Foreward: Yes, this story has an original character. Yes, this story centers on him and Silver. No, this story will not have romance. With that out of the way, please note that I will get as close as I can to canon, but some things I'll add because I want to address them. This mostly refers to stuff involving the future, time travel, and the high jinks that can inevitably spawn from said anachronism. So… Enjoy.

"Stop right there, Eggman Nega!" A white hedgehog shouted, yelling at a man in a floating machine of some sort. The man was vaguely egg-shaped, with a white moustache, goggles, and a black coat. The white hedgehog was breathing heavily, as if it took quite a bit of effort on his part to get to this point. His hands were glowing with a soft teal color; that this was a power of some sort was obvious. The glowing seemed to intensify in the circles of the same color on his gloves.

"And why, may I ask, would I let you interfere with my plans?" The man said, turning his machine around; this must be Eggman Nega. He was at the entrance to a pyramid in the middle of a jungle of some sort. The local explorers referred to it as the Mystic Ruins. Had our hedgehog friend paid more attention, he might have made a comment on the originality of the name. Of course, he hadn't, as he was focused more on the man in front of him.

"Who said you'd let me?" The bluish glow grew; a sign of aggression for sure. From the look on his face, one could tell he meant business. He waved his hand to a large piece of rock which could politely be called a boulder, if it were not for the pictographs covering its side. At one time, it must have been part of the pyramid they were standing on. Now, however, it was floating, surrounded by the same teal color that glowed off the hedgehog's hand. It wasn't a huge leap in logic to assume it was the work of said animal.

"Well then, Silver," Nega responded, his voice oddly amused, "It's time you play with a new invention of mine, the Nega Totem!" As if on-cue, a robotic creature ascended from the base of the pyramid. It was some kind of giant head, its design fitting to the surroundings, and yet it was out of place, pristine in a world of ruin. Silver stood back a moment, as Nega's floating machine flew up beside the Nega Totem. "Have fun!" He called, his sadistic laugh echoing off the ruins' walls.

Silver started to run after the doctor. "I won't let you get awa-" He was cut off, as a robotic hand crashed into the ground in front of him, creating a wall between him and Nega. He growled in frustration, only now noticing that he had let go of the boulder. "Get back you coward!" He screamed, shaking his fist at the man. All he got in return was that same laugh, cold and cruel. It used to be that the laugh sent a chill down his spine, but he had grown used to it in his battles with the doctor.

Thinking fast, the hedgehog back flipped, using his powers to grab the boulder he had earlier. With a flick of his wrist, the boulder smashed into the robot's eye, just as Silver landed. Another hand flew down, nearly smashing him; Silver only escaped by rolling to the side, and even then just by a hair. He grabbed the boulder again, only for the first hand to stop it mid-throw, and crush it.

"Think that will stop me, huh?" Silver responded, the pieces levitating with teal auras. They swirled and, as the hands clapped together to try and grab Silver, flew into the machine's head. Meanwhile, Silver had levitated himself above the hands, landing on the side of a hand. The rocks each dented the head, which, when combined with the gaping hole in place of its eye, made it a perfect match for its surroundings.

The machine made a screechy, static filled noise. Silver braced himself as the rocket-propelled hands moved apart, barely keeping on. He noticed a serial number and name on the side of the head: N-2011 NEGA TOTEM. It didn't really help him any, it just gave him a frame of reference. The hand he was kneeling on made a sharp turn, starting to face palm-up. Acting quickly, Silver jumped up, using his psychic powers to keep himself in place.

"Where is this thing's weak spot…?" The hedgehog asked, looking up and down as the hands started moving faster and faster, circling their head with dangerous speed. Silver might have noted that he'd seen faster, were he in a wittier mood. Since he wasn't, he settled to focus on the hole he'd knocked in the robotic monster's eye. Sparks were flying from it, and as he looked, he saw what appeared to be a turbine… He wasn't an expert on mechanics, but it looked like I might have been some kind of engine or generator. The hands were closing in, and he decided he had one shot.

"Here goes…" He commented, propelling himself back, out of the hands' reach. Then, he let his power release. He fell onto the ground outside the temple. Once there, he raced up the stairs, a rock with a teal aura following him. The floating head turned to face him, only now realizing where its target had run off to. Silver smirked, pointing at the head's eye, the rock obediently flinging itself in that direction. The rock tore into the robotic head, and a sound rang out, which was rather telling of powering down. The robot's intact eye flickered out, and it's hands, still in mid flight towards the hedgehog, fell, no longer propelled by rockets. They crashed into the temple, causing even more damage to the ancient ruin.

"What in the world…?" A voice asked. Silver turned around, to see an indigo bat standing at the bottom of the pyramid. His clothing; shoes, gloves, and conspicuous bandana; were gold and black, though with the dirt on him and said clothes, it was obvious he had been in the wilderness for some time now. He tilted his head, and seemed a little angry.

"I'm sorry, but I was ju-" Silver tried to sound polite, even going as far as to put on a semi-smile. However, he was cut off, as the bat began to storm up the steps. He backed up, putting his hands in front of him defensively, as the bat began to yell at him.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been excavating from these ruins?! It'll take ages to sort through this, not to mention all the glyphs that we can never examine again!" The bat's voice was rising at an alarming rate, his anger clear. His fist was raised, but he didn't act like it was the real threat. "Do you have any respect for this ancient culture?!" He paused, his red eyes glaring into the gold-colored eyes of his prime suspect.

"I wasn't the person who did anything!" Silver said indignantly. His hand was also raised, possibly in an attempt to get the angered party to lower his own, possibly in a real threat. Either way, the bat stepped down, breathing an audible sigh.

"Then who was? I only just got started. Sure, the ruins have been around forever, but this was going to be my big break! Finding something new amidst these long-forsaken ruins…" He seemed to zone out for a moment. Silver took a step back, looking at the indigo archaeologist closely. He didn't seem to be affiliated with Eggman Nega; in fact, he seemed like a useful ally, if only for the zeal he had displayed. The bat looked at Silver, seeming to expect a response.

"Dr. Harold Robotnik, AKA Eggman Nega," Silver said, his voice full of vitriol and spite. His dislike of the doctor was almost tangible, at least to the bat. "I've been trying to stop his schemes for some time now, and his most recent plan could rewrite history." His voice was full of urgency, and the archaeologist seemed to genuinely believe him.

"I see… I'm Relic the Bat, by the way," The indigo mammal- apparently named Relic- smiled and held out his hand, most likely so that his new acquaintance could shake as an offering of civility. Silver took the hand, smiling in kind. "I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier. I just hate to see history destroyed like this…" He broke the handshake to gesture around them; to the robotic remains, to the now useless pyramid, to the broken glyphs…

"I'm Silver. And it's okay, really," Silver said, shrugging, "Someone needs to stand up for these temples, right? I was just more focused on stopping the robot." He seemed to loosen up just the tiniest bit, but only just, as his expression seemed to refocus itself on Eggman Nega. "Meanwhile, I have to go stop the Dr. before he goes back in time…"

"Wait, you're a time traveler?" The bat asked. His interest was obviously piqued, and he didn't seem to want to back down. "You mean, you could go back and see these ruins at their prime? Think of the discoveries we could make!" Silver gave the archeologist an odd look. The words on his mind were probably akin to "Whatiswiththisguy?" or "Areyouserious?" The idea of using time travel as anything other than a tool to enforce justice and protect the weak had never occurred to him. Maybe to the more scholarly, the idea would have been the very first thing on their mind, but Silver wasn't at all a scholar. Plus, his methods of time travel were far more limited than the bat realized.

"It's complicated," He started, "And you can't just tag along." He seemed impatient, and obviously so. He stayed not out of politeness, but because he had no lead as to where Dr. Nega was, and even if he left now, Relic would likely follow and insist to help. He figured the path of least resistance would be to discourage the tagalong before he became a tagalong.

"But I'm an archeologist!" Relic said, as if it made a difference to the hedgehog. The white-furred animal's expression held the obvious answer that it didn't. This didn't deter the bat, as he continued. "Meaning I'll know more about the past than you do! It's my job to study the past." Silver shrugged.

"I'll admit, you make a point, but I still don't want to have to go saving you or stopping you from making the future worse," He replied, quite rudely if you asked Relic. He took it in stride, though, almost as if it was a challenge of some sort.

"Well, I'll be the first to tell you that I'm rubbish at flying," He replied, "But I'm stronger than you think. Watch this…" With that note, the bat walked up to a large chunk of temple, almost beyond recognition. He seemed to stand back a little, and then let loose a roundhouse kick. The boulder shook, but otherwise seemed fine.

"That's great and all, but I-" Relic held up a finger, and used his other hand to push on the boulder. It shattered into pile of rubble, a testament to the leg strength of the flying mammal.

"Fine, I guess you can come along…"