Jessi walked into the conference room in a little periwinkle sundress with no shoes. The dress had no back so the elaborate looking wing-shaped tattoos were visible to everyone to see. She didn't bring any attention to them but she could feel everyone staring at them.

"So, do most faeries not wear shoes or is that just a personal choice?" Gunn joked trying to break the awkward silence.

"Most of us don't, nature is a nice feeling to have under one's feet," She smiled and laughed a little.

"So, we haven't found anything so far but we were hoping you remember something that could help," Wesley stated as he looked up from a book.

Jessi looked down at her feet trying to remember something, anything that could help, anything at all. Suddenly, her eyes widened and her skin had gone pale, she stood completely still as a flashback overcame her.

Dirty iron cages. Air was stale. Screaming. Crying. Pounding on bars. Rock walls.

She fell backwards but was caught mid air. Someone helped her back up to her feet and held her steady.

"Well, I see she still hasn't slept enough, has she?" Spike asked as he propped Jessi up. He used one arm to hold her up while she caught her footing.

"Jessi...?" Angel asked.

Jessi took in a few deep breath while trying to control the feelings that were rushing inside of her. She needed to control herself, even though that wasn't the strong suit of most faeries.

"There's a cave in the forest a few miles outside of the city. They're keeping the others in iron cages," Jessi breath staggered, "It keeps them weak and..." She put her hand to her head and swallowed hard.

She felt arms tighten around her; they were holding her up. She looked back and saw Spike leaning in to her and making sure she didn't fall over. He didn't say a word but he gave her this look, a familiar look that she couldn't quite place. He was familiar to her but she didn't know why.

"Alright," Angel said as he put his coat on, "Let's get going."