A/N: So I have a few made-up countries from an alternate universe (not much different from ours). I decided to make them into OCs. There will be Devonshire, Glennshire, Potsdam, Taejon, etc. (I forget most of them – I need to find my map.) I got all the names using a DICTIONARY! :D

BTW, it'll be in different POVs. Sorry it's so short, just introducing her!

Chapter 1

I was walking through the woods… I thought I had heard someone coming. "Hello?" I called. No one answered. I thought maybe that it was Hungary following me. "Maybe she wants me to beat her up again?" I chuckled to myself. I heard the sound again. "Erm, who's there?" I asked.

There was some rustling of some bushes and out popped a… a girl! "You're not Hungary!" The girl was medium-sized, with long legs and a short torso. She was pale-skinned with brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a blue military uniform, with eagles on the sleeves and she was wearing a black sash around her uniform and blue military hat. . Her chest looked small, something I didn't like, but oh well. She looked lost and there were scratches around her eyes and arms.

"Who's Hun…Hungary?" the girl asked.


"And just who are you? Where am I?"

"You're in my land!" I said proudly. I knelt down beside her. "Here. I'm not sure who you are, but I'll invite you to lunch. Maybe you can meet the other nations."

"I would love that." The girl smiled. "My name's Alisha Adams, but many people just call me Devonshire."

"D-Devonshire?" I stuttered. "No wonder I've never seen you. I've never heard of Devonshire. Where is this so-called place?"

"It's in Europa," she replied.

I burst out laughing. "Whatever. Let's just go." I kept laughing. I didn't believe this silly girl.

"Hey… hey! You never told me your name." She ran and caught up with me.

"Ohhh… my name?" I replied with a smirk. "Why should I tell you that? Hmm?"

"I told you mine!" she groaned.

I groaned. "I guess I did… the name's Gilbert Beilschmidt, but many people just call me Prussia. Do you have any hobbies?"

"Yep! I love to birdwatch and go on safaris. What about you?" She smiled happily at me. I was starting to like this beautiful girl. I started to love this girl's happy-go-lucky attitude.

"I love to garden and make fun of Hungary." The last bit was somewhat sarcastic, but I didn't want to mention it. "I also keep a diary, but it's probably boring and you wouldn't want to read it."

"Yeah… I'm not much of a diary-reader." She sighed. "I do have a life list, though."

"What exactly is that?" I asked.

She reached into one of her pockets and handed me a little book. "Don't worry, it's not a diary." She grinned. "It's basically when a birdwatcher keeps track of every bird he or she sees. This one has dates even."

"Wow! Are these birds?"

"Yep." She nodded. "I love birds and animals."

"I have a bird. He's named Gilbird. I'm not sure where he is right now… He's usually flying around my head."

"Aww. He sounds so cute!" She smiled again. "So, where are we going?"

"We're going to my house. You don't mind, do you?"

"That's fine, sweetie," she replied with a happy tone. "So… what's your favourite food?"

"Anything that's put in front of my face, I'll eat it. I love to eat!"

"I guess you could say the same thing about me, except I'm a vegetarian."

I couldn't believe she had said that! That was a disgrace! "Fascinating," I said sarcastically. She turned away and looked at the ground. Oh! I shouldn't have been so mean to this girl. She was so cute anyway. Her cute demeanour seemed to be changing me…

A/N: Devonshire tends to change people's attitudes whenever they see her. Maybe because she's so cute? Hehe.