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Red and Daphne: 14

Sabrina and Puck: 17

Chapter 1: Hawaii


"Get down here right now, fairyboy," I screamed while showing my whole family my flaming red body. Everyone was eating pancakes with blue syrup while holding in laughs when looking at me. Even Mr. Canis cracked a smile. I was infuriated, how could they all laugh at me when they should be punishing a certain fairy. All of the sudden I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I immediately turned around to look at him. He had a smile on his face, while he was wearing a green shirt with dark blue jeans. I glared at him and he instantly turned away looking at the breakfast.

"Oohh, breakfast. Can I have some," he didn't bother waiting for an answer. He sat down and took 3 pieces of the pancakes and he wolfed them down. I was disgusted. I turned to Granny Relda.

"Granny, can you please punish stinkpot over hear for making me look like a fire engine," I said as calmly as I could. She turned to Puck. She smiled, but then she looked at my glare and her smile turned into a frown.

"Liebling, what do you want me to do. You know that he will just keep doing it over an-"she stopped as soon as she herd the phone ring. Her face lightened up, probably since she had a chance to avoid the trouble. She walked over to the phone and I blocked out everyone, except for Puck and I glared at him and he was trying to looking away, but everyone kept staring at him. Everyone at the table- Uncle Jake, Daphne, Red, Mr. Canis and on the floor was Elvis- were looking at how furious I was, but I had a right to be angry.

"Oh… Well of course…I'll buy the tickets and we'll be there as soon as possible," and with that she hung up the phone. " Libeling's, I just spoke with Haryana Boldo and she needs our help. One of the Scarlet hand members has attacked many parts of Hawaii, looking for Everafters to join the Scarlet Hand, guess there going all around the world now." She looked so frustrated, the good Everafters plus the Grimms were still fighting against the Hand. Thankfully thing's had settled down a lot more, but something's were still not resolved. Everyone looked defeated except Daphne, who squealed and jumped out of her seat.

"Granny did you say that were going to Hawaii," Daphne said as calmly a she could right after she had controlled herself.

"Yes Daphne I did," Granny's mood immediately lightened up and she looked happy as ever. "Okay everyone, I will buy the tickets online now and I want everyone to get packed up, we'll be leaving tomorrow evening." Everybody looked excited and half of the people were jumping out of their seats, but Red stopped everyone.

"But guys, Mr. Canis, Puck and I won't be able to go. The barrier is blocking the way." That got everyone to have a defeated look on their face, but Granny's expression hadn't changed.

"Don't worry Liebling, I will get that taken care of with Mirror, but please everyone go and pack for about 2 weeks set of cloths." Everybody looked happy and we all ran up to do what we were told. I ran up with Daphne and we both took out 2 pairs of luggage each.

"I can't wait to go to Hawaii, Sabrina. How 'bout you? Are you excited? I wonder where we are going to stay. Maybe a hotel?" She kept going on and on until we were done and had everything packed. Daphne said that she wanted to go to bed early and dream about Hawaii and I had to keep reminding her that we were on a mission, but every time I did, she would get up, turn on the lamp, and stick out her tongue at me. Then she would turn off the lamp, get back into to bed and keep on talking. To me that is a huge process, but to Daphne it's so simple.

I kept reminding myself to check out anything on Haryana Boldo, since of course she was an Everafter; I had to know her story and see if she was the good or bad guy, but it was 11:27, so I had to get up early and take an extra good shower. I went to bed and tried my best to ignore Daphne's non-stop talking.

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