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Ichigo woke up from his sleep panting for breath. Of all the memories he had to relive, why the hell did it have to be that one. He sat up in bed, leaning against the head board. This was the fifth time that month that he dreamt of his mother's death. Yet, there was something about it that seemed off. He remembers running to the girl to try and stop her from jumping into the river then everything goes black before he hears the echoing voice of Masaki repeating her last words to him. After that he just remembers Goat-face telling his sisters and him that their mother died by being beaten to death by some thugs wanting to steal her purse.

He sighed and frowned. Looking over at his alarm clock he noticed it was only two in the morning. He groaned before trying to go back to sleep. Yet, with the memories still fresh in his mind sleep evaded him. He got off the bed and walked to his dresser for his secret stash. He pulled out a fun-sized chocolate bar and ate slowly, allowing it to wash away his fear and anxiety. He crawled back to bed and was finally able to go back to sleep.

"Ichi-nii, it's time to wake up," Yuzu called, knocking on the door lightly. He groaned before getting up. There was no use trying to sleep a bit more, last time he tried that, Karin walked in and literally dragged him from bed. He dressed quickly and opened the door just as Karin was outside, her hand up as though she was about to knock on his door.

"Great, you're awake. Nightmares again?" She asked in a bored yet concerned voice as she looked up at him. He blinked in confusion, wondering how she had known. She gestured with her hand as though wiping something off her mouth allowing him to copy her movement. His hand was smeared with chocolate. He turned red before allowing his normal scowl to return upon his face.

"Thanks," He mumbled. She just waved it off before sighing. He looked at her, wondering what he did wrong now.

"Did you have to wear another shirt with a fifteen on it, what are you doing, allowing it to be a name tag for the whole world to know your name?" Karin asked rhetorically as she walked downstairs. Ichigo only grumbled under his breath as they reached the landing of the first floor. He quickly ducked down just as a flying figure passed over his head, crashing into the wall.

"Well done my son! I have taught you eve-" Isshin was cut off as Ichigo stomped in his head.

"Shut up Goat-Face, you're too loud and its still early in the morning," He grumbled as he continued to stomp on Isshin's head, a tick mark growing before he turned and walked into the kitchen. His mouth watered at the breakfast that Yuzu had cooked for them. Soon they were all seated and were finally able to dig in.

Ichigo reached over for the newspaper and began scanning it. He froze as he reached an article on the second page. A little girl was hit by a drunk driver yesterday. She had died on the scene. What tore his heart even more, though, was that she was only eight years old, two years younger than his little sisters. He scanned the paper to find where the accident took place. I know this street, its two blocks away from where I normally walk. I'll go visit her today, he thought as he pushed the paper aside and finished his breakfast. As soon as he finished he walked back upstairs to finish getting ready for school.

"What the hell you bastard!" A thuggish teen cried as Ichigo slammed his fist into his friends face. Ichigo just turned before attacking him as well as the last remaining friend. He then pointed to the knocked over vase.

"Can one of you bastard's tell me what that is?" He asked towering over them. When none of them spoke he pointed at him. "You!"

"It's a vase of flowers."

"Correct!" He then proceeded to punch the guy. "Now why was it put there?"

"In memory of that kid who died there," The other one whimpered before Ichigo kicked him. He then turned to face the last one.

"Now why is it turned over?"

"Well maybe one of us knocked it over with our skateboards," He whispered before Ichigo kneed him in the face.

"Right. Now if any of you have any respect for the dead I do not want to see you here again. Now leave!" He roared at them. The three skaters quickly vanished from his sight. He then turned around and fixed the knocked over vase. "Sorry about that. How about I bring you more flowers tomorrow?"

The spirit of a young girl appeared before him, smiling. "Thank you Nii-san! I would really like that. I like it when you visit me since you're the only one that can see and talk to me."

Ichigo smiled softly at her, one of the very few smiles he ever shows, before walking away waving, "Hurry up and go to heaven," He told her over his shoulder. She just smiled and waved back before fading. As Ichigo walked closer to his school he felt a chill run down his spine. Something was going to happen, what exactly was unknown to him.

(A/n: I am skipping the whole time Rukia and Ichigo meet, we all know what happens so there is no need to write it. Skipping to when Rukia is taken away. BEWARE! This is where things start going out of the original plotline.)

Byakuya stared down at the city, a frown showing his distaste. His adopted sister was missing, and she was missing in the human world where she faced both dangers of Hollows and regular human greed and evils. It doesn't matter if she survived Rugonkai, she was missing which indicated failure for the Kuchiki clan. He, Kuchiki Byakuya did not accept failures, though deep down was the sense of fear and concern that he had hidden so well for his adopted sister.

Abarai Renji, his lieutenant stood by his side, surveying the city as well. Byakuya had to hide the smirk that was threatening to appear. His lieutenant poorly hid the affections he had for Rukia, but once they find her, he would have a nice long chat with Renji concerning his affection and several blades piercing him if he hurt his sister in any way.

He was quickly brought out of such thoughts as he sensed an incredibly high reiatsu flare up before dying down. He couldn't describe it well, but he was sure it felt as though it was calling him. He cleared his head of such thoughts. His heart would only belong to Hisame, his late wife, and nobody else. Still, though, the reiatsu he felt, no matter how brief the contact, felt warm, lively, and so sinfully tempting.

Ichigo did not lnow what happened. He just got out of his human body to train in his spiritual form when his reiatsu suddenly flared up. He was sure he came in contact when another's reiatsi ut it happened to quick, besides, he sucked at sensing. Must have been his imagination.

Rukia was puzzled by what just occurred. That blast of reiatsu should have pushed her back, instead it went through her, as though acting as a beacon for someone, or something. At this thought her mood darkened. She walked behind Ichigo and hit him on the back of his head, hard.

"What the hell was that for you midget?" Ichigo yelled at her as he stood back up. He cowered as soon as she glared at him.

"Keep your reiatsu under control. If you do that again it will surely call more Hollows and they will come all because of you," She said quietly, her voice cold and even, hinting at the anger she felt. Ichigo nodded fearfully before resuming the training she had him doing. Both were unaware of the man and cat watching them from their hiding place.

Kisuke recognized what the flash of reiatsu was. Whoever was meant for Ichigo just entered the world of the living. He remembered seeing that same flash when both Isshin and Masaki met. Hopefully whoever it was would be able to survive the Strawberry. Mentally Kisuke wished them luck.

He continued to watch the pair train, the whole group silent except for the sound of clashing blades. Little did they know what was to come.

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