Chapter 22: Ashes to Ashes

Finn, Marceline, Bubblegum, and Ice King glide down the corridor, wondering what plans Ash as for them.

"He's a wizard, so he'll obviously use spells and stuff," says Finn.

"Please, the only magic Ash knows is sleep inducing magic; he's gonna put us to sleep and wail on us then," says Marceline.

"I don't know, Marceline, if he's thought of a plan like what we've been through, he must've learned something new recently," says Bubblegum.

"Plus he's the only one that could've put up that barrier," says Ice King.

Marceline stays silent and continues on. The dim light they saw before quickly grows. Several feet before them is the exit, which is where the light is coming from. Marceline and Ice King pick up speed and go through. On the other side is an open field. The sun is slowly going down, but Ash is nowhere to be seen. Marceline and Ice King set Finn and Bubblegum down as they try looking for Ash.

"Where is he?" asks Finn.

"He's got to be around; keep your eyes peeled," says Marceline, bringing out her axe-bass. They walk forward, ready for anything. Then, steel bars quickly block off the exit of the cave. The heroes turn around in shock, then hear Ash's evil laugh. He then appears before them.

"So, you've bested my minions?" questions Ash.

"Not that hard," Bubblegum retorts.

"Pity," Ash says as he scratches himself idly. "It's so hard to find good minions these days."

"Can it Ash!" yells Marceline. "We're here for Jake and Vivian, and we're not afraid to use force!"

Ash lets out a loud laugh. "That's my Mar-Mar."

Marceline looks at him with pure hatred. "I'm not your 'Mar-Mar' anymore," she hisses, her serpent tongue slithering out.

Ash chuckles and puts his hands behind his head. "See, I'd like to give you your friends back, but I'm afraid their…" he stops, thinking of the right words to use. "…drained out," he finally finishes.

"Drained… out?" questions Ice King. "That's a weird way of saying 'tired' or 'sleepy'."

"No, I literally mean drained out," he says, an evil smirk forming on his face. He snaps his fingers and off to the side, a cage appears. Inside it is a knocked out Jake and Vivian. The four heroes gasp and Marceline turns to Ash.

"What'd you do to them?" she demands, starting to approach him. As she does, Bubblegum looks at Ash and notices something different about him. He is seen wearing a glowing blue vest. Bubblegum rushes up to Marceline, putting a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Marceline, look," she says, pointing to the vest. Marceline looks at the vest and back at Ash.

"What's with the dorky vest?"

Ash starts to chuckle, then it turns into an evil laugh, causing Marceline and Bubblegum to slowly back up. "This vest is what's giving me my powers!"

"You're… powers?" asks Finn.

"Didn't you notice that the cave exit was randomly blocked off, and that I randomly appeared before you chumps?"

Marceline gets wide eyed, realizing what he means. "You were invisible!"

"Bingo and I learned how to do THIS!" His left arm stretches out and his fist grows in size.

"Stretchy powers!" Finn cries out.

"Right again! How am I getting these powers you ask? Like this!" He smacks the vest with his right hand. Instantly, two orbs connected to a string of magic rise up. One orb has Jake inside using his stretchy powers, while the other as Vivian inside. "I drained their powers! This vest lets me drains anyone's powers!"

"That would explain why he used the term 'drained out'," says Ice King.

Ash has his right hand stretch out to the same size as his left and both instantly engulf in blue flames. "Enough talk, time to end your lives and take my Mar-Mar back!" On cue, the sun fully sets and the moon begins rising up into the sky. Ash pounds the ground and a wave of blue fire is sent at the heroes. Bubblegum jumps in front of everyone and sends a wave of fire at the blue flames. They collide and cause a powerful fiery explosion. Ash shields himself with his hands and Marceline takes over by forming a large blue and red fireball with her pyrokinesis. She chucks the fireball at Ash, but he grabs it with ease and crushes it. Marceline glares at him, clutching her axe-bass in anger.

Ice King takes to the sky and begins firing ice bolts at Ash. He looks up and only grins. Ash puts his stretched out hands in front and the ice bolts melt due to the fire on Ash's hands. Ice King gasps and is quickly punched and burned at the same time, causing him to fall to the ground, his crown falling off. Ash then has the fire on his left hand die down as he picks up Ice King's crown, putting it on his head.

"Don't even need to use the vest's powers for this," Ash says, now having his left hand turn a pale blue. He claps his hands together and sends waves of fire and ice at Finn, Marceline, and Bubblegum. Marceline counter attacks by summoning an amp and plugging her axe-bass in. She plays some cords and powerful sound waves are launched at the ice and fire waves, destroying them. Ash glares at her, unaware that Finn is charging at him. Finn jumps and goes to slash him with his sword, but Ash blocks Finn's attempt with his ice hand. Finn begins trying to penetrate the hand by continuously slashing it. Ash then forms the ice hand into a fist and punches Finn, causing him to be launched back and frozen.

"FINN!" cries Marceline as she rushes over to him. Bubblegum walks up as well, putting a hand on Marceline's shoulder.

"You handle Ash, I'll thaw Finn out," she says, forming a small fireball and putting it up against the frozen Finn. The ice begins slowly melting. Marceline nods and turns to back to Ash, eyes red with pure anger.

She straps her axe-bass around her and hisses at him. "You'll pay for that, Ash!" She flies into the air like a ragdoll being thrown and quickly under goes a transformation into her bat monster form, her axe-bass acting as a necklace. Ash is a little taken back, but stands his ground. Marceline looks down at him, clutching her fists. She fires a fist at Ash, who barely dodges it. He tries to attack using fire, but Marceline uses her pyrokinesis and turns the fireball into nothing. She tries stomping him, like Jake did long ago, but Ash keeps moving. He then ups the ante and turns invisible. Marceline hisses in anger and begins looking around for something that might give him away. She is then zapped with ice from behind, but doesn't freeze her. She turns around and pounds the ground. She is then hit with unexpected fireballs from behind. Marceline quickly takes note of Ash's game and flies high up into the air. She comes crashing down fist first. The vampire queen pounds the ground, causing a powerful force sending the invisible Ash to the cave wall where Bubblegum is tending to Finn. By now, she has his upper body unfrozen. She turns around and readies a fireball to attack Ash, who has reappeared.

He slowly gets up, a bit dazed. He looks over at Bubblegum and grins evilly. The flames on his fire hand die down and he taps the vest. It glows brightly and he grabs Bubblegum, draining her of her magic powers. A third orb appears between the orbs holding Jake and Vivian's powers. Inside it is a triangle with the elements fire, ice, and electricity. Ash tosses Bubblegum to the ground, not needing her any more.

"No… my powers," says Bubblegum, trying to form a fireball or anything. Finn growls in anger and begins breaking what remains of ice he is encased in. Ash has his hand ignite with blue flames once more, and begins forming a triangle with the same elements that Bubblegum uses. Ash laughs as he is about to finish Finn and Bubblegum off. Marceline then kicks him into the wall, hissing angrily. Ash turns back to her and uses Vivian's floating ability to fly up to Marceline's face and punch her with his ice hand. Marceline stumble back a bit, head not frozen. She jumps and pounds Ash to the ground, but he cushions the blow by blocking with his hands.

He hits the ground with minimal damage and laughs. "Is that the best you got?" He then forms a plasma whip, and lashes Marceline foot, causing her to jump back. "Come on, I'm just getting started!"

Just then, an icy shuriken flies past Ash. He looks behind him and sees a crownless Ice King staring at him. "Why not try going up against someone like me?" he suggests.

Ash stares at him and laughs. "I know how you work Ice King; you're useless without your crown," he says, pointing at the crown sitting on his head.

"Are you sure about that?" Ice King asks, wrapping his beard around his mouth.

"Ice King, what are you doing?" asks Marceline.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing; go tend to Finn and Princess Bubblegum," he says. Marceline stares at him and sighs, reverting back to her normal form. She nods and floats over to Finn's side.

"Say good night, old man!" Ash stretches his fire fist at him. Ice King then ninja jumps over it and summons the caltrop hailstorm onto Ash. He hits Ash before he gets a chance to shield himself.

Ice King lands and grins. "Ninja!" he yells, forming an icy katana.

Finn watches in amazement. "But… you don't have your crown."

"You and Jake were able to use Fridjitzu without ice powers," says Ice King. Finn remembers and cheers Ice King on as Marceline begins chipping away at the remaining ice he is encased in. Ice King charges at Ash and uses every ninja skill he knows to trip Ash up. Ash begins attacking with everything he's got, fire hand, ice hand, Bubblegum's magic, and stretching his hands into different objects. Ice King slashes Ash in the leg, hindering his movement. Ash kneels down and looks up at Ice King, growling in anger. The king then jumps high into the air and comes down onto Ash. He tries to dodge, but his injured leg prevents it. Instead, he falls over, causing the orb containing Bubblegum's magic powers to get in the way. Ice King makes contact and destroys the orb.

"Damn; oh well, no harm done. Those powers are gone now," says Ash. He then slams his fire fist at Ice King, holding him to the ground. "Once you fall to the intense heat, I'll deal with the others."

"WRONG!" scream two voices. Ash looks up and is kicked in the face from both Finn and Marceline. They knock Ash to the ground, freeing Ice King and causing the crown on Ash's head to fall off. Finn and Marceline then slash Ash's vest together, destroying it. Ash instantly loses Jake and Vivian's powers and watches in horror as his hands go back to normal and the orbs fly back to Jake and Vivian. They slowly begin waking up. Jake is the first to get up and gasps at the sight before him.

"Finn! Marceline! You made it!" he cries out in joy.

Vivian rubs her head in pain. "Ugh, what happened…! Marcie!" she cries out, overly joyous to see her friend.

"Guys!" Finn cries and rushes over to them. "You're okay."

"Yeah, Ash stole our powers, and then we blacked out," explains Jake.

Vivian looks over Finn. "So… you're Marcie's new boyfriend?"

Finn looks over at her. "Yup, name's Finn."

"I'm Vivian; Marcie tells me you're ten times better than Ash."

Finn blushes. "…yeah."

While they get to know each other, Ash rubs his head in pain and looks up to see an axe-bass staring at him in the face.

"Any last words before I end your pitiful life?" Marceline asks darkly.

Ash looks up at her with a sad look. "Yes… here." He reaches into his shirt and pulls out an old teddy bear with long arms and legs. Marceline nearly drops her axe-bass in shock.

"H-H-Hambo…" she mutters, taking the bear. "Ash… how did you get him?"

"I went to that old witch who gave me my cherry blossom wand and fought for him," he says, getting up,

"Ash…" Marceline hugs him and Ash puts an arm around her. Finn glares at Ash, his sword ready to slice up a jerk. He walks over to him.

"Now, how about a sandwich?" he asks.

Finn stops dead in his tracks, shocked. Jake and Vivian's jaws drop open, and Bubblegum and Ice King blink in utter shock.

"Oh snap… he didn't learn squat," says Jake.

Marceline's eyes quickly turn an evil red. "You haven't changed at all!" she shouts. "You're still the same old sexiest psycho I broke up with years ago!" Marceline punches him hard, sending him to the ground. As he falls, Ash tries to grab onto Marceline to stop from falling, but he grabs Hambo instead and rips in right in half. Marceline screams in horror and quickly turns back to Ash. She raises her axe-bass.

"Now, babe, let's talk about this," he pleads. Marceline ignores his plea and slams her axe-bass down, slicing right through Ash's neck. Blood leaks out everywhere as Marceline pants heavily. She walks over to the cage Jake and Vivian are trapped in and slices it open. She then flies off into the night, knowing now that her favorite thing in the whole world is gone for good.

"Marcie, wait!" Vivian cries out as she flies after her. Ice King walks up to his crown and puts it back on.

"So… what do we do with the body?" he asks.

Finn approaches Ash's decapitated corpse and sees the two halves of Hambo sitting just before the pool of blood. Finn picks them up and gets an idea. "Leave the body; no one is gonna miss him. Come on guys, let's head home," he says.

A month has passed since Finn, Marceline, Bubblegum, and Ice King saved Jake and Vivian from Ash and his minions. During that month, Vivian had stayed with Marceline for half the month. Her new house was built somewhere in a cave not too far from Marceline's. Marceline hadn't seen Finn during that whole month either. In fact, she was being comforted by Vivian.

Now that the month had passed, Marceline is seen with her hair messed up and wearing her nurse like sleepwear. She heads into the kitchen and opens her fridge, pulling out and sucking the red out of a plump strawberry. She sighs as she shuts the door to her fridge and tosses the strawberry in the trashcan. The vampire queen then hears a knock at her door and goes over to answer it. She opens it and sees Finn in the doorway, a smile on his face

"Finn, I haven't seen you in a long time, what's going on?" she asks, motioning him to enter. Finn walks in and stands in the center of the room.

"Yeah, it has been awhile. But, I've got something for you," he says, slowly reaching into his pack.

"What is it?" Marceline asks, very curious.

"Hold on…" In a flash, a teddy bear is seen staring Marceline in the face. "Tada, its Hambo!"

Marceline blinks in amazement. Staring at her is a fixed up Hambo. Stitches from where he was ripped can be seen. He no longer has dirt marks or mold on him, but still has patches of different fabric since that's what he looks like when Hambo was given to her. He looks like new. Marceline slowly takes him, astonished.

"Finn… how?"

"Well after you left, I snatched up Hambo and stashed him in pack. During the last month, I learned how to sew and managed to fix Hambo. Then I had Bubblegum whip up a solvent that gets rid of any stain, and poured it all over Hambo. You're looking at the results."

Marceline begins breaking down into tears of joy. She hugs Finn and plants a kiss on his lips. Finn blinks and quickly gets into the kiss. He gently bites her bottom lip for permission to enter, which she grants. The two lovers begin kissing hardcore, tongues fighting for dominance. Finn wraps his arms around Marceline's sexy, slender body, pulling her closer. After what seems like hours of kissing, Marceline whispers in Finn's ear.

"You know… I'm not wearing any panties," she whispers. Finn's face goes red faster than ever before. Marceline chuckles and motions him to the ladder leading to her room. "Wait up there; I'll be up in a second."

Finn nods, still blushing like mad, and climbs the ladder. Marceline smiles and looks down at Hambo. "This is officially, the best gift I have ever gotten," she says, hugging Hambo. She flies up to her room and sets Hambo down on her bedside table. She then turns to Finn and begins unbuttoning her outfit. "Get ready for the night of your life, Finn." For the first time in their relationship, Finn and Marceline make great love, and enjoy every minute of it.

The End

BladeGuy9: Wow, this story took a lot longer to complete than I had thought it would. I greatly apologize to everyone who as waited for the completion of this story. I realize there was an over abundance of battles in the story. However, for my third one, I plan on having a lot less battles compared to the amount of battles in this one. That's right, you heard me. I plan on making a sequel to "Ashes to Ashes". First Was "The Sacred Mirror", then its sequel, "Ashes to Ashes". And if you liked both of them, you'll like my next one. With that said, hope you enjoyed "Ashes to Ashes" and I will hope to have the start of the next one up soon.