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A/N: So this is very short, but it's leading up to the next part.

It was starting to get light outside when Gibbs silently walked back into the squad room. He stood there, looking at his team, and saw that they were exactly as he left them. All still sleeping. Tony was slouched down in his chair, to the point where one twitch, and he would fall out of it. Tim and Ziva were still draped over their desks, heads pillowed in their arms. Gibbs turned his attention to his temporary members. The two marines were passed out on the floor, Towen's mouth wide open, letting snores come out every other breath. Looking up he saw Daniel still flipping through papers. Walking over he placed one of the coffee cups he had, in front of Daniel.

"Here. Thought you could use a cup."

"Thanks." Daniel said, taking a sip.

"Find anything?"

"No." Daniel took his glasses off and leaned back in the chair, rubbing his face. "From Ducky's findings, the men were tortured, in the exact same way, same spots, same instruments, with the same amount of time between injuries. Blood loss, internal and external, was the eventual cause of death." Daniel stopped and grabbed the folder again. "The only difference was Johnston's heart... Ducky say's it looked like it went under a lot of stress. But he was perfectly healthy. He never had any problems before. We just need to wait for Abby's findings."

"She should have something by this morning."

"Isn't it morning already?"

"Good point." Gibbs gave his half smirk and said, "Why don't you head downstairs and take a shower. By the time you get back, Abby will be in, and these lazy bums will be awake."

"That sounds wonderful. Thanks." Grabbing the coffee Gibbs got him, along with his bag, Daniel headed for the showers.

True to Gibbs' word everyone was awake if not still blurry eyed. Abby had been up to drop off her findings and was already back in her lab. "Boss, how come he gets a shower and coffee?" A still half asleep Tony yawned out.

"He stayed up all night. You didn't. Get to work. All of you." Gibbs said grabbing one of the files.

"Yes Boss." Every replied.

It was about an hour later when Daniel found something. "They both had Aventyl in their systems."

"What is that?" Ziva asked.

"It's used to treat depression." Tim said after typing it into his computer.

"Why would they have that in them?" Tony wondered.

"If you take too much of an antidepressant it'll knock you out. It's probably what they used to grab them." Daniel said still reading the report. "Johnston also had Nadolol in his system. Matthews didn't."

"Looking it up now... It's a beta-blocker that is used for treating high blood pressure, heart pain, and reduce's the heart rate." Tim told everyone.

"Did they give him too much?" Reynolds asked.

"From Abby's reports it looks like each had the same amount." Tony said as he read through the file.

"Tim, can you look and see what is in Aventyl?"

"Sure Daniel." As Tim looked that up Daniel pulled out Johnston's medical history. "Here you go." Tim said, turning his computer so Daniel could see it better.


"Buty what?" Tony drawled out.

"Butylparaben. It's a preservative in things such as sunscreen, moisturizers, and skin treatments. Johnston was allergic to it."

"So he had a reaction and they used the Nadolol to counter act it." Gibbs said.

"Looks like it."

"But it still doesn't tell us who, we're looking for." Gibbs' statement brought silence to the room once more. Everyone took a collective breath and went back to the files. Trying to find anything they may have missed.