skin, body to kill for, that was new. I slowly let my eyes work their way up to her face, she no longer resembled a child, she was a full blown woman now. But what caught my attention the most, was her eyes. What was once so expressive, so full of emotion, and so easily read. Was now cold, dull, and blank, Sakura had obviously changed. I was once again suddenly pulled from my thoughts by the sound of her voice, it was once again emotionless, but that wasn't what earned my attention this time. As I stared at her in blatant disbelief, as if urging myself to have heard wrong. "I said how are you feeling Shinobi-san?" No. I realized. I did hear correctly, this wasn't the Sakura I knew, that much was certain. "Only slightly dizzy, and I can't feel my chakra. But I expect you already knew that Dr. Haruno." I answered. "Are you leaving on a mission? Is that why I am switching Doctors'?" she glanced at her paperwork again. "No. Dr. Shinwa will be taking over as your medic upon my request. I am no longer needed in the hospital, and I would like to leave today, instead of waiting another few weeks, or months on one patient, when all that needs tending is paperwork. Now then, as I am your Doctor for the remainder of my shift, is there anything you need Shinobi-san?" she explained. So she was quitting the hospital? That didn't make sense, unless she was moving higher up, as like, a full time ANBU, no that wouldn't make sense either, her hair color would give her away. Maybe she was an active ambassador? No that couldn't be it, could it? "Shinobi-san, what's wrong?" Sakura asked him. Now I was getting downright frustrated. "Sakura. As you have been my acting doctor, I would like to speak to you in private." It was a straight up demand, and although I knew she wouldn't like that very much, I also knew she would do it, because her patient asked her to. "Karin, will you wait outside please?" she asked politely, "I'll do better than that Sakura-sama, I'll finish your rounds for you while you finish up here, then all you'll need to do is sign off, and sign out." Sakura gave the redheaded women a fake/grateful smile, and nodded in thanks. Once Karin's chakra signature had disappeared down the corridor, Sakura turned back to face me. "Now then Shinobi-san, what is it you would like to know?" she asked, while taking a seat near the window, I smirked. "What happened to 'Sasuke-kun'?" I asked her, not to triumphant in the fact that she didn't react to the question at all. "You don't know? You killed him, so it's a curious thing. Hmm." She said, pretending to contemplate. "Cut the crap Sakura. I don't want to talk about business. I already read the medical charts." She glanced at me, before leaning back into her seat, and examining her nails. "Ask whatever you want, Shinobi-san." "Stop calling me that! You know my name, use it!" "As you wish Uchiha-san. Anything else?" I sat back against my bed, knowing she damn well wasn't going to use my first name anytime soon. "How is it Karin came to be a Konoha Medic?" Sakura nodded. "After you ran her through with a variation of chidori, she willingly surrendered to Konoha, and exchanged any and all information she had on you. including the whereabouts of Akatsuki hideouts she had yet to inform you of. You might also like to know, that a lot of the information you received from Naruto, as an encoded argument, was what she was able to learn on her own. She was put on probation and allowed to study as a medic under Shizune and myself. She has even come to surpass Shizune. Any other questions?" "Aren't you happy that I've returned?" I asked her bluntly, smirking at her. She continued to stare through me as if I wasn't even there. "No." I was about to retort and snap back at her, but just then, a nurse came bursting into the room, and screamed that Hyuuga Neji was in ICU, and she was needed immediately. Before I could even glance back towards Sakura, she had disappeared. Leaving the Nurse to finish any work that need be done in my room. She gave me medicine, and told me that I should sleep, because sleeping in a coma, and resting, are apparently completely different.


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