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Sakura's P.O.V.

I arrived at the hospital extremely early the next morning knowing that Shizune would try to get here before me, and wait by the door in order to chastise me for breaking several bones in Sai's body. On the bright side, I arrived at dawn, and made sure that Shizune was still asleep in her home on my way here. Now I merely needed to kill time for four hours as I awaited Itachi to come through the window.

Three hours fifty-nine minutes later I had created Konoha out of Q~tips, cotton balls, and medicine cups.

"Keeping ourselves amused?" I heard Itachi's voice from the window, where I knew he was sitting, and had been for about fifteen minutes.

"The door?" I asked, still slightly angered from the events of yesterday.

"Is being stalked by one Very angered Medical Kunoichi, of whom I'm sure you are acquainted with." He replied, obviously glad to have an excuse. "Though I assure you I had every intention of..."

"Pretending to use the door, just so you could find an excuse to not use it, then give me falsified information about having every intention to use it?" I interrupted him.

"Precisely." he smirked

An hour later after I had mended every part of his vessel that seemed out of order, he helped me to put away everything I had used to create my mini Konoha... well actually those supplies could no longer be used on patients so we through the majority of them away.

When we were about finished with that I suddenly sensed Shizune, and Karin. Then Karin yelled, clearly the one furthest from my door.

"Shizune-senpai! I told you I don't think Sakura is in today..."

"Uchiha Itachi's name is signed in at the front desk, I'm sure she's here!" I heard Shizune's voice from the other side of the door. I quickly locked it then headed for the window.

Only to have Itachi block my way.

"Sakura... I thought we should use the door?" He attempted to play innocent. I immediately locked away my inner and turned my cold dead eyes to him.

"So help me Itachi I beat the hell out of Sai yesterday so Shizune is pissed, and I am in no mood to pay for repairs that will be needed on the hospital should I get into it with her right now. You never had any intention of using the door today. So let me pass." Itachi and I were both out the window milliseconds before Shizune got the door open.

"See Sempai..? I told you Sakura wasn't in today.." Karin stuttered out.

"If Tsunade were here Sakura wouldn't have gotten away with breaking Sai's jaw." Shizune sighed.

As Itachi and I walked to the cafe by the training grounds.. I couldn't tell you whether he saw me crying or not. But I'm sure he knew for the next words out of his mouth infuriated me beyond tears.

"I invited Sasuke to have lunch with us."

Nonchalantly, as though it were casual for Sasuke and I to be in the same place at the same time.

"WHAT!" I yelled, turning in place.

"He was going to be present the remainder of the day regardless, so I decided he should have lunch with us. He is less likely to arrive late, or to await our arrival. This way we all arrive at the same time. You can not possibly argue this... It was you that threatened he should never be late." Itachi explained.

I took several calming breathes, and distantly acknowledged Inner resigning herself to the cage for the remainder of the week.

"Alright... Lunch." I said through gritted teeth. And then we continued on our way. The walk wasn't a short one, which I believe is why Itachi told me as soon as we left the hospital. Because by the time we had reached the cafe I had mostly calmed myself, and was ready to completely ignore the other ones presence when we arrived. However this would prove to be harder than expected because when we approached the booth younger Uchiha was sitting in.. 'Oh Kami! he smells divine!' 'Now is not a good time for amazing man smells to allow you the strength to break free!' 'But he smells so nice! you think he is wearing that cologne on purpose?' 'I Don't KNOW!'

"Hello Sakura, hello Aniki." He greeted. Instead of the usual 'Uchiha' I would have normally offered, I bit my lip and nodded.

"Otouto you are wearing cologne?" Itachi's statement was both blunt... and I think was meant as a question.

"Yeah... Tenten bought some for Neji on Valentines day, and when he was asking Kiba and I to check it out Kiba accidentally ended up breaking the bottle, and since I was holding it, it ended up all over me. I was able to wash most of it off. Neji had another bottle though, so Tenten shouldn't be mad. And it smells good, so I don't mind now that it isn't over powering." He explained.

'Oh its over powering alright. It makes us want to sit in your ..' 'SHUT UP! I don't care how good he smells, we are NOT going to imagine being in his lap, and snuggling into his chest!'

'I was going to say sit in his side of the booth so we could subtly inhale his sent without looking creepy, but I like your idea better! ^_^'

'o_0? ….shit..'

I decided then and there to throw myself off Kage mountain once Itachi was healed. We hadn't sat down yet, but out of no where Karin slid into the booth that was opposite Sasuke, and I was determined to join her, however Itachi had another idea, and quickly slid into my seat. Now anyone that knows me, knows that my patients runs thin, but I almost always manage to keep myself composed.

This wasn't one of those times. "Itachi! I am not sitting next to him. You pushed your luck getting me here, and I'm in no way going to take responsibility for any damages."

I clenched my teeth the entire time I spoke, and poor Karin looked like she would have surrendered her seat already if the eldest of Uchiha bastards hadn't been blocking her way.

"Very well Sakura.. I will not force you." Itachi replied, easily sliding out of the booth, by me, and then back in on the opposite side. I swear I blinked and he was done, had he not brushed my shoulder when he slid by I wouldn't have realized he moved until he materialized next to his brother.

"Well that was fast. I expected you to amuse yourself by pissing me off for at least another five minutes." I said Sarcastically.

"We may have caused a scene had I indulged myself with angering you for my amusement. So I thought it wise to be patient and do so later on." he replied, I couldn't tell if he was also being sarcastic but he had that damn family trait smirk on his face, and it made me want to punch his brother in the face!

'You realize that makes little, if any sense.. right?' 'Shut up, it makes perfect sense. We wouldn't know the smirk were a family trait had we not seen it on the other one's face constantly while growing up!'

'So let me see if I got this... because the younger bastard enjoyed demoralizing us as kids, and would sport that smirk whilst doing so.. whenever the elder bastard wears that same smirk.. we should punch the younger one..? Am I the only one seeing how this doesn't make sense?'

'Inner would you seriously condone punching Itachi in the face?'

'Hmmm... Touche. Punch the younger Bastard! ^_^'

I mentally smirked at inner for finally agreeing with me.. Note to self, when Itachi smirks like a jack ass, Punch his brother. I will so enjoy training later!

~Training later~

Sasuke's P.O.V.

"Ow!... Why'd you punch me?" I asked Sakura as I rubbed my arm.

"Itachi smirked at me." She replied as though it were obvious.

"I fail to see the sense in that Sakura." Itachi interrupted.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed, having Itachi on my side. Sakura then turned to Itachi, once more pretending I didn't exist.

"Growing up, there was a hot shot, stubborn, self obsessed Uchiha in the Academy. After Academy he and I ended up on the same Genin squad. And whenever he amused himself with calling Naruto names the poor idiot didn't understand, or shoving my self esteem into the ground, he would smirk at us like that. Therefore whenever you smirk at me, or whenever that one smirks at me. I am going to punch him. Its therapeutic." She explained. Itachi merely nodded then went to the other side of the training grounds with Karin. I on the other hand was going to argue her logic.

"That isn't fair." I stated coldly.

"Life isn't fair." she retorted, then took the stance for the two of us to go through the first several movement of the jutsu we would be using to restore Itachi.

I began with her, but continued the argument. "Your logic is faulty. Why should I be hit for Itachi's facial expressions? He's only got like... three." I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

"I have six actually."

We heard Itachi call across the training area. That time she did laugh slightly, then caught herself, and regained her composer.

"Well of those six facial expressions the two of you have one in common, and it happens to be the most annoying, and also triggers painful memories, therefore whenever that facial expression is directed at me, I will punch you. Any further complaints, and I'll punch you twice, with chakra, whenever I see it." She said, ending the discussion. I smirked in amusement.
"Ow! You just punched me again!" I said as I picked myself up from the unexpected blow. It wasn't an extremely powerful one, just that it was unforeseen.

"You smirked." She stated as way of explanation.

I shrugged it off, and we continued through the movements.

The next two days were much the same. Except Itachi and Sakura did his exams in the afternoons now so that we could all meet at the training grounds every morning.

Same as today, save for Sakura and I were now into the third set of movements for the jutsu. We would start with the first set, and from there we went into the simpler, second set. Then straight into the third set. Sakura said this would ensure we memorized them all in order. Unlike if we just practiced the first for two days, then so on and so on. Somehow Itachi had gotten Sakura to agree to all four of us having lunch every practice day. And I had made sure to thank Neji for the cologne he gave to me. Today was the second time I was wearing it to practice. And when Sakura looked as though she were torn between asking about it, and being suspicious of it, Itachi had asked why I was wearing cologne again. This time I simply stated that because I liked the scent, Neji had told me where I could purchase some, and I had tried some on to make sure it was the correct one.

Itachi of course then commented about wondering why I had left the house so early that morning.

Now I'm not stupid. I know my brother is trying to fix mine and Sakura's bond, why else would he insist I wear the cologne today, then make up some lie for her benefit? He's using methods I would have expected Kakashi or Naruto to use though, and that surprised me. Then again... Sakura and Kakashi aren't speaking to each other. And Naruto only gets to talk to her on the few occasions she meets him for ramen. The man has a wife he spends all his time with her now. Which would explain why Itachi had taken things into his own hands...

My train of thought was interrupted when I was suddenly punched in the arm.

"Itachi smirked in our general direction.." Sakura stated when I looked at her questioningly.

"I figured." I said as a way of reply. And we started the motions over.

'For crying out loud bro! Start a conversation!' 'Like what?!' 'Right, cuz I would know. Say anything!' I mentally glared at my inner.

"So... your Birthday is next month right?" I said awkwardly. She froze for a millisecond, but it was long enough to throw off our timing, and she sighed in exasperation.

"Let's start over!" She said irritated. This was the fourth time we had to start over. Granted the first two were my fault, but these two were hers. So I wasn't getting punched!

"The twenty-eighth right?" I tried again.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" She replied evenly. "Wait lemme guess, Naruto told you."

"Actually I remember from that time you invited me to your thirteenth Birthday party." She almost messed up again, I could see the shock plainly in her eyes. The Eyes of the Sakura I knew.

"That was over nine years ago. I don't celebrate my birthday anymore." She said simply, trying to maintain her composer.

"All the same, I owe you so I would like to get you something... if that's alright?" I spoke the question slowly.. hoping that if I sounded uncertain she would allow it. She ended our session right then by standing quickly.

"Look Uchiha do what you want. You don't owe me, and I wont be here to receive it anyway." with that said she walked away towards Karin and Itachi, she stopped and spoke to them for a few seconds, then left in a poof of smoke.

Shortly after Itachi returned from meeting Sakura at the hospital later on, he came to my room.

"What on earth did you say to Sakura, Otouto? Her chakra was rather irregular today.." Itachi said after seating himself at my desk.

"I told her I remembered her Birthday..." I replied to his inquiry.

"That is hardly a reason to call training early and leave for Yamanaka's." Itachi observed.

"I may have also mentioned that Naruto didn't remind me.. I remembered from when she told me nine years ago." I explained further.

"Intriguing." Was all my brother said before vanishing out my door.

Sakura's P.O.V.

I was slightly... okay ridiculously shocked to find out that he remembered my birthday nine years from the one time the piece of information was given to him. When Hinata or Ino STILL have to remind Naruto. I mean Rock Lee remembering I understand. But this was Uchiha we were talking about.

I relayed the details to Ino immediately after Itachi and my appointment at the Hospital was finished.

"REALLY?! I mean I understand Rock Lee remembering from then, he's still going on about youth loving yada yada at your doorstep every year. But Sasuke?!" Ino freaked while petting her tiny white kitten... one Sai had gotten her after their almost breakup.

"Y'KNOW!" I said back.. then we both realized her only mistake in that little freak session. I glared and she fixed her statement.

"er... I mean the younger Uchiha bastard?" she asked uncertainly, I nodded my approval. "Anyway... that bitch be loaded, what did you tell him you wanted?" She asked enthusiastically. I smirked evilly.

" I told him he didn't owe me anything, and to do whatever he wanted because I wouldn't be here to receive it. So when he does bring it to you at my house. Don't tell me what it is. Just throw it away. Unless of course you want it. Then you can have it." I explained.

"Wow Sakura... try harsh?" she said, looking slightly disappointed by my reply.

"I don't give a damn. I still think the Bastard should di..."

"Oh just STOP it!" Ino yelled standing quickly with her hands fist-ed beside her. The small white kitten simply jumped onto the couch beside Ino, apparently undisturbed at being dropped onto the floor.

"Look Sakura I've been here for you from the beginning and yeah, at one point I agreed that Sasuke... That's right I said Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! SASUKE! At one point I agreed with you that he was a asshole-ish demon spawn that should have been sent back to the fiery pit from whence he came, but KAMI! Girl I know you Love him! Why do you still pretend you hate him, and bury your feelings. He's a better person now!" She screamed all of this at me, and no sooner had the last sentence left her mouth, than she suddenly looked guilty. I locked Inner away as I calmly stood and narrowed my empty eyes onto Ino.

"You talked with him, didn't you?" I asked her, still calmly, though even I could feel the ice in my voice.

"Okay to be fair Sai talked with him, then against my wishes invited him to have dinner with us.. and he sorta kinda... maybe slightly …...probably convinced me to forgive him..?" she said frightened. As well she should have been, because my neutral look turned into a deadly glare as I spoke to my best friend.

"The man has lived a decade as a double agent, being able to convince everyone he's crossed to believe what he says about himself. Both the innocent that he left behind when he betrayed them, and the evil he eventually betrayed by stabbing them all in the back.. some even literally. So with knowing he possessed these skills, you still let him convince you to forgive, and befriend him, my only enemy?" I asked slowly, making sure my point got across. Whilst Ino was stuttering and mumbling something or other about not technically saying they were friends. I noted the presence of Sai behind me, as he entered through the front door.

"Sai help!" Ino whined desperately. Sai scratched his head, as he quickly understood what it was that Ino and I were discussing when I turned my glare onto him.

"Umm... We're engaged!" Sai stated quickly. My eyes widened in shock, and I turned to Ino for confirmation. She smiled and nodded, I pretended to no longer be angry as I hugged her and wished them both congratulations.

"Well where is it? Show me the ring?!" I said mock enthusiastically, to sell my act. Ino squealed with glee and ran to her room, dragging me behind her. Although I'm still pretty fucking pissed, I have to admit that this rock is Awesome! Shortly after Ino and I finished fawning over her engagement ring, I excused myself and wished them both good night, and told them congratulations again. Ino also made me swear to not to tell anyone until Sai got permission from Inoichi at the end of the week.

About an hour later I found myself at the memorial stone. It felt kind of nostalgic, I would normally run into Kakashi-sens...Kakashi when I came here to visit my parents. Tonight however I was here to visit my Shishou.

"Hi Shishou... I know you're probably real disappointed in me right now... In the past week I nearly assaulted a patient.. I made my best friend feel as though I had abandoned her... and I beat Sai half to death... Only half because the Baka refused to defend himself! ...

"I know... that's not funny. I wish you were here Shishou... and Otou-san, and Okaa-san too... I can't even face their graves right now... knowing how much of a disappointment I must be to them.. I have the skills and knowledge of a Sannin... and yet I'm at odds with Kakashi.. my Hokage, I hardly speak to Naruto... my brother in all but blood... and I've been threatened with charges of treason.. all because I'm stubborn.

" I guess in the long run Naruto was right. I never would have forgiven myself had I let the Uchiha die... but Shishou I can't bare to live with him when it hurts this much. I know you saw me Shishou... you saw me cry during his operation. I screamed at him not to leave me.. and here I am.. counting down the days until I can leave my home, and be rid of him forever. Oh Tsunade I don't know what to do with myself! I really wish you were here to help.. hit me over the head and tell me to stop acting like a child. And then you'd tell me exactly what I should do... but you're not here... a-and I c-c-couldn't save you..."

I left the memorial stone, and transported myself home. I didn't want anyone to see me crying.

Normal P.O.V.

A Shadow emerged from the trees near the memorial stone of Konoha. A smirk graced the figures lips as he walked to the stone and laid some flowers in front of it. The figure remained silent for several moments as he processed this new information. Haruno Sakura had cried during the surgery... and had even screamed for Sasuke not to leave her..

An evil grin now graced the lips of the dark figure as he spoke to the diseased.

"Well this is certainly some interesting information I've acquired... No doubt if you were here you would agree with me. Right Shisui?" he asked to the stone, before he chuckled and began to walk home. After all... Dr. Sakura insisted he not strain his vessel with any serious Jutsu, and teleportation was very complex.

"Complex indeed." he smirked to himself.

Meanwhile in two very different areas of Konoha a pink haired medic, and a raven haired ex-double agent simultaneously shuddered with the sense of impending doom.


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