A/N So here is the end of the adventures with this particular crew. I just have the feeling that this story has run its course and while the characters have been amongst my favorite to write, and I will miss them, life has moved on. To all my faithful readers who stuck with me and reviewed and commented as well as called me on any mistakes I made, I give a huge THANK YOU! And I hope to see you,(if I haven't already), in my newest writings. This story, like all of my others, are written with love, affection and with no desire to piss anyone off with any incidental resemblances. My muse, my inspiration and my dedication all are found on the same path to the sunshine.

So here we are, a lot further down the road from where we started in the alley of that grungy little dive bar and all our lives have changed so dramatically that I hardly recognize mine some days. I know he hardly recognizes his, but I actually think he kinda likes it.

The kids…wow. They are growing so fast and so much the images of their fathers. The amount of testosterone flowing around the houses some days is enough to force me and Alice out to the mall just to affirm we are still sort of girly.

We ended up buying a large place out in the country near Damascus just to give the kids room to roam and ourselves some space from everyone around us. Even in a liberal city like Portland, 3 men, two women with 3 kids got some raised eyebrows. We had no intention of explaining to anyone what the hell was going on, it wasn't anyone's business who belonged to who or lived with who, and as long as the kids were happy and well adjusted, that was all that mattered to any of us, but we all knew.

Ugh…he's snoring again. It does no good to kick him or to try to roll him over, he will just wake up enough to want something else and then I will never get any sleep. That is the one really great fringe benefit of a younger man, the fact that he is not only pretty much always ready and willing, he's always able.

He wanders off every now and then and I don't worry about it because I tend to encourage it. He gets to thinking that I need to step down from the SWAT team or I need to not work the narco detail or he begins to think that he has some right to tell me how to run my career and I remind him that he's not my boss or my father or my husband and he wont ever be. Yeah…I said it, I wont ever marry. Never. Don't, wont and I warned him if he had a problem with that then we should just draft the legal documents and part company quick. We had a pretty loud discussion about it in the back yard with J.D. as a referee, and he took a runner for a week over it with Cullen along for the ride oddly enough, but when he came back we made out peace and moved on from there.

He knows I love him, hell, its hard not to. Neither of us are perfect, and we both realize that, but we have the love of our boy and the love our friends and extended, crazy family that keep us grounded in reality. The past few years have been wonderful and crazy and intense, and tomorrow as the baby goes off to his first day of school, its just going to get even more so.

Hell, maybe I will wake him up…be nice to walk into that kindergarten class with him on my arm looking all rumpled and tired for all the right reasons.