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Sean was awoken from his peaceful slumber by the sound of a crackling campfire. The smell of cooking meat filled the air. His stomach growled as he hauled himself out of his sleeping bag.

He opened the tent flap to reveal Andrew sitting by a campfire, cooking a medium sized rabbit. "Morning." Said Andrew cheerfully.

"Morning." Sean responded with a yawn. "You're up early."

"Actually, you're up late." Said Andrew pointing towards the sky. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon.

"It's not even dawn yet." Said Sean.

"I know, but we should leave at first light. You go wake up the others, I'm going to finish cooking this, at least we can have a hot breakfast before we leave." Sean nodded.

"Alright." He walked over to Michelle's tent and rapped on the support pole. "Breakfast." He called in.

"I'll be there in a minute." Said Michelle from inside.

He then walked over to Josh's tent and knocked on the pole. There was a loud snore from inside. He knocked again. "Come on Josh, breakfast." He called.

"Five more minutes." Grumbled Josh, rolling over and going back to sleep.

Sean Growled in irritation. Then he looked at the tent pegs and had an idea. He carefully pulled them out and loosened the center pole from its anchorage in the ground.

He then pulled on the pole and let go. It snapped taught like a catapult, pulling the tent upward and waving it like a flag in the early morning sky. Josh awoke with a shout and leaped out of his sleeping bag, his key blade at the ready.

Sean was rolling on the ground in raucous laughter, Andrew was also lying on the ground, both hands over his mouth to stop himself from laughing. Michelle was halfway out of her tent and was laughing just as hard.

"I'm gonna kill you! Ugh, never mind," Josh said as his head spun "too early to be angry." Stated Josh, putting his key blade down and tugging at his now airborne tent. The pole bend and the whole lot crashed down on top of him. Everyone erupted into hysterics again.

Josh pulled himself out of the wreckage and pulled a cord on the side of the tent. The tent flipped and folded itself into a neat little package that fit neatly into his bag. "Its a good thing these tents are self folding." He said. "I would have hated to untangle that mess."

They all nodded. "Breakfast" Said Andrew, raising the stake on which he had impaled the cooked rabbit.

"Smells great." Said Michelle, sitting down near the fire.

"I hope so." Said Andrew. "This thing took me almost an hour to catch."

"I'm guessing you were taking your time, am I right?" asked Josh, sarcastically.

They all enjoyed the breakfast and set about packing up camp. It wasn't all that hard as the tents were self folding.

"Lets get moving." Said Sean, pulling on his pack. "The sooner we get to Warfang the sooner we can start our mission."

"Agreed." Said Michelle. "Lets go."

After about half an hour of walking they reached the location that Prowlus had described to them. "Now what? Are we supposed to ask it to open nicely?" Asked Josh, looking at the solid wall of rock in front of them.

Sean walked up to the wall and put his ear to it. He tapped it then gave it a push. Nothing happened. "Its stuck." He said.

Andrew sighed and pushed Sean aside. He then placed a hand against the wall and closed his eyes. He slowly shifted his hand across the wall, then stopped. He gave a triumphant smile and whacked the wall once where he had stopped his hand.

With a groan, the giant doors of the underground passage opened. "Easy." said Andrew leading the way into the passage. The inside was incredible. Intricately carved arches and spires wound their way down an ever widening passage.

"Who ever carved all this had a lot of time on their hands, or paws, whatever." Said Sean inspecting a finely carved dragon on the wall.

"Yeah, you aren't kidding, all these arches and spire, it could be a Gothic era church..."Josh said,musing.

"Yes, but..." Andrew began when he was interrupted. A loud screech echoed down the tunnel, followed by an evil laugh (Similar to the laugh you hear when you loose COD Zombies).

"That didn't sound good." Said Andrew pulling his assault rifle, an M-16 full auto, off his back and cocking it.

"Lets get outta here and find another way to Warfang."

"Oh,what?Do we run every time we hear a scary noise now?" Josh asked, a faint bitter tone to his voice. Another screech echoed through the tunnel."Okay, maybe we should make a tactical retreat"

They all began to back towards the tunnel entrance but stopped when their backs met stone. Behind them the door had silently sealed itself.

Andrew ran a hand over the door. "There's no way to open it." He groaned in frustration.

"What do we do." Asked Michelle. "Who knows what kind of hell spawns or demons are locked down here."

The laugh sounded again, this time a little closer and off to the right. "I dunno whats making that noise, but I don't want to meet it." Said Andrew. "I say we go forward and blast our way through whatever gets in our way."

The others all drew their key blades. "Lets go." Said Sean.

They walked in complete silence, listening for the sound of an approaching foe, but they heard nothing but the sound of dripping water and the occasional crack of a falling rock.

Finally after what seemed an eternity they reached another large door. "I guess this is it." Said Josh.

"How do we get this open." Said Michelle, looking at the heavy stone doors.

Sean looked at the doors then at the ground near them. He noticed three large round holes in the ground, 2 on one side of the door and 1 on the other. Where there should have been a fourth hole, there was a dragon statue. There were three other statues nearby It suddenly hit him.

"The statues." He said.

"Just like the game." Said Andrew. "Give me a hand." He put a shoulder to one of the other statues and gave it a push. It didn't move. The others joined him and the statue slowly began to shift.

Suddenly there was a screech behind them. They all froze and slowly turned. Behind the was a small cursed ape. Its flesh was gone and only its bones remained. It looked at them with glowing yellow eyes before raising its head and unleashing an ungodly yell.

"Stop it." Yelled Sean. Andrew raised the assault rifle and fired two shots. The first missed but the second blew the apes head clean off.

"Got it." Said Andrew with a triumphant grin. But the grin faltered when the apes headless body walked over to its head, picked it up and, in spite of the large hole in the center of its forehead, placed it back on its neck.

"I'll hold them off. Get those statues in position." Shouted Andrew as another two apes appeared.

The room filled with the sound of gunfire as Sean, Michelle and Josh tried to move the statues. It was slow work but the heavy statues moved eventually into position.

"Hurry." Shouted Andrew as he beat back another ape with the butt of his rifle. "I'm gonna be over run." He pointed his M-16 at another ape and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. "Out of ammo. I guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way." He pulled both of his knives out of their sheaths and held them close together the blades merged into a short sword.

Meanwhile, Sean gave a last push at the final statue and it slid into place. There was a loud creaking noise as the door swung open. "Lets move it." Shouted Michelle diving through the door. Josh followed.

"Hurry up Andrew, Bus is leaving." Andrew took a last swing at a nearby ape before racing towards the door, which had begun to swing closed again. Sean jumped through the doorway and Andrew took a running leap and flew through behind him. The door slammed shut sealing the apes inside.

Outside, Sean cleared the dust from his eyes. "Ow that hurt." He groaned.

"No kidding." Came Michelle's voice from nearby.

He slowly looked up, and came face to face with three dragons he knew too well. The Guardians. "This could be problematic." He mumbled.