Ashes to Ashes

By BladeGuy9

BladeGuy9: Okay, completely scrapping the idea of Mirror Bubblegum returning, and her little "minions" if you wanna call them that. So, after not writing for a while, I finally figured something out, which I will hopefully stick with. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this tale of adventure, love, and revenge. Oh, and this is set after "Mortal Folly" and "Mortal Recoil".

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Chapter 1: The Date

It has been six months since Finn, Jake, and Marceline's last adventure. A lot has happened since then, such as Princess Bubblegum becoming 13 and being tricked by Marceline's old boyfriend. Her and Finn's relationship has blossomed from friendship to love since the last adventure. We see the two lovebirds sitting in a restaurant for a date. Finn is seen actually dressed up in a suit, tie, and black pants. Marceline is seen wearing her red dress.

"So after he frozen Jake and refused to give up the princess, I kicked him right in the face, knocking him out," says Finn, telling the story of his latest fight with the Ice King.

"Is that guy ever going to learn his lesson?" asks Marceline, taking a drink of some red wine she ordered.

"If he ever learned his lesson, he would've stopped kidnapping Princesses sooner," replies Finn. "I'm surprised he hasn't tried to kidnap you."

Marceline grins. "Please, he's wise not to kidnap me," she scoffs.

"That or he's just scared of you."

They laugh and keep the conversation going until their food arrives: Steak for Finn and spaghetti for Marceline.

"I didn't know you liked spaghetti," says Finn.

"Oh, I don't."

Finn raises a brow. "Then why did you order it?"

Marceline smiles and begins sucking the red out of her meal and sighs. "That's why," she smirks.

"Ah," was all Finn could say. He begins cutting and eating his steak. Marceline begins looking around the restaurant, amazed that Finn was able to take her to someplace very fancy.

"Finn, I gotta know. How did you get us a seat in this place?" she asks. "I hear it's very hard to get in here, plus expensive."

"Well, a few days ago, Jake and I saved this place from a giant crab monster that wanted free food."

"That doesn't sound that bad," says Marceline.

"The food was the customers," he replies. Marceline just blinks. "But after Jake and I dealt with it, the special that night was crab. So the owner said he'd repay us with a free dinner, and I'm using that favor right now."

Marceline smiles. "Well, Finn, I have to say, you really outdid yourself."

"Thanks, Marceline, and there's more."


"Yup, and I think you're going to like it," he says, finishing his steak. The two get up, leave the restaurant, and head for a nearby park. They sit down on a bench and look up at the clear night sky. Finn then pulls out a small jewelry box. Marceline looks at him.

"What's in the box, Finn?" she asks.

"Why don't you open it and find out," was his reply.

Marceline slowly took the box from him. She stares at it, and then opens it. She gasps at what's inside: A necklace with a strawberry pendent held by thin black chains. "Finn... it's... beautiful."

Finn smiles and takes the necklace, putting it around her neck. "Perfect," he says. "You know, it's more than a necklace." Marceline looks at him as he continues. "The strawberry pendent protects you from the sunlight." Marceline remembers the days when she was able to feel the warmth of the sunlight and it wouldn't hurt her. She used to just lay out on the grass and enjoy it. But when she became a vampire, she knew that she wouldn't be able to step into sunlight. Now, thanks to Finn's gift, she's able to enjoy the warmth of the sunlight yet again. She then hugs Finn.

"Thank you, Finn; this is the second best gift anyone has ever gotten me."

"It wasn't too hard to get, but still challenging. Choose Goose was having a deal, so I asked for it, but I wasn't the only one who wanted it too. So, he made us...? Wait, second?" he questions, stopping his story of how he got the necklace.

Marceline sighs and looks up at the night sky. "Yes. The gift I'm thinking of will always be the best."

"What is it?"

She looks down and frowns. "Hambo," she whispers. Finn frowns as well. He remembers entering Marceline's mind, witnessing her break-up with Ash, and why she broke up with him. Ash had sold Hambo to a witch for a new wand, which broke Marceline's heart. Finn realizes how close Hambo was to Marceline, and understands how he was her favorite gift. "My mom gave him to me for my fifth birthday. He was my favorite thing in the whole world. But thanks to Ash, he's gone." She looks back up at the night sky. "On night like this, I always remember the times I spent with Hambo, hoping he's still out there."

Finn then notices a small tear forming in her eye. He frowns even more. "I'm sorry I asked," he says, feeling bad for bringing back a sad memory. "If you wanna head home, I'll understand."

Marceline shakes her head, wiping the tear from her eye. "No, it's all right, I'm fine," she sniffles. "Let's just continue our date."

Finn smiles. "All right."

"And I think I know how to," says Marceline, moving closer toward Finn. He gets the idea and moves closer as well. Their lips eventually meet and they begin making out, tongues fighting for dominance.

It was almost midnight, and their date is coming to a close. Finn is seen dropping Marceline off at her place.

"Aww, do you have to leave so soon?" complains Marceline, wishing Finn could stay for a little while.

"Sorry, Marceline, but I gotta get some sleep. Jake and I promised that we'd help Princess Bubblegum with an experiment first thing tomorrow morning," explains Finn.

"How is Bonnie doing since she turned 13?"

"Pretty good, she's been trying to find a way to get back to her regular age though. She's tried many experiments, but they all end up doing something different to her each time. That's why we're helping her tomorrow."

Marceline nods. "Well, how about you stop by after you're done and we'll pull some pranks or something."

"Sounds like a plan. Night, Marceline," calls Finn as he rushes out of her cave.

"Night, Finn," she calls back. She floats inside her house, shuts the door, leans up against it, and smiles.

"So that's your new boyfriend," says a voice. Marceline jumps in shock. She looks around for the source, and then sees the source laying on her couch. She sees a girl around the same age as her with long, indigo hair with strands of black bangs covering her right eye. She is wearing a purple shirt, a blue and black plaid skirt, and black rocker boots. Her skin is also the same pale color as Marceline's, along with two holes in her neck.

Marceline sighs. "Oh, Vivian, it's just you," she says, moving a strand of hair away from her eye. "How'd you get into my house?" she asks, floating toward the kitchen.

"What, don't I get a hello?" she asks, getting up from the couch and floating after her.

"I think if someone sees someone else they weren't expecting in their house, the last thing they wanna say is hello," says Marceline, opening her refrigerator door. She goes to grab a container of strawberries, but the container is empty. "Where are my strawberries?"

"Sorry, I gotta kinda hungry," she says.

Marceline just stares at her, then sighs. "Vivian, how and why are you in my house?"

"Well, I found the spare key on the frame of the door."

"I gotta find a better hiding place for that key," Marceline mutters under her breath.

"And I need a place to crash for a few days."

Marceline looks at her. "What's wrong with your house?"

"I was... playing around with my pyrokinesis, which caused me to burn my house down," mutters Vivian as she crosses her arms and blushes in embarrassment. Marceline shakes her head in disappointment. "So is it cool if I crash here until my house gets fixed?"

"Yeah, I guess," says Marceline. Vivian floats up to her and hugs her.

"Thanks soooooo much, Marcy!" she squeals. Marceline gets out of the hug and floats to the back of her house, showing Vivian the guest room. "So was that guy your boyfriend?"

Marceline stops and turns to her. "Yeah, why?"

Vivian shrugs. "I don't know, I was just wondering. He seems to treat you better than Ash."

"Ash was just a sexist psycho who ruined my life."

"I can't believe you actually went out with him."

"Yeah, I can't believe it either."

They reach the guest room, which is a neat little room with red and purple walls. A lamp is sitting on a small table next to a queen sized bed with purple bed sheets. Vivian quickly lays down and sighs. "Thanks again for letting me stay."

"That's what friends are for. Anyway, I'll be heading to sleep here soon, so guess I'll see you in the morning."

"Night," says Vivian, closing her eyes. Marceline heads to her room, where she changes into her sleepwear (from "Memory of a Memory"), and quickly falls asleep. However, unaware to her, a ghost is seen peeking through her window. He had seen the conversation she had with Finn, as well as the one with Vivian. The ghost looks like any other old ghost. Oval shaped head and body, no legs, and empty eye sockets. His arms; however, are a bit longer than other ghost's arms. He also has three clawed hands, making him look more menacing. The colorless spirit flies out of the cave, heading toward the southeastern part of Ooo.