Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
: T
: Language. Yaois.
: S. ItalyxGermany. Or is it GermanyxS. Italy?
: Me no own the hetalia of the axis of the powers.
: This is the second to last chapter, then the official last chapter, then a type of epilogue will be after this, then it's the official end. I just keep getting ideas.

The dust has settled.

Gunfire had come to a halt.

The war was over.

Romano finally told him the truth, and after days of contemplating about the situation locked up in his room, Germany accepted it.

Took a while, didn't it?

"Ten fucking chapters, to be exact." Said Romano. He tightened his grip on his boyfriend's hand, swinging it like a schoolgirl. They were on his way to Veneziano's home for a multitude of reasons. So many things to explain…

"Good things are worth waiting for," Added Germany.

"You didn't wait. You boned me like, the first day as my posing as my brother." Answered Romano.

Before they knew it, they had approached the front porch of the house. Germany gulped and turned to his lover.

"I don't think I can do this." He admitted, "It will be too awkward… after all, it was your brother I was originally in love with."

"Did you like, actually tell him you loved him or something?" asked Romano, "Was there ever any relationship at all? I have yet to find out the damned story between you two. First question: How the hell could you fall in with an idiota like that?"

"Hey, if it wasn't for falling in love with your brother, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you." Remarked Germany.

"I suppose." Romano knocked thrice on the door. Germany held his breath, still nervous. Noticing this, Romano punched him in the back, making Germany cough.

"Don't be such a wuss." He muttered. The door then opened, revealing a sleepy Veneziano in the front door.

"Veeeeeee..." Yawned Veneziano, rubbing his eye. It appeared as if he was sleeping.

"O-oh…" mumbled Germany. "Um… can we—"

"Of course you can come in!" Veneziano reassured and stepped aside to let the couple in. Before Germany could open his mouth, Veneziano said "It's alright! No explanation needed."

"B-but, aren't you confused? I mean, I led you on at one point."

"Yes, but by my reaction could you not see clearly that I was not interested in anything you were selling?" Germany gave him a confused look, along with Romano. Veneziano gave Germany a wink. He nodded and understood.

"R-right… not interested in anything I was selling… eheh…" Germany scratched his back.

"None of that matters now. I'm just glad my fratello is OK. That's really all that matters to me!" confessed Veneziano.

Romano blinked in surprise. He still didn't understand how much his brother cared for him.

"Take good care of my Romano, Germany!" advised Veneziano, "Or I will find you! I know where you live! Both addresses, actually!" Veneziano was left to laugh like the stalker he was on his own. After that, Germany gave his sincere thanks to Veneziano and the Southern Italian-German duo left the home to go back to Germany's.

"So! So it's true you did come onto my little brother at one point! Haha, tell me!" inquired Romano as the two were making their way back to Germany's. Obviously not liking to recollect on it, Germany nodded in embarrassment.

"Yes, I did. It was towards the end of our training for the day and I tried to, well, make a move."

"Didja try to rape em'?"

"What? No!"

"Ya tried to touch em'! Ya tried to cop a feel."

"No! I merely tried to kiss him… but he gave me a quick rejection. He looked the other direction and gently pushed me away. I was left feeling utterly embarrassed and awkward around the bonfire after that. I let my marshmallow set on fire until there was nothing remaining but the stick. After a couple of minutes your brother joined me around the fire and admitted that he was surprised by my actions and acted on instinct, and that it shouldn't affect the relationship we have. I directly asked him if he had ever loved someone. Catching him by surprise again, he didn't respond. I could tell he didn't want to, either. After a while of silence he told me he did love someone. He said he loved that person so unconditionally and genuinely… the more he went on the more like shit I felt."

"God, that sucks. I'm sure you felt saltier than the ocean." Commented Romano.

"I did."

"Christ. Can't imagine my bro loving someone like that. I bet its Japan. The way he always puts up with him. Or maybe it's pasta. I remember hearing him tell his pasta how bad he was going to punish it one night for being so naughty and delicious."

Germany chuckled. "You still don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?"

Germany stopped walking. "It was you your brother was talking about."

Romano's light bulb went out. "What? Are you implying incest in here? That shit ain't welcome."

"No you dummkopf. Your brother loves you. It's a very strong brotherly love. You should feel lucky."

"I feel violated. That shit's crazy. I better watch out for that freak."

Germany chuckled again.

"So…? What happened after that?" continued Romano, still interested.

"Well, I was still down in the dumps, so I went out into the woods to take a dump."

"I do not see how that relates—"

"—I returned to my tent, ready to sleep off my depression. Or not. I was ready to spend the night silently crying into my pillow. As I stretched my hand to switch off the oil lamp, your brother put his hand on mine and told me to not feel so down. He told me he too was still a bit confused by my actions. He said he still didn't know what he wanted and that he didn't want things to get awkward between us. He squeezed my hand and let me turn the oil lamp off."

"And then you raped him."

"Goddammit, I never raped him."

"Right. You raped me."

"I never raped you!"

"Says the rapist."

"Putting your ridiculous accusations aside… I fell asleep rather quickly and woke up the next morning feeling well. As if the whole thing never happened, your brother was back to his usual silly self… training went as normal and we both went home after that."

"Christ, training where you have to spend the night in the woods? That's tough."

"Your brother bruises like a summer peach. I had to toughen him up."

Now knowing the back story, Romano felt he understood everything now. They resumed their path towards Germany's home, which was just a couple minutes away.

Germany unlocked the front door of his home and let Romano enter.

"I didn't even ask you why we were coming here." Romano said out loud as he entered the living room.

Germany locked the door behind him.

"I think you know quite well why we're here." He spun the keys on his finger and gave a slight smirk. Romano stared at him indifferently from the sofa.

"You need to up your sexy factor before we're doing anything under this roof." He said bluntly. Germany frowned and gripped his keys. "You're right. I'm not very good at being sexy." Romano yawned and stretched himself out on the sofa.

"You don't need to be. Your presence alone can turn even the most stubborn light-bulb on." Germany joined him on the sofa. He set Romano's head on his lap and began running his fingers through his lover's brown hair. Romano lowered his eyelids till he saw nothing but blur behind his eyelashes. Then he closed them and let Germany continue to stroke his hair. Germany sat there caressing the Italian's hair for a good while until he heard what sounded like snoring coming from Romano. He had fallen asleep on Germany's lap. The only thing that worried Germany was how he was going to get up without waking the sleeping beauty. He decided to carry the boy bridal-style into his room and set him on the bed. He pulled a blanket over him and sat back on his desk's chair, exhausted. The boy's gotta lay off that pasta, real talk.

He was tired, yes, but he was smiling. Germany just couldn't find himself to frown. He had no reason to. He was complete. He didn't even care about the fact that his side was losing the war. He didn't care about HQ, the rising losses in battles, or the soon downfall of his superiors. He could die tomorrow and not regret a thing, which would be likely anyway.

Germany turned around in his seat to face his desk. He switched on a lamp, pulled out a notebook and began writing.

of April,18:00.

It's been a while since I've last written, but let me assure you, news is much better. After not seeing the light of day for some three days, I took a stroll outside to see if that would help repress my borderline suicidal thoughts.

I decided I could indeed love Romano despite all the deception he has committed. I mean, if I'm happy, does it matter which brother it is?

I am very happy. So very happy.

Unfortunately, my paradise with Romano has been cut short. So much for better news. I received a call earlier today from the Colonel at HQ. I answered it quickly as to not wake up Romano. The Colonel told me there would be an emergency conference in Berlin tomorrow, and my presence was mandatory. He tried to not make it sound like we were obviously all doomed, but I knew otherwise. I knew Operation Clausewitz was in full effect, but he didn't want to tell me just yet. I knew Berlin would be a front line city and that the Russians were approaching. I may know a little too much than I'm supposed to.

I'm leaving first thing tomorrow for Berlin via private transportation… I don't believe I'd make it if I took the conventional route. I don't even think I'll make it back. I'm still not one hundred positive on what this defense calls for. I don't even know if it's a defense plan. That's why I'm so skeptical about any return back here. But it doesn't matter if I make it back or not. I have no remorse. I have Romano…

Well, it would be "had" Romano if I don't return. But at least I had him at one point.

I won't lie, I am nervous. Very nervous. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't like surprises.

I guess I'm going to have to wait and see.

But before I go, I have to do one last thing.

For all I know... this may be my last entry.

[[Yea pretty cliché, the whole "may be my last entry". Well too bad.]]

Germany closed what many would call a chronicle, a journal, or a man-diary. Germany called it his personal records. He then suddenly threw it into his wastebasket and switched on a lighter. The lighter's blue flame highlighted his determined expression. He knew he'd have to burn it eventually, he knew they'd tell him to. All and any documents, official or not. The sound of his bed creaking made him turn around.

"Germany, what are you doing?" asked Romano, up and awake. He stared at Germany, his auburn eyes emphasized by Germany's lighter flame.

"Uh, I'm…" Germany pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He was pretty good at improving. Almost as good as Romano.

"Oh… I've never seen you smoke before." Regarded Romano.

"I smoke on occasion." Without even getting a second puff, Germany put out his cigarette on the ashtray and went straight to the point.

"I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow."

"WHAT? You said you were here till Tuesday!" cried Romano.

"I know, but things happened there's an emergency meeting… I have to go."

"Well fuck", swore Romano "I don't want you to leave."Germany sighed and put the lighter back in his jacket. "Don't leave me!" This time Romano was grabbing onto Germany's sleeves. "Dammit the first day of our official relationship and you're leaving the next day! What monstrosity is this?" Germany made him cease pulling on his sleeve.

"When will you be back?" said Romano, defeated.

"Soon." Germany regretted saying that. Romano sighed loudly. He sat on the bed's edge.

"Well, fine. I guess I can't stop you."

Germany joined him on the bed.

"I don't leave until tomorrow morning. We still have time." He said, stroking the boy's hair and ahoge sensually.

"You're right. Go make me pasta."

"That's not what I meant."

"Oh, you mean sex!"

"Well… yes, that was the implication."

"That would be more practical." Romano let himself be watched by Germany as he stripped himself of his garments. Germany watched rather impatiently, tapping his fingers on the desk. It wasn't the hormones that drove Germany; it was the possibility of never making it back to Romano. But even if he didn't make it back, at least he wouldn't have any regrets.

[[Long ass chapter. Well, things had to be revealed. In other news: I am on vacation for two weeks. So expect this thing to end soon. Lol, I keep saying that.]]

[[Also, my history class did not elaborate on WWII as much as I would have liked, so if there is anything that is historically incorrect, please feel inclined to tell me so.]]