Just a short little story told in three parts. I hope you enjoy it.

Part I

"I hate you." Naruto muttered while he wrote lines in a notebook during detention.

"The feeling is mutual." Sasuke whispered back.

"No talking!" The teacher reminded them.

Naruto gave Sasuke another dirty look for good measure as he continued with the busy work they'd been assigned.

Finally after 30 more minutes their detention was over. Sasuke made sure to bump hard into Naruto on the way out. Naruto wasted no time to shove Sasuke back against the lockers in the hall.

"I hate you!" Naruto yelled and pinned Sasuke to the lockers in anger.

Sasuke pushed him away only enough to avoid being hit. He kept quiet while Naruto continued to fume.

"I hate you!" Naruto said yet again with less passion. He felt his skin heating up everywhere Sasuke touched.

Sasuke struggled to meet Naruto's eyes. When Naruto finally cooled down enough to realize Sasuke wasn't fighting back he met Sasuke's gaze. Without warning Sasuke pressed his lips softly against Naruto's in a kiss. He pulled back too soon. Naruto's anger had deflated. He forgot their original argument and had no new words to say.

"I hate you." Naruto whispered this time out of breath, with his face flushed and Sasuke smirked; he swore the words had never sounded so sweet.