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Prologue: The Beginning

Isshin stared in joy as he looked down at the tiny being in his arms. Masaki watched her husband and smiled tiredly as he held their new born son. He was tiny, with big honey brown eyes and a shocking orange mop of hair.

"What should we name him?" He asked in a soft voice to avoid waking up the sleeping infant. Masaki stared at him and at her son. She stared off in deep concentration.


"As in strawberry," Isshin asked, stifling a laugh. She frowned at him playfully.

"No as in protector."

They both looked at their son after she said this and found that it seemed the perfect name for him. Isshin smiled and handed him over to his wife. She looked down at him and smiled.

"Sleep well Ichigo, our little protector."

Two days passed before Masaki and Isshin were allowed to take Ichigo home. To say the parents were happy was an understatement, they were ecstatic. However that happiness faded as they made a discovery two months after bringing Ichigo home.

"Isshin, come here quickly!" Masaki cried urgently from the nursery room. Isshin panicked and rushed to see what was wrong. He found Masaki leaning against the diaper station and Ichigo on his stomach. As he walked closer he noticed what was wrong.

On his back, there were two strange birthmarks. One was a black smudge that looked strangely enough like a feather. The second was the exact same thing only facing the opposite direction of the first and was a few shades paler than the rest of Ichigo's skin. They were located on his shoulder blades.

"Are they real?" Isshin asked worriedly. She nodded and to check for himself he pushed a bit of spiritual power unto them. The smudges expanded and seem to flow out of the skin, resulting in two underdeveloped wings forming. They were like a chick's.

What shocked them even more was that a sword and mask appeared beside Ichigo and from them emerged spiritual shapes. One was a figure clad completely in white. What stood out were his eyes that were a ring of gold amongst a sea of black. He came from an ivory mask with blood red lines on each side. The other figure was a middle aged man with stubble on his face. He had wavy black hair and translucent sun glasses. He wore a robe of sorts that was black and accented in red. He came from the sword.

Isshin immediately pulled out a glove from his pocket and pressed it against himself. His body fell back but his soul remained standing with a sword at hand, his black obi and hakama upon him. In his state of alertness he had a pair of black wings sprouting from his back. Masaki pushed a bit of spiritual pressure to her back and two white wings appeared on her back. In her hand was another ivory mask, the designs on it weren't as fierce as the others. She pulled it close to her face, as though about to put it on, but uncertain if she should.

"Isshin, Masaki, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Someone called. They turned slightly and from the window spotted the speaker. It was a man wearing a striped green and white hat. He wore a green jacket over his clothes and wore clog sandals.

"Kisuke," Isshin muttered. Kisuke Uruhara just smiled before hiding his face behind the fan he always carried around.

"Mah it seems that Ichigo received everything from his parents now doesn't it?" He asked innocently. Masaki and Isshin paused their movements before they looked at the two spiritual figures again. A hallow and a soul slayer. God they are stupid they thought. They quickly returned to their normal human appearances.

Meanwhile, Ichigo raised his hands towards the figures as tough wanting them to pay attention to him. The hollow smiled, though it was frightening, before allowing the infant to play with his hands. Masaki and Isshin were tense the whole entire time but somewhat relaxed as they saw that he wasn't going to harm Ichigo.

"Don't cha worry, we're not gonna harm da brat," The hollow told them. The soul slayer merely nodded to what the hollow said. Masaki and Isshin appeared slightly shocked at how the hollow spoke. Everything was silent before Uruhara decided it was time to break it.

"So who are you?" He asked seriously. The hollow removed his hands from Ichigo's tiny ones and bowed mockingly at the three adults.

"Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki, Shiro for short, at cha service," He introduced himself. The soul slayer rolled his eyes at the hollow's actions before introducing himself as well.


Everyone sweat dropped at the answer except for Ichigo who squealed in delight when he heard the soul slayer speak. This caused Zangetsu's lip to twitch as though fighting back a smile.

"Kisuke, you seem to understand what is going on more than any one of us do so would you please explain what is happening," Isshin asked. At this Kisuke smiled, the fan hiding his face and hat shadowing his eyes. He gestures toward the beanbags on the floor before Masaki and Isshin sit on them. He then sat on the rocking chair. Meanwhile Shiro and Zangetsu played with Ichigo.

"Masaki, you are part hollow and part angel. Why your parents were attracted to each other I have no clue. Your mother was eaten by a Menos Grande after she gave birth to you. You were saved however, when your father appeared and took care of you until you were old enough to be in the human world. Then he was murdered by fellow hollows who felt as though he betrayed them for having feelings and being back to somewhat human. After that you lived up till now disguised as a human when you are not. Correct?"

Masaki nodded before adding to what he said. "You have forgotten that I have managed to control both my angel and hollow sides and that results in me being able to call upon my hollow when I want to."

"Isshin, you were born half human and half demon. Your daddy was killed after being mistaken for green eyed hollow. Your Father raised you by himself but died when you were twenty. You learned how to control your demon half then you died in an accident. You were a shinigami along with me and a few others. Then you were exiled and got a gigai became somewhat human again. Fell in love, got married, and now had Ichigo. Another thing is that the only ones that have seen your demon half are dead or your allies."

Isshin nodded his head at what Uruhara said.

"As a result, he received wings from both of you, and instead of having the angel and demon voices in his head they merged with the hollow and soul slayer. If I had to guess I think Zengetsu got the demon and Shiro the angel," He said. At this they both smiled as though they knew the real answer but were not telling. Kisuke continued to explain. "So I think from getting part of everything Ichigo is partly human, maybe only 10%. Since it is also possible for male demons to get pregnant as Isshin parents proved, Ichigo may have received theses traits as well. It has also been known to work that way with a few hollows so there is an even greater chance. It depends though whether he is a submissive or dominant."

The room was silent except for the giggles that came from Ichigo. Zangetsu had rolled Ichigo on his back but put a pillow to be careful of his wings. At this Ichigo had grabbed his sun glasses while Zangetsu tried to pull them back. He scowled at this and gently pried them away from his tiny hands. Ichigo's eyes watered up slightly before crying. Zangetsu looked around unsure what to do so he did the first thing that came to mind. He gave Ichigo his glasses.

"Well what should we do now, we can't let him have complete control because he is so young?" Masaki asked worriedly. Isshin nodded in agreement.

"You could use a sealing Kidou," Zangetsu's gruff voice answered them. They looked at him questioningly. "The hat man can tell you what I mean, just remember to wait a few month's since Ichigo is still young."

"Yup, we can't exactly let ya hurt the King," Shiro added. The adults in the room, except Zangetsu, were confused as he said king. Ichigo just stared at Shiro before resuming to play with Zangetsu's glasses. At this both Masaki and Isshin looked at Uruhara. He sighed.

"A Kidou could work, but as Zangetsu said, we have to wait until he is older to try it. The only way it will seal it and not break is as long as he doesn't experience large insane amounts of rage," He told them. Both Masaki and Isshin nodded at this.

"It seems that a year and half seems best to do this, see you all then," Uruhara said before jumping out the window.

Masaki and Isshin stared at the window before going back to Ichigo. They pushed a bit of spiritual power in his back, allowing the wing, Shiro, and Zangetsu to disappear. Ichigo looked around for them before raising his hands towards Masaki, wanting to be carried. Isshin and Masaki laughed, their worries fading.

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