Hey peoples! This is my third ever fanfiction! I've wanted to do one for a while, but somehow never got around to it. So, here it is! I read HOOT and SCAT a while back and LOVED them, being the total eco-freak I am. And last night I watched HOOT the movie and thought, "Hot damn! A nature loving boy that goes to extreme lengths to save wildlife, lives in the forest, loves to run, and goes barefoot all the time, not to mention being tanned and smoking hot! My ultimate fantasy on the silver screen! So, OBVIOUSLY I had to write myself into the story in the place of Roy and meet the boy of my dreams. So, enjoy! (Sorry Maya! (My little sister) I decided to leave you out to avoid any more complications!)

Now, on with the show!

Chapter 1: The Barefoot Runner

I dropped the last box of my stuff down with a sigh. Here we are. I looked around my new room with muted interest. "Pretty cool," I muttered, "Though the paint color needs a change."

I've just moved to Coconut Cove, Florida, from my beautiful home in the Palo Alto hills, California. It was a sudden move, totally unexpected, at least on my part. My parents are both lawyers, and skilled ones at that. My mom does Elder Law, which is protecting old people from being exploited and stuff. My dad works in Family Law, which deals in divorces and stuff. He sees people at there worst there, so I guess mom's got the best job, as far as helping people goes. We moved to Florida because mom thinks she can help more people here. I suppose that's true, but I didn't appreciate being moved to the other side of the country to do it. It could have been worse, I suppose. I've only been a high schooler for a month. Haven't made any friends yet, so there wasn't that unpleasant aspect of moving.

I decided to stop mentally whining, and went down the stairs to check in.

I walked into the kitchen and found my parents talking about unpacking.

"-and the silverware will go there! Now, where is it?" Ah, that's Mama. Always working.

"Hey Mama, hi Daddy! I'm gonna unpack my room, okay?"

"Great idea Sasha. We'll go get some dinner in a minute, is there anything you want?" Dad answered.

"Mexican, please!"

"Alright. Please watch the dogs while we're gone."

I spent the rest of the day unpacking my stuff and organizing it. By the end of the day, it really did look like my room, complete with my bed and blankets, wildlife posters and photos, and my two black labradoodles on the bed.


The next day I got ready for my first day at school. After showering, brushing my teeth, etc., I put on my deep purple wolf shirt, (Which I actually have, BTW.) my tan sandals that I wear at every opportunity, my patched jeans, and tied my hair back in a loose ponytail. That done, I grabbed my backpack, ate my breakfast, kissed my parents and the baby-dogs good bye, and got on the bus. The minute I got on, I heard several low gasps. I smirked to myself. I've forgotten to mention one thing; my appearance. I know I'm certainly a sight to behold. I'm very tall for a girl of fourteen at 5ft 10, have hair the color of burnt sugar, hovering between a deep tan/brown and blond, with a proud nose that would look great with a stud on the left side (my mom tells me this a lot), and powerful eyes that shift from grey to green to blue, depending on what I'm wearing and my mood. I'm strong and lean, with the body of an athlete (thank you, discus!), a slight tan, and long legs. I love to run, and hope to get my endurance up by the end of the year to the point where I can jog all day without getting tired. All in all, I'm a babe. I look every bit the athletic, tan, empty-headed California girl. But looks can be deceiving. I'm an eco-freak, book-worm, and scholar.

But where was I? Oh, yeah, on the bus. So I got on to shallow gasps from the kids. The catty, popular girls immediately started to criticize everything they could, from my build, (I'm far from anorexic) to my clothes, to my height. Personally, I love being tall. It gives one an advantage. I'm hoping to hit six feet before I stop growing. I sat down on an empty seat, cracked open my book, (the latest from Rick Riordan) and started to read. I had just begun my chapter, when I received a tap on the shoulder. I sighed. The peace had been fun while it lasted.

I spun around, nearly snogging (I love British books!) a heavy-weight guy wearing a jersey and baggy pants on the mouth in the process.

"Gah!" I yelped. "Don't do that to a person!" He smirked.

"Hey, baby." I nearly gagged. "Wanna go out Friday night?"

I could barely believe my ears. Really. This was REALLY happening today? I quickly muttered a curse and silently begged Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt, moon, and maidens for help. (I'm super into the Greek gods, courtesy of Rick Riordan.)

I shot him my feral grin. "Right. I'm Sasha. And, you are?"

He looked a little appalled at my response, but quickly shook it off and put on a confidant smirk. Ugh. I hate this jerk already. "Dana. School football star. So, you wanna go out Friday night?"

I couldn't believe this guy! This was like something out of a clichéd kid's movie! (tee-hee!) I decided then and there to burst this guy's bubble quick. "Well, Dana, to answer your question, no. I don't want to go out Friday night. I don't do dating." And with that, I turned back around, put my iPod earphones in, and pretended to listen to music. As I recited various songs in my head, and pretended not to hear Dana proclaiming me a "bitch!" to his friends, a flash of movement drew my eye out to the window. I turned my head, and saw something I knew would stay with me for the rest of my life.

There, running alongside the bus, was a blond guy my age. He was tall, maybe an inch taller than me, which was unusual. He had beach blond hair, a surfer tan, and was wearing board shorts and a jersey. Flying around his neck was a string of beads that compelled me to finger a similar strand, but with a wolf pendent, around my neck. But the thing I noticed most was the fact that he was running barefoot, the way I always do. I go barefoot as often as possible. I hate shoes. They're so confining! As I watched him run like, well, nothing I'd ever seen before, I was consumed by two thoughts. The first was "WOAH." The second was "He's beautiful." This last thought being 'said' with a bit of wonder and disbelief, not to mention a little longing.

I was a little weirded out by the longing I felt for this otherworldly boy sprinting beside the bus. I usually acnoulage a guys attractiveness, then move on. Like I said to Dana, I don't do boys and dating.

But before I could ponder any further on this turn of events, he leapt through someone's front yard and was gone.

"Hmmm." I thought. "Wonder who he is?" And with that, I settled into my seat, and braced myself for a day I felt could only go downhill from here.


True to my prediction, the day was not very pleasant, with one exception. When I finally got to my first period, Biology, I met two new allies.

I walked in late. The teacher, a Mr. Ryan, looked mildly surprised.

"Yes?" He pressed. " Ah! You must be Alexandra from…" He looked me over, and raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess."

I raised my own eyebrow in response and said, amused and impressed, "California." That elicited giggles from the class, until I sent them a glare that shut them up. "And it's Sasha."

He looked me over again with a pleased glance. I like him already! "Okay. Welcome to Biology, Sasha, I'm Mr. Ryan. Please have a seat over there."

I moved to the seat, which was next to some short, dorky-looking kid wearing goggles on his forehead. I sat down, and he looked me over with this weird expression on his face. I waited for him to say something as I got my science stuff out. After a second he snapped out of it.

"Hey." I muttered a "hi," in response, waiting for him to continue. "I saw what happened on the bus this morning." I glanced up at him, surprised. He had an amused look on his face. Wish I could say the same for MY attitude towards what had happened.. "Don't take it personally or anything." At this I snorted, curious as to how he could think I would NOT take it personally. He grinned a little at that, and then blurted "Dana flirts with all the hot girls." He seemed to realize what he had just said, because he then flushed a dark red and ducked down. I couldn't help it; it was just so funny I let out a chuckle. He gave me a shocked look, as though he had expected me to chew him out or something. What kind of girls go to this school? He grinned though, and for the rest of the class we got to know each other. He introduced himself as Garret.

As we walked to our next class, which, lucky for me, we had in common, he said "You know, if you lay low, he may forget you even exist."

I chuckled. "Lucky me." I didn't believe that, of course. I was to interesting to him. I knew how guys like him operate. Unfortunately, I would now be seen as a challenge to him. I couldn't have turned him down without that being the case.

I decided to change the subject. "Hey, are there any other schools around here?"

"Why?" He grinned. "You sick of this one already?"

"No, no. But ask me in a couple of weeks!" I joked. Garret laughed, and I continued. "But seriously, no, it's just, I saw this weird guy on the way to school today, and I don't see him anywhere around here, so I figured he must not go to Trace." He was looking at me weirdly, so I rushed on. "He was running like crazy, barefoot. It was awesome." I was more than a little surprised to find a hint of a admeration at that last bit, so I coughed, hoping Garret hadn't noticed, and again plowed on. "He was fast. Faster than anyone I've ever seen, other than me."

Garret was smiling when he decided to impart a bit of wisdom on me. "Look, you've already got a psycho jock on your case, determined to get a date from you. I'd slow up on the weirdo collecting."

I laughed and countered, "Well, I've already made friends with you…." He laughed and punched my shoulder.

We went along like that all day, laughing and joking, but all the while I couldn't help but think of the barefoot runner, and who he was.


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