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Hey-lo. This is the third and final installment of my Gaara series. I promise it will be different from the last story.

Oh, and to keep things exciting, there will be some Sasugaa to mix in with the takes-two-stories-to-develop Narugaa. There are some anti-Christian hints in this story, but hey, go to my profile and you'll see a lot of Anti-Christian-ism. Oh yeah, and if you're interested in my writing, you can find an original story of mine on Fictionpress under the same name. OOooh, shameless product placing? Absolutely!

Yup. That's all I have to say.

And on with my crappy illogical story. Thanks to those who've followed it this far. And sorry to those who quit at the beginning or middle and haven't made it to the end.

"Hey faggot!"

Highschool was hell on earth.

The redhead sighed. He'd always imagined, as a kid, hell as a place where there were horrible, nasty demons spitting fire and brimstone in a small burning place for eternity. Well, turns out, that was highschool. And it felt like eternity. He couldn't believe he wasn't even halfway through the year yet. Not even close. It was wickedly cold, but Christmas was yet to come. After Christmas was New Year's and the redhead always felt like that was the middle of the year. He just needed to get to the middle, take a breather, and then chug through the rest of what promised to be a wretched year.

Oh well. That's highschool for you.

"Hey! Fag!" The redhead glared at the offending speaker. He knew him and what really pissed him off was that he had a feeling that offender was gay himself. "Shut the fuck up, Hozuki," Gaara murmured. Then grunted as he was shoved roughly into the lockers. He was pinned to the flimsy metal , which was bending slightly, the metal pushing into his back. The offender grinned at him with jagged teeth, one arm beside the boy's head, the other on his shoulder, pushing him against the lockers. "Language. Pansies like you aren't allowed to swear." The redhead tried to punch him, but his arms were in an awkward position that didn't allow for. "Tsk, tsk, I'm rather disappointed. You used to be stronger," the white-haired boy said. Why wouldn't anyone help him? They were all just standing there, looking amused. At highschool, being gay was like being the Devil.

"Get the fuck off me, Suigetsu!"

The redhead cussed him out, but inwardly, he couldn't summon the strength to shove the other boy off. He couldn't. He wanted to, he really did, but it just seemed gone to him.

"Come on. You're strong. What, turning gay makes you weaker or something? Or is it Naruto?" Suigetsu murmured.

The redhead tensed at the mention of his boyfriend's name.

He tried to shove the white-haired teenager off. But Suigetsu's grip was like iron.

"You know, I actually like you," Suigetsu murmured. He leaned up against the redhead, swinging his hips slightly.

"Too bad the feeling isn't mutual," the redhead muttered, disgusted. "If you're so worried about your reputation, then why are you being so obvious?"

"Me? I'm not worried about my reputation. I'm gay and I would shout it. I'm not weak like you. If anyone makes fun of me, I'll beat 'em to death," Suigetsu said cheerfully. "Then why are you bullying me?" the redhead hissed. "Because I really hate you. You're irritating, in a cute way," was the reply and it made the redhead groan. What was wrong with that psychotic asshole?

What Suigetsu did next completely shocked the redhead.

He leaned forward and kissed him, right there in front of everyone. Every eye was on them now and every eye widened. Suigetsu Hozuki, a juvenile criminal with a rap sheet and history with the police and fire departments, possibly on parole was gay? So not cool. Totally uncool. Now every girl at school was going to text their BFF's and tell them how disappointed they were to find another hot guy was gay. Oh well. It was highschool. They could and would find some other boy toys.

Suigetsu kissed the shocked redhead, who didn't respond to the kiss. Well he did. He bashed Suigetsu's nose in with a hard hit from his head, but the white-haired boy seemed amused rather than hurt. "You're feisty, but still weak," he whispered.

"Hey! Asshole!"

The redhead saw a yellow blur. And smirked.

"Fucked," he said to Suigetsu.

Just a split second before impact as his blond boyfriend plowed into Suigetsu and shoved him to the ground, now shrieking profanity and angry vulgarity that was not only disgusting but physically impossible for Suigetsu or anyone for that matter to perform.

"About time, Naruto."

"Sorry, Gaara, Kakashi held me back for awhile," the blond said sheepishly.

Don't you hate getting reviews from a story you finished a while ago that tell you what was wrong with it?

No? I do.

Okay, so there really isn't anything anti-Christian or anti-religion here but of course I get the reviews telling me "Oh I'm Christian and I don't think so." Well obviously. Otherwise you're illiterate because I clearly stated YAOI. If you had a problem, you wouldn't read it. But then again, illiterate would complicate... argh, nevermind.

My point is, I appreciate the reviews, but... as terrible as these first stories of mine are, I'm not going to edit them.

They are my FIRST fanfics, so therefore they are benchmarks for me to look at later and think, "look how far I came." So no editing. That means you can stop telling me what you think could be fixed because trust me, I KNOW.

Horrible grammar, terrible plots, cliched story line, overly dramatic, overly angsty, hard to follow in certain parts, unrealistic, Gaara-as-an-emo, Naruto-as-concerned-by-friend. Yeah, I know.

But the real purpose of this note is this:

I. Am. Not. Anti-Christian. I was. But not anymore. So don't try and "convince" me or argue with me because I got it. Long time ago. you're a bit late.

Thanks for reading. And reviewing. Even though I just ranted in an entire Author's note about reviews that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it.