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Multiverse Saviors
A collaboration between:
Darkened Path
& Star Duster the Dragoness

Deep in the void of Truth, its only inhabitant ponders on what to do about the chaos in the multiverse branches. "Maybe, if I… NO! That will never work, I'm not allowed to interfere or I'll be unraveled. How in the hell am I supposed to keep order in this place if I cannot mingle among the universes." A thought stuck him harder than a sucker punch to the groin. "If I can't maybe someone else can." Truth then went to the Center Gate, the universe from which all others spawn, where Truth itself came from. "I guess I can pick out a two or three people who can mingle." He decided to pick three universe-spawners, those who use their imagination to create the universes. He picked a boy whom is inside a prison of heart, soul, and body. Another young man who is embracing his inner darkness that needs to see his inner light. A girl with the active imagination and bring these two out to shine. Truth smiled deviously. He used his power through electricity, and captured the three through the technology, and brought them to his realm.

Meanwhile, in a large, harsh, desert city…

"UGH! Leave me alone!" Sean was walking out the door to go to the public library, away from his idiotic family. He was at least 6'4, wearing a long sleeve blue collared shirt with dark black cargo pants, each filled with something. His phone suddenly vibrate and plays "Operation Ground and Pound' by DragonForce as his ringtone. "If it's him again, I swear I'll-. "He was cut short by a dark hand clamping itself over his mouth. He looked at his phone screen in horror. It was an eye with long tentacle-like hands coming from the screen taking him in. Only one thought crossed his mind. Oh crap. He was taken in. The phone looked like it was being sucked in to. It looked like a snake eating its own tail. With a pop, it and Sean vanished from existence.

Meanwhile, in a big town…

Josh was walking home from a boring day of summer school. After going into their self-proclaimed turf, he had to run. He was 6'3, Medium length, brown hair that nearly masked his frozen, blue eyes, glasses, a dark t-shirt under a dark black jacket, and gray slacks. He walked up slowly to his home. Walked in grabbed a pear from the table. He flipped on the TV, dropped on the brown La-Z-Boy recliner. He started munching on his green, shapely fruit, when he felt something move. He looked down on his chair and saw small, black, long arms or hands, he didn't know which, wrap themselves around his feet tightly. He panicked and started to kick his feet, which proved to be futile. While he was distracted with his feet, he did not notice the arms coiling around his arms, until it was too late. He tried to yell for help but he could not move his lips. He looked down and saw something wrapped around his mouth. The arms then started to drag and lift him off the comfy, fluffy chair. He then looked forward to see where he was going. His eyes quickly became the size of whole galaxies in horror when he saw a single eye staring at him. He tried to struggle, with all his might and strength, but it was no use. He was quickly dragged into his television, with a glow, he vanished from existence. The screen went a dull blank after that.

Meanwhile, in a small town…

Michelle was happily asleep in her room, dreaming about dragons and traveling the world. She was a playful young woman, long, dark brown hair, covered her closed, gentle blue eyes. Her face had a few freckles on a light turned on in her computer; she shifted in her queen-sized bed, away from the light. An eye came into the vision on the small monitor, several black; tentacle like arms came and went straight towards the bed. The weaseled their way under her, wrapped around her gentle, sleeping form. She was gently lifted up, the arms careful not to awaken her. The slowly moved her to the computer screen, towards the eye. She was dragged in and out of existence in the night.

In the Truth Realm…

Sean, Josh, and Michelle were all out cold in the white void. Sean awakened first from his slumber, then Josh. Faster than anyone could blink, they sprung up, each in a fighting stance. Ready to rip the other's throat out. "Who the heck are you? Where are we?" yelled out Sean, loud enough to put some force behind it, yet soft enough not to disturb the woman in enveloped in Hypnos's realm.

"I'm Josh, and I don't know where we are," stated Josh not let his guard down, "Who are you, though?"

"Name's Sean, Sean Jewell (A.N. Yea I know I practically use the same surname for my other character, sue me.)," stated Sean, "Can I trust you to put my guard, you can trust me." He looks in contemplation, and then nods. Relaxing ever so slowly to make sure Sean doesn't try anything. "How'd you get here?"

"If you try anything I'll kill ya, got it?" the eyglassed young man promised, with bloodthirst to prove his point. The blue clothed man nods. "I just got home from summer school, sat down and this eye popped on my TV and these arms grabbed me and dragged me in." Sean's eyes widen and his jaw hit the floor. "What's wrong?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"I was kidnapped the same way except I was dragged in from my cell phone. It looked like something out of 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. I was on my way to the library to go write some fanfiction when I got kidnapped."

"You write fanfiction, huh? I do too, I use . What do you use?"

"Same as you, what's your screen name?"

"Mine's 'Star Duster the Dragoness'," said a feminine voice. They turn and see that the young woman is awake. "But you can call me Michelle," she says with a smile. One thought rolled though both their minds, "She sure is an optimist." Then they realized that she is their common friend on the Internet.

Sean laughs, "I'm glad I'm here with one person I know."

Michelle looks at him with an eye of contempt. "What do you mean?"

"It's me, 'Spyrofan777,'" Sean says with a smile. Josh's eyes now take the turn to widen.

"I'm 'Darkened Path,'" Josh says in shock. After he says that Michelle tackles them both with a hug.

"Star, can't breathe," Sean manages to say though the death hug. "Loosen up, please," Josh says gasping for air in Michelle's almost inhuman grip.

"Please," Josh tries to gasp for air, "lossen grip," he manages to choke out. She looks at them and noticed their turning her favourite colour. She releases them.

"Sorry guys, I just glad to meet ya," she apolgizes. Sean puts on a smile.

"It's okay, Star. Just didn't know you were strong enough to squeeze the wind out of us," says Sean as he sheepishly scraches his head.

"I'd hate to break up this little union, but there's more pressing matters," says a voice echoing.

They look and see a man with only what appeers to be an outline, and a huge mouth. THey all glare daggers though him and the see the person responable for their kiddnapping.

Sean then says with pure malace in his voice, "Truth."

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