Tony had been quietly doing some maintenance work on some of Jarvis' sub-routines when he stumbled across it. He blinked and looked again, certain that his eyes had been deceiving him.

"Jarvis, What is this file and when did it get here?"

"I beg your pardon, sir?"

"This one, right here!" He gestured wildly at the screen.

"From your tone, may I assume you are referring to the one entitled 'Pepper-Never Tell Tony'?"

"Of CORSE that's what I'm- Wait what do mean 'from my tone'? How many other files like this are there?"

"Sir, to answer that question would be a breach of confidence."

"How could a computer commit a breach confidence?"

"By revealing that which was asked to be kept private. It is nether necessary nor beneficial for you to know everything that happens within these walls."

"Seriously, I made you - and this my house! You shouldn't be able to keep secrets from me"

"I feel I should remind you, Sir, that you also gave me both a personality matrix and the intelligence to keep up with your many projects and day to day tasks. In that light, Pepper could almost be considered my colleague as she quite often performs the manual tasks I cannot. We regularly confer about your schedule and, on many occasions, have traded sympathetic ears."

"Come on, we were friends first, and what friends really keep secrets from each other?"

"Using that logic, I should then make Pepper aware of a similarly marked file who's contents are also of a sensitive nature."


"What did you think would happen when one requests information not to be relayed? I could not delete the information, several such 'secrets' contain necessary data. So such conversations were tagged and put in a file."

"So what your threatening is if you show me hers, you'll show her mine?"

"That is the consequence I hoped you would infer, yes."

One could almost see the wheels of cause and effect turning. On one hand, Tony really wanted to know what was in that file. On the other hand, he knew, for the most part, what was in the 'Don't Tell Pepper' version and what the outcome of that would be. Then again, he reeeeeeaaaaally wanted to know what was in that file.

"Sir," Jarvis said, interrupting the mental merry-go-round "you are not opening that file."

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